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    Pitch Black
    Directed by Guillermo Del Toro
    Music by Ramin Djawadi
    Genre: Horror
    Date: October 16th
    Studio: Lager Studios
    Theaters: 3,258
    Format: 2D and 3D
    Budget: $40 million
    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Frightening Images and Language
    Running Time: 124 minutes


    Jake Gyllenhaal as Thomas
    Lea Seydoux as Kayleigh
    Michael C. Hall as Rick
    John Boyega as Shawn
    Rosamund Pike as Mara
    Brenton Thwaites as William
    Dane DeHaan as Leon
    Kaya Scodelario as Jaimie
    with Doug Jones as Krueger
    and Ron Perlman as Toby



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    Studio: Hunt Productions

    Director: Jake Schreier

    Genre: High School Comedy

    Release Date: September 25th

    Theatre Count: 3005

    Rating: R

    Budget: 30M

    Runtime: TBD


    Nat Wolff

    Ansel Elgort

    Asa Butterfield

    Olivia Cooke


    Plot: TBD




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    Bad Cop


    Studio: Fine Films Inc.

    Genre: Thriller

    Director: Gary Fleder

    Producer: Doe John

    Release Date: November 25th

    Budget: $20m

    Theater Count: 2,821

    Rating: R for violence, profanity, sexual references and drug use

    Running Time: 94 minutes (1 hour, 34 minutes)

    Cast: Mark Harmon, David Otunga, Micheal Eklund, Nadine Velazquez, Jacinda Barrett






    In Spokane, Washington, a waitress on her way home is assaulted by two muggers and seeks aid from a police officer, who breaks her neck. Over the next two nights, this "Bad Cop" commits more murders, prompting Lieutenant Craig (Harmon), who was told by his superiors to suppress eyewitness accounts that the killer was wearing a police uniform, to pass on information to a journalist, in an attempt to protect civilians. Meanwhile, Ellie Forez, who suspects that her husband John (Otunga) may be the "Bad Cop", follows him to a motel, where she catches him in bed with a fellow officer, Therésa Vasquez (Velazquez). Distraught, Ellie runs out of the room, and is slain by the murderer. John is arrested under suspicion of murder, but Craig believes John has been framed. Craig gets John to tell him about his relationship with Vasquez, who is attacked by the Bad Cop while working undercover as a prostitute. Vasquez and Craig fight off the killer, who escapes after getting shot at by Craig. Vasquez hides out in Craig's apartment while he investigates Sally Boland (Barrett), the only person Vasquez told about her affair. Craig follows Sally to a warehouse, where she meets with the "Bad Cop" and refers to him as "Matt". Returning to police headquarters, Craig discovers files on Matthew McConnell (Eklund), a fellow officer who was imprisoned in Washington State Penitentiary for police brutality and closing in on corruption in city hall.


    When Craig and Vasquez visit John, they tell him that they think McConnell is the real killer and plan to visit the chief medical examiner at Washington State. Craig leaves to go to the clerical room, and he is attacked by Sally, who is in hysterics, convinced that McConnell is going to turn on her. After finding a policeman hanging in a noose, Sally is grabbed by McConnell and beaten to death. Hearing the commotion, Vasquez exits the interrogation room and find the corpses of numerous officers strewn about the halls of the building. Craig tells Vasquez to go to his car while he searches for McConnell. Once she heads outside, John reappears. He tells her that the cops think he was responsible for the carnage inside, so he and Vasquez decide to flee the scene. Craig's search for McConnell proves unsuccessful, and he realizes that he has escaped and gone after John and Vasquez.


    John and Vasquez head out to the countryside and find a police station in a small town not far from the penitentiary. John waits outside as Vasquez heads in and warns the currently stationed officers about McConnell, but after getting reports about what occurred at the penitentiary they spot John and have him and her arrested. McConnell appears and stabs the officers to death, then targets Vasquez, knifing the policeman left to guard her. Vasquez escapes through a window, while John is arrested and placed in a van, which McConnell hijacks. Vasquez and another officer chase the van, which McConnell takes to his warehouse hideout, running over the watchman on the way in. Craig locates the warehouse just as Vasquez and the other officer also arrives and McConnell proceeds to fire at them while keeping John captive. The officer gets killed in the resulting gunfire, and McConnell tries to escape in the van when backup arrives. John clings to the side of the van and fights for control of it, distracting McConnell and causing him to drive into a suspended pipe, which impales him. With McConnell apparently dead the vehicle is without a driver and drives off a bridge, but John is saved in the nick of time by Craig. Emergency services arrive and the film ends as Craig gets a call informing him that the crashed van has been found, but McConnell's body is missing...



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    Sailing Champion: Second Wind


    Studio: Fine Films Inc.

    Genre: Adventure/Comedy

    Director: Paul Weitz

    Producer: Doe John

    Budget: $40m

    Release Date: November 13th

    Theater Count: 3,254

    Rating: PG-13

    Running Time: 101 minutes (1 hour, 41 minutes)

    Cast: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Joe Manganiello


    Plot: Having rekindled after the events of the last film, Donny (Wilson) and Kathryn (Hudson) decide to go sailing on the open seas. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean however they encounter an attractive stowaway named Brad (Manganiello) gains an interest in Kathryn. While Kathryn tells her newly-wed husband that it's nothing to worry about, Donny grows envious, and tries to ruin things for Brad. After some hijinks Brad and Donny grow agitated with each other but don't notice a storm coming that sends all three into the water. They wash up on a remote island and are forced to use whatever they can find to build a raft to get them back to civilization. Meanwhile, the feud between Donny and Brad continues. Eventually Kathryn loses her patience with the two men and tells them that she's leaving the island without them if they can't make amends. Donny and Brad begrudgingly make an armistice and work together to build a raft to get home safe. They realize that they can make use of one another's skills (Brad's strength and Donny's intelligence) to work together, and once the raft is completed they all head out. They get caught up in another storm and Donny is thrown off the raft, but Brad saves him from drowning. Now that Donny and Brad have made peace with one another, the three continue to drift out on the open seas awaiting rescue, although Donny acknowledges that that might take awhile.


