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GREECE: 'Oppenheimer's' nuclear blast followed by sonic boom

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Weekend 08-11/12/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Arrival 20,743 N/A 20,743 1
2 The Bachelor [GR] 15,271 -36.1% 57,387 2
3 Allied 12,287 -53.1% 108,776 3
4 Office Christmas Party 8,477 N/A 8,477 1
5 Underworld: Blood Wars 8,368 -53.2% 39,400 2
6 Ozzy [English-laguage Spanish–Canadian] 5,592 -30.0% 24,441 3
7 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 4,983 -56.9% 153,236 4
8 Trolls 4,729 -23.6% 92,567 6
9 Lion 4,485 -39.6% 15,844 2
10 L'Odyssée [French] 3,665 N/A 3,665 1


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-08122016.html


Remaining on par with last year, the second weekend of December saw a drop in attendance prior to the busy holiday period. 'Arrival' arrived at #1, opening in the same range as similar films 'Elysium' (24,282 admissions) and 'Edge of Tomorrow' (16,843 admissions). 'The Bachelor' had a good hold and is on course to surpasss 100K admissions, a feat accomplished by 'Allied' this weekend. Reaching 150K admissions might prove quite difficult for the latter. It has performed way better than Pitt's 'Fury' (84,097 admissions) and it is aiming to match 'Bridge of Spies' (140,436 admissions), so overall it is doing very well. As for other openers, 'Office Christmas Party' and 'L'Odyssée' are the only others to land in the Top 10 and the result is miserable, given the number of screens they played on. 'Ozzy' and 'Trolls' continued attracting children and desperate parents, while 'Blood Wars' and 'Fantastic Beasts' dropped heavily and are generally in bad shape. 'Blood Wars' is unlikely to match its predecessors, while 'Fantastic Beasts' will finish with slightly more than half the admissions of the lowest 'Potter' film (Half-Blood Prince – 312,800 admissions). Finally, 'Lion' appears not to have intrigued Greek audiences.


With expectations around the globe for 'Rogue One' being at about 60% the levels of 'The Force Awakens', I think a similar prediction is sensible for Greece as well. That would put 'Rogue One's opening at 80-85K admissions, with a final total above 250K admissions looking likely.

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Films released this weekend:

  • Τέλειοι Ξένοι (Teleioi Xenoi; aka Perfect Strangers) [GR]
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Sing
  • Bad Santa 2
  • Câini [Romanian]
  • The Commune [Danish]
  • (М)ученик ((M)uchenik; aka The Student) [Russian]

It will be interesting to see how 'Teleioi Xenoi' plays out, since the story seems quite unique: a froup of 7 friends who are having dinner suddenly decide to put their phones on the table and share every message or call that they receive after that moment. No secrets. However, I still think 'Rogue One' will top the charts while 'Sing' and 'Teleioi Xenoi' are competing for second place.

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Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 60,213 N/A 60,213 1
2 Τέλειοι Ξένοι (Teleioi Xenoi; aka Perfect Strangers) [GR] 31,280 N/A 31,280 1
3 Sing 21,027 N/A 21,027 1
4 Arrival 8,749 -57.8% 40,252 2
5 The Bachelor [GR] 7,192 -52.9% 76,368 3
6 Allied 3,618 -70.6% 119,232 4
7 Office Christmas Party 3,320 -60.8% 19,107 2
8 Get Squirrely 2,366 -23.6% 15,108 4
9 Trolls 1,856 -60.8% 94,717 7
10 Underworld: Blood Wars 1,538 -81.6% 46,697 3


