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    Studio: Hunt Productions

    Director: Gavin Hood

    Genre: Action

    Theatre Count: 3,750

    Format: 2D, 2D IMAX

    Release Date: July 1

    Rating: PG-13

    Budget: 140M

    Runtime: 129 minutes


    Christian Bale

    Vin Diesel

    Eric Christian Olsen

    Simon Baker

    alicia vikander


    Not complete yet

    Edited by Ethan Hunt
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    Run & Gun 2

    Director: Gareth Evans
    Genre: Action
    Date: May 15th
    Cast: Brad Pitt (Jacob Beecham), Benedict Cumberbatch (The Brit), Ken Watanabe (Zhu Shoryu), Julie Estelle (Hua Shoryu), Iko Uwais (Lun Shoryu), Jean Reno (The Frenchman), Jamie Foxx (Caesar), Charles Dance (The Other Brit)


    We open on the post credit scene from Overdrive with Lun breaking into a secure Fortuna Company fileroom and removing a file with a picture of Jacob Beecham on. He also opens a drawer labelled ‘Project Ascension’ and removes another file (although we don’t get to see what’s inside it yet.) However, the second he removes the latter file it sets off an alarm, much to his frustration. Only through quick reactions is he able to escape the file room before steel doors slam shut around it.


    Lun takes off running down the corridors as alarms blare. He ambushes a group of guards coming around a corner and steals one of their guns to scare off others. He also presses a button on the sole of his shoe that activates some kind of device hidden inside. He continues to make his way through the facility until he ends up cornered on both sides by guards. Before they can shoot him, however, the wall next to him explodes and a car drives through. It’s Caesar, who keeps the guards at bay with covering fire while Lun gets in and the two drive off into the night. Caesar comments that when he heard Lun wanted to hire him for a job, he was expecting something a little less suicidal. Lun pulls out the files from his bag and starts looking them over before saying that the job has barely begun.


    RUN & GUN 2


    We cut to Jacob Beecham sparring in martial arts against an instructor. It has been several years since the events of the last film, during which Thomas’s surgery was successful and, thanks to the money Jacob won, the two are living a comfortable life with Sarah. However, Jacob is increasingly paranoid that the organisation behind the Run & Gun may one day come for him and, thus, has been training in martial arts. As he leaves, he runs into the 2nd Brit (Charles Dance) who warns Jacob about the break-in and the theft on his file. (Jacob: “You have a file on me?” Brit: “Mr Beecham, we have a file on everybody.”) Jacob asks if anything else was stole but the Brit lies and claims his was the only file taken. The Brit offers to put him and his family into protective custody, but Jacob doesn’t trust him not to use said family as a bargaining chip to force him into another game. The Brit accepts this, but warns him to watch his back for the next few days. Unbeknownst to the two, someone is watching them with a camera and taking photos.


    The next day, Jacob is out for a morning jog when he notices a van trailing him. He ducks down a side alley to try and lose it, only to be ambushed on both sides by several thugs. In a tense, tight alley sequence, he fights them off but is attacked by the leader of the thugs, a young woman, Hua who knocks him unconscious and helps stuff him into the back of the van. Jacob regains consiciousness with his hands tied behind his back and sack over his head, being moved somewhere. The sack is pulled off his head and he is revealed to be in an abandoned warehouse. Hua is there, along with Lun, Caesar and the mysterious Frenchman (Jean Reno) who is playing haphazardly with a switchknife. Jacob asks why he has been brought there. Behind him a door opens and an older Asian man in a black suit walks in. Behind him are two more guards dragging in another man with a bag on his head. The man is Zhu Shoryu, father of Lun, Hua and Nan Shoryu from the first film, as well as head of one of the bigger Asian gangs in the world. He wants revenge on Beecham for the dishonourable way in which his son was killed in the first film. Jacob tells him that it wasn’t his fault and that the original Brit (Benedict Cumberbatch) was the one who murdered Nan. Zhu tells him it’s funny since the Brit told him the exact opposite. The bag is pulled off the second man revealing him to be the original Brit.


    Jacob is naturally stunned at this since he shot the Brit straight in the head last movie. The Brit explains that a simple headshot doesn’t guarantee death and that he survived after some quite impressive surgery. Indeed, he now has a metal plate in his skull. Zhu tells them both to be silent. While he feels he would be quite in his right to kill the two of them now for what they did to his son, he wants instead to play a little game with them. (The Brit: *rolls eyes* “Oh God, I think I know where this is going.”) Indeed, Zhu wishes to play Run and Gun with both Jacob and the Brit. The three teams will be led by himself (with old friend and mercenary the Frenchman), Lun (with Caesar as backup) and Hua and the goal will be a Fortuna Safehouse which, if they reach, Zhu will leave them and Jacob’s family alone. Jacob asks how he expects him to work with the Brit since they’d probably turn on each other the second the game began. Zhu explains that the two have been implanted with explosive devices that will detonate if either the other dies or if they separate more than 20 metres away. In addition, if Zhu discovers they’ve used any guns other than the ones they were given, he will never stop hunting them regardless of whether they succeed.


    The two are released and told they have an hour’s headstart, starting from when they exit the warehouse and receive their guns. Once they leave the room, Hua angrily confronts her father about this farce. Usually they’d simply slaughter the family and be done with it. Zhu reprimands her, telling her that this is his decision. Hua accuses him of being illogical after his eldest (and favourite) son’s death. Zhu moves to slap her, but the Frenchman intervenes, stating that Zhu is allowing himself to be baited too easily. The focus of the match should be on the hunt, not internal squabbling. Zhu takes a deep breath and agrees, telling Lun and Hua that this match is not just a simple matter of revenge but a method for Zhu to choose his successor. Nan was originally going to succeed Zhu and take control of the empire but, after his death, Nan is left with three choices, his gear-obsessed, laidback second con (Lun) or his psychotic firebrand daughter (Hua). Ideally he wishes to leave his empire to his friend, the Frenchman but, understanding the objections that would raise, is instead leaving it down to this competition. Whomsoever commands the team that kills Jacob and the Brit will get to rule his empire.