    Previous film(s) gross:

    Sailing Champion (September 20th, Year 9) - OW: $25,983,703 / DOM: $76,406,485 / WW: $104,607,747

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    Studio: Cookie Pictures

    Genre: Mockumentary/Thriller

    Director: David Robert Mitchell

    Producer: Sebastian Peters

    Budget: $15m

    Release Date/Theater Count: September 11th (4 theaters) / September 18th (27 theaters) / September 25th (195 theaters) / October 2nd (655 theaters) / October 9th  (2,765 theaters)

    Rating: R for disturbing and graphic imagery, drug references and language

    Running Time: 90 minutes [Temporary]

    Cast: Ben Koldyke, Jennifer Carpenter, J.B Blanc



    In this mockumentary inspired by real-word events, a small east coast town is being terrorized by a masked serial killer who tortures and murders his victims while live-streaming on the deep web. A documentary crew follows FBI agent J.D Hawkins to investigate the murders, only to find a town filled with gossip, rumors and paranoia coupled with an ineffective police force, all while a cat-and-mouse game between Hawkins and the killer begins to take shape.




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    Point Blanc


    Studio: Hunt Productions

    Director: Steven Quale

    Genre: Action

    Release Date: December 25th

    Theatre Count: 3,150

    Rating: PG-13

    Budget: 60M

    Runtime: 118 minutes


    Alex Rider-

    Thomas Brodie Sangster 

    Alan Blunt- Russell Crowe

    Mrs. Jones- Anne Hathaway

    Dr Grief- Sean Bean

    Fiona- Hailee Steinfeld









    The film opens with the death of Americanbillionaire Michael J. Roscoe in New York, arranged by a reputable contract killer known only as The Gentleman. In London, Alex Rider ends up in trouble with the police for causing a large amount of damage to a new police headquarters by exposing a school drug dealer. In exchange for any potential charges being dropped, Alex is assigned by MI6, who claim to have a connection to his uncle who's been missing for months, to investigate the mysterious deaths of Roscoe and another billionaire General Viktor Ivanov on the Black Sea. The only apparent connection between the two men is that they both had a son attending Point Blanc, an academy in the French Alps run by a South African scientist, Dr. Hugo Grief. Alan Blunt, who was contacted by a distressed Roscoe before his death, is suspicious, and so sends Alex to investigate. Alex's cover is that of the son of a supermarket magnate, Sir David Friend. Alex initially spends a week as a member of Friend's family and is required to memorize as much detail as possible about his cover. However, during his stay with the family, he receives a hard time from David's daughter Fiona. Alex even finds himself shot at by Fiona's rich friends when they go out shooting, only for Fiona to claim that it was "just a bit of fun", although Alex gains a small victory by ambushing and frightening one of Fiona's friends before throwing away his gun. The next day, when Alex and Fiona are out horse riding, Fiona falls off her horse in the middle of a railway tunnel. Alex goes back in on his horse and just manages to retrieve Fiona and jump off a bridge into a river before they are run over by a high speed train. Fiona apologises for her harsh behaviour, but is then insulted when Alex bluntly refuses to kiss her.

    Grief's assistant Mrs. Stellenbosch, arrives at the Friend's house by helicopter. Smithersmeets with Alex undercover as a farmer and provides him with some equipment and gadgets (including an electric saw disguised into a Sony Discman, an mini grenade disguised as an ear stud, a bulletproof ski suit, infrared ski goggles, and a single-shot tranquilizer gun disguised as a Harry potterbook). Alex is forced to sacrifice his only weapon by tranquilizing Fiona with his book when she threatens to expose him to Stellenbosch out of spite. Alex is taken to a hotel in Paris, where his dinner drink is drugged. His bed is then transported where Mrs. Stellenbosch has Alex stripped completely, photographed, examined, and measured. After the examination, Alex's clothes are put back on and he is returned to his hotel room; Alex awakens knowing only that he has been drugged for some unknown purpose.

    Upon arriving at Point Blanc, Alex meets the founder Dr Grief and later a student who goes by the name of James Sprintz as well as a group of other boys he gets to know through the week such as Hugo Vries, Tom McMorin, Nicolas Marc, Cassian James and Joe Canterbury. James thinks something is wrong with the academy because the other boys were rebellious before and then suddenly became complacent. During his showing Alex around the school, James reveals to him his plan to escape the academy. After sneaking out of his room using the Discman, Alex witnesses a boy being forcibly dragged downstairs and is convinced it is James. Yet Alex later sees James unharmed in his bedroom. The following day at breakfast, James' attitude towards his plan to escape seems to have changed, and Alex realizes he has become exactly like the other students. Alex climbs a chimney to examine the forbidden third and fourth floors. He discovers that the third and fourth floors are accurate replicas of the first and second floors respectively (for instance, replicas of the boys' rooms, with TV screens monitoring their behavior downstairs). Alex signals MI6 using the CD device provided to him by Smithers. This signal is received by the MI6 office, where Alan Blunt and Mrs. Jones debate whether to move in on the academy immediately. Blunt decides to prepare a unit on stand by.

    Upon further investigation, Alex finds some boys locked in a basement jail, including James and the son of Michael J. Roscoe, Paul. Alex learns that James was indeed dragged downstairs and was replaced by a replica. Alex reveals the truth to James and Paul, his identity and the reason why he was sent to Point Blanc. Mrs. Stellenbosch is told of this after someone overhears it via a bug planted in the cell and knocks Alex unconscious, has him handcuffed to a chair, and turns him over to Dr. Grief, who then reveals his plan to take over the world, named "Project Gemini".

