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Jurassic World OVER Avengers:AOU Club

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I am talking about China boxoffice gross. I have a feeling it will happen.


1. Dinosaur action + CGI spectacle+3D

2. Jurassic park 3d grossed almost 56 million in china after a 32+ million opening. Would have done 100+ if it had stayed in theatres longer.

3. Hugely anticipated and heavy buzz

4. Universal is having a superb year

Who's in?

1. Johnnygossamer

2.Mockingjay rapahel

3. Rexy


5. Treeth simanton

6. Johnny's wife

7. Clavius

8. Queen shar

9. Novathron

10. MrFanaticGuy34

11. Omni

12. Floptron buff

13. infernus

14. PDC1987

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While I think this thread is a great idea, please follow the club rules and Edit the Opening Post when you can.




When making a club, the regular rules still apply when creating one.  Tell us in detail why you are creating a club.  Put some thought into it.  Make it 4-8 lines, the more points the better.  Show the members why you created the club, show us how convinced you are that you are right.
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How long does it have in theaters before something big takes its screens?

Not sure but it should have a nice run with little competition.

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Wow! This is an interesting club. Jurassic World over AOU in China.

I'll say in. :)

Look, if something as hated as TF4 could get to $320M in China last year, I don't see why JW wouldn't come close to $250-$300M.

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