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lamamama movie reviews Y10

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Heads or tails- fun action flick that doesent try to be deep -A

The cube -Jessie Eisensberg voice is a bad choice still inttesting-C+

The call of the Revenant- stellar cast uniuqe plot-A-

The good the bad and the mechanacle-Reminds me why westerns died-D

Two lonley zookeepers-solid performances but no real direction-B-

Timmys winter vacation -Solid fun family film -B+

1989-waste of my time qnd money -D+

Omaphobia-so dumb Its great-C

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Phonix Wrigh Ace attorny pt 2- direction cast story are all exellent easily best of trimestre-A+

Mosses- i had High expectectations for this film being both a Levit and Jackson fan needkes to say it was disapointing-C

That was a Long time ago-Lol worthy but Zach Efron -C-

The exacutioner-not bad but unmemrobal-C

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Black Friday- Exelent film-A-

Jurasic Knihts-i perfered rhino riders but Its okay-C-

Rhino riders -Arron Taylor Jhonsen is exelent rhinos rule -B+

secind to singapore- hillarious i love Francos precence -B

E.S.P- i really enjoyed this film great for all ages of all aves would love sequals-A

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Russian Roulet- failed to keep my intrest-C

Crusader-Liam Neeson was a god as always the camera work coulda been better -B

Ciaphas cane- Quality story and well delivered-B+

Daisy Lemonade- just an average feel good family film -B+

MST3K: expedecade- This is dumb- F

Kensington- Increadably intince edge of seat- A

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