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BSG Announcement - Prizes for the 2015 Game

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Got some exciting news for all those still involved in the BSG 2015 Summer Game!  Baumer has asked me to share it with you guys!




This years Winners will receive prizes as follows:


1st Place = $80

(and all the honours that goes with winning this prestigious game!)


2nd Place = $40

3rd Place = $20


All Prizes will paid out by 10th September (I assume this will be by Paypal as always.)


Thank you to everyone for playing the game this year.  It wouldn't be the fun game that it is without all the your players in the game. Don't worry the game will be back next year too.  Let the Last week Begin!


And as a side plug don't forget that Chassmi's Winter Game will also be back with a vengeance later this year.  So get your guns ready, prepare your light sabers and polish that bow and arrow because the winter game is going to be massive......



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