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happy 75Th birthday JOKER

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No Hamill Joker?



Sorry. Will endeavor do do better in the future.




Whoops, wrong insane villain.











OK, fine...




Happy now? :P

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Really wanted to share this very personal animated project o'mine with you, guys, (it encapsulates my love for all Joker interpretations across all kinds of mediums) that includes an original script, great vocal performances from such talents as Jay Nelson & Mark Hamill himself (the O.G. Joker from the animated series).

Story: "With all the recent news announcements about the Joker spin-offs (under Todd Phillips, Martie Scorsese potentially producing, and the other two guys doing ‘Harley/Joker: Mad Love’ thing), The Joker himself (featuring the voices of JAY NELSON & MARK HAMILL) decided to share his own thoughts and feelings about his own history in this unusual TV SPECIAL!!!"

Took me a long time to accomplish it, but it's so worth it - it's about the essence of the Joker and how he transcends our perception of him at one moment in time or another (there's also some stuff about DCEU's recent news and announcements).

It's like a classic radio show mixed with beautiful animation mixed with unhealthy doses of insanity and madness. Thank you for an inspiration! Hope you enjoy it! Have a great day, everyone! 4 days after the release of my video where we talk extensively about Jared and Mark's interpretations of the Joker, Mr. Hamill and Mr. Leto actually met at a GQ Party:




However, dear the box office theory users (new and old, Joker fans, Batman fans, Batman: The Animated Series fans, DCEU fans, fans of a wide range of mediums), can I ask you all for a simple favor: can more of you, please, spread the word about our Joker project through your online platforms (be it Twitter, Tumblr or whatnot)?

You see, despite all of our hard marketing efforts and promotional attempts (tweets, FB posts, conversations within different communities), it seems to us that a lot of people still haven't seen it, or they prefer to ignore it (like a lot of famous comic book websites, self-appointed afficionados and YouTube brands that are considered to be 'comic book experts' with their predictable green screen schemes and little microphones), or just don't know about the project's existence (which is highly unfortunate, considering how much energy, love, tenderness and passion went into this: mere 1,335 views).


Can some of you, if possible, create a certain presence for this Joker video throughout your friends and other neighbors? If it was not for the quality and for the people involved (myself, Mr. Jay Nelson & Mr. Mark Hamill), I wouldn't utter a single world, but since it's the 21st century that we all live in, I need to make sure that we get heard and seen.

Marketing myself more effectively seems really like a tough nut to crack, you see: I did a lot of promotion on Twitter & Instagram services, and yet, despite all the hard work and a high level of craftsmanship, this video project is not getting enough attention as it should. After 9 days of constant promotion and big marketing push, my current result is still only some mere 1,335 views. In the old YouTube days, that could've been considered as a small victory of sorts, but now, we live in a very different age, where it's mostly about provocation and other wild things that are way beyond my understanding.

Which is really sad, because I feel that this project in particular deserves more appreciation (with all of our production values involved), more attention and more coverage from a lot of other comic book websites, but, apparently they do not think the same way and see our efforts as something that has to do with competition, not partnership and a mutual understanding.

You type down the Joker on YouTube and, unfortunately, the first bunch of videos that you are going to get is a loooooooot of lazy people with zero intelligent opinions, creative efforts and thoughts, simple yapping into their microphones and other devices about this and that with their green screens supporting them and lack of camera movements intact. It's insane, really. I think the fact that I am not a brand and don't have a producer behind me (like Collider, for example) seriously affects the way my video project is being promoted, and despite all of my honest efforts and positive approach towards every single viewer and reader that I have a chance to encounter, it's still feels like a war that is far from being truly over (especially with recent changes that happened on YouTube)...

And Patreon... I just cannot do it. I cannot ask people to support me for a fixed price (seems rather strange to do it) or feel like I was forced to do the whole loan-taking thing and then when my product will be finally released, people will ask for their money back.

The thing about FB is: for example, you spread the word, you let them know you are ready for an intelligent discussion, you hope that amongst 30000 members of one community (just for the sake of it), at least half of them are going to interact with you and let you know what they thought about your latest work, but instead, all that you get is some 5-7 likes at best, which brings into question the rest 20000 + something members that are occupying the group's space.

I am telling you, as a former journalist myself, seeing how everything has transformed over thee last couple of years and became all about brand-marketing and personality-advertising, instead of concentrating on the quality of the released product itself, is very mind-boggling. Then again, Miller's Death of a Salesman never stopped being relevant, so you have to also take that into a consideration.

Thing is, there's just too much competition on the market right now, and that very competition with its' sponsors, advertisers and business partners makes sure to keep certain young, up-and-coming representatives (new blood), like myself, away from the public eye with their own overload of senseless and primitive content that throughout the years became the norm for 99% of the online crowd.

Therefore, I would really appreciate all the support and help at this point. Thank you in advance!

Best wishes,
Yan Eden!


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Participated in a special European #JointheLeague contest that was set up by Mr. Ben Affleck himself (more info in my video's description) & very much would like to share my latest piece with you, guys. Hope that if Matt Reeves ever gets to that sweet place of handling the Batman solo film, then maybe he could do something similar between the Bat & his very special friend... The potential is all there, you just have to approach it more carefully (especially in the 'making sure our script is great & not rushed' department) & put more thought into it than the others did (like Ayer & his team on Skwad).



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