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Spy Over Ted 2 Dom Club

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First club i make so be gentle. :)


Spy is the latest Melissa McCarthy comedy along with the director Paul Feig. The duo that gave us Bridesmaids and The Heat, two really big hits. This time it adds more action and a nice supporting cast with Jason Statham, Jude Law and Rose Byrne. The trailers look fun and early reviews suggest that the movie is very funny.

Ted 2 is following a huge hit since the original made 219m back in 2012. I'm not sure a sequel to that film was really needed or asked but here it is. Marketing hasn't started in full force yet but i think it won't reach the level of the first one. The trailer was pretty good but not as funny as the first one's imo. Plus McFarland's coming from a big disappointment (A Million Ways to Die in the West) so maybe his brand of humor isn't as bulletproof as we might think (i still like parts of it). I can see it having a pretty big drop from the first.


Anyway i think they'll get pretty close but Spy will finish a bit over. 155m vs 145m. Who's in and who's out?




acab - 155m/145m

mahnamahna - 205m/175m



Spaghetti - 172m/164m

bcf26 - 140M+/102M

Raphael Perfect




Ethan Hunt - 132m/217m

Ray G - 144m/182m

Maxmoser3 - 135m/195m

DAJK - 150m+/180m+

FocusFilms - 140m/190m



Masterwolf - 193m/243m

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Out Ted 2: 180+

Spy: 150+

I Like the ballsy-ness of the club though :D

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It's possible. Ted 2 seems like a really unnecessary sequel to a movie that was well-received but not quite beloved, while Spy should at least match Bridesmaids/The Heat numbers based on the strong early reviews and reactions. Both movies could end up really close, though.

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Ted was loved by the GA, if Universal up their marketing then it shouldn't be a contest.

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After Spy's opening i thought that this club was dead but then Ted 2 opened and now it seems that there is a decent chance that the club is a win.


Even though they both did lower numbers than expected (from me at least).

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