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The Commuter | Lionsgate | Jan 12 2018 | Jaume Collet-Serra | Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Sam Neill, Elizabeth McGovern and Jonathan Banks

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1 hour ago, TombRaider said:

Liam's box office draw days are clearly over

I imagine people said that after A Walk Among the Tombstones made 52m WW and a 3rd person made close to 0, than he made 325m right the year after, Commuter is going over 100m.... over 100m for a small budget Liongates action movie with a 58% rt score and he is not a draw ? 


You think it would have made exactly or almost exactly the same with a unknown cast ?


You can see how much the average action movie do:



Really common to not reach 1 million.


He is a somewhat limited to a very niche movie/role type of draw (has shown by a lot of is movies not making 2m WW, is last 5 not making 10m domestic), but in it he is a really big international one, a 20M + 10% gross salary type paycheck type of draw in the good role (say like a Taken sequel)

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budget talks are overrated.


he used to pull big numbes back then with taken movies and unknown and non stop and his last movies flopped and this one did ok


edit: ok unknown did 130m and this will do 100m so its not that far but still...


BTW barnack i always love reading your insight about things, i used to post here im the blake lively stan lmao, but i forgot my account name

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