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Plain Old Tele

THE BIG SHORT | Paramount | December 23, 2015 | Adam McKay directing | Pitt, Bale, Gosling, Carelll

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"The Big Short" is a Michael Lewis book about the 2008 housing crisis and eventual financial crash. Like all Lewis books, it's tremendously entertaining and features a few outsiders who believe something everyone else either thinks is foolish or refuses to believe.


What a friggin' great cast! Honestly, the only potential red flag here is McKay... I hope he's got the chops for something with a big of heft and drama as well as comedy.

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is it on the lot if it has a trailer and a date mentioned in the trailer? food for thought.


I checked BOM and it's listed as TBD. I saw the "Christmas" date late. Maybe a mod can just move it to the main one once we get a confirmed date.

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