    Outside, Jacob and the Brit receive their guns and immediately break out into fighting each other. They’re fairly evenly matched though and end up in a standstill. Jacob admits, even knowing they have to work together, he feels he can’t trust the Brit, while the Brit thinks Jacob will simply slow him down. They both agree they can’t stand around fighting each other and begin to run, making up plans on the move. Jacob wants to take the subway, reasoning that it’d be too crowded for their attackers to assault them. The Brit shoots that idea down, reminding Jacob that the Shoryu family have close connections to the police and appear in such a public place is tantamount to suicide. Jacob, frustrated, asks what his plan is then. The Brit explains that, while running away is one tactic in the game (and a fairly unsuccessful one at that), a more effective one is to attack and cripple the pursuers ability to pursue you. Ideally, this is done by turning them against one another, much like what happened in the first game. However, since the Shoryu’s are a family unit, that will be much harder to do here. (Jacob: “So what do we do instead?” Brit: “Instead? You appear to have misunderstood, Mr Beecham. I said it would be harder to do, not impossible.”) The Brit’s proposed target is a Fortuna Office across the city. There they can find detailed files on the entire Shoryu family (as clients of Fortuna) including psychological profiles they can use to turn them against each other. Jacob warily agrees to go along with this plan. However, they begin to hear the sound of motorcycles and the two realise their hour is up.


    Several thugs on motorcycles chase after then down the narrow streets. The Brit wants to lose via a narrow alley but Jacob, having flashbacks as to how he was caught, correctly guesses that it may be a trap. So instead, he shoots one of the thugs off his motorcycle and steals it. After they drive off, Hua emerges from the alley with a scowl. She pushes one of her men off their motorcycle and chases after the two herself. We have a tight back alley motorcycle chase, with Hua and her thugs trying to knock the two off with baseball bats. Eventually, they manage to lose them when the Brit shoots down part of a construction site, blocking their path. However, when the two get on the open road, their problems aren’t over yet and Lun and Caesar both approach in their cars from Overdrive and attempt to run them off the road. Jacob wastes a shot trying to shoot them through their bulletproof windscreens and ends up resorting to jumping off a freeway onto another road. However, Lun and Caesar both smash their cars through the sideguard and follow. (Jacob: “You have got to be freaking kidding me…”) Things get worse when the Brit is accidentally knocked off the bike onto the hood of another car. Since the two can’t be more than 20 metres apart, Jacob has to slow down and precariously retrieve him while still avoiding Lun and Caesar’s cars. Things get even more complicated with the arrival of Zhu and the Frenchman in a helicopter. The two drop items into the motorcycle’s path, trying to run them off the road.


    Eventually, they’re able to lose their pursuers by ducking into a road still under construction (although not that the Lun and Caesar don’t try and follow anyway), before hiding in a sewer. Luckily, the Brit knows how to reach the Fortuna Office through the sewers. (Jacob: “What, do you have the entire sewer system memorised?” Brit: *blinks* “What, do you not?”) The Brit explains that, as part of his job as moderator of the games, he was required to memorise huge territories, including possible routes like sewer systems. Jacob asks why he turned corrupt. The Brit is a little unsure himself, but found working for Fortuna ‘constricting’. However, his knowledge was too important for Fortuna to simply let loose or let him die. Jacob is still sceptical about the miracle surgery, convinced he delivered a fatal shot. (Brit: “Apparently, your aim isn’t quite as good as you believe.”)


    The two arrive at the Fortuna building and, with the Brit’s expertise, are able to pass through the front exit unperturbed. They have a little trouble at the metal detector, with their guns, but the Brit is able to seemingly sort it out. The two make their way to the secure file room. The Brit tells Jacob to wait outside and keep guard while he sneaks in to steal the files they need. Inside, the Brit fishes out the files for the Shoryu family, as well as, for some reason, some security cam footage. After a bit of hesitation, he also decides to retrieve his own file and take a sneak peek inside. In it he finds a disturbing shock. Autopsy photos of none other than himself after being shot in the head by Jacob. It is revealed that he did indeed die in the first film and has been restored to life by some unknown method. Outside, Jacob spots Zhu and his gang heading their way and tries to warn the Brit by banging on the door. The Brit doesn’t notice this, too engrossed in the file he’s reading. He also doesn’t notice the Frenchman has snuck into the room and tries to strangle him with razor wire. The Brit breaks free however and the two fight. The Brit seems to know the Frenchman personally and admits his jealousy towards the other man. The Frenchman says to the Brit that he has his sympathy, but he has to finish his job. The Brit asks what he knows about the autopsy photos and the Frenchman laughs, stating that the Brit was barely trusted to even understand the most basic purpose of the Fortuna Organisation. He then has a sudden burst of strength and nearly crushes the Brit by flinging a file system at him. The Brit, recognising he’s getting his ass kicked, tries shooting the Frenchman but gets his gun knocked out of his hand. Instead, he deliberately trips the alarm and escapes with the files while the Frenchman is trapped in the room by steel doors shutting down . Jacob and the Brit are pursued by Zhu’s men and the Fortuna security guards and eventually manage to escape by leaping out a window onto the roof of a nearby building. Zhu opens the file room to retrieve the Frenchman, who apologises for letting them escape. Zhu accepts this and credits the Frenchman for figuring out that the two would head here. The Frenchman states he had ‘a little tipoff’ as to where they would be. He surreptitiously slips a phone back into his pocket.