    In the 1980s, Grief cloned sixteen copies of himself in his home country of South Africa(where he greatly supported the apartheid regime). While the real boys are at Point Blanc, a plastic surgeon named Baxter surgically alters Grief's 14-year-old clones to resemble them. Soon, the clone and the real boy are swapped. The replica rooms are used by the clones to imitate the boys' behavior so the parents will not notice that they have been swapped. When the parents die and pass on their inheritance, Dr. Grief will take the assets from the clones. Eventually, he will be the most powerful man in the world, and reinstate apartheid globally. The parents Roscoe and Ivanov were both killed because they became suspicious of their "sons'" behaviour.

    Grief imprisons Alex, planning to dissect him alive the next day for a biology class. Alex uses his exploding ear-stud to escape his cage. He improvises a snowboard (using an ironing-board) to escape, but Grief sends his guards on snowmobiles with machine guns to take him down. During the pursuit, one snowmobile crashes into a tree because it could not fit through a small gap that Alex squeezed through. Another guard is knocked in the head by Alex's "snowboard" and ultimately falls. Alex almost makes it to the bottom of the mountain but a machine gunner previously prepared by Grief is waiting for him. Just as the man is about to fire, a train approaches in the way. Alex jumps on top of it but loses his balance, falls and passes out.

    Alex is taken to a hospital in Grenoble, where a visiting Mrs Stellenbosch is told that Alex has died. However, it is revealed that Alex is alive, and MI6 then sends him out again with a team of SAS soldiers (among them is Wolf, an SAS soldier introduced in Stormbreaker) to help liberate the school. In the school, the SAS team take out several guards and go down to the basement to save the imprisoned boys. An ongoing fire-fight ensues as the team encounter more guards. Wolf demands Alex to stay back. Alex goes into the dining room and sees Dr Grief about to escape in a helicopter. However, Mrs Stellenbosch appears who is surprised and disappointed that Alex is still alive. An ex-weightlifting champion (having earlier bent a two-inch thick metal fire poker into a knot without breaking a sweat), Mrs Stellenbosch proves impervious to Alex's attempts to subdue her and knocks him down. She pulls out a gun and just as she points it at Alex, Wolf appears. Wolf is shot three times by Mrs Stellenbosch but manages to shoot the woman himself with his machine gun, sending her crashing through a window. Alex prevents Dr. Grief escaping by driving a snowmobile up a ski jump and sending it on a collision course with Grief's helicopter, jumping off at the last second as it obliterates the doctor.

    Alex is debriefed by MI6 and Mrs Jones tells him that all fifteen clones have been arrested. She also explains to Alex how his uncle had gone missing on a mission and they hadn't hears from him since. She explains to Alex that this isn't the life he had wanted him to get involved and that she was sorry that theyhad had pulled him into this. Alex later goes home where Jack Starbrightinforms him that his school headteacher wanted to see him. Alex goes to his school and to the headteachers office and is startled to find the sixteenth clone, who resembles Alex, and avoided capture and escaped to England. The clone tries to shoot Alex, causing a fire in a laboratory when he ruptures a Bunsen burner with a bullet. Alex runs up to the roof, only to be followed by the clone. The two fight ending with one of them falling into a hole in the roof following an explosion.







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    ...And an indie studio decides to make an appearance!


    Cable Television

    Studio: That One Studio

    Genre: Thriller

    Format: Live action, 2D

    Director: Joel Edgerton

    Producer: M. Night Shyamalan

    Budget: 2 million

    Release Date: December 4

    Theater Count: 2,357

    Runtime: 2 hours (120 min.)

    Rating: R

    Cast: Josh Hutcherson, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, Armie Hammer

    Plot: A man who works for Comcast (George Clooney) visits a young man's (Josh Hutcherson) house to investigate something wrong with his TV, when he finds that all his shows recorded contain Satanic symbols.  These shows were implanted by two men that are members of a cult (Pierce Brosnan, Armie Hammer).  As the man begins to transform when the shows slowly start to possess him, the man who works for Comcast is then forced to stop the two cult members from taking over television as we know it.

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    Studio: Hunt Productions

    Director: Ryan Coogler

    Genre: Drama

    Release Date:

    Limited- November 6th (6 theatres)

    Wide- November 25th (2780 theatres)

    rating: R 

    Budget: 8M


    Michael B. Jordan

    Skylar Astin

    Armie Hammer




    Not complete yet


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    guys night

    Release date: December 18th

    Director:  Rawson Marshal Thurber

    Theater count:  3,200

    Rating : R swearing and drug/sex references

    Genre: comedy

    Budget: 50 million 

    Studio : good movie studio

    Cast:Seth Rogan, liam Neson, Paul Rudd,  Jeassie eisenberg 


    Pushed back to next trimester

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    Live Strong

    Release date: September 4th 

    Studio: good movies studio

    Genre: bioptic

    Budget: 50 million

    Director : Clint Eastwood

    Rating Pg-13  for drug use and language

    Runtime: 135 minutes

    Theater count: 3,340

    Cast: Bradly Cooper

    Plot: Bradley Cooper plays Lance Armstrong through the ups and downs of his career from the fight with cancer to Tour due Frances to the drug aligations.

