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How did Fox's "The Simpsons Movie" (2007) do so great at the box office?

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I love the Simpsons and I would love another movie. I'd also love to see a Family Guy movie, if it's good. I am surprised another South Park movie hasn't happened yet. Hopefully if/when that series ends we get another big theatrical film. The first one made almost $100 million in today's dollars.

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On 7/10/2015 at 5:09 AM, MrFanaticGuy34 said:

Think about it.


It's the eighth highest grosser WW of 2007, the second highest grossing 2D-animated film ever WW (527M WW) only behind Disney's The Lion King. It's budget is only $75M. It had a $74M OW.


Do you guys have any factors of how it did as great as it did?

For the worldwide gross, I know in my market the people doing the local voice did a promo tour in their Simpsons characther for the movie, the marketing was really good and I know fans of the show that went to see it many time, so I would say outside the giant fanbase/franchise strenght explaining the OW it was well received.


The Simpsons having been extremelly popular for so long (at least 14 seasons) they built a large fanbase of a wide range age wise.

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It's hilarious to think now, but there were some people genuinely upset with how 'little' it did at the time.  Was it Kal El who claimed it could do 500m+ DOM back then, or am I half-remembering someone else?  Regardless, there were some nutty predictions for this film back in the day on BOM. Not many, but a few.

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