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Captain Craig

What can we expect for the 50th Anniversary?

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Besides ST:Beyond for next year what else can be/should be on the horizon for this franchise?


IDW holds the comic book license, I expect some tie-ins along those lines.

Some new novels perhaps? 

Some new action figures? Maybe


With the franchise at it's highest since the 90's it would be nice to see a new TV project. Question is does that series take place in the Alpha timeline or Beta one, with the new movie series? Would anyone think a new TV project as viable? If so what outlet for it? 


Other ideas?

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Seems at least one answer is a return to Television!

New Star Trek series set for Jan '17.


Alex Kurtzman is attached to the new series, which will premiere in January 2017 on CBS before new episodes debut on its digital and VOD platform. Just in time for its 50th anniversary, Star Trek is returning to the small screen.

Pretty excited about the opportunities. I'll need to hear more before getting too pumped up, like where/when it will take place.

Will it be tied to the Beta-Timeline in the latest Trek films and if so in what century, what ship, make up of the cast. Cause if it is in the Beta-Timeline where Vulcan is destroyed then it will not be the crew of the Enterprise.

Will it return to the Alpha-Timeline of all prior Trek films and the 4 series but skip ahead a century? That could then be a ship called Enterprise with a uniquely new crew. 

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