    The two stay the night in a safehouse Jacob had secretly bought (in case he was drawn back into the game). The Brit is still shook up over the revelation he found from reading the files (although he lies to Jacob claiming he saw nothing out of the ordinary.) He slips into the bathroom, pretending to be taking a shower. Instead, he takes a knife and cuts away at the area on his head where the ‘metal plate’ is supposed to be. Instead, he finds he finds a strange device of some sort, which he stomps to pieces. We briefly cut to a hi-tech control room where a technician tells the other Brit (Charles Dance) that the tracer has gone off line. The other Brit is silent. The original Brit walks out of the shower to see Jacob reading the Brit’s file. The Brit snatches the file in a panic, but Jacob explains he only got halfway through (thus didn’t see the autopsy photos). However, he is still fairly shocked at the Brit’s childhood. It is revealed that agents of Fortuna, like the Brit, are orphans trained from a very young age in very brutal ways before being tied to carry out the organisation’s dirty work for life. One of the only agents to escape that, the Frenchman, did so by buying his way out, hence why the Brit was determined to get the money from Jacob’s game. The Brit admits this is all true, but largely irrelevant. He is what he is. Jacob agrees, stating that regardless of what the Brit went through, he’s still a murdering asshole and that the second this is over, he intends to kick his head in. But he does have a measure of pity for the guy. The Brit snorts at this.


    The two start making their plans for the next day. Although the Brit was unable to work out any tangible psychological weaknesses to exploit, he did find something else. One of Zhu’s biggest counterfeiting buildings is in the city. The Brit believes that if they blow said building up, Zhu and his family will be too busy cutting their losses to chase them. Jacob agrees with this plan, but asks how he intends to do so with only a pistol. The Brit explains there is delicate machinery beneath the building that could easily be destablised and take the building down with it. However, in order to access the machinery, someone is going to have to break into the control room to unlock the doors. They won’t be more than 20 metres away so the Brit suggests he goes for the control rooms while Jacob takes out the machinery. Jacob agrees with this plan. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a knock at the door, which naturally puts them both on edge, despite Jacob assuring them that no-one should know about this safehouse. Jacob opens the door, gun drawn. There is no-one there. Instead, the Brit’s pistol (thought lost in the safe room) has been left on the doorstep, much to their confusion. Meanwhile, Hua receives a message on her phone from someone. She reads it and smiles maliciously.


    The next day and Jacob and the Brit prepare to pull off their plan. The Brit sneaks into the building disguised as a worker while Jacob punches out a couple of guards and waits for the Brit to open the door. While Jacob is dragging the unconscious guards to a hiding spot, a wallet falls out of one of their pockets. Jacob opens it up out of curiosity only to find out something groundbreaking. The guard works for the Fortuna Company. Jacob realises the Brit lied to him and that this isn’t a Shoryu counterfeiting plant, but a building belonging to the Fortuna company. It is revealed that the Brit is trying to break into the information room of this building to find out more about what happened to him. However, in the control room, he runs into straight into the other Brit (who I’m going to call O-Brit from now on). Jacob, meanwhile, is heading back to the entrance to try and confront the Brit. However, he is forced to hide when he notices Hua arrive with her group. They slaughter the guards at the front of the building and break in. Jacob tries to backtrack, only for him to run into Zhu’s team instead, who chase him down the way he came. However, to Jacob’s surprise, the door to the engine room is now unlocked and he ducks in there.


    We cut back to the control room where it is revealed that the O-Brit was the one who unlocked the door for Jacob. The Brit asks how he came back to life after dying and demands a reason. The O-Brit calls him a naive child and tells him they did not bring him back for his own sake but for what he could do for them. The Brit asks what that is, but the O-Brit refuses to answer, stating he’ll explain once the Brit is in proper custody. The room floods with guards. However, before the Brit can be apprehended, Hua’s group bursts in and a fight breaks out between the two groups. The Brit explains that he was the one who messaged Hua with their location and blueprints of the area so she could (inadvertently) arrive, make a distraction and aid him. In the chaos, he empties his gun of all but one of its shots into the O-Brit before slipping away. Hua spots him and takes off in pursuit.Once they’re both gone, the O-Brit sits back up, rips off his bulletproof jacket and wonders what the point was of returning the gun to the Brit if he was just going to waste it anyway.


    Down in the engine room, Jacob is engaged in combat with Zhu and his men, fighting on a variety of precarious walkways over a complex, engine-looking machine. Through careful use of his shots, Jacob manages to eliminate all of Zhu’s men (except the man himself), while also doing damage to the machinery below. However, Jacob’s gun is knocked out of his hand, leaving him to resort to fighting Zhu hand to hand. At first, it seems Jacob is outmatched but the The Brit, however, arrives to lend a hand. Unfortunately, Hua arrives after him, forcing a two on two brawl. The brawl nearly comes to an end when Zhu is knocked off the edge of one of the walkways, but Jacob grabs his hand, assuming that if Zhu dies, the hunt will never be called off (And because he doesn’t like killing unnecessarily). Zhu is surprised at this act of kindness and begins to believe Jacob might not have been responsible, offering to deactivate the bomb via remote. However, Hua kicks the remote off the walkway, accusing her father of growing soft. The two family members begin to argue, exacerbated by the Brit deliberately preying on Hua’s anger at her father for his favouritism towards Nan. Jacob realises that he’s deliberately making the situation work and tries to stop him. However, they are all interrupted by the O-Brit who arrives in the room with a whole host of armed guards. He congratulates them all on playing their part outstandingly.


    It is revealed that nearly everything has been according to the O-Brit’s plans. Knowing that Zhu would plot revenge for his son’s death, he allowed Lun to break into one of their file rooms and learn the location of Jacob and the Brit. Afterwards, he deliberately allowed the Brit to be abducted (although still kept track of him via the head tracker) under the assumption that Zhu would challenge the two to a game of Run & Gun. He also knew that the Brit would never play the game so imply and instead aim for leverage against the Shoryu family by breaking into the Fortuna family file room. There, the O-Brit planted just enough of a hint of the Brit’s true purpose that he would become curious and go to this facility instead. He also leaked the location to Hua (ironically making him the second to do so), knowing her to be headstrong enough to attack the facility head on and forcing Zhu to intervene. Now he has hard proof of Zhu attacking an ‘important facility’ (although he claims most of the important equipment has been moved in advance) which he can use as blackmail material to keep Zhu in line and beg certain favours. Zhu realises he’s been completely played and slumps his shoulders in defeat. However, the Brit isn’t quite so willing to accept this outcome and deliberately shoots the cables holding up the walkway, causing the four on top to start slipping down towards the factory floor (which is on fire from Jacob’s earlier fight). The four struggle among each other and, in the end, both Zhu and the Brit are sent plummeting to their presumed deaths while Jacob and Hui are dragged to safety.