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-15122016.html


A trio of new high-profile films occupied the top 3 spots on the weekend chart. 'Rogue One' was the unequivocal winner of the weekend, but, in comaprison to other countries, it dropped much more in admissions from 'The Force Awakens', retaining 44% of its admissions. If it follows the trajectory of the latter, it will reach 196K admissions, so 200K admissions is in contention. 'Perfect Strangers' had a decent debut for its director and one of the lead actors, Thodoris Atheridis. It was higher than the opening of his own 'Από Έρωτα' ('Love Struck'), which opened to 23,469 admissions in December 2014 on its way to a 81,922-admission total, but nowhere near his directorial debut 'A Bee in August' (opening: 97.5K admissions). It did however open on par with last year's early-December 'Ouzeri Tsitsanis', which did end up topping 100K admissions. 'Sing' disappointed slightly with its 21K-admission opening, since all other Illumination animated films except 'Lorax' opened significantly higher:


Title Opening weekend Release date Total admissions Multiple
Minions 91,770 24/09/15 290,513 3.17
Despicable Me 2 45,725 10/10/13 216,137 4.73
The Secret Life of Pets 37,254 18/08/16 207,293 5.56
Despicable Me 27,940 25/11/10 111,541 3.99
Sing 21,027 15/12/16    
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax 12,664 05/04/12 70,155 5.54


However, 'The Good Dinosaur' also opened on the pre-Christmas weekend with a relatively small number of admissions (27,160) and had a 7.2x mulitplier. A similar trajectory would push 'Sing' to 150K admissions, although a number closer to 'Despicable Me's total seems more likely, given that 'Sing' faces competition from 'Moana' next weekend. Everything else plummeted badly, since as a whole the above trio of films targeted almost every demographic. Pending next weekend's results, it remains to be seen which films will hold on to enough screens in order to profit from the holidays ahead. 'Roza tis Smirnis' is almost guaranteed a first-place finish, while 'Moana' is expected to compete with Disney's own 'Rogue One' for second place.


[UPDATE:] In terms of cumulative weekend admissions, this weekend was on par with last year so, pending any major surprises, this year will finish slightly ahead of the last one in terms of total weekends admissions. However, my estimates show that the weekend-to-weekday ratio varies slightly each year and in this case, the result is too close to call.

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Weekend 22-25/12/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Monday admissions Total admissions Week
1 Ρόζα της Σμύρνης (Roza tis Smirnis) [GR] 37,432 N/A 27,946 65,378 1
2 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 27,490 -54.3% 13,272 127,151 2
3 Τέλειοι Ξένοι (Teleioi Xenoi; aka Perfect Strangers) [GR] 16,203 -48.2% 9,856 77,397 2
4 Sing 13,149 -37.5% 9,997 49,949 2
5 Moana 12,706 N/A 10,773 23,479 1
6 La La Land 11,107 N/A 5,913 17,020 1
7 Collateral Beauty 8,551 N/A 4,826 13,377 1
8 Ballerina [English-language French–Canadian] 7,552 N/A 3,881 10,940 1
9 The Bachelor [GR] 3,833 -46.7% 1,779 87,170 7
10 Office Christmas Party 1,706 -48.6% 732 23,876 3


Source: http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-smells-like-smyrna-this-xmas/


This weekend was expected to be quieter than last year since Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday, and things only really picked up on Monday. This year's 147,736 admissions are slightly more than half of last year's 295,060 admissions, however including Monday the number climbed to 240,264. 'Roza tis Smirnis' had a rather muted opening, only slightly larger than 'Perfect Strangers' and slightly smaller than 'Notias' ('Mythopathy'). By the end of its run, though, I think it will outgross both films. 'Rogue One' had a larger drop than 'The Force Awakens' but having opened a week earlier than the latter, it looks like 200K admissions are a safe bet at this point. There is no point to compare 'Rogue One' and 'Roza tis Smirnis' with the one-two punch of 'Worlds Apart' and 'The Force Awakens', that standard is way too high. Even so, it looks like 2016 and 2015 are neck-and-neck and at worst 2016 will finish 3-4% less than 2015, with a higher number of cumulative admissions still possible.