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    Untiiteled fantasy

    Studio: good movie studio

    Release date: December 18th

    Genre: fantasy

    Budget: 155 mil

    Runtime: undetermined

    Theater count:3,645

    Director: Wachoskis


    Daneiel craig , Lucy Lui , James Macaboy, Toby Kebble






    Opening shot: 






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    Studio: good movies studio

    Release date: December 25th


    Budget: 35 mil

    Theater count:3,020

    Runtime: undetermined

    Director: Ron Howard 


    Tom Hanks, Jacob Tremblay

    postponed due to re write

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    Studio: Hunt Productions

    Director: Mark Webb

    Genre: Sci-fi/Romantic Comedy

    Release Date: November 20th

    Rating: PG-13

    Runtime: 108 Minutes

    Budget: 100M

    Theatre Count: 3,650


    Joseph Gorden Levit

    Jenney Slate

    Anna Kendrick




    One day Andy (Joseph Gorden-Levit) wakes up to find that he appears to be the only person left in New York. He wanders around the city confused for a number of days until he finally finds another person: Jen (Jenney Slate). Jen an incredibly awkward individual who lived a lonely life is excited by the prospect of being the only person left on Earth with Anthony. The two create of lists of things that they want to doin their time together and become infatuated with one another quickly. They roam the city being joyous and marry in their new found situation. Weeks later Tiffany (Anna Kendrick) drives into the city and finds them. She tells them that she has been traveling the country searching for people and that they are the only two she has found. Tiffany being scientifically minded suggests that Andy should impregnate her in order to make sure there is a continuation of the human race. This upsets Jen but Andy is able to keep the two from reaching a fight. The three end up living together in a very awkward arrangement (Andy being oblivious to the tension between the two girls). Jen eventually reaches a point of insanity being upset by the fact that Andy has been paying less attention to her since Tiffany showed up. Jen and Tiffany get into a fight attempting to kill one another. Jen ends winning this fight and killing Tiffany. When Andy finds out he is upset that Jen would do such a thing and refuses to talk to her. He takes a car and drives off to Seattle where he lives alone for the rest of his days.


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    The Last Remaining Days


    Director: Michel Gondry
    Composer: Hans Zimmer
    Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi / Romance / Post-Apocalypse
    Date: September 4th
    Studio: Redlight Films
    Format: Live-action, 2D
    Budget: $15 million
    Theaters: 2,914
    MPAA Rating: R
    Running Time: 94 minutes


    Sam Rockwell as Sam Plainview
    Karl Urban as Gordon
    Jenna Fischer as Amy
    Michelle Rodriguez as Janet
    Dave Franco as Jordan
    Maika Monroe as Clarisse
    Michelle Monaghan as Helena





    In the near-future, the outbreak of an unknown virus has led to the destruction of human civilization. Five survivors, Sam Plainview (Sam Rockwell), Gordon (Karl Urban), Janet (Michelle Rodriguez), Jordan (Dave Franco) and Sam’s daughter Clarisse (Maika Monroe) live in an abandoned house in Montana. One night, while eating dinner from food supplies gathered by Sam, somebody coughs. Gordon demands to know who it was, saying that any carrier needs to die before the virus quickly reaches its final, highly contagious stage. When Clarisse fesses up and accepts her death for the sake of her companions’ safety, Gordon asks Sam to get his shotgun. Sam is emotionally crushed and asks Jordan to turn out the light in the dining room as he grabs the gun, saying no one else should have to see it. He takes a swift hit to Clarisse’s head with the stock of the shotgun. Clarisse wails in pain as Sam makes one final blow.


    The next day, the group sends Sam out to steal food from a nearby base. Still burdened by the emotional pain of losing his daughter, Sam takes a half-hour detour to visit the park where he used to take Sarah as a child. He sees a flock of birds overhead. He finds the base in nearby Missoula, and barely makes it out alive with food being chased by paramilitary hoarders. That night, he returns back to his companions. Later that night, Sam wakes up feeling under the weather and goes to the outhouse. After he lands himself in a coughing fit, he realizes he’s been infected with the virus. As it grows more painful, he begins to sob, unable to resign to his eventual death.


    He plans on keeping his infection secret from his companions, knowing that they’ll kill him if they find out. He would plan on escaping, but he relies on the supplies they provide. Their house is attacked by the hoarders. Although they’re able to fight them off, Sam becomes incredibly weak. Gordon later corners him, asking if he’s been feeling any symptoms, which Sam denies. However, he cries out at dinner from pain at dinner. Gordon, seeing he is reaching the final stage of the infection, demands that he either leave or accept his death before it becomes contagious. Sam, unwilling to accept death, runs out of the house and drives away from his disappointed, sorrow companions.


    Driving on the abandoned I-90 through Montana, Sam stops by a gas station to steal gasoline. However, he’s suffering from sepsis in his right arm due to his body’s response from infection. He decides he needs to cut it off before any bodily tissue dies. In a painful, traumatic experience, Sam cuts off his right arm with his pocket knife. He’s able to litigate the blood vessel and cover his wound, but he passes out from the sheer anxiety. He’s revived by a woman named Amy (Jenna Fischer), who apparently found him lying in the station. She takes him in her car and asks where he wants to go. Sam replies, “Nowhere.”


    Amy notices Sam’s pain while driving, and pulls over. She realizes he’s suffering from the virus and gives him drugs to ease his pain. Sam finds out Amy is part of a group of epidemiologists and scientists working to produce a vaccine for the virus, which is identified as a form of the bird flu. She offers to take him to their base so he can receive medical attention. On their trip, they make a stop at an abandoned resting area, and they sleep under the stars as they share their grievances about the loved ones the lost. Sam shares his memories of his daughter and his wife, while Amy shares her memories of her family. Sam becomes romantically attracted to her.


