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ATOMIC BLONDE | 07.28.17 | Focus Features | David Leitch | Charlize Theron, James McAvoy

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1 hour ago, The Futurist said:

The most disturbing trend recently in hipster movie taste is how graphic violence has become a quality in itself.


John Wick Level of Violence : GREAT !!!

Chill with the condescending moralizing. Movies have gotten praised, rightfully and wrongfully, for violence since Bonnie and Clyde. 


Also, this sounds freaking great. 

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Both this and Baby Driver being winners makes late summer very exciting. FWIW here are the summer movies that have premiered at SXSW in the past (all of which went on to become box office hits to various degrees):






Sausage Party

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I don't really care about this movie but it underlines Theron's wasted potential as Wonder-Woman instead of being cast as Aeon Flux. A missed opportunity to collaborate again with Jenkins as well so you know she would knock it out of the park as she did in Monster, character work wise. (Because so far Gal Gadot seems to really struggle projecting herself into the character and emoting as the character when not in full garb, she always sports some frowning confused look).

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Just now, filmlover said:

I just looked that movie up. That cast. Holy fucking shit.

The Bigelow Detroit riots movie AND Logan Lucky are August, too. It looks bad box office wise but honestly might have the most interesting movies (which was also true of the last two Augusts, by the way). 

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