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JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM | 22 JUN 2018 | Universal | J.A. Bayona to direct | The Park is Closed | NOT THE FRANCHISE WARS THREAD

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Thanks moderators for the heads-up, didn't know there was already a thread about Jurassic World 2.


So excited! I loved "The Impossible", but I still have to see "The Orphanage".

Bayona directing and Trevorrow producing will be terrific indeed! 

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1 hour ago, Empire said:

Great news. With Trevorrow not directing, maybe this will actually be good. :ph34r:


Frankly, Trevorrow's direction was the least of JW's problems. To his credit, he managed to make the film consistently entertaining from start to finish (at least to me). Unfortunely, the script was kinda shitty, though.

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19 minutes ago, BKB IS CAPTAIN AMERICA said:


I'm really surprised by how many people around here are so critical of JURASSIC WORLD??? The movie kicked ass.. What the fuck more did you want with this movie??? Sure, the Bryce Dallas Howard running around in heels the whole movie was absurd, but come on already.. This has to go down as probably the most violent of the JURASSIC PARK movies.. I don't get it folks.. Sorry..

I loved it too. I actually didn't even have a problem with the high heels thing at all. Actually, I think it's a ridicously overblown controversy. Anyway, she confirmed she won't have heels in the sequel, so I guess everyone will be happy about this.

Bryce Dallas Howard's performance though was great, as Chris Pratt's was too.

Trevorrow's work as a director in JW was good, and pretty great if you think he was just a newcomer.

Bayona is a talented director and even more experienced, so this could be a further improvement.

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3 hours ago, BKB IS CAPTAIN AMERICA said:


Any particular reason why Trevorrow bowed out as Director for this??? Oh wait, I think I read he bowed out of this to be Director for the FURY ROAD Sequel.. YEAHHH!!!! TAKE THAT BITCHES!!!!



Umm, no... it's more than likely because he'll be too busy with this thing called Star Wars Episode IX.

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He left the directing of JW2 because:


- he will be busy directing Star Wars Ep IX

- he said he wants the new Jurassic trilogy to be directed by different directors for each film, just like Star Wars, so there can be every time a different vision


But he's still writing the JW2 and JW3 script along with Derek Connolly.

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  • Community Manager
Just now, Telemachos said:

I can't believe none of you Jurassic loonies posted this.





...Outer Space?










so set in Australia?

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