    Jacob is worried that his bomb might be about to explode, but Hui cuts him open (non-fatally) with a knife and removes it before it could explode. When asked why, Hui admits that she had been acting headstrong and shameful and may have been responsible for her father’s death. Thus, she wants to live out his last vow and accept Jacob as innocent. She also intends to succeed him as head on the Shoryu family (since Lun has no interest in it (and indeed has already skipped town with Caesar)) and accept the Fortuna Companies demands, which the O-Brit is happy with.


    The O-Brit escorts Jacob back to his family home, revealing that he’s had protection put on the house since he was snatched. Jacob thanks him and says it almost makes up for placing him in this mess in the first place. The O-Brit snorts and admits he may owe Jacob a favour in the future. Before he leaves, Jacob, having a flashback to what the Brit said about memorising the sewer system, asks if there was a sewer entrance in that facility. The O-Brit says there was, on the factory floor, and asks why he wants to know. Jacob says it’s nothing and walks back inside.


    We then get a series of flash-cuts showing that, when they snuck into the first Fortuna facility, the Brit used the metal detector (the image of which he stole from the file room) to work out precisely where his bomb was. Thus, when he fell to the factory floor, he was able to get into the sewers and remove the bomb with a knife to fake his apparent death. We see the Frenchman driving across a deserted dusty, desert road when he spots a figure standing in the distance. It’s the Brit, with a nasty burn scar across his face. The Brit comments that he knows the Frenchman was part of the O-Brit’s plan to bring down Zhu Shoryu and that he never escaped after all. The Frenchman admits he didn’t… but that the Brit did. The two smile at each other and reach for weapons. The screen goes black and single gunshot is heard.


    In a post credit scene, we see the O-Brit on the phone to someone named Lambda. The O-Brit thanks Lambda for his work, stating that everything transpired near exactly as he predicted (minus the Brit’s escape). Lambda states that it’s all part of his job. In his room we see a giant Lambda symbol (Λλ) on the screen as he asks when the next game of ‘Stratagem’ is to begin. The O-Brit smiles maliciously.

    Theaters: 3865
    MPAA Rating: R
    Budget: $55m
    Previous Film Gross (if a sequel)

    Run & Gun: $50,122,098 million/$116,843,333 million/$287,791,460

    Overdrive (Related Spinoff): $37,468,405 million/$150,285,235/$449,007,231

    Edited by Rukaio Alter
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    Cassia and the Valkyries

    Genre: Animation/Fantasy/Music/Dramedy

    Date: July 31st

    Theaters: 3,807

    Director: Jennifer Lee

    Writers: Jennifer Lee, Lauren Faust

    Cast: Emilia Clarke, Zoe Kravitz, Aubrey Plaza, Dave Franco, Charlie Day, Jane Lynch, Diego Luna, Andrea Martin, Jeffrey Wright, Rinko Kikuchi

    Rating: PG

    Runtime: TBD

    budget: $140 million

    Plot Coming Soon

    I'm in mobile, I'll get legit formatting up soon.

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    My Favorite Scientist


    Director: Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda

    Writer: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, and Lisa Cholodenko

    Studio: Anniversary Films
    Genre: Animated Dramedy
    Release Date: August 14th
    MPAA Rating: PG
    Theaters: 3,951
    Budget: $125 million
    Length: 97 minutes

    Composer: Heitor Pereira, Kanye West (songs)

    Tagline: The Broll Army Arrives!


    Zach Galifianakis (Professor Gilbert Gould)

    Simon Pegg (Professor Nicholas Wilson)

    Sarah Paulson (Rachel Broll)

    Walton Goggins (Ray Broll)

    Donald Sutherland (Bjorn Polar)


    Synopsis: Nicholas Wilson (Pegg), a British physicist, takes a job at the American institution Near Space University just so he can work with Gilbert Gould (Galifianakis), his favorite scientist. Their dreams to make the highest-resolution display yet invented are thwarted when Wilson is kidnapped by a cute humanoid species known as the Brolls, who are the last magicians in the world. Gould has to save Wilson from them while fighting to keep his reputation among his fellow physicists.



    We see a line of portraits of famous physicists including Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein, and Richard Feynman. At the end of the line is a portrait of Prof. Gilbert Gould, a man with huge black hair that resembles a lion's mane. A "#1" banner is placed on the portrait and a voice says, "O Professor Gould, you are my favorite scientist." The voice comes from Nicholas Wilson (Pegg), a lanky blonde man who is a physics professor at Fourth University in Britain.


    In July 2018, Mr. Wilson is interviewed on the BBC about his aims to use nanowires to display high-resolution images with clarity far surpassing those in normal LCD and plasma displays. In a house on a snowy hill we see Gould (Galifianakis), the rotund, outgoing chairman of the physics department at the prestigious Near Space University, lounging on the couch. He is watching the program at home and is hugely impressed by this person he's never heard of before, who is working towards the same aims he is. Immediately after the broadcast is over he calls Wilson and offers him a job at Near Space. Wilson, who is normally quiet but is too delighted he's even talking to his favorite scientist, excitedly accepts immediately.


    The opening credits play during the next sequence, where Wilson packs and boards a plane for America.

    Song: "Sun Rays" by Kanye West (written for film)


    Wilson arrives at Near Space, so named because it is located on top of a very tall mountain in Colorado (so it is the closest university to space). He and Gould, who occupies the office next to his, go out for coffee at the near-campus Kyle's Koffee and very quickly bond. A montage of the two doing activities like hiking, snowboarding, and kissing happens.

