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Allegiant OS| $79.5M

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OS could increase a bit, them decrease DOM and a bit below Insurgent WW.

yes. There is a possibility. I don't think Batman vs Superman will have sufficient force to hurt Allegiant. DC movies aren't so strong OS.

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If dolar fall and Allegiant part 1 be a very packed action movie with at least a mediocre half of a story, it can has a small increase IMHO.

I wouldn't be too sure on that. Many people thought Insurgent would get a substantial increase but it didn't. Honestly, I'd be surprised if this made more than 150M OS.
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Opening next week:


Belgium 9 March 2016  
France 9 March 2016  
Italy 9 March 2016  
Netherlands 9 March 2016  
Philippines 9 March 2016  
Sweden 9 March 2016  
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 March 2016  
Brazil 10 March 2016  
Chile 10 March 2016  
UK 10 March 2016  
Greece 10 March 2016  
Croatia 10 March 2016  
Ireland 10 March 2016  
Republic of Macedonia 10 March 2016  
Serbia 10 March 2016  
Russia 10 March 2016  
Spain 11 March 2016  
Latvia 11 March 2016  
Poland 11 March 2016  
Denmark 16 March 2016  
Finland 16 March 2016  
Argentina 17 March 2016  
Austria 17 March 2016  
Colombia 17 March 2016  
Germany 17 March 2016  
Cambodia 17 March 2016  
Mexico 17 March 2016  
Singapore 17 March 2016  
Bulgaria 18 March 2016  
Canada 18 March 2016  
Estonia 18 March 2016  
Norway 18 March 2016  
Taiwan 18 March 2016  
USA 18 March 2016  
Iceland 8 April 2016  
Australia 14 April 2016  
Japan 25 June 2016
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