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ATOMIC BLONDE | 07.28.17 | Focus Features | David Leitch | Charlize Theron, James McAvoy

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6 minutes ago, Kingp0va said:

No, I just said her body is mediocre comparing her to other celebs, i shouldnt have said hollywood. I didnt mean you need a great body to have success, i just commented on her looks, she's shaped like a man IMO, but whatever.


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And the Shay will deliver the final blow to this argument:


Charlize is, theoretically, exactly the opposite of my preferred type of women. I like:


1. brunettes - not blondes

2. petite girls - not tall ones

3. 20 year olds - not 42


AND STILL, watching her movies, I find her to be the most beautiful woman existing. Such is the power of charisma and essence.

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So I never gave my thoughts on this film. 


I was rooting for this film very badly but the story was just sooooo boring. 


The action in it was great (got me even more hyped for Deadpool 2), Charlize was great as an action star but the film was just dull and boring. Apart from the action sequences, there was nothing there. 


I know this movie is based on a book....is the book that fucking boring too? 

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51 minutes ago, Kingp0va said:

well what this proves is that theron is just simply not a movie star

I disagree. I think Theron definitely held her own in the movie. 


It was the story itself that was just boring.


I know Theron really wanted to bring a female action star to the big screen which is why she produced this but she couldn't have found a better book to go off of? 


She plays the character really well. 

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AB's looking to end with around 52 dom. That's ~2.85x. So has decent legs but considering this is a non-sequel and didn't open very big, it had a real shot at 3x+. Reception doesn't seemed to be very positive.

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