Other openers failed to out-gross last week's openers: 'Moana' opened lower than 'Sing's 2nd weekend (although it surpassed it on Monday), while 'La La Land', 'Collateral Beauty' and 'Ballerina' were no match for 'Rogue One' or 'Perfect Strangers'. The holidays are very forgiving though and there is space for loads of films to grab some cash. Schools don't open until the 9th of January and a lot of people are off work a some point during the two-week period (23rd Dec – 9th Jan), so expect lucrative returns throughout. I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday with this weekend's results – films that open this weekend include:

  • Passengers
  • The Great Wall [American–Chinese]
  • Why Him?
  • La danseuse [French]
  • Poesía sin fin [Chilean–Japanese–French–British]
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La La Land had a very good opening since it was in just 14 screens and only in the 2 big cities. I assume it will expand gradually over the next month and end up over 100.000 admissions. Also shame about Arrival underperforming but I'm not surprised, sci-fi always was a hard sell in Greece.

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Weekend 29/12/2016–01/01/2017


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Ρόζα της Σμύρνης (Roza tis Smirnis) [GR] 35,388 -5.5% 147,008 2
2 The Great Wall [American–Chinese] 30,414 N/A 30,414 1
3 Sing 16,492 +25.4% 80,921 3
4 Moana 14,199 +11.8% 52,922 2
5 Passengers 14,161 N/A 14,161 1
6 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 12,905 -53.1% 163,681 3
7 Τέλειοι Ξένοι (Teleioi Xenoi; aka Perfect Strangers) [GR] 11,851 -26.9% 105,526 3
8 La La Land 11,652 +4.9% 37,762 2
9 Ballerina [English-language French–Canadian] 8,022 +6.2% 24,126 2
10 Why Him? 5,298 N/A 5,298 1

Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-29122016.html


The last weekend of the year was very busy, however, the fact that New Year's Eve fell on a Saturday makes the cumulative admissions (174,260) seem less impressive than they are. 'Roza tis Smirnis' has nearly reached 150K admissions in 11 days, having made more than 4 times its opening, a feat also achieved by 'Moana'. 'Roza tis Smirnis' looks like another local hit of the kind we long every holiday period. It may not be as big as 'Worlds Apart' but it is virtually guaranteed a place in the year's Top 5 and myabe even Top 3 (displacing 'BvS's 277.2K admissions). 'Sing' has managed to stay on top of 'Moana' for the weekend, although the latter was in the lead Monday through Wednesday. Both are ahead of another lucrative week before schools open, but they seem to be no match for last year's 'The Good Dinosaur' and 'Little Prince'. 'The Great Wall' didn't break out but it did much better than many other action films – whether it will be remembered for any special reason remains to be seen. The other two openers in the Top 10, 'Passengers' and 'Why Him?', did ok, given the amount of competition and their screen sount (per-screen average is about 300 admissions for both).


'Rogue One' continued its precipitous fall to the bottom, although this was no surprise: 'The Force Awakens's first sub-45% drop was on its 7th weekend. However, even pessimistic predictions would put 'Rogue One's final total above 200K admissions, meaning that it wil surpass the multiple of 'The Force Awakens'. 'Perfect Strangers' has done very well so far and 150K admissions is not out of the picture. Finally, 'La La Land' nearly doubled its theater count, but it had a rather muted increase. As the awards season approaches, it will probably gain some traction in the near future, although the magnitude of said traction remains unknown and inestimable.


Taking into account only weekend admissions, 2016 finished 0.8% ahead of 2015, although it essentially had one extra weekend. Therefore total year admissions coud be anywhere in the range of the 9.81M sold in 2015. I wouldn't expect more than 10M or less than 9.5M admissions. Visit the updated yearly 2016 chart here.

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What's kind of shocking is that the Revenant will actually win the year with under 350.000 admissions. It clearly overperfomed big time but I can't believe nothing for the rest of the year went higher. It's gonna be the first year a movie with under 350.000 adm. tops the box office since maybe 1997 (and I'm not even sure what was the top movie that year, but 1998-2015 all had #1 over 350.000 admissions).

