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MILE 22 | STX | Aug 3 2018 | Peter Berg in talks to direct | Mark Wahlberg to star

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Mark Wahlberg, Director Peter Berg in Talks for Action Movie ‘Mile 22’ at STX



Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg are in negotiations with STX Entertainment for the action movie “Mile 22″ with Wahlberg slated to co-star with martial arts champion Ronda Rousey.


The film would mark the third collaboration between Berg and Wahlberg, who also teamed on “Lone Survivor” and the upcoming “Deepwater Horizon.”


Berg will direct from a script written by Graham Roland. The film follows a CIA agent — played by Rousey — stationed in Indonesia who has to transport an informant from a city to a getaway plane at an airport 22 miles away.

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Well, something had to take Alita's spot after all. This seems like a film that could very well have been made on a smaller budget, so hopefully it can reap benefits in its summer release date. I am happy that it is adding a touch more variety to the summer, and I am happy for talented director Peter Berg (as in, happy he was able to make a small original action thriller).

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1 hour ago, slambros said:

If they think Equalizer is any sort of Cannibalizer, I really don't think this film is gonna be any good at all.

Some "bad buzz" around that movie like Roussey talking part of the movie having been cut to be more fair to her ability according to the producers and upped Wahlberg one (I guess the producer thought she would have been a bigger deal at the time of the release UFC wise), not that the rework cannot have worked, it is a high profile director after all that turned really good movies with Wahlbergs.


But they are such the same R-rated action movie audience and one is a sequel and has Denzel. You can have 12 strongs / Den of Thieves aiming at 12-15m OW cutting audience between them, but Equalizer 1 was a really big 34m OW movie and 22 miles being a Berg/Wahlberg that went on location must be a good budget, quite the different competition.

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On 4/11/2018 at 9:30 AM, baumer said:

I think I put this in my top 15 for the summer game.

I always feel potential for a Berg/wahlberg movies, but... the last 2 went 61m and 31m despite being really good with one of those being a giant 156m budget studio movie with a giant studio release, and this is an STX movie.


In 2017 #15 summer was 75m

2016 #15 was 97m

2015 #15 was 81m


They wend over 75m only one time ever with Bad Moms.


Will be an interesting one.



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