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Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension OS | US$56.0M OS / US$73.8M Global

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension opened day-and-date in 33 overseas markets this weekend, breaking franchise records in 12, and earning a total of $18 million, 4% ahead of the previous installment. Mexico delivered a #2 opening with $2.3 million at 631 locations. It’s a franchise record as well as the 3rd highest opening ever for a horror film. Other openings include UK/Ireland ($2.3M), France ($2.1M), Germany ($2.0M), Brazil ($1.7M), Russia ($1.6M), Australia ($1.0M), Colombia ($517K), Peru ($489K), and Chile ($224K). Next weekend sees releases in Indonesia, Belgium, Argentina, Panama, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Venezuela, India, and Poland.

Source: BoxOffice.com

Latin America loves Paranormal Activity

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension scared up $13.5 million from 46 markets over the weekend. The film took the top spot in 5 of its 13 new markets, including franchise records in Argentina ($919k from 160 locations), Indonesia ($606k from 160 locations), and Panama ($490k from 129 locations). Germany was the top hold-over in a weekend that welcomed $1.4 million from 355 locations ($3.9M cume), followed by France's $1.2 million from 185 locations ($4.1M cume).Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has grossed $37.8 million overseas and $51.2 million worldwide.

Source: BoxOffice.com


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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension scared up $6.9 million from 46 markets this weekend. The international cume is now $50.8 million, 31% above the previewParanormal installment, and the global total is $67.08 million. 


Source: BoxOffice.com


great for its budget

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From Paramount and Blumhouse, the 6th PA installment now has a fantastic $56M cume overseas. The weekend was worth $3.2M in 47 markets. The last opening came in Trinidad this frame. Key cumes include Germany ($5.7M); Brazil ($5.1M) and Venezuela ($2.8M).


Source: Deadline.com

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