    When they arrive, the doctors immediately take him in as a patient. While he is being taken care of by doctors, Sam’s condition doesn’t get much better, and he’s soon haunted by hallucinations of his companions and his daughter. Sam grows more and more distressed and angry, fearing his death. That night, he’s visited by his wife Helena (Michelle Monaghan) in a dream, who states that he doesn’t have much time left and that he should go and pursue what he wants in his last days. Sam is able to escape from his hospital bed despite much struggle, and although he’s pursued by medical staff, he escapes from the facility. He finds Amy running away as well, and asks why she’s escaped as well. Amy then reveals that she has contracted the disease. The two share a moment of struggle.


    They soon find themselves on the road again, with both of them in physical pain and trying to take care of each other as their infections worsen. Sam is able to find his childhood home in Deer Lodge, where they plan to spend their last days together. Both of them sleep that night together sickly. Amy wishes that she could’ve lived to see humanity rebuild itself, but Sam replies that maybe humanity is better off dying together rather than trying to start from scratch. Sam is visited in his dream by Clarisse in white light, who says that there’s a lot to look forward to in death. Sam is worried about what comes with death, but Clarisse says that “she can’t wait to see him again.”


    Sam wakes up the next day to find that Amy has died in her sleep. Devastated, Sam plans on committing suicide instead of letting the disease take him away, but rejects this notion and decides to let death come to him. Finally feeling at peace with his fate, he spends the rest of the day watching old home videos of his childhood that he finds in the basement, reflecting on his life. That night, he goes to sleep one last time, and we hear Clarisse say, “I’ve been waiting for you, Dad.”


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    Citizen Welles


    Director: Sacha Gervasi

    Composer: Howard Shore

    Genre: Biographical Drama

    Date: December 11th

    Studio: Prestige Features

    Format: Live-action, 2D

    Budget: $30 million

    Theaters: 2,755

    MPAA Rating: PG-13

    Running Time: 98 minutes



    Armie Hammer as Orson Welles

    Patton Oswalt as Herman J. Mankiewicz

    Jeffrey Tambor as William Randolph Hearst

    Jeff Daniels as George J. Schaefer

    Marion Cotillard as Hedda Hopper




    After his successful radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds in 1938, Orson Welles (Armie Hammer) is lured to Hollywood by RKO Pictures studio head George J. Schaefer (Jeff Daniels), who's interested in producing for Welles. He sees Welles as having a gift for attracting mass attention. Welles is reluctant at first, only wanting to go to pay off his theatrical debts. But when he arrives at the studio in 1939, he becomes interested in making a film with Schaefer, who signs a contract with Welles allowing him to produce two films for the studio and giving him complete artistic control.

     At first, Welles struggles to find a jumpstart for his first project. One night, Welles has a dinner with Herman J. Mankiewicz, a notorious, witty screenwriter in Hollywood. Mankiewicz talks to Welles about his social gatherings with William Randolph Hearst (Jeffrey Tambor), one of the most influential newspaper publishers in the United States and a former U.S. Representative from New York. According to Mankiewicz, Hearst viewed himself as a big, powerful figure who controlled the media. Mankiewicz was later forced out of Hearst's social circle, and he came to hate Hearst for forcing him out and for his pursuit of power. Welles realizes that this is the idea he's been looking for. He asks Mankiewicz to write him a screenplay about Hearst for his feature film. When he pitches the idea to Schaefer, Schaefer buys the idea and gives him $500,000 to produce the film. Mankiewicz and Welles send notes back and forth to each other, arguing, inventing and discarding.

     The film, titled Citizen Kane, goes into production in the summer of 1940. Welles, director and producer of the film, works 16 to 18 hours a day to achieve his vision. Many members of RKO's board of governors don't like Welles or the control that Schaefer's contract gave him. Throughout production, several spies arrive on set to report what they saw to the executives.

     After the film completes production, a rough cut premieres in January 1941. Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper (Marion Cotillard) appears uninvited and lambasts the film in her review, and tying Hearst to Welles' Charles Foster Kane. When he learns about the unflattering parallels between Kane and himself, Hearst is enraged, banning any advertising, reviewing, or mentioning of it in his papers, along with libeling Welles. Welles decides to wage a war against Hearst, lobbying the film for its artistic work. However, movie theaters begin to reject Citizen Kane under pressure from Hearst. Welles becomes enraged at Hearst for trying to suppress his work. In a chance encounter in an elevator, Welles meets Hearst. Welles asks Hearst if he'd like to attend the opening, but Hearst doesn't reply back. Welles then says, "Charles Foster Kane would've said 'yes.'"

     Citizen Kane premieres in May of 1941. When Welles goes to see it in Chicago, there's hardly anyone else in the theater. The film is a box office disappointment, and Welles is sad that people weren't able to experience his vision. However, critics begin to praise the film, some calling it a technically and artistically superior film. That year, the film wins Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

     In the film's epilogue, we learn that over the decade, Citizen Kane becomes forgotten, but is re-evaluated in the 1950s after it becomes a success on television. Now, Citizen Kane is considered one of the greatest films of all time.


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    Touching Spirit Bear

    Director: Gus Van Sant

    Composer: Jon Brion

    Genre: Spiritual Drama

    Date: September 25

    Studio: Alpha Pictures

    Format: Live-action, 2D

    Budget: $25 million

    Theaters: 2,614

    MPAA Rating: R

    Running Time: 106 minutes



    Tye Sheridan as Cole Matthews

    Chaske Spencer as Garvey

    Dakota Goyo as Pete Driscal

    David Harbour as the Father

    Zahn McClarnon as Edwin

    Jenna Fischer as the Mother




    Cole Matthews (Tye Sheridan) is a teenage delinquent from Minneapolis who's facing jail time for committing battery against a student named Peter Driscal (Dakota Goyo). Even though he's facing serious consequences, Cole is unrepentant. His Native American parole officer Garvey (Chaske Spencer) transfers him into a Native American program called Circle Justice. His sentencing will be focused on healing rather than punishment, and the Circle Justice elders tell Cole that he will be staying on an island in the Alaskan Panhandle for a year instead of a correctional facility. Cole is angry about the idea of staying on an island thousands of miles away. However, he doesn't want to spend any jail time, so he agrees to the program.