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Weekend 05-08/01/2017


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Assassin's Creed 53,502 N/A 53,502 1
2 Ρόζα της Σμύρνης (Roza tis Smirnis) [GR] 38,927 +10.0% 245,198 3
3 The Great Wall [American–Chinese] 27,750 -8.8% 94,264 2
4 Silence 22,145 N/A 22,145 1
5 Sing 21,801 +32.2% 126,170 4
6 Moana 15,437 +8.7% 88,532 3
7 Ballerina [English-language French–Canadian] 15,430 +92.3% 47,951 3
8 Τέλειοι Ξένοι (Teleioi Xenoi; aka Perfect Strangers) [GR] 14,057 +18.6% 137,777 4
9 La La Land 11,552 -0.9% 64,130 3
10 Nocturnal Animals 10,362 N/A 10,362 1


Sources: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/3393/box-office-roza-vs-asasinon



Welcome to the first (full) weekend of the new year and what a weekend it was! The public holiday on Friday (Epiphany) definitely boosted earnings but with all 10 films of the Top 10 selling more than 10,000 admissions, this was truly a result of the moviegoers' choices that no holiday would have achieved on its own. 'Assassin's Creed' was clearly fanboy-driven with each following day selling fewer admissions than the previous one. I wouldn't expect it to have a long run; maximum estimated total: 125K admissions. The big surprise has definitely been 'Roza tis Smirnis' which started with a humble 37.4K-admission weekend and has already made 6.5 times that amount. It will soon surpass the 7x multiplier of 'Worlds Apart'. The most conservative estimates put its total at 310K admissions but at this point I think that overtaking 'The Revenant' (332K admissions), to rank as 2016's #1 film, is more likely than not. 'The Great Wall' had a... great hold, even if it was the worst of the Top 10. It looks like the holidays are never a bad time to open a film, despite the competition. A total around 140K admissions is not out of the question.


Among other openers, 'Silence' had a decent debut but not much can be said unless we see how it plays out over the coming weeks. 'Nocturnal Animals' had a quiet start and will likely be forgotten very soon. 'Sing' has clearly beaten 'Moana'. It will do it in the US & Canada soon and it has done it in Greece already. Neither film seems poised to get that far, of course; 'Sing' and 'Moana' will finish off somewhere around 165K and 110K admissions respectively and we've seen animation do much much better last year. 'Ballerina' had the biggest boost in the Top 10, but it will soon slow down. It brings to mind 'The Little Prince', although that film had the added strength of a recognisable brand and overall performed better. 'Perfect Strangers' is another Greek film that took advantage of the holidays but also intrigued audiences with its unique plot. 2016 will probably be the first year since 2012 in which two or more Greek films grossed more than 150K admissions although that doesn't say much about the grim state of local film production. 'La La Land' continued its steady course but I'm not sure whether this weekend's drop should be a concern. It is one of only two in the Top 10 that had a decrease, so we'll have to wait til next weekend to see if it has staying power.


[UPDATE:] As for news below the Top 10:

  • 'Rogue One' is losing sight of 200K admissions after another hard drop (50%)
  • Another Greek film, 'The Bachelor', may soon top 100K admissions, making it the fourth one this year
  • DWA's 'Trolls' will miss 100K admissions by a few hundreds of tickets
  • 'Fantastic Beasts' is still at slightly less than half the admissions of 'Half-Blood Prince', the lowest-selling 'Potter' film – which can in no way be considered a success.
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Excluding some very small distributors, 10,023,145 admissions were sold in 2016 – 2.2% higher than 2015. The total gross was about 65.05M€, which is 2.6% higher than 2015. Cumulative admissions surpassed 10M for the first time since 2012, although that is far from a number to celebrate. The film selling the most admissions for the calendar year of 2016 is... 'Worlds Apart'! Although it opened in late 2015, the admissions sold in 2016 are 356,964, surpassing the total of 'The Revenant' (332,286). It is still not out of the question for 'Roza tis Smirnis' to surpass that number but, if it ever happens, it will take several weeks.


