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Aladdin live action movie | 24 MAY 2019 | Disney | 7th most profitable movie of 2019. Disney does it again!

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23 hours ago, cheesypoofs said:

I agree with people here. I'd like will Smith in the role. I see a lot of people on facebook hating on the idea of him paying genie 

Eh. Will Smith isn't really a "wacky" guy. I don't know what he'd bring to the Genie.

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I would have loved Robert Downey Jr. as the voice of the genie (guessing he would be fully CGI) and considering Guy Ritchie is involved, anticipated him being the voice actor, but if Will Smith does indeed end up cast as the voice of the genie, oh I just can't wait. . . . to hear his version of "Friend Like Me."


Though James Monroe Iglehart should be the genie

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I think the level of Guy Ritchie's involvement just went down a few notches with what happened with "King Arthur" this weekend. Disney is VERY protective of it's properties, and have noted how Rictchie and Fantasy movies don't seem to be a good combination.

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44 minutes ago, Morieris said:

Unless they're going to desaturate the shit out of it and tell him to stamp his style all over it and leave the studio, I kind of agree.

Ohk they won't take his name as an associate producer off the film, they will just ignore a lot of what Ritchie says. Pretty clear he simply does not does well with this kind of material.

As for the Genie, maybe they should go the way of the 1940 version of "The Thief Of Baghdad". The 1992 Aladdin pretty much swiped much of it's plot..and certainly the villain..from that film anyway.

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