    Song: "Good Life" by Kanye West


    The President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (RSAS), Bjorn Polar (Sutherland), receives a ton of letters, each coming from someone named "Broll." They all state the exact same message: that Wilson should not be considered for the Nobel Prize until magic is accepted by the Academy. Polar remarks, "Magic? I thought that was disproved thousands of years ago!"


    Polar informs Gould of this barrage of letters. Gould brings them up in a weekly Physics department meeting, which Wilson does not attend. The rest of the department believes the Brolls to be pseudonyms for someone who just wants attention since their names are so similar to "Troll", and dismiss Gould's complaints. A disgusted Gould calls off the meeting.


    Gould hears a phone call coming from Wilson's office, from which Wilson is absent. As Gould feels he is close enough with Wilson that he can be trusted to relay information to him, he takes the call. The voice (Paulson) coming from the other end says, "Hello, I'm Rachel of the Brolls. We saw your interview with the BBC and we're glad you're in Colorado now. I wanted to enlist your help to build a TV for us with the best looking image in the world." Gould says, "I'm sorry, he's not here right now. He's also very busy working on department matters at the moment." Rachel says, "No! I want him now!" and cackles loudly. Annoyed, Gould hangs up and comments, "Next time she laughs, I'm going to laugh HARDER!".


    Gould and Wilson walk out of Kyle's Koffee discussing the mysterious letters and phone call. The conversation abruptly ends when Wilson disappears with a poof. Gould, shocked and upset, tries to run away before immediately bumping into a short cute humanoid with extremely pale bluish skin and no visible neck. He collapses and is taken to the hospital. At the first weekly physics department meeting following Wilson's arrival, Gould reports Wilson's disappearance. Everyone else there isn't concerned at all, believing the school year will operate the same as the previous year since no professors left. Some question if Wilson was even hired, having never seen him in person. Gould once again calls off the meeting and hides under his desk while he tries to keep his composure.


    We see a large group of the aforementioned humanoid creatures (which are Brolls) at the Broll Army Base, which is operated inside the Near Space mountain, just below the university. Rachel, the leader of the Brolls, and her husband Ray (Goggins) explain to a captured Wilson that the Brolls are the last surviving magicians, as humanity quit magic following the populace's widespread acceptance of science. They wanted Wilson because they wanted to use scientific developments to further magic's cause. The Brolls aim to create a "magical television" that will bring magic back to humanity, but their display couldn't surpass those of most homes'. Wilson says, "I only want to work with you if you are willing to work in my physics lab," not mentioning the suspicious things Gould heard out of fear.


    The morning after, Rachel sneaks into Near Space's campus through an elevator and knocks on the door of the nearest physics lab. Gould, wearing heavy protective gear, opens the door. Rachel is immediately blinded by the mass of lights in the room. Gould takes her to the hospital, and, not knowing where her lair is, takes her to his house once she is discharged. She introduces herself to him, and they have a casual conversation about magic, physics, and TV.

    Song: "School Spirit" by Kanye West


    He gives her protective gear and gives her a tour of his physics lab. Once she reveals that she is a Broll, he becomes angry, and punches her, knocking her into a giant spectrometer which shatters. Gould takes her to the hospital again, but this time he doesn't pick her up. He receives a text message on his phone telling him he was fired from being chairman because the spectrometer is broken. In the next weekly department meeting he blames the spectrometer's destruction on Rachel. The other physicists there, not believing that Brolls exist, laugh at him. Since Gould is no longer chairman and the meeting hall doors are locked, he has to suffer through being a punching bag until the meeting ends.


    The next day when Gould uses the physics department's elevator, it only goes down. He believes this is a prank by the physicists who have scorned him. Once Gould cannot go down any further, he opens the elevator doors and sees a large number of Brolls. He screams "WIIIIILSOOOOON" (in a forced Cast Away reference), then pushes through the crowd, not stopping until he sees Wilson trapped in a cage. Wilson explains to Gould that he told the Brolls everything that made him suspicious of them, so they locked him up. The key is on top of the cage. Gould climbs up and attempts to grab the key but Ray grabs it before him. Gould and Ray fight on top of the cage, with the Brolls cheering from below.

    Song: "Magnetic Disorder" by Kanye West (written for film)


    The key falls out of Ray's hand, and Rachel catches it on the ground.


    Rachel: "You two know each other?"

    Gould: "Yes, we're partners in business. And partners in crime. Partners in love too."

    Rachel: "Just like Ray and I! Ray, this is Professor Gould. He saved my life."

    Ray: "You saved my partner, so I'll save yours!"


    Wilson's cage is unlocked. He is carried on top by Gould, and they both make a speech about how people with opposing aspirations must work together to achieve their goals, not impede the other. Gould then urges the Brolls to write letters to RSAS apologizing for their earlier spam, or they won't be treated seriously by the science elite. He also tells them to stop relying on scientists for their everyday needs and make their magical inventions on par with those of the science community if they want to be better recognized. The crowd roars with thundering applause as the physicists share a kiss.


    Gould brings Rachel to the next physics department meeting, just so they know she exists. He apologizes for giving her a bad name, and accepts all responsibility for the broken spectrometer. The rest of the department frowns upon Gould's close ties with magicians, but accept his apology, and he is reinstated as director. In Gould's office, Rachel requests, with no malice this time, for Gould and Wilson to create a "magical television" with their help. Gould gladly accepts.


    One year later, in July 2019, Gould and Wilson show off their Magical Exceptionally High Definition TV for Rachel and Ray. Both Near Space and the Brolls react with massive praise. Later that month the television is shown to the RSAS, who have a similar reaction.