Other interesting statistics: the biggest share per day of the week goes to Saturday (23%) while second place is a tie between Sunday and Wednesday (19%) – the latter due to the high number of offers and discounts available. The average ticket price was 6.49€, i.e. only 0.03€ more than last year and the year before. This is no surprise since Greeks have only gotten poorer over the last year and this will probably continue in 2017. In fact, the new bailout measures and the general uncertainty arising worldwide will undoubtedly affect Greece, so I am expecting a drop in both attendance and average ticket price for 2017. As for distributors, the order is:

  1. Feelgood (distributes films by Disney, Sony and others) – 3M admissions
  2. Odeon (distributes films by 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, Dreamworks Animation, MGM, Focus, Summit, Lakeshore, Village and others) – 2.8M
  3. Tanweer (distributes films by Warner Bros. Pictures) – 1.8M
  4. UIP (distributes films by Universal and Paramount)
  5. Village (makes various one-off deals – distributed 'Worlds Apart') – 0.4M

Source: http://freecinema.gr/2016-greek-box-office-in-review/

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Weekend 12-15/01/2017


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Ρόζα της Σμύρνης (Roza tis Smirnis) [GR] 24,162 -37.9% 282,985 4
2 Assassin's Creed 22,862 -57.3% 97,646 2
3 Live by Night 20,914 N/A 20,914 1
4 La La Land 17,999 +55.8% 89,166 4
5 The Great Wall [American–Chinese] 13,770 -50.4% 118,714 3
6 Sing 12,414 -43.1% 140,088 5
7 Silence 11,137 -49.7% 41,349 2
8 Τέλειοι Ξένοι (Teleioi Xenoi; aka Perfect Strangers) [GR] 9,640 -31.4% 152,960 5
9 Ballerina [English-language French–Canadian] 8,802 -43.0% 57,452 4
10 Moana 8,611 -44.2% 98,190 4


Source: http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-no-more-holidays/


'Roza tis Smirnis' finished in first place for a third non-consecutive weekend. It is leading 'The Revenant' in weekend admissions at the same point in its run and it is slightly behind in total admissions. Overall, it seems safe to say that the film will become #1 for 2016 and could even cross 350K admissions. 'Assassin's Creed', on the other hand, had a steep drop, although it is still on par with most recent superhero or action films (probably even better than average, taking into account that this weekend came off a holiday). At this point, a total around 130K admissions looks quite likely. Ben Affleck's 'Live by Night', the only new film in the Top 10, actually performed much lower than other Affleck movies. 'La La Land' had a sensational increase which was, in fact, exactly proportional to its screen increase, showing that the screen average (and presumed interest in the film) is unchanged. 100K admissions is a foregone conclusion but will 150K admissions be reached? I think it is definitely possible. As for the lower half of the chart, not much to say. Predictions for the final total of 'Sing' and 'Moana' remain the same as last week. 'Perfect Strangers' had another great hold. 200K admissions seems to be out of reach but it could get really close.

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Weekend 19-22/01/2017


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 xXx: Return of Xander Cage 21,931 N/A 21,931 1
2 Ρόζα της Σμύρνης (Roza tis Smirnis) [GR] 15,967 -33.9% 311,424 5
3 La La Land 14,923 -17.1% 113,032 5
4 Sing 10,082 -18.8% 151,668 6
5 Έτερος εγώ (The Other Me) [GR] 9,792 N/A 9,792 1
6 Assassin's Creed 9,435 -58.7% 118,871 3
7 Live by Night 9,144 -56.3% 42,879 2
8 Ballerina [English-language French–Canadian] 7,600 -13.7% 65,600 5
9 Moana 7,364 -14.5% 106,144 5
10 The Great Wall [American–Chinese] 7,356 -46.6% 132,601 4


