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GREECE: 'Saw X' scares away competitors, 'Oppenheimer' nearing 400K admissions

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Weekend 13-16/10/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % Change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Inferno 81,368 N/A 81,368 1
2 The Girl on the Train 18,388 -43.0% 75,892 2
3 Storks 16,217 -23.5% 41,990 2
4 Don't Breathe 6,734 -36.6% 27,601 2
5 Finding Dory 5,996 -16.1% 271,439 7
6 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 5,301 -51.3% 49,778 3
7 Elle [French–German–Belgian] 5,137 -48.7% 18,759 2
8 The Secret Life of Pets 4,241 -10.4% 188,010 9
9 Bacalaureat [Romanian–French] 4,159 N/A 4,159 1
10 아가씨 (aka The Handmaiden) [South Korean] 3,500 N/A 3,500 1


Sources: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-13102016.html



Having seen the complete failure of 'Inferno' in other countries (second place opening in both the UK and Germany, for instance), I actually saw the Greek figure as a success. However, this number was 30% less than 'Angels & Demons' opening (4-day opening was 115,323 admissions – 5-day was 150K admissions) and less than half of 'The Da Vinci Code', which is nothing to celebrate. We could possibly celebrate the fact that the Greek box office saw another uptick, after last weekend's success, following a September that saw four consecutive weekend-to-weekend declines in admissions, but I am currently projecting this October to end up below October 2015 (as did September), so nothing much to celebrate on that front either. Back to 'Inferno' then, which is quite likely to top 200K admissions, although anything much higher would require good WOM (the mulitplier of 'Angels & Demons', which is lower than that of 'The Da Vinci Code', would take 'Inferno' to about 270K admissions).


Most films seem to have done very well despite 'Inferno' making about half of the overall weekend business. Last week's openers all held well, except maybe 'Elle', although even its drop was not catastrophic. 'The Girl on the Train' dropped more than 'Gone Girl' did during its sophomore frame but it will soon make it 100K admissions and is looking to end with about half of 'Gone Girl's admissions (276,932). 'Dory' and 'Pets' both had superb holds, with both still edging closer to their respective coveted milestones. And despite 'Inferno' attracting the lion share of moviegoers, there were new arthouse openers that did really well. 'Bacalaureat' played on 9 screens while 'The Handmaiden' played on only 3! That means its per-screen average was above 1,000 admissions.


Next weekend sees a number of B-class films opening, but the trend will probably be downward, since I expect a substantial drop for 'Inferno'.

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'The Accountant' tops the Greek box office with 40K admissions! Other new films in Top 10: Julieta, Pete's Dragon, Ouija: Origin of Evil. Full analysis later today.


In the meantime check out the updated section on the first page, regarding top films of each year and of all time. It has been enriched with new data and I have made my best effort to complete 2006's Top 10, which was previously empty basically.

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Weekend 20-23/10/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % Change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 The Accountant 40,012 N/A 40,012 1
2 Inferno 38,532 -52.6% 163,642 2
3 Julieta 11,905 N/A 11,905 1
4 Pete's Dragon 11,240 N/A 11,240 1
5 Storks 10,674 -34.2% 54,181 3
6 The Girl on the Train 8,490 -53.8% 96,429 3
7 Ouija: Origin of Evil 6,170 N/A 6,170 1
8 Finding Dory 4,776 -20.3% 277,141 8
9 The Secret Life of Pets 3,378 -20.3% 191,757 10
10 Don't Breathe 2,383 -64.6% 35,350 3


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-20102016.html


'The Accountant' managed to beat 'Inferno's sophomore frame and in fact opened a tad higher than 'Sully'. I am a bit skeptical about the long run, since neither critics or audiences in the US seem to have found the movie particularly entertaining (judging by reviews and the second-weekend drop). However, it is not surprising at all for the film to have such a solid opening, since Ben Affleck movies have fared well in the past in Greece: 'The Town' had opened to 23,090 admissions in 2010 (total admissions: 89,692 admissions), 'Argo' opened to 30,765 admissions in 2013 and enjoyed a whopping 6x multiplier, all the way to 182,040 admissions, and finally 'Gone Girl' opened to 55,449 admissions also enjoying a perfect 5x mulitplier which brought its total to 276,932 admissions. If 'The Accountant' played out like 'Gone Girl' (similar release date), then 200K admissions is in sight although, given the circumstances, 150K+ admissions woud be satisfactory. Besides, that is about as much as 'Sully's total. In terms of other openers, 'Julieta' had a decent opening, given it only opened in 20 screens. 'Pete's Dragon' set a new record-low for Disney live action since 2008, a record that has been broken by three recent films ('Alice 2', 'The BFG' and now 'Pete's Dragon' – by the way 'The Jungle Book' came quite close to setting a record-low too). Finally 'Ouija 2', another sequel that no one asked for, opened higher than its predecessor (5,465 admissions), but to be honest the bar was quite low to begin with. The original ended its run with 12,687 admissions, but I don't think that just surpassing such a number will in any way be a success for the sequel.


Moving onto holdovers, 'Inferno' had a better hold than 'Illuminati' (-57.3%) but was still way off from 'The Da Vinci Code' (-17.8% in Athens). If it follows 'Illuminati's trajectory from now on, it would sell around 270-275K admissions in total, possibly edging ahead of 'BvS'. At the moment, this does seem like the most probable outcome, especially with a national holiday coming up on Friday, October 28th. In fact, schools close on both on Thursday and Friday, and in the second biggest city, Thessaloniki, Wednesday is also a school holiday, since the 26th is the commemoration of its patron saint. All in all, expect big business over the next week or so. That also bodes well for a triad of animated films: 'Storks', 'Dory' and 'Pets', which all had minor drops this week and are looking forward to this lucrative holiday. 'The Girl on the Train' is no 'Gone Girl' and 'Don't Breathe' also seems to be out of breath. The prior will at least surpass 100K admissions very soon, but that is about as far as it will get.


Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' opens next week, and I expect it to open on par with the first 'Captain America', 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Ant-Man', although I wouldn't be surprised if it opened slightly higher due to the holiday – and due to Benedict Cumberbatch. The only other film where he has been the front and center of the marketing is 'The Imitation Game', which had a great run in Greece (185,827 admissions), although this one belongs to a completely different genre. We'll see!


I'll soon update the 2016 numbers on the first page, but in the meantime have a look at the updates I've made to other years and the all-time chart.

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Weekend 27-30/10/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % Change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Doctor Strange 58,232 N/A 58,232 1
2 The Accountant 33,986 -15.1% 99,379 2
3 Inferno 25,907 -32.8% 207,842 3
4 Storks 13,381 +25.4% 69,253 4
5 Pete's Dragon 13,193 +17.4% 26,764 2
6 Toni Erdmann 10,547 N/A 10,547 1
7 Julieta 9,340 -21.5% 25,928 2
8 Finding Dory 6,698 +40.2% 284,680 9
9 The Girl on the Train 5,998 -29.