    Song: "I Am A God" by Kanye West


    That October, Gould and Wilson win the Nobel Prize in Physics for their efforts in making the highest-definition display yet invented with a set of nanowire transistors. They garner huge press for being the first gay couple to win a Nobel Prize in any subject. In his acceptance speech Gould tells the audience about their experience with the Brolls and that magic should be accepted alongside science. This becomes controversial, and a number of newspapers around the world blast Gould for his thoughts. While reading one with this headline at Gould's house, Wilson tells Gould, "O Professor Gould, you are my favorite scientist." Rachel starts cackling, and the two physicists join in (with Gould laughing harder as he had promised) as the screen fades to black. The credits roll over sections of Pereira's score.

    Edited by department store basement
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    My big summer action tentpole.


    2 Sharkz


    Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson

    Composer: Michael Wandmacher

    Genre: Horror Comedy

    Date: July 3

    Studio: Redlight Films

    Format: Live-action, 2D

    Budget: $7 million

    Theaters: 2,884

    MPAA Rating: R for some sexual content and frightening images, including blood and gore

    Running Time: 80 minutes



    Jessica Simpson

    Ansel Elgort

    David Henrie

    Iggy Azalea

    Ashlee Simpson

    Lindsay Lohan


    Plot Summary: The "highly-anticipated" sequel to the first installment OMG Sharkz!, Iggy Azalea and her Ansel Elgort go to Myrtle Beach for spring break (the setting of the first film), where there's a bunch of horny, drunk teenagers the film's target audience can sympathize with. However, after a deadly shark attack, Jessica Simpson comes back to the beach to fight the deadly shark with Azalea and Elgort, bringing along an expert shark hunter named David Henrie. Instead of the dialogue being entirely in text speak like the last installment, 2 Sharkz uses common ratchet Vine phrases like "deez nuts, bish where" and "long dick style" in an attempt to stay relevant. Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan, in cameo roles, are killed off in the first five minutes of the movie just like their careers.


    Previous Film Grosses:

    OMG Sharkz! (July 3rd, Y9) ($12.1 million OW (5-day opening of $20.2 million, in 830 theaters)/$36.95 million DOM/$107.8 million WW)

    Edited by Alpha
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    SCP Foundation Tales
    “Secure. Contain. Protect.”
    Director: James Wan
    Composer: Joseph Bishara
    Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi
    Date: August 14
    Studio: Alpha Pictures
    Format: Live-action, 2D and IMAX
    Budget: $30 million
    Theaters: 3,275
    MPAA Rating: R for intense sequences of horror and peril, including startling violence, blood and gore
    Running Time: 118 minutes
    Plot Summary: Similar to the Unbalanced franchise, SCP Foundation Tales consists of six stories about the SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to containing anomalous objects, entities or phenomena that pose a significant threat to global security.
    Previous Film Grosses:
    The SCP Foundation (February 17th, Y7) ($24.8 million OW ($29.8 million 4-day OW)/$64.7 million DOM/$122.8 million WW)
    Edited by Alpha
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    Amulet II: The Last Council
    Director: Dean DeBlois
    Composer: Michael Giacchino
    Genre: Traditional Animation/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    Date: July 10
    Studio: Alpha Pictures, Hollywood Animation Studios
    Format: Traditional/CGI animation blend (think Paperman), 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D
    Budget: $135 million
    Theaters: 4,024
    MPAA Rating: PG for some sequences of fantasy violence and peril
    Running Time: 120 minutes
    Plot Summary: Continuing the story from the first film, Emily and her friends take a journey to find the lost city of Cielis.
    Previous Film Grosses:
    Amulet (July 28th, Y7) ($48.7 million OW/$233.2 million DOM/$585.5 million WW)
    Edited by Alpha
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    The Girl in the Red Dress

    Studio: Hunt Productions

    Director:Stiles White

    Genre: Horror

    Release date: July 10

    Budget: 12M

    Theatre Count: 3,002

    Rating: R

    Runtime: 94 minutes


    Kevin James - Micha

    Kerris Dorsey - Rhiane

    Douglas Smith- Bruno

    Alexandra Daddario- the girl in the red dress


    Micha is a driving instructor or Right-Way Driving School. One particular night around 8:00 PM he picks up Rhiane to take her on her last drive. They are driving back to her house late at night on an empty road when Micha sees a girl standing in the middle of the rode wearing a red dress. The girl runs at the car but right before the two collided she disappears.

    Rhiane shows no evidence that she saw her but Micha is scared out of his mind. When they get back to the school to finish up Rhiane's paper work Micha apologizes. Rhiane tells Micha that a friend of hers had died in a car crash near the spot where Micha had seen the girl and that she had been buried in a red dress.

    Micha is unnerved by everything from the night but he goes back to his house and manages to get some sleep. Micha's life continues Like normal for the next couple days but one night while he is alone at the driving school after finishing teaching a class he begins to here voices. Micha is going crazy and wondering around the driving school when his boss walks in. Micha plays it off like everything is normal but he asks his boss if he's noticed anything strange around the place lately. Micha's boss says that he thinks the school has always been strange especially since his wife had died in 2010

    Micha (who hadn't been working at the driving school when his bosses wife had worked there) asked some if the other instructors what they knew about Their bosses' dead wife. They explained to Micha that she had been the heart and soul of the driving school before she had died. That she had loved the place with every ounce of her soul. They said that even after she got sick she continued to work there more than anyone else and eventually she died right there in the driving school after finishing up some classes.

    About a week later Michael get assigned to do drives with a student that would require him to go on the same road where he had seen the girl in the red dress. Micha tries to convince his boss to give the route to one of the other instructors but isn't able to convince him.

    Micha is very nervous on the way to pick the kid up, but safely he makes it to the kid's house. The kid gets in the car and introduces himself as Bruno. While they are driving back down that street Bruno questions why Micha is so nervous (I'm the one who's new to driving after all.) Micha plays it off. Once they get past the spot Micha begins to ease up a little bit and the two actually have a good lesson and Micha is very impressed with Bruno's driving.

    On the way back to Bruno's house Micha feels fine and is convinced that nothing is going to happen. That is until (while Micha is looking the other direction out the passenger window) Bruno swerved of the road crashing. It appears that Bruno is unconscious and badly hurt to Micha (who is hurt himself but not to badly.) Micha gets out of the car to see the girl in the red dress standing in the middle of the road. She slowly walks towards Micha.

