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Why Inhumans Instead of Avengers?

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Title says it all.


Why is the Marvel Cinematic Universe ending with Inhumans?


Shouldn't Inhumans come out first, and finish off the MCU with Avengers 3: Part 2?


Why do you assume that? Infinitiy Wars concludes Phase 3, Inhumans starts Phase 4


To release Inhumans considerable before that would IMHO not be logical time-line wise (one or... movie release dates moved a bit it doable). Plus Inhumans adds 'changed' ~ humans into the mix, I think it is not a bad idea to establish lots of other charcters... in other movies beforehand.

Their (Marvel) goal seem to be to satisfy the fans of rather differing genres, hold together by movies nearly all of those can enjoy too.


The timeline for to be relased MCU movies in Feige's bureau is according to interviews with him going up to the year 2029 in case you didn't know that

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I think he means it will be 3 parts. 


I think Inhumans will end phase 3 or start phase 4. 

That is, what I meant with moving a release-date as doable, that story seem to be a kind of transition to ... something else or new or... we will see.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa...there's more than 3 phases?


What villain are they going to tackle in the next 3* phases? Galactus? 


They have Kang, The Masters of Evil, Skrulls/Dr. Doom (if they get the rights back with FF), the Kree, and Korvac.

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The Inhumans I think is the start of something new for phase four. The MCU isn't ending with infinity wars, however it may be the last time we see Robert Downey Jr/Chris Evans/Hemsworth as their heroes. and it is also the culmination of everything that storyline has set in motion since the first avengers. so I see some major shifting from phase three to four. you can't really go bigger. so Inhumans seems like a nice starting point for phase four. 

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