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ME BEFORE YOU | 06.03.16 | Warner Brothers | final domestic gross: $56,245,075

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It was on, it was pushed and now it is finally getting a release date. The directorial debut of theatre director Thea Sharrock, Me Before You, has now been set by Warner Bros. to bow on June 3, 2016. It had previously been scheduled for August 21, 2015 release and then was pushed to undated in 2016. There is nothing currently on the weekend shared by Paramount’s sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but that is the weekend after the Memorial Day holiday which will see the release of X-Men: Apocalypse from Fox and Alice Through The Looking Glass from Disney, which stars Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway.


Me Before You is an MGM-produced lit adaptation from British author Jojo Moyes (who penned the original script based on her 2012 novel) along with (500) Days Of Summer screenwriters Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber. It tells the story of a small-town girl and wheelchair-bound boy who share a series of life-changing adventures when he hires her as his caretaker. Producers on the film are Sue Baden-Powell and Karen Rosenfelt. http://deadline.com/2015/05/me-before-you-release-date-thea-sharrock-1201427043/

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4 minutes ago, Box Office Hit said:

Warner Bros. will now release Me Before You on March 4th, 2015



5 wide releases on March 4th now including this one. The Tina Fey movie and Desierto both moved to that date day before and yesterday. Knight of Cups is a limited release


 Desierto (STX) - 3/4
 Knight of Cups (N/A) - 3/4
 London Has Fallen (Gram.) - 3/4
 Untitled Tina Fey Comedy (Par.) - 3/4
 Zootopia (BV) - 3/4



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In Me Before You (in theaters June 3, with a trailer arriving Wednesday on usatoday.com), Clarke, 29, plays Louisa Clark, a British small-town working-class girl who loses her café job. She's compelled to take the first available employment, despite being woefully unqualified — caretaking for a quadriplegic.

Her charge turns out to be the upper-class William Traynor (Claflin), injured after being struck by a motorcycle while crossing the street. Things start off rocky because of Traynor's anger and despondence, but Louisa's effervescence eventually breaks through and romance blossoms.

Clarke says she devoured Jojo Moyes' best-selling love story while on the set ofGenisys, "with bombs exploding around me."  She was moved to tears and knew she had to convince director Thea Sharrock to get the part for the film adaptation.

"Actors cannot invest too much in auditions. It's too heartbreaking if you don't get it," says Clarke. "But this one I was like, 'I'm doing it.' I was madly into it. Every fiber of me felt like someone had written me down."

After physical roles such as Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games and Philip Swift in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, "Sam literally plays the part with no movement below the neck. All he had really was facial movements," says Sharrock. "That was a challenge."

Clarke says the duo's chemistry and banter was real, with the two engaging in on-set pranks and bragging about whose action figure would win in battle. ("Obviously, Khaleesi wins all the time," says Clarke of her GOT Mother of Dragons character. "Dragons trump everything.")












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16 minutes ago, grim22 said:


Oh thats impressive! This may be the first success on box office for Emilia.


I read a lot of comments and everyone seems to cry over the trailer, i think it's because they read the book.

I am really honest, i don't get the feels...i think the guy is going to have euthanasia.

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This role seems like a much better fit for Emilia than Sarah Connor (not that I saw the film, some peole apparently though she was good) based on her real life personality. I am a fan of Sam based of Hunger Games and the Pirates film he was in but he did not impress me in this trailer. But he did not get as many good moments Emilia did.

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I will agree that Emilia is better suited for a role like this than for T2 version of Sarah Connor, but I still find her prospects as a film lead dubious in the long run. In addition to TG, she also had a very brief stint on Broadway with Breakfast at Tiffany's which didn't go over so well for her.


And do Twitter trends really matter that much?

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