    Micha is freaking out but unable of moving very far. The girl in the red dress sits down a tree stump a few feet away from Micha and starts crying. Micha is in shock and unaware what to do so he just watches.

    Eventually Micha asks what's the matter. The Girl in the Red Dress explains that Bruno is dead (she doesn't explain how she knows.) Micha asks “Why are you... Like this?" The girl in the red dress tells Micha her story about how she had been driving back from college to see her mom when she saw her old driving instructor sitting in the back if the car behind her but that couldn't be possible because she had died many years ago. She says that she (her driving instructor) started screaming things about her little sister at her. The girl in the red dress says that she couldn't make out most of it but it was definitely negative. Finally she says that she was just so confused, so upset that she crossed the center line and hit another car head on. Micha asks her why she has been standing out in the rode on the nights when he drive through. She tells him that she was just trying to make contact with her sister (who apparently couldn't see her.) Micha looks very confused. The girl in the red dress begins to explain who her sister is when name car pulls over to the side of the rode.

    Rhiane steps out of the car and starts walking towards Micha, asking if he's okay. As she steps closet and sees the look on Micha's face she exclaims “She's talking to you isn't she!? Don't listen to her!" The girl in the red dress begins to sob uncontrollably. Micha looks at The girl in the red dress in sympathy. Rhiane screams “I said don't listen to her!" Pulling out a knife and holding it towards Micha. Suddenly the voice that Micha heard that night in the driving school is audible saying “I told you not to go down this route." Rhiane holds her head and screams. Micha makes an attempt to get up and disarm Rhiane but she stand him under the arm. The Girl in the red dress is screaming desperately at her sister now but she doesn't seem to hear it. Rhiane says to Micha but possibly aimed elsewhere “My sister was my best friend until she left for college, then we stopped talking, we.stopped communicating, she just left me hear alone... Yeah the little ghost from the driving school tried tin steer me down a better path, but that just made me want to fight it less." Rhiane seems uncertain if she wants to stab Micha again and the girl in the red dressed seems shocked in to submission.

    The girl in the red dress steps in front of Rhiane and trys to talk to her, pleading that she should have done more to keep in touch with her that she was wrong, that she was sorry, that Rhiane doesn't have to do this. Rhiane never makes eye contact with the girl in the red dress but she says “Its too late before stabbing Micha again definitely killing him and then killing herself. We see the girl in the red dress standing over the bodies bawling.

    Edited by Ethan Hunt
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    Sam Smith: Stay with Me


    Director: Michael John Warren

    Composer: Sam Smith (songs)

    Genre: Concert Documentary

    Date: July 24

    Studio: Redlight Films

    Format: Documentary, 2D

    Budget: $5 million

    Theaters: 2,433

    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some thematic material

    Running Time: 85 minutes


    Sam Smith as Himself


    Plot Summary: The latest concert doc, Sam Smith: Stay with Me, focuses on the life and career of British pop sensation Sam Smith. The film goes into detail about his early life, the production of his best-selling debut album In the Lonely Hour, his success worldwide and his homosexuality.

    Edited by Alpha
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    Director: Joseph Kosinski

    Composer: Henry Jackman

    Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

    Date: July 31st

    Studio: Lager Studios

    Format: 3D and IMAX 3D

    Budget: $180 million

    Theaters: 3,861

    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense violence and language

    Running Time: 140 minutes


    To be announced

    Plot: To be announced

    Edited by Cheese
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    The 4th of July

    Genre: comedy

    Date: July 3rd

    Studio: good movie studio

    Budget: 30 million

    Theatere count: 3,603

    Rating: R

    Runtime: 155 minutes

    Director: TBA

    Cast: Seth Rogan, Sandra Bullok, Will Farell, Josh Gadd

    Plot: in progress

    Edited by lamamama
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    Son of Zeuss

    Genre: Mythology/action/adventute

    Date: June 12th

    Studio: Goid movie studio

    Budget: 110million

    Theater count: 3,900

    Runtime:204 minutes

    Director: TBA

    Cast: Jason: Ryan Rynolds rest to be announced

    Plot: in progress

    Edited by lamamama
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    Forty-Five Seconds of Glory


    Director: Angelina Jolie

    Composer: Alexandre Desplat

    Genre: Period Drama/Sports/Biopic

    Date: May 8

    Studio: Alpha Pictures

    Format: Live-action, 2D

    Budget: $50 million

    Theaters: 3,062

    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some thematic elements and language

    Running Time: 100 minutes

    Language: English, German


    Anthony Mackie as Jesse Owens

    Christoph Waltz as Adolf Hitler

    Eddie Redmayne as Luz Long


    Plot Summary: The true story of Jesse Owens, an African-American runner and perhaps the greatest and most famous athlete in track and field history.


    Plot: The film begins in 1935 in Nazi Germany. Berlin is slated to host the Summer Olympics next year, and Adolf Hitler wants to use the Olympics as a way to show the world a resurgent Germany. Government officials are confident that German athletes will dominate the games. They begin to train athletes and create propaganda for the Olympics. Meanwhile in the United States, African-American runner Jesse Owens is setting world records for track-and-field while attending Ohio State University. His peers affectionately call him the "Buckeye Bullet", and his passion for running is shown.


    One day, Jesse gets recruited by the United States Olympic Committee to compete in the 1936 Summer Olympics. He's thrilled by the prospect of running on the American athletics team. However, word comes out that the Nazis don't want Jews or blacks to compete in the games. While his other teammates are angered and the US committee threatens to boycott the Olympics, Jesse doesn't want to compete in the games for politics. Hitler decides to take back his position, and allows these groups to compete. Later that year, the team arrives in Berlin, and they notice the constant barrage of Nazi propaganda in the city. Meanwhile, the German begin to train their athletes hard, confident they'll win all of the competitions with ease.


