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The Pumpkin Spice Panda

Movies that always make you cry

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I got emotional at Uma's scene in Nymphomaniac tbh. The first volume of that was beyond decent, maybe even great! Why was the second half so bad?

That being said, Uma would be in my top 5 supporting actress performances of last year. She is the MVP of that movie with one scene!

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Not gonna lie: I full-on bawled at the conclusion of the "Married Life" segment of Up the first several times that I saw it. My eyes also got watery at a couple of different points during Inside Out, so Pete Docter and Pixar clearly know how to tug at my heartstrings.


The "I could have saved more" line in Schindler's List also gets me. Every. Single. Time.

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I never used to cry at movies. Now I cry all the time. I guess that's ageing for you.


Marley and Me is the number one. You put that movie on in front of me and I will bawl solidly for the last hour. I'm talking howling and wailing. When I first watched that movie I was sobbing so uncontrollably my boyf had to check if I was ok. My own pet labrador had died a year before so I think it could be forgiven.


Apart from that - anything involving dogs will make me cry. 


Up/Inside Out.


Million Dollar Baby.


Philomena was on tv last night and that got me pretty choked up.


Saving Mr Banks got me too recently - the powah of Emma T. Her Love Actually mini breakdown always get me too.


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Passion of the Christ

TS2&3 / Up / Inside Out

My life

Cinema paradiso

Schindler List - that little girl in red...

Lion King - remember...


All these come first to mind

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Gattaca makes me cry. Even thinking about the movie makes me cry

Make Way For Tomorrow also made me cry as well

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