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Sicario: Day of the Soldado | Stefano Sollima | Final Trailer Page 9 | June 29

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EXCLUSIVE: Black Label Media and Lionsgate are heading toward a divorce on the upcoming high-profile pictures Granite Mountain and Soldado, the latter a sequel to Sicario. It has come down to an inability to see eye to eye over marketing and distribution plans for the two films. Short of some miracle save, they will part company shortly. Other distributors already are vying for the pictures.


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Damn! June 2018 looks to actually be possibly decent!

I can see this making decent numbers after the first film had decent word of mouth, and was a hit at the box office back in 2015. I need to see the first one first though, I liked the trailer for it when I saw it back in 2015, but  completely missed it.

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On 10/17/2017 at 10:36 PM, WrathOfHan said:

I'm surprised this is rated already. It's going to be in the can for over 8 months unless the release date changes. Maybe this will premiere at Sundance as the surprise screening?

I am often surprised by rating date, it feel like many movie get a rating early to know what to expect (did they achieved the R or if PG-13 Pg-13) and continue to work on the movie after and make the mpaa re-rate the finished product, to not have surprise (and if the change are minor like finishing SFX, sound edit, etc... it seem almost like they do not have too go throught re-rate with testimony of movie being work on until the very last day of release for movies that are 100% digitally distributed opening night).


Could be wrong, but sometime it give that impression.

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Changing the name to Sicario 2 is so damn dumb, on many levels. It's really not a sequel to Sicario other than following del Toro's character, and Taylor Sheridan already said as much, which is why he titled it Soldado. It looks more like an action movie as it is (so titling it Soldier instead of Hitman makes even more sense), compared to the slow paced and quiet first film. 


Sicario was hardly some major giant blockbuster franchise you simply must have the title of. Just call it Soldado, those who saw Sicario will know it's a followup, the rest can be interested in del Toro being cool and shooting people.

A case of marketing departments overthinking things.

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