    In a flashback to one of Cole's Hearing Circle meetings, Cole's father (David Harbour) says that he and his mother (Jenna Fischer) have devoted their whole lives to their son, but that Cole's just "a bad egg." That's when Cole explodes and yells that if his father were such a devoted parent, he wouldn't be a drunk who whips his kid for no reason. Cole and his father get into a yelling match where his father calls him a liar. Cole asks his mother to back him up, but she doesn't say anything. Then they get to Peter's mother, who starts to cry and talk about how Cole has damaged her son. Peter has speech and coordination problems now, and he wakes up screaming from his nightmares. When it's Peter's turn to speak, he says that someone should smash Cole's head into a sidewalk until he knows what it feels like.

    Garvey and an elder named Edwin (Zahn McClarnon) take Cole to the island by boat. On the boat, Edwin tells Cole about the Spirit Bear - a spiritual being in the form of an all-white bear. Cole boasts that if he sees the Spirit Bear, he will kill it. Edwin warns against this, telling him the Spirit Bear will attack back. When they arrive to the island, Garvey and Edwin give Cole a shelter to live in. Angry about being so far away from Minneapolis, Cole torches the shelter after Garvey and Edwin leave, and tries to swim over to the next island over in order to escape. He struggles to cross over because the tide keeps pushing him back in until nighttime. Exhausted from swimming, Cole is forced to return to shore and wait until the tide calms down. Cole tries to start a fire but is unable to create a flame. He goes into the forest looking for food, but he runs into Spirit Bear.

    Cole plans to kill Spirit Bear, but then the bear lunges at him and knocks him down with a blow. Cole collapses as the bear jumps onto him and rakes him with its claws. Then the bear bites him in the leg and lifts him up. Even though Cole manages to stab the bear, it just seems to clamp down tighter and he feels his pelvis crack. The bear continues to attack and Cole feels himself growing weaker and weaker. He screams at it to stop, and Spirit Bear shoves him in the chest. He feels his ribs break. After all that, the bear just stands over Cole and looks at him for a while, then it walks away and leaves him alone. Cole is bleeding badly and can't move. He wonders if he's going to die as he watches the seagulls fight over torn pieces of his own flesh. He doesn't know what to do and how he's going to survive. His arm is obviously broken, and night is quickly approaching. Then he starts throwing up the fish he just ate and ends up passing out from the pain and exhaustion.

    In a flashback to one of Cole's Hearing Circle meetings, Peter walks into the room with a limp, terrified of Cole as he enters the room. In the meeting, they pass a feather around to express their concerns and thoughts for how to best handle Cole. Cole's dad talks and says that he's going to make sure that Cole never acts out again. Then Peter talks and says that he's there because he is the victim. His speech is slow and he looks nervous.

    When he wakes up a few hours later, Cole can see his vomit and looks around the island. He's battered with rain as he lies there and tries to stay alive. He watches a sparrow feeding her baby birds in a nest nearby. Because he's so injured, Cole keeps drifting in and out of consciousness. When he wakes up again, he sees Spirit Bear and is terrified, but the bear doesn't come over to finish him off. Cole starts screaming out for someone to help him, but there's no one else around. The rain turns into a full-fledged storm with lightning and thunder, and Cole feels completely helpless as lightning strikes a tree next to him. He looks over and sees the bird nest; the babies are dead.

    In a flashback to his time at the juvenile detention center, Garvey visits with a bag of groceries. He lays out baking supplies and tells Cole to taste a little bit of everything. Cole says that everything tastes nasty, but Garvey hands him a slice of cake. Cole enjoys the flavor of the cake, and Garvey explains that it's made with all of the ingredients on the table; the things that tasted bad alone are good when combined.

    Cole drifts out of consciousness again, but when he wakes, he sees a mouse poking around near him. He reaches out and grabs it with one hand. The mouse struggles, but Cole manages to get it into his mouth and starts to eat it. When he looks over, he sees some gulls eating up the food he threw up earlier. He shoos them away and starts eating the chunks of fish. It rains a little, and Cole opens his mouth to take in some of the water. He digs in the soil to spread cool mud on himself and drinks out of a puddle once it forms. He starts to feel a little sharper.

    A twig snaps, and Cole looks up to see Spirit Bear yet again. He spits at the bear to show him that he won't be afraid. Spirit Bear approaches Cole anyway. It sniffs at him in curiosity as Cole steels himself for a bloody death, but then the bear walks away. Cole falls into a dream. We find out that he broke into a hardware store in Minneapolis, and that Peter reported him to the police. When Cole found out who ratted on him, he brutally beat Peter on the sidewalk, causing Peter to be sent to the emergency room and sending Cole to a detention center. His parents didn't take him home or pay bail. His father's a drinker and an abuser, and his mother never seems to stand up for herself or for her son. After a while, they stopped visiting him in jail because he's so angry. Eventually, the only person who visited was Garvey, who is also the one who signed Cole up for Circle Justice. He told Cole that for this to work, he needs to start the process in his heart.

    When Cole wakes up again, he can see the world more clearly. He rests his head on some moss and starts to fall asleep again as the seagulls peck at him. Then he feels a strange warmth envelop him; feeling liquid on his lips, he starts to drink it. Someone tells him to "just hold on."  He keeps drinking in the liquid and moans in pain. As Cole drinks, he doesn't see the island at all. Instead, he's wrapped in a blanket in a boat with Garvey and Edwin. Garvey tells him that he needs to "hold on," and that they'll be home soon. There's worried voices in the background. A Tlingit woman is looking over him and is tending to his wounds. She says Cole was attacked by a bear, and Garvey looks horrified. Cole assures him that he's okay.

