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The Jungle Book | 543.1m Overseas | 885.6m Worldwide

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This is the 7.00 pm show today (Friday) here in the best theater in Sri lanka, Savoy 3D. Into the second weekend and having amazing WOM. Two and a half hours prior to the showing, amazing hold for a Friday evening. Far better than what BvS did here. This will be a full house with another long queue waiting outside the theater. :lol:





Below is the gold class they call it. More expensive tickets for that. Its like a balcony, above normal seating. Nice place. :lol: Pretty much all booked for the same showtime as the above. 



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My guess:

Domestic: 285-315

China: 120-130

Last weekend (FSS) was 84.3m for all overseas markets except China, and it had made $57.1m up to the Thursday before that.  A 3.5-4.0 multiplier off of the 84m FSS gives it 295-337, plus 57.1 = 350-395.  To me it seems like overseas multipliers are somewhat better than domestic, and that was the 2nd weekend in a few places so I don't think 3.5-4.0 is any kind of stretch.





South Korea and Japan are still left to go means 800 minimum and it could possibly reach up to a billion, but just barely and only if everything goes perfectly which is unlikely since Civil War will show up this coming week.

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Disney is on a roll this year, I mean First Starwars, then Zootopia, jungle book in 2 weeks CA CW, FD and maybe AIW 2 (wich is questionable) And Starwars RO with 500M+ potential. 

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2 hours ago, Amadeus said:

How big are the chances of this hitting 1B now? Japan and SK still to go. >50m from those two markets?

you mean from each market or combined? the former almost impossible, the latter highly probable.

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The Jungle Book continued to light the overseas box office on fire with $96.0 million this weekend from 53 territories.  The Jungle Bookhas grossed $337.0 million to date overseas and $528.5 million globally.  Total grosses to date for individual markets include $97.4 million in China, $30.3 million in the United Kingdom, $28.8 million in India, $17.5 million in Russia, $15.6 million in Mexico, $15.1 million in France and $14.9 million in Australia.


Source: BoxOffice.com


Hopefully it hits 1B



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