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The Visit OS | 3.3m we | 19m OS Total | 30 markets

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M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit opened day-and-date with North America in 14 European territories and grossed $3.8 million. Combined with NA’s opening of $25.7 million, the worldwide total is $29.5 million after one frame. The thriller took in $1.6 million including previews from the UK/Ireland for a #3 opening while Spain opened at #1 with $1.6 million as well. Portugal grossed $83K, Poland earned $82K, and Turkey over-performed according to Universal with $72K. Next weekend The Visit visits Malaysia, Singapore, and Slovenia. 

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The Visit grossed $5 million from 22 territories, reaching a $14 million cume outside of North America. The thriller opened in nine new markets over the weekend, including a $1.4 million bow at 362 dates in Germany. The film has grossed $66.3 million.


Source: BoxOffice.com

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The Visit found $3.3 million in 30 overseas territories for a international total of $19.0 million. M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller has grossed $76.7 million overseas. Taiwan opened with $76K and Vietnam with $69K this frame. The Visit opens next weekend in France and French-speaking Switzerland.

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The Visit welcomed $1.9 million following its debut in its final five markets this weekend. The film opened at #3 in Italy ($980k at 242 dates), #5 in Russia ($319k at 415 dates), and #5 in Brazil ($264k at 180 dates). The Visit has grossed $30.1 million outside of North America and a total of $95.2 million worldwide.


Sorce: BoxOffice.com

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