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Avengers Quicksilver vs X-Men Quicksilver NO SPOILERS


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  1. 1. Which realisation of Quicksilver is better?

    • X-Men
    • The Avengers

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Well one of them is 




so in a fight I know who would win.



Seriously though: Quicksilver is a really excellent visual sequence in X-Men, but it's just that. As above - in Avengers, he is a character. So probs gonna have to vote for avengers.

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I don't know how this is even debatable. Both are bad characters, but at least Evan Peters gave a good performance and had his big shining moment. ATJ Quicksilver performance was as bland as they come, his


fell flat emotionally and never once in the movie he stood out

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Both of them are equally good in their own respective ways. DoFP Quicksilver was cool and funny while ATJ Quicksilver was much more substantial than expected.

While I agree with Goffe that his death felt flat, he had a strong emotional scene explaining the Maximoffs' tragic backstory to Ultron.


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In DOFP, he was a funny plot device getting booted as quick as he is introduced that the writers didn't know what to make of him beyond one scene. In TA2, he was an actual character throughout the movie despite ATJ's black hole of charismatic presence.

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Both would look better without the other existing.


Evan Peters was a a plot device in a remarkable scene.

Aaron Taylor Johnson was an actual character with (as much as they get in AoU) development.


People would look back at Evan Peters and be content with his one scene, if AoU didn't feature ATJ as much. People would look back at Aaron Taylor Johnson and be content with his supporting role, if DOFP didn't feature that really cool scene.

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Easily Xmen, I actually wanted to see more of the guy in Xmen which is more than I can say for ATJ's take despite actually having a back story.

Also quicksilver in Avengers gets shot, quicksilver in Xmen wouldn't have allowed that.

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X-Men. I disagree that he was just a set piece in that movie. If he was, as cool as it was, he would be forgettable.

He had personality and he made that scene work because he liked to fun. He had his own voice that contributed to the movie.

In Age of Ultron, he was a character too and a more serious one. Did he have his own voice? Kinda.

The closest he got was when he told his sister he was older than her.

It's easy to confuse his voice with his sister.

I liked him in Age of Ultron but he was better in Days of Future Past.

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