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SOTM 5: Wait till you get a load of this one (open deadline, you'll see why when you read the question)

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In this question, you will have two parts to it.  Meaning, you can earn more points than any one single SOTM has ever offered.  It also means of course, that you can lose more points than ever before.  So choose wisely.


Here's how it works.


You will have 6 movies to choose from:


Ted 2


Magic Mike 2


Ant Man



I will ask you 7 questions about these films.  They will be normal questions and in the spirit of the game, no chicanery.  You're objective is to get all 7 correct.  If you do so, then you will move on to round two, in which you will have another 6 movies to choose from.


Paper Towns


Mission Impossible


Fantastic Four

The Gift


If you can get all 7 right in this round as well, you will be perfect and score big points.  


But that's not the only way you can get points.  


Here's how it works.


Each question I ask you is worth 5000 points.  As I said, there will be 7 questions.  So potentially you can get 35,000 per round of questions.  However, if you get at least 5 of the questions right, you will still get the 25,000.  You will not lose any points for getting two wrong.  But this disqualifies you from going on to the second round.  To go on to the second round you must get all seven right.  If however you get less than 5/7 in this round, you will lose a total of 10,000 points.  


If you qualify for the second round, and if you can answer all 7 questions correctly in the second round, not only will you get the 70,000, I'll give you a bonus of 30,000 making this worth 100,000 points.


So what's the catch you ask?  Glad you asked.


If you get all 7 correct in the first round, and decide you want to go for the 100K, I will allow you to pick the  movie you are going for, I will show you the questions you have to answer and then you can decide if it is worth going for.  If you decide to go for the 100K, I will allow you to miss one question and one question only.  If you miss more than one question, so if you get 5/7 or less, you will not only not get the 35,000 from the first round, but you will lose a total of 50,000 points.  So essentially you have to get a total of 12/14 right and you get 100,000 points.  If you do not get the 12/14 right you will lose 50,000 points.  


If you choose to abstain from trying the first round, you will get 5000 points. But of course, that is safe and you have the potential of getting 35,000.  Of course there is nothing wrong with taking your 35,000 points and be happy with that.  But then again, this is BSG and there is not a lot of selflessness here.   :)


I know this is a convoluted question, so any questions, please ask.


I'll fill in more when it comes to me.  


The deadline is obviously when the movie you choose, comes out.  So think this through.  This is the single biggest question in the history of the game.  



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When you say questions about the film, do you mean having to actually go see the movie to find the answers or just regular box office questions.

Spirit of the game questions....box office.

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