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Baumer's ridiculous, uninformed, stupid list of MY BEST 105 FILMS EVER , FULL LIST PG 42

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I realize there are about three active lists right now and two more that are kind of stalled and another two that never got off the ground.  


James is almost done his, kalo is moving quickly and Chas is going at a decent pace.  


Noctis might get there, might not and I'm not sure about the others. 


But this is a new list.  A new concept.  I'm not sure if we have ever had a write up before of our top 100 films of all time.  So here it is.  


I've spent the last week going over all the films I think I have seen, ranked, rated, written about and loved over the years.


Every film on this list has been given a 10/10.  Why is there 105 instead of 100?  We live in a very different world than we did even 30 seconds ago.  So 100 is too easy.  


If you guys think it's too much right now, with all the other lists going on, then I can stop.  But I can go pretty quickly.  I have the order done and I have mini write ups for about half of them already.


You might think you know most of my top 10 and you might be right.  But there could be some films in here that surprise you.  There are some films in here that are very personal choices and some that you will hate and some you will love. Noctis MIGHT provide one like for this thread,


So I will start with the first two and as I said, if it is over kill right now with all the lists I will stop for a while.

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Go for it! PLEASE. I'm fine with having lots of countdowns going on at the same time but currently they're all the same.


I was thinking of writing a worst movies since 2010 list but this sounds much better. Something fresh :)


Noctis MIGHT provide one like for this thread,

Change DH1 to DH2 to piss him off :)

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Okay, thanks.  I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to over shadow the other countdowns going on....which I'm enjoying immensely btw...even of a lot of the films on them are bullshit.  :)

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Okay, thanks.  I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to over shadow the other countdowns going on....which I'm enjoying immensely btw...even of a lot of the films on them are bullshit.   :)

Be careful Baumer, Noctis, Kalo and Chas might get mad for making their favourite movies 'bullshit' :P

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One quick note:  Some films will have long reviews.  Some of them will just have a few sentences.  I don't really have any rhyme or reason for this.  But it is what it is.


Now, on with the countdown.

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105) The Passion of the Christ: (2004)

Director:  Mel Gibson


Whether you are religious, agnostic or atheist, imo it doesn't matter.  This is one of the most powerful films you will see, or that I have seen.


The Passion of the Christ is an undeniably moving and emotionally galvanizing experience and will indelibly stay in your conscience long after the credits roll. It is now 3 years later, and I saw the film once in the theaters, and I remember it like I saw it yesterday. And this is coming from someone who still hasn't made up his mind about religion. This is a one of a kind film that will affect you as long as you have a pulse. For those jaded enough to just view the film as anti-Semitic or just plain hooey, then perhaps I will stipulate that you will find something wrong with it. But for anyone who at least has a humanitarian side to them, this movie will get inside you and never leave.



Mel Gibson has lost much of his credibility when he got drunk one night and went off on Jews. This rant painted him as a hypocrite and that is very unfortunate because this film is one that at least has something to say. If nothing else, it shows us that humanity hasn't changed in 2000 years. We are still as violent as we ever were. We still don't value a human life anymore than we did when Jesus ostensibly walked the Earth. Christ apparently died for our sins and if you believe in this, if you accept the fact that Jesus got tortured more than any living thing should be, then you have to understand that this was done so that we could have our sins wiped away when entering the Kingdom. But it was also done, if you believe in Christianity and/or Catholicism, so that we could become better people. Why else would God allow his only begotten son to succumb to such despicable and inhumane treatment? One would hope that it is to better humanity, not make it worse. Although I didn't live in Biblical times, I can only assume that times are not any better now than it was then. Torture is still prevalent in myriad of countries, and even condoned by the U.S president himself...the most powerful man in the world. Famine is at an all time high and while the rich countries like the one I live in do little to help wipe it out, there are starving people even on our street corners. Altruism is a word that most people don't know how to spell let alone practice. Greed is everywhere and the opulence that is provided by the very Earth we live on is being destroyed and pillaged by those that should be thanking their lucky stars that we have this great place to live in.

What does this all mean? Does this have anything to do with the movie? Of course it does. As I said, if anything this film appeals to the humanitarian in all of us. I don't know how I feel about God, Jesus, John 3:16 and The Bible and so on. But even though I am ambivalent to all of this, I still have emotions and I do respect a human life. And if a man, deity or human, was actually treated this way by a society that existed 2000 years ago or 10 days ago, it is bothersome. If there was a man named Jesus Christ that existed and taught us to be altruistic and benevolent and peaceful, he would be disgusted to see how we all turned out. The Passion of the Christ is about that man. It doesn't matter if he was a God, a spirit or the flesh and blood, this is a film about the power belief. But it is also about the power of corruption and corruption of power. And power can be absolutely corrupting and this is what has turned our world into a cesspool of the rich and dangerous. Because when you watch the film, the fear of this man, the fear of what he represented is what scared everyone.


Gibson turned in one of the all time great directing turns.  He captured the times, the despair, the hope and the brutality.  I'm not sure if I believe in Christ.  But I sure would like to.


Interesting notes:


Star James Caveizel was accidentally whipped twice while filming.  The first knocked the wind out of him.

Mel Gibson used his own hand as the hand which nailed Christ to the cross.

Set a record at the time for the biggest pre-sales ever for a film.

Still the highest grossing R rated film in domestic box office history.

As far as I can tell, this is the highest grossing film without a word of english in it.  


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Altruism is a word that most people don't know how to spell let alone practise.

I haven't seen the film yet and really I don't see what altruism has to do with Jesus, but I like this quote very much.  :lol:

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104) Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (2014)

Alexandro Gonzales Inarritu


This is the first time I'm using these words, Birdman is a "modern classic". I've seen a lot of films from IMDb's top 250 recently and Birdman has just become my one of my favorites.  You can't really compare  Birdman with any other film despite all the cultural references. Birdman is one of a kind.



Marvelous film making. Powerful screenplay. Legendary acting performance. Alejandro González Iñárritu, before Birdman I've never heard of this man. So it's not like I have some kind of weakness for his style or anything. Yet I've found his directing phenomenal in Birdman. Michael Keaton, experienced actor provided with a role he can connect to easily and the result was acting of a lifetime. Surely Birdman will win Oscar in these three major categories. I feel sorry for Edward Norton and Emma Stone, they gave their best in this film but their roles weren't significant enough to get them on a solid platform to fight for their Oscars. The story is another masterpiece. It's a battle between family and ego. Oh! You think that's And as serious a film as it is, it still manages 'splosions, superheroes and alter egos.  


Keaton gives one of the all time great performances and I really hope he wins the Oscar this year.  

The musical score and the production design are kind of annoying but I think they are meant to be annoying. The film editing is another beauty. I don't understand why it didn't get another Academy Award nomination for film editing.  Even with Tele explaining why it didn't, I still think it's bullshit.  


In years to come, this might be higher on my list.  But it's so fresh right now.  And yet it absolutely belongs here.


Interesting stuff:


There are only 16 visible cuts in the film

Keaton kept a running tally of who made the most mistakes during filming.  Stone made the most, Galifianakis made the least.

Before shooting begane, Anarritu sent the cast a photo a guy walking on a tightrope between the Twin Towers.  He told them, this is the movie we are doing....if we fall, we fail.




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I haven't seen the film yet and really I don't see what altruism has to do with Jesus, but I like this quote very much.  :lol:


Altruism:  the concern for the welfare of others.  

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