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The Meg | Aug 10 2018 | WB-China co-production | IMAX 3D | Jon Turteltaub directing. Jason Statham fights a shark. Li Bingbing replaces Fan Bingbing.

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The long-gestating adaptation of NY Times Bestseller MEG is now moving forward at Warner Bros. Sources reveal that the project, which has had three different homes over nearly twenty years, is a priority development. Described so eloquently as “Jurassic Park with a shark,” the film is based on the original bestselling novel Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror written by Steve Alten, which centers on two men from opposite points of view that are forced to band together in order to neutralize the terror that’s threatening the California coast.

The Manchurian Candidate and Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life scribe Dean Georgaris scripted the latest draft of the adaptation, taking over for the nearly seven previous writers, including Alten, that penned different versions throughout the years. Sources reveal that Warner is currently in the midst of finding a director for the project. Veteran producer Colin Wilson, who has long been attached, will produce alongside Belle Avery, while Andrew Fischel and Cate Adams will oversee development for Warner.

Much like the dead creature on which the film is based, the project itself was at multiple instances extinct. The Megadaptation was initially set up at Disney in 1997 when the book was published, a bid which cost the studio nearly a one million. The project eventually went into turnaround after Disney caught cold feet about competing with Warner’s 1999 killer shark pic Deep Blue Sea. Alten, frustrated at the lack of movement on the project, wrote his own draft which he showed to Nick Nunziata, who then in turn delivered to Guillermo Del Toro.

Del Toro took the project to Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, who brought on Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life director Jan De Bont to helm. New Line Cinema then nabbed the rights in 2005 for a reported mid-six against seven-figures, and for years the project was in heavy development


Concept art


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Yeah, but will there be this?




Thought so. 


Those are some of the worst special effects I've ever seen.


That having been said, you *know* the creators of Sharknado are taking notes on what to do with Sharknado 4.

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Eli Roth in talks to direct: http://variety.com/2015/film/news/eli-roth-direct-giant-shark-thriller-meg-for-warner-bros-1201520955/



After nearly 20 years of development, the bigscreen adaptation of New York Times best-seller “Meg”–about a giant, prehistoric shark–is swimming closer to the surface.

Sources tell Variety that Eli Roth is in talks to direct the Warner Bros. tentpole, which is based on the Steve Allen novel. Belle Avery and Colin Wilson are producing the pic from a screenplay by Dean Georgaris.

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Jonas Taylor is in his mini-sub, colliding toward the MEG with it's mouth open.. Jonas and the mini0sub get swallowed and once inside the MEG'S Stomach, he takes the MEG tooth he's carried around with him in his pocket and proceeds to locate the heart muscle and uses the MEG Tooth to cut the heart muscle out and as a result, the shark dies and sinks to the bottom...



All I ask is that when they make this movie, they change the ending of the movie from the novel, which the ending of the novel sucked ass..

What, you think they should just blow it up like any other shark movie? They should just keep it the way it is in the novel.

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