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Houston, we have a problem... THE MARTIAN over GRAVITY opening weekend | Club cannot defy Gravity.

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Oh, Tree...


Gravity is a timeless classic, the very fabric from which films are made of.


This... this is just a glorified amateur self-published writing, wooing the stupid masses with dumb language and forced humor.


And Ridley used to be my favourite director, but after the Prometheus fiasco he can't help much here.

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Damon plus Scott plus us all hoping THIS is the Ridley movie that's actually good this decade...

I can somewhat understand the optimism.

Over Gravity I'm not feeling though.

But better than every Damon lead role movie since 2007 for sure. So, north of 30m no problem. 40m I can believe if it's good.

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The first trailer was well received and its positioned as the first big film of the fall, but I think its really gonna come down to how well it does at TIFF in order to beat Gravity's OW.  If its a hit there its gonna have 2 and a half weeks of free buzz + publicity before it hits theaters.

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