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Winter SOTM 2: When our horrors combine... (Deadline is 29th Oct 11:59pm)

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This is a minor twist on a classic summer SOTM question.

We haven't had a big breakout in the first(let's face it, probably gonna be 3) weeks, so I decided to lumps a few films together. Therefore the question is:

Which of the following grosses will the combine final gross of Goosebumps, Paranormal Activity and The Last Witch Hunter pass before the end of the game?

1) Saw IV   - 63.3M  (2000 / 0)

2) I know what you did last Summer -   72.5M   (3000  / 1000)


3) Freddy vs Jason -   82.6M  (4000  /  2000)


4) Scream 3   - 89.1M  ( 5000  /  4000)


5) The Others   - 96.5M  (6000  /  6000) 


6) Interview with the Vampire    105.2M  (7000  /  8000)


7) Ghostbusters 2    112.5M  (8000  /  10000)


8)  Van Helsing    120.1M  (10000  /  12000)


9)  Shutter Island    128M   (12000  /  15000)


10) ​The Conjuring    137.4  (15000  /  20000)


11)  Gremlins    153.1M   (20000  /  25000)


12)   Halloween 1978 (Adjusted)     167.5M  (25000  /  30000)



Simply Pick a number and if that number is correct you win the left hand points total, if it is incorrect, you lose the right hand points total.


You do not have to be in the exact window between two films to score the points. If you predict film number 3 (82.6M) and the films make 400M combined you still score your 4000 points. It just meant the potential to score more points that you did was not realised.



There are no abstains as Option 1 contains no risk of losing points.


Deadline is Thursday 29th October at 11:59PM


Good Luck 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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