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PETER RABBIT | 02.09.18 | Sony | Will Gluck to write and produce

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I don't know if that's the case, as the author admits to being excited for Sherlock Gnomes (why would someone at Sony promote their competitor's film?), they said Hotel Transylvania 4, and they say that Sony Animation has 2 movies coming out this year (Justice for Miles!)

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Now I want this to succeed, because this can be seen by studios as a statement that live-action/animated hybrid films can be done right, and told with generous amounts of love and care.


Even in the trailers, I could see creative applications of film technique as a first-year film student. So kudos to the filmmakers for caring enough to try.

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A thought just occurred to me.


A busy and successful holiday season of films were distributed to audiences, and I'm sure the trailer for this film played alongside those films many times. In fact, Jumanji, another Sony film, did so well that there's no way for this trailer to have missed a good majority of the families who saw that film.


So, many, many people are at least aware of this film. And I'm sure families will see this film to celebrate the Valentine's holiday; I'm also sure that, when people's Black Panther showings are sold out, this will be a popular second choice.

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