    Cole returns to Minneapolis. He recovers, but he isn't confident that he won't serve jail time. He spends more time with his mother, who apologizes for not being there for him in his childhood. His father is arrested for child abuse. In the end, Edwin and Garvey advocate for Cole to return to the island, believing he's had a change of heart after his experience there. After he recovers physically, they take him to the island.

    This time, Cole takes his time on the island seriously. He does everything that Edwin tells him to do, including soaking in a cold pond every morning and rolling an "ancestor rock" up and down a big hill. He wants to become a better person and do the right thing, but he's upset when he hears that Peter has tried to commit suicide twice. Cole comes up with the idea of inviting Peter to the island in order to learn from it the way Cole himself has. At first, Peter's parents are completely against the idea, but Garvey agrees to take some vacation time to come to the island and chaperone the boys. When Peter arrives, he's scared of Cole and filled with anger. Cole patiently introduces Peter to all of the things that Edwin taught him, and slowly Peter starts to heal, even agreeing to work on his very own totem pole. Peter comes with Cole to soak in the pond and ends up trying to beat him up in retaliation for Cole's attack on him. Cole refuses to fight back, though, and soon Peter stops. Just at that moment, both boys see Spirit Bear in a quiet, reflective moment. At the end, Garvey finds Peter and Cole making a totem pole, carving a circle that has no beginning or end.


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    Bloody Mary

    Tagline: “True Horror Returns” “Sins Can Never Be Forgiven”

    Date- September 18th

    Genre- Supernatural Horror

    Rating- R- disturbing violent/images, terror, bloody gore, and strong language

    Theaters- 3,010 theaters

    Budget- 20 million

    Running Time- 98 minutes or 1 hour and 38 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Sam Raimi

    Producer- Eli Roth


    Dawson- Jack O’Connell

    Tyler- Taron Egerton

    Frank- Jeremy Irvine

    Callie- Nina Dobrev

    Rachel- Emma Roberts

    McKenzi- Hayden Panettiere

    Plot: Coming Soon!

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    Public Eye

    Date- Limited- November 13th and Wide November 25th

    Genre- Drama

    Rating- R- violence, disturbing images, language, and sexual content

    Theaters- November 13th- 10 theaters, November 20th- 216 theaters, November 25th- 2,964 theaters,

    Budget- 30 million

    Running Time- 133 minutes or 2 hours and 13 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Lee Daniels


    Pete - Josh Hutcherson

    Trevor- Douglas Booth

    Ben- John Boyega



    The film opens with Pete’s broken childhood. He grew up in a poor family with a single mother who was an alcoholic. Her boyfriend was abusive toward Pete because Pete was gay. Pete eventually ran away from home and managed to live at his friend’s place in order to finish up high school. During high school he met Ben who was also gay. After high school, Ben and Pete moved to an apartment together. Ben attends a local community college to get his Associate's Degree before applying to more expensive colleges to get his Bachelor's Degree. Pete meanwhile goes to police academy and joins the Ferguson police force. After graduating police academy, Pete meets his partner James who has 8 years of experience on the force. Three months go by and we see how James and Pete interact throughout various police calls. The call range from traffic stops to gang shoot outs. Pete is particularly hit hard by a domestic abuse call, where a father is beating his child. Throughout the three months, Pete learns that James has subtle racist feelings towards the city’s majority African American citizens. James is not from Ferguson, which makes him less sympathetic to the needs/wants of the community. James makes racist comments and particularly targets African Americans. Pete is bothered by this, but doesn’t say anything for fearing he will anger James. Pete also develops friendships with other police officers. Pete and Ben’s relationship begins to become strained. Pete spends more time with his friends than Ben, and Pete’s irregular schedule makes it hard for the two to spend time together. Ben is doing very well at college and gets accepted to Northwest University in Chicago for physical therapy. It is his dream. Ben makes the decision to go to school there because he wants to leave Ferguson behind. Ben tells Pete the news one night. Ben is excited about about going and wants Pete to be happy for him. Ben says he wants to continue their relationship. Pete having had a stressful day at work, get angry. Pete says that Ben is leaving him behind. The two fight and Pete walks out on Ben. 


    The following evening, Pete and James get a call at 12:02am for back up. They arrive at a few minutes later to discover a young black male lying dead on the street. After speaking with the officer who shot the black male, Pete radios up to dispatch for more units. Pete and James secure the scene of the shooting. They leave a few hours later to take another call elsewhere in the city. James comments to Pete that this is just another black thug who got shot by police. He says that the black community is too stupid to do anything about it. The following day, James is proven wrong. A memorial is set up on the site of the shooting and vigils are being held. That evening James and Pete are driving down the street. James makes a racist comment about the attendants at the memorial service. He then swerves the police cruiser and strikes the makeshift memorial. James laughs and says “oops”. Pete asks James what the fuck he did. James just laughs and keeps driving. Pete is furious with James and the two argue. Bystanders scream at the police cruiser and throw stuff at it in anger. Once Pete and James arrive at the station, Pete clocks out and leaves without talking to anybody. Pete arrives back at his and Ben’s place. Ben is watching the news about the shooting. Ben begins to discuss how police brutality is getting out of hand. Pete immediately takes offense and gets angry with Ben. The two fight and Ben asks Pete if he has seen any racism in the Ferguson police department. Pete lies and says no. Ben says he is going to protest. Pete says he shouldn’t but Ben says he is going to anyway. The following evening, Pete and James are monitoring the protesters with other officers. The protesters start to get angry and begin to throw stuff at the police. A nearby QuikTrip is lit on fire and begins to burn uncontrollably. Pete and James are overwhelmed and begin to arrest individuals. James arrests Ben who was near the QuikTrip when it was lit on fire. Pete sees this and angrily yells at Ben. He and Ben get into a physical fight and James pulls Pete away but not after Ben punches James by accident in the nose. James is taken by EMS and Pete brings Ben to jail for the evening. The next morning, Ben leaves jail. He and Pete talk about last night. Both apologize however Pete asks Ben not to protest. Ben says he isn’t going to but he is leaving for Chicago early as in the next day. He says Pete and him need a break. 