    When Jesse arrives, he trains hard. However, he struggles while trying to perfect the long jump. German competitor Luz Long notices this, and against his better judgement, offers to help him. The two train together, and form a friendship. Soon enough, the Olympics begin. On the first day of competition, Hitler shakes hands only with the German victors and then leaves the stadium. The Olympic officials tell him that out of respect, he needs to shake hands with all the athletes, and Hitler agrees. The next day on August 3rd, Jesse is anxious about the race, but Luz tells him he thinks his training has paid off. As soon as the race begins, Jesse is off. Hitler is shocked by his performance, and Jesse wins the race with ease, receiving cheers for the American and German crowds. After the race ends, with Jesse finishing easily in first, Luz is there to congratulate him on his performance.


    After the climatic scene, we learn that Jesse would go on to receive three other gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics. The United States athletics team finished ahead of the Germans with 14 gold medals, proving Hitler's theory of Aryan racial superiority. Jesse also set the record for the long jump with a leap of 26 ft 8 in, which would stand for 25 years. Jesse later credited this achievement to Luz. Luz died fighting in World War II in 1943, and today Jesse Owens is recognized as one of the greatest athletes in American history.

    Edited by Alpha
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    The Pixies in the Back Yard

    Director: Michael Lembeck

    Genre: Family/Fantasy

    Release Date: July 24

    Theatre Count: 3,200

    Budget: 70M

    Rating: PG

    Run Time: 104 minutes


    Evanna Lynch

    Sabrina Carpenter


    A young girl is shrunk and kidnapped by the leader of Pixie community, that is located in her back yard. The Pixie Rulers tells her that the Tavet (The source of all Pixies power is losing all of its power and asks for her help. The two grow closer as they journey to find a way to fix the issues with the Tavet and save the pixie community.

    Edited by Ethan Hunt
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    Day of the Tentacle

    Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy/Adventure
    Cast: Jay Baruchel (Bernard), Alison Pill (Laverne), Jonah Hill (Hoagie), Kurtwood Smith (Dr. Fred)
    Directed By: Evan Goldberg
    Written By: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg
    Release Date: June 19th
    Theater Count: 3188
    Budget: $40 million
    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language and lewd humor

    Plot Summary: Adapted from the classic Lucasarts adventure game. The film is done in a very quirky style, reminiscent of Paul, while also having the traditional Rogen/Goldberg raunch humor and jokes.

    In the late 1980s, Purple Tentacle—a mutant monster and lab assistant created by mad scientist Dr. Fred Edison—drinks toxic sludge from a river behind Dr. Fred's laboratory. The sludge causes him to grow a pair of flipper-like arms, develop vastly increased intelligence and a thirst for global domination. Dr. Fred plans to resolve the issue by killing Purple Tentacle and his harmless, friendly brother Green Tentacle, but Green Tentacle sends a plea of help to his old friend, the nerd Bernard Bernoulli. Bernard travels to the Edison family motel with his two housemates, deranged medical student Laverne and slacker rock band roadie Hoagie, and frees the tentacles unaware of what one was up to. Purple Tentacle uses trickery to escape and maniacally cackles about resuming his quest to take over the world.

    Since Purple Tentacle's plans are flawless and unstoppable, Dr. Fred decides to use his Chron-o-John time machines to send Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie to the day before to turn off his Sludge-o-Matic machine, thereby preventing Purple Tentacle's exposure to the sludge. However, because Dr. Fred used an imitation diamond rather than a real diamond as a power source for the time machine, the Chron-o-Johns breaks down in operation. Laverne is sent 200 years in the future, where humanity has been enslaved and Purple Tentacle rules the world from the Edison mansion, while Hoagie is dropped 200 years in the past, where the motel is being used by the Founding Fathers as a retreat to write the United States Constitution. Bernard is returned to the present. To salvage Dr. Fred's plan, Bernard must acquire a replacement diamond for the time machine, while Hoagie and Laverne must restore power to their respective Chron-o-John pods by plugging them in. To overcome the lack of electricity in the past, Hoagie recruits the help of Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Fred's ancestor, Red Edison, to build a superbattery to power his pod, while also playing some pranks on the other Founding Fathers and trying to sleep with Betsy Ross and change her ideas on the American flag, while Laverne evades capture by the tentacles long enough to run an extension cord to her unit, having to pose as a tentacle and use a mummy as a prop human to win a talent contest for “pet humans" and then instigating a riot by imprisoned humans to distract all of the tentacle guards. The three send small objects back and forth in time through the Chron-o-Johns and make changes to history to help the others complete their tasks.

    Eventually, Bernard uses Dr. Fred's family fortune of royalties from Maniac Mansion to purchase a real diamond, while also evading a pair of inept FBI agents who have arrived to arrest Dr. Fred for tax evasion and ransack the mansion for valuables, and both Laverne and Hoagie manage to power their Chron-o-Johns, and the three are reunited in the present. Purple Tentacle arrives, hijacks a Chron-o-John and takes it to the previous day to prevent them from turning off the sludge machine; he is pursued by Green Tentacle in another pod. With only one Chron-o-John pod left, Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne use it to pursue the tentacles to the previous day, while Dr. Fred uselessly tries to warn them of using the pod together, referencing the film The Fly. Upon arriving, the trio exit the pod only to discover that they have been turned into a three-headed monster, their bodies merging into one during the transfer. Meanwhile, Purple Tentacle has used the time machine to bring countless of versions of himself from different moments in time to the same day to prevent the Sludge-o-Matic from being deactivated. Bernard and his friends defeat the Purple Tentacles guarding the Sludge-o-Matic, turn off the machine and prevent the whole series of events from ever happening. Returning to the present, Dr. Fred discovers that the three have not been turned into a monster at all but have just gotten stuck in the same set of clothes; they are then ordered by Dr. Fred to get out of his house. The game ends with the credits rolling over a tentacle-shaped American flag, one of the more significant results of their tampering in history.

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