Sources: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-19012017.html



Sorry for the delay in last weekend's report. 'Roza tis Smirnis' has locked it: once again, a Greek film released a few days before Christmas has topped the yearly box office. The weekend, however, was overall quiet. The biggest film sold just 22K admissions and the weekend as a whole is way behind last year, when DiCaprio's 'The Revenant' stormed in (or should I say roared) with 84.3K admissions. Another opener, a Greek film, 'The Other Me', only managed 5th place and an opening below 10K admissions. 'La La Land' and three animated films, 'Sing', 'Ballerina' and 'Moana' all dropped less than 20%. 'Sing' and 'Moana' will easily reach my predictions (165K and 110K admissions respectively) and seem to be aiming for 10-20K admissions above that. 'Ballerina' will probably not reach 100K admissions, while 'La La Land' might even make a run for 200K admissions if it remains popular until the Oscars (and actually wins some). On the other hand, the rest of the Top 10's holdovers dropped around 50% (or worse) and will probably continue to drop as steeply. 'Perfect Strangers' at #11 dropped 29.8% and has made it to a decent 165K admissions so far. Another Greek film, 'The Bachelor', which opened to 23.9K admissions in early December of last year, has finally crossed 100K admissions, with a weekend of 626 admissions.

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16 hours ago, Quigley said:

while 'La La Land' might even make a run for 200K admissions if it remains popular until the Oscars (and actually wins some). 


So far it has followed The King's Speech's release pattern and performance pretty closely. That movie had a very slow expansion and was consistently pulling 10.000-20.000 admissions every week from mid-december to mid-march without ever reaching #1, all the way to 225.000 admissions. I can see La La Land doing the same thing. 

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Weekend 26-29/01/2017


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Split 30,545 N/A 30,545 1
2 Jackie 18,447 N/A 18,447 1
3 La La Land 17,562 +17.7% 137,967 6
4 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 11,039 N/A 11,039 1
5 xXx: Return of Xander Cage 10,787 -50.8% 45,198 2
6 Ρόζα της Σμύρνης (Roza tis Smirnis) [GR] 10,096 -36.8% 330,721 6
7 Sing 8,604 -14.7% 161,020 7
8 Έτερος εγώ (The Other Me) [GR] 7,693 -21.4% 24,545 2
9 Moana 6,962 -5.5% 113,509 6
10 Ballerina [English-language French–Canadian] 6,907 -9.1% 72,844 6


Sources: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-26012017.html



The last weekend of January finished with 171,410 admissions in total. January was quite a way off from last year's, because of the momentum of 'Worlds Apart' and 'The Force Awakens', combined with 'The Revenant'. Of the three biggest openers of last week, 'Resident Evil 6' was definitely the most disappointing, since it opened to a dismal 167-admission per-screen average. It opened to just 61.8% of its predecessor's opening and was only above 'Resident Evil 3', among the series' sequels:


Resident Evil  
Title Athens OW National OW Total admissions  
Resident Evil 2 (2004) 14,517 24,238 65,128* (est. total 72-75K)
Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) 6,899 10,250 (est. total 30-33K)
Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) 11,768 21,452 48,912  
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) 10,210 17,853 51,341  
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) 5,738 11,039  

*total admissions when it left the Top 10


'Split' and 'Jackie' both had decent averages, however the most interesting stories of the weekend concern holdovers. With the exception of 'xXx', all films had superb holds, especially animated ones, since Monday the 30th is a school holiday, which boosted Sunday earnings. 'La La Land' dropped one of last week's 46 screens, yet it had a great boost, partly due to the announcement of Oscar nominations, in conjunction with the spreading word-of-mouth. As Joel M mentioned, this film is in good shape to become the 11th 2016 film to top 200K admissions. As for other holdovers, the trio of 'Sing', 'Moana' and 'Ballerina' insist on staying in the Top 10 with minimal drops. Today's school holiday will be another bonus for them as well. Last but not least, Greek films have continued to move up the ranks. 'Roza tis Smirnis' is a day or two away from surpassing 'The Revenant' to become 2016's top grossing film. 350K admissions seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. It is aiming for a total around 'Little England's 367K admissions, a Greek film from late 2013. 'The Other Me' is less ambitious but still managed a great hold and will be trying to get past 50K admissions in the following weeks.