    The next few days follow Pete and James. Pete struggles with the loneliness of having Ben not around. Ferguson is filled with protests and violence as people begin to act hostile toward law enforcement. Pete and James deal with Ferguson citizens acting hostile even on the most simple calls. Police begin to use riot gear and fire gas/rubber bullets into crowds. James is thrilled and finds a dark delight in this. Meanwhile Pete is conflicted internally about doing this. He does his job however. The protests get worse with looting, burning, police getting stuff thrown at them, and cars getting flipped. One night after an especially violent protest, the reporters swarm Pete and James as they leave the station. After getting interrogated by the reporters, Pete flips out on one of them. James helps calm him down. The following night, protesters throw molotov cocktails at the police. After one just misses Pete, the protest physically attacks Pete. Pete is badly beaten by and is saved by James. In the hospital later, James tells Pete that they have to have each other back because nobody else will. He says they are family. Pete has a mental breakdown and he says he feels like Ferguson citizens are ungrateful for what the police do in their city. James says that the people of Ferguson can’t appreciate what cops do because they are animals who want chaos. After James leaves, Pete calls Ben but Ben doesn’t answer. Pete cries alone in the hospital. 


    When Pete arrives back at work, he is informed that the Missouri High Patrol has taken over. This creates tension between the Ferguson police and the patrol officers. The police see the patrol officers as arrogant assholes trying to take over their city. Pete begins to connect with James more and the two begin to hang out after work together. James introduces Pete to his girlfriend. The two begin to share more about their lives. We learn that James comes from a wealthy family from Montana and came to Ferguson when he decided to follow his girlfriend after high school. The two are still dating today and James wants to propose to her. 


    Everything eventually culminates into a mass final protest. There are mass arrests throughout the night and the Ferguson police department is overwhelmed. Protesters through everything they got at police. The police return fire with rubber bullets and tear gas. Buildings and cars are up in flames and the city looks like a war zone. When protesters rush at the police, Pete is isolated. Pete begins to panic and accidentally fires his gun at a protester. Nobody is harmed thankfully. James and other officers quickly make their way over to Pete and ask what happened. Pete lies and says an armed protester fired his gun at Pete. James immediately wants to find this guy but Pete says he didn’t get a good look at the guy. Pete and James finish up the night. Guilt rips at Pete the rest of the night. 


    The protests begin to settle down over the following weeks and the DOJ arrives to investigate the Ferguson Police Department. James gets nervous because he has a reputation in the department of being racist so he decides to leave the force. He gets engaged to his girlfriend and they move back to Montana. Pete feeling the guilt of his lie decides to push it down and remains on the Ferguson police force. He and Ben completely break it off. Pete becomes calloused, cynical, and less enthusiastic about helping the people of his city. The job he once loved becomes a struggle. 


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    Lake of the Psychopaths 


    Tagline: "Would You Kill to Be Famous?"

    Date- October 9th 10

    Genre- Slasher Horror

    Rating- R- violent gore, language, and distrubing images

    Theaters- 2,954 theaters

    Budget-  15 million

    Running Time- 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Jaume Collet-Serra

    Actors and Actress- Unknowns


    Plot: Two horror movie buffs (Jackson and Nick) strike up a friendship via online box office forums. After months of chatting, the meet up in person and discover they are both outcasts in society. They soon launch a horror themed Youtube channel together. They discuss horror movies, TV shows, and create small horror movies themselves. They begin to get a solid following over the next few months. Their videos become fairly popular drawing between 10,000 to 100,000 views per video. Their horror movie videos are the most popular and their audience demands more of them. Jackson and Nick however still need their break-through video that will become viral, launching the channel. Inspired by Scream 4, they decide to launch the greatest horror sage all time. They decide to commit acts of murder and video them via live-stream. The stream will automatically then be launched as a movie on Youtube once they are completed. They plot to attack a local campsite on Memorial Weekend. The camp will be busy and give them a great chance to rack up a nice body count. Both Nick and Jackson know they will go to prison but they don't care. It is worth it in their eyes. After buying all sorts of killing equipment, they launch their attack at night. They launch the live feed on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. What follows is a bloodbath. They torture, chase down, and murder dozens of visitors to the camp site. They manage to avoid the police and even kill 4 of the officers. Campsite visitors die in gory and horrific ways. From gun, machete, knife, nail gun, and cross bow wounds. During the killings, Jackson become jealous of Nick for getting a higher body count and assaults him. Jackson hangs Nick from a tree and guts him with a machete. Jackson says he wants to become the ultimate killer. Police eventually manage to surround Jackson. Jackson retreats to the lake but is killed by the police. His body falls into the muddy waters. Police close off the zone and news crews descend on the campsite. 32 campsite visitors are killed and 5 police officers making it the bloodiest attack even in the states history. The viral feed of the murders have been launched across the globe. Everybody is talking about it. Facebook and Youtube desperately try to block and remove the videos however, the videos still linger. The film moves back to the muddy lake. Two police officers look for the body in the water. Suddenly, Jackson emerges from the water and pulls one of the cops under with him. The other cop immediately fires into the water and then flees the scene calling for help. The camera moves to the end of the lake and we see Jackson slowly emerged and disappear into the forest. The film ends. 

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