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JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM | 22 JUN 2018 | Universal | J.A. Bayona to direct | The Park is Closed | NOT THE FRANCHISE WARS THREAD

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I haven't watched any Bayona movies before JW:FK, but if I judged him by this one, I'd say he's really shitty director. Judging by interviews he can't see the difference between good and terrible screenplay, brave/original and lazy copypast, so it doesn't do him any favours. And add to that the entire "horror section" is piece of shit, not scary and mostly badly directed, ugly CGI for Indoraptor and some other dinosaurs, bad use of animatronics (and animatronics themselves were really bad compared to the original trilogy), I must say: I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

11 hours ago, The Futurist said:

Like yeah, the first movie was so clever and intelligent in the first place.

It was. And this one is insultingly dumb.

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13 hours ago, Barnack said:

First movie praise is more about the execution like the exposition being all time great, the score, the incredible blocking and camera work, yes some clever affair like at the beginning in the helicopter when the professor has 2 female connector of the seat belts and find away to make it work.


Movie are not great for being clever and intelligent, who of all people that have Jurassic World 2 has is favorite 2018 summer movie of all people know that very well. Or in the same way the Beethoven fifth is so clever and intelligent.



I think this is a language barrier issue because you can't be comparing JW:FK to Beethoven's 5th - or anything by Beethoven - in any shape, way or form. 

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4 hours ago, TalismanRing said:



I think this is a language barrier issue because you can't be comparing JW:FK to Beethoven's 5th - or anything by Beethoven - in any shape, way or form. 

Haha, I am saying by that do not expect a movie to be great because it is clever and intelligent in a way of explaining how the narrative is, greatness in art came from any other form, like in music, lyrics and narrative have nothing to do with music being great or not.

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Fallen Kingdom generates a profit of $235.4M. That pales when compared to the $470M-plus profit of the 2015 version. Participations at $200M on the sequel remained high with EP and Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg at the front of that line. Global P&A was at $145M, down from Jurassic Park‘s $160M global spend, however, Fallen Kingdom received an extra boost from promo partnerships valued at $185M, which came in at more than double the 2015 film.


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8 minutes ago, CoolEric258 said:



I'm quite surprised it is only at #8. That $200 million participation really bogged down the profits. Spielberg keeps getting richer all the time.

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Both revenues and total cost before participation look quite low to me on that one (true that it exclude merchandising too).


That was a 1.3 billion movie going over 400m domestic, 68% overseas


Jurassic World 2

Theatrical: 541m

Worldwide Home Entertainment: 129.8m

Global TV : 164m


Total Revenues: 834.80m, that would be 65% of the revenues coming from theatrical.


To show what it would mean in revenue attrition from the past


The Da Vinci Code, made 758m, 71% overseas (more overseas heavy)

Theatrical: 369.83m

Worldwide home ent: 301.56m

WW TV: 154m


Total Revenues: 833.63m (with some others like airlins and music), 44% of the revenues coming from theatrical


Spider Man 3 made 890m

Theatrical: 440.116

Worldwide home ent: 338.9m

WW TV: 177m


Total Revenues Without the 157m in merch): 964.85m, 45% of the revenues coming from theatrical



12 year's ago a 750m Intl heavy movie was making the exact same money than a 1.3b movie now and under 900m movies were making much more....


To gave an idea

Warner Brother venues splits over the year's

  2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Movie theater rental 22% 29% 28% 33% 34% 32% 33% 36% 35% 32% 41% 40%
rest excluding merch 78% 71% 72% 67% 66% 68% 67% 64% 65% 68% 59% 60%


Universal   2016 2017 2018
Movie theater rental 30% 34% 35%
rest exclusing merch 70% 66% 65%
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