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Weekend 02–05/02/2017


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Rings 23,888 N/A 23,888 1
2 Split 22,373 -26.8% 75,732 2
3 La La Land 12,198 -30.5% 157,908 7
4 Jackie 10,064 -45.4% 36,372 2
5 Gold 7,906 N/A 7,906 1
6 Sing 6,363 -26.0% 168,675 8
7 Ρόζα της Σμύρνης (Roza tis Smirnis) [GR] 6,163 -39.0% 343,628 7
8 Έτερος εγώ (The Other Me) [GR] 5,924 -23.0% 35,397 3
9 Moonlight 5,812 +44.3% 12,075 2
10 Moana 5,397 -22.5% 119,718 7


Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/3424/box-office-i-samara-bgainei-apo-to-pigadi-kai-paei-tameio


Impressive holds and even increases were seen last weekend across the board. None however were good enough to stop newcomer and threequel 'Rings' from finishing in first place. The original opened to 32.5K admissions (3-day weekend) in early February 2003 and the sequel opened to 40K admissions in March 2005. It's been a long wait since then, and with the economic crisis having damped down the box officed, the distributor should be happy even with this near-50% drop. In the meantime, this was the third consecutive weekend that was off from the year before, all due to last year's 'The Revenant'. One other newcomer reached the Top 10, 'Gold', but there is really nothing else worth saying here.


As for holdovers, 'Split' had an amazing sophomore frame. 100K admissions are guaranteed at this point. 'La La Land' continues its ascent. It is enjoying a run very similar to 'The King's Speech' and is in fact far ahead of it through the same point in its run (111,149 admissions). The following weekend and Valentine's Day will boost it once again before the Oscars later this month. 'Jackie' and 'Moonlight', two other openers from last week, had completely opposite % changes from last week but are both doing minor numbers. That leaves us with 2 animated films and 2 Greek films. 'Sing' and 'Moana' do not mean to leave the Top 10. The prior has been hovering mid-chart for quite some time and the latter has been in #9 or #10 for 4 weeks now. They have both consistently exceeded expectations. 'Moana' now has the best mulitplier for WDAS film. It is of course no where near 'Tangled' or 'Frozen' (both above 200K admissions), but it will certainly give 'Zootopia' (139K admissions) and 'The Princess and the Frog' (145K admissions) a run for their money. As for 'Sing', it is still trailing 'The Good Dinosaur' in total admissions (185K after 8 weekends) but is ahead by almost double in weekend earnings. It will be interesting to see if 'The LEGO Batman Movie' manages to slow it down (unlikely, since 'The LEGO Movie' opened to 18.1K admissions). 'Roza tis Smirnis' is now officially the biggest film of 2016. It will soon surpass 350K admissions (sorry, Joel M), it is aiming to beat 'Little England' and might even achieve a 10x multiplier (374.3K admissions). No one had seen this coming. Finally, 'The Other Me' had another good hold although it doesn't seem to have much steam left.


Next week 'Fifty Shades Darker' will attempt to replicate the success of its predecessor. An opening of 140K admissions is certainly not expected but anything below 80K admissions would certainly be disappointing.

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14 hours ago, Quigley said:

'Roza tis Smirnis' is now officially the biggest film of 2016. It will soon surpass 350K admissions (sorry, Joel M), it is aiming to beat 'Little England' and might even achieve a 10x multiplier (374.3K admissions). No one had seen this coming.


I don't have anything against this particular movie, it's just the snooze-inducing genre it represents that bugs me. Historical dramas set during on of Greece's many past horrors or raunchy comedies are the only 2 kinds of movies that get financed here. Everything else is made on a shoestring budget.

