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JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM | 22 JUN 2018 | Universal | J.A. Bayona to direct | The Park is Closed | NOT THE FRANCHISE WARS THREAD

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I think it is critical to get CP and BDH somehow. Great chemistry and both killed it.


I think of all possible movies in development, this has the best chance to top the opening weekend record.


After BVS, yes.

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The real answer is to try to emulate TFA hype.


Bring in Goldblum, Neill, Dern, and the two kids now grown up from the first movie along with Howard and Pratt returning.

Add in two new kids (as the norm for Jurassic Park).

Release it December 15, 2017.


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I can already imagine the teaser for this. 


An aerial shot of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Cars making their way through traffic. People going to work or walking on the streets. Kids playing at a park. Airplanes landing and taking off at the airport. Just looking like a normal day in the city. We get a full shot of a couple sitting at a table, enjoying their lunch on the beach. They are sitting and laughing in the sunlight. Suddenly a shadow looms over them, completely blocking out the sunlight. They look up at the same time. It is an enormous Pteranodon. The camera tilts up its body up to the creature's face. The Pteranodon stares for a few seconds, heaves its chest ever so slightly, opens its enormous beak, and lets out a howling screech. Cut to black. The iconic Jurassic Park logo appears. With the words: "Jurassic War". Tagline : "Life will not be contained". Summer 2018.

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If it's anything remotely stupid like Dinosaurs sporting weapons, then I'm out.. I can only suspend so much disbelief folks... Just have the MEG and the MOSSAUR fight it out with tourists trapped below..


Nah, they wont go that far. Maybe they will turn the island into a military base to retain the dinosaurs from escaping or some shit, Dr Wu crates smaller Indominus Rex for the military and InGen as promised in Jurassic World and those things start to kill all remaining humans and dinos there left and right and Pratt and Howard will have to save the day once again

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