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Best Fast and Furious Movie.

Best Fast and Furious Movie?   

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  1. 1. Best Fast and Furious Movie?

    • Fast and Furious 1
    • 2 Fast 2 Furious
    • Tokyo Drift
    • Fast and Furious (4)
    • Fast 5
    • Fast 6
    • Fast 7

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The tiring third act almost ruins the movie. The battle in LA was one of the weakest third act of the serie so far.



Yeah the Bank vault scene is over the top but cool due to the location. 

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7. 2 fast 2 furious: I like Walker, Tyrese, Ludachris and Yuko in this, Eva Mendes is probably the hottest presence in the entire franchise but the movie is mediocre at best. It has more and much lengthier race scenes than the first just to cover the fact that everything that happens is not interesting.


6.Fast and Furious: It has a great opening scene and a great final act (even with all the wonky CGI) but between them it's not much better than 2fast. Also because of what happens with letty is the most dour movie of the franchise.


5.Fast & Furious 6: It has spectacular action set pieces, many fun moments but it has too much plot and the final act is the weakest of the movie which is always underwhelming. Still a fine movie though.


4.Furious 7: Pretty much the same pros and cons as 6, and maybe the cons are even more noticeable this time, but the last 5 minutes are unbelievable.  I was expecting something touching for finale but it easily surpassed my expectations. Although it's the only one I haven't watched a second time, so will see how it holds up.


3.The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift: The only one I haven't watched in a theater, because like many I thought of it as uneccesary at the time. Every time I am watching it though, I'm pretty sure if you CGI an actor with even an ounce of screen presence it automatically becomes a contender for best of the franchise even with no Vin, Paul and co. The giant black hole that is Lucas Black and his "castrated McConaughey" voice definately hurts it, but the rest of the movie is so good, it manages to survive him. 


2.The Fast and the Furious: I loved it when I was 14 and I love it even more now in my late 20s. It's a great b-movie and by the time Brian gives Dom his car keys to escape, it has totally earned its "Point Break rip-off" concept.


1.Fast Five: Not much to say about this. It's easily no1 for me and one of the best action/heist films of the last 15 years.

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Also, the team aspect was strongest in it and the addition of The Rock was great to.



To me it feels like Fast and Furious Avengers, you get all the best characters from the other films. 




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Fast Five - Strikes an incredibly good balance with the setpieces and the plot. It's just building the fun with all the members from various films (although when I first saw it, I'd only seen the first film, so...). Dwayne Johnson is a great addition. Add to that it just builds the fun until the climax hits you with all its over the top ridiculousness and it's awesome and great. It's in the conversation for best action movie ever.


Furious Seven - I'd probably drop this a slot or two in most cases. Wan doesn't quite have a grip on the pacing the series requires, so things are a little disjointed and at times his style seems to be "like Lin but MOAR!" which has hurt other series in the past (See Matrix Reloaded or Terminator 3). However, the setpieces are really good and fun, especially the plane drop. It shows they can still be creative and inventive after all this time. And then there's those final ten minutes, which are an emotional gutpunch that is sublime.


Fast & Furious 6 - It takes a bit to get rolling, with the first half somewhat contrived. However, the late-movie action is a thing to behold. The 28-mile runway is well deserving of praise, right alongside dragging bank vaults.


The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Ah, the Black sheep of the series. A final attempt to get some money out of the fans and let it die. Except Lin didn't really play that game. He took the girls and cars concept and the Tokyo setting that could have been REALLY high on a bad yellow fever vibe and turned out a rather nuanced look at a fish out of water story and culture clash. Plus, for all the jokes about Lucas Black's accent, it's actually pretty cool how his Japanese pronunciation does get better over the course of the film. Oh, and those drifting shots are a thing of beauty.


2 Fast 2 Furious - The breeziest entry in the series. It lacks the gravitas that Diesel brings, but it does allow Walker to grow into his spot as the heart of the FF franchise. Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson are great additions, though their banter doesn't really hit its stride here.


Fast & Furious - For a "getting the gang back together" film, this is really stripped down. The seriousness doesn't bother me, but a bigger sin is that most of the set pieces are pretty unmemorable. Excepting that really awesome opening, that is.


The Fast and the Furious - In all honesty, I haven't seen the film in over a decade. Like pretty much anything Rob Cohen's directed, it's not really memorable at all. It's still basically Point Break, right? Some races here and there. Those really cheesy nitro hyperspace shots. Vin Diesel looking pretty young. Paul Walker looking REALLY young. Maybe if I saw it again it'd go up in the standings.



I'd probably put Los Bandoleros between 3 and 2. And Turbo Charged Prelude between 2 and 4. I still need to see Better Luck Tomorrow.

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