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CIVIL WAR OS | $744M OS | $1.15B WW

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15 minutes ago, Purple Minion said:

Gracias Peludo. Adding Mexico to the list (as per Canacine):


IM3: 11,806,033

CW: 14,468,012 


So based on those 7 markets, it's:


IM3: 38,087,359

CW: 40,267,298


Technical tie?



Inflaction OF Mexico?

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This movie would have out-grossed IM3 with 2013 Exchange Rates.


For instance, in 2013 the EUR was on average 1.33 per USD. 2015 it's 1.11, right now 1.13


That would represent a 18% increase


And that's only the EUR. Most other currencies follow the same pattern. Even worse in many places.


That is why OS box office analysis is so tricky, and should be taken with a grain of salt as well.

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On 6/22/2016 at 7:13 PM, IMojammer said:

The various box office sites had Cap3's OS total at 742.6 on June 5th, and 745.5 on June 12th.  Now June 19th it's at 743.657 which is a more precise number than previous reports and I believe represents more accurate information meaning drops have been bigger than we thought they were.


So I don't think it'll hit 750m overseas.


7th weekend domestic is $120k ahead of Iron Man 3's 8th weekend, IM3 did another $6m after that weekend, so I think Cap3 does another $7m from here ending at 408-409m domestic.


409 + 749 = 1158


And now Mojo says as of July 7th it's at $744.4 million total OS.



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On September 16, 2016 at 0:24 AM, John Marston said:

overall Civil War did very well overseas thought I must admit it is surprising that Deadpool outgrossed it in many countries including Australia, UK (or it matched it there), France, Germany, and Russia. 


Suicide Squad also surpassed it in some countries, it's good to notice it.

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