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55 minutes ago, Joel M said:

I don't have anything against this particular movie, it's just the snooze-inducing genre it represents that bugs me. Historical dramas set during on of Greece's many past horrors or raunchy comedies are the only 2 kinds of movies that get financed here. Everything else is made on a shoestring budget.


Do you think it's probably because the rest require visual effects that are too expensive, so it's impossible to compete with their Hollywood counterparts?

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The Other Me was a different kind of Greek film but it didn't do much.

Of course Greek serial killer films or Greek thrillers in general are almost none existed so 45-50.000 admissions is a solid number after all even though it is a bit disappointing considering the budget and expectations.

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On 8/2/2017 at 7:47 PM, Quigley said:


Do you think it's probably because the rest require visual effects that are too expensive, so it's impossible to compete with their Hollywood counterparts?


Not really. I don't expect sci-fi or superhero greek movies anytime soon. But an action movie or a thriller or even a musical or romantic comedy can be done in a reasonable budget, but for some reason they aren't. The get treated as indies both by their producers and their distributors, and they have no chance at reaching the mainstream. The only exception is Papakaliatis who doesn't need raunchy humor or an historical backdrop to sell his movies. But he's the rare exception that used his years of TV success to get a real budget and marketing push for his first movie and never looked back.

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Weekend 09–12/02/2017


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Fifty Shades Darker 88,426 N/A 88,426 1
2 The LEGO Batman Movie 21,173 N/A 21,173 1
3 Split 10,925 -51.2% 102,294 3
4 Neruda [Spanish-language Chilean–Argentinian–French–Spanish] 10,268 N/A 10,268 1
5 Rings 10,207 -57.3% 48,720 2
6 La La Land 6,735 -44.8% 170,474 8
7 The Space Between Us 5,520 N/A 5,520 1
8 Sing 4,022 -36.8% 173,292 9
9 Moana 3,672 -32.0% 123,823 8
10 Moonlight 3,087 -46.9% 17,622 3


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-05022017.html



'Fifty Shades Darker' expectedly monopolised the weekend while retaining 63.0% of the original's audience. That drop is much better than the 54.7% in North America and is about average among European countries. Let's not forget that the first film was fortunate enough to open on a year when Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday, inflating the weekend box office significantly. In fact, the sequel opened to a bigger Thursday in Greece (22,087 vs 21,107 admissions), but the remainder of the weekend saw no significant boost. This time round, Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday, so I would expect the Monday–Wednesday to be on par with 78,859 admissions earned by the original during the same period. 'The LEGO Batman Movie' opened 17% higher than the 'The LEGO Movie', although the bar was set quite low anyway. We will be looking to see if it beats the 66,782-admission total of the latter.


'Neruda' was probably the most impressive opening of the weekend, with a booming per-screen average of 1,141 admissions. 'The Space Between Us', on the other hand, was one of the many victims of too much competition, since it has become a regular practice for Greek distributors to release more than 5 films per weekend (often around 10).


'Split', 'Rings', 'Moonlight' and 'La La Land' were the films most affected by the sweeping entry of 'Fifty Shades Darker', however the first one has already surpassed 100K admissions and the last one is still headed for 200K admissions. 'Sing' and 'Moana' remained in the Top 10 once again, enjoying the best holds of the weekend and continuing their ascent.


As for the 2016 yearly box office, mediasalles.it has released its report. Estimates were very close to actuals: the final admissions tally is 10.025M admissions and the gross is 64.4M€. The average ticket price was the lowest of the past 12 years. With regard to the Greek-speaking world, Cyprus saw a 7.1% uptick in admissions (from 688K in 2015 to 737K in 2016) but, although it is the highest number of the past four years, every other year before that all the way back to 1995 sold more admissions. In terms of gross, 2016 was the 11th best year of the last two decades. Since 1995, though, the average ticket price of 2016 (7.42€) was the second-highest, only behind 2010's 8.23€. I have added the above information (and much more) to the first page, which you can visit by clicking here.

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