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2017 & Beyond Discussion Thread | Is 2017 (Summer) Bigger than 2016?

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Probably wise for the studio to see how Fantastic Four will do before moving ahead with a sequel. My guess is that they won't actually ramp up production until they do.

If you mean filming, it won't start til Spring/Summer 2016, so a lot of time.

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No, I think Spielberg is done with big action blockbusters. He's best at smaller Oscar bait films. Let someone else new direct it.

To be fair Spielberg can and rightfully will do whatever he wants until he retires. If he wants to direct Indy 5 he's the most qualified one IMO.

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Looking at these next years, WB and Disney will continue their way on becoming the two biggest Hollywood studios by far.


Lionsgate really need to hit big with their Power Rangers movie or/and discover another YA franchise if they want to keep up.


Sony needs to get their shit together with Spidey, continue make Bond movies and focus on marketing well the Dan Brown book adaptations (Inferno and what comes after that).


Fox has a pretty nice future line-up: Ice Age (huuuuge OS), Apes, X-Men, Kung Fu Panda (and animation in general), Maze Runner, ID2.


Paramount... TF, MI, Turtles, Star Trek and Terminator if they manage to revive it.


And Universal is Ok-ish they have Despicable Me, Jurassic and FF. 

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