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Best Foreign Animated Films

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In your opinion, what are some of the best animated films originating outside of the United States that you have seen thus far?  My picks are:


01. Howl's Moving Castle: simply dazzling, it captures the essence of love and flies with it to your heart then let's it free to remain there forever, a masterpiece if there ever was one!


02. Wolf Children: unorthodox form of storytelling coming from a Japanese director but I truly fell in love with how it transitioned from one act to another, fleshed out and breathed life into its characters, tackled modern day subjects without being forced or seeming preachy,  and gave a heartfelt and heart tugging conclusion that will certainly hunger fans for more.  


03. Spirited Away: this masterpiece captures the attributes of a child's pureness and tinkers with it in ways unimaginable and it is quite unfathomable to think of how creative the premise is and the execution of the film was quintessential. 


04. Castle in the Sky: this is the movie that made me fall in love with animation and I still watch it consistently to this day!  The film offers and escape from this world and it's entertaining leads make it quite an exciting and humorous adventure! 


05. Whisper of the Heart: I'm not much of a romantic individual but, "Whisper of the Heart" offers an exquisite taste of what love is through great and entrancing writing.


06. The Illusionist: the tears that I shed, the shredding of my heart into pieces and then becoming whole again, the, "Illusionist" is a modern-day animation masterpiece. 


07. The Wind Rises: beautifully told with amazing characters, this is truly Miyazaki's defining work. 


08. Kiki's Delivery Service: this film offers you a dose of nostalgia then carries you on a breathtaking ride. 


09. Princess Mononoke: true to its main central theme, "Princess Mononoke" is a well articulated and structured film that offers film-goers a glimpse of what could be.  It deals with its theme in way that is delicate and harsh at the same time: voluntarily being truthful yet fantastical in its approach, this is truly a classic! 


10. The Tale of Princess Kaguya: ever wondered a true technical piece of artwork is?  Then look no further than at, "The Tale of Princess Kaguya!"  The film is breathtaking, nauseous, depressing, yet staying jubilant at the same time: an emotional roller-coaster, "The Tale of Princess Kaguya" offers film-goers an up-side-down view of sacrifice. 


Those are my Top 10 Best Foreign Animated Films!  What is your Top 10?! 

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Great list, especially the top two. Howl's Moving Castle is incredibly underrated and if that is supposed to be Miyazaki's "indulgence" then I wish more film-makers had such intelligent, imaginative and brutally honest indulgences.


Don't care for Wind Rises being placed higher than Mononoke though. :P


Will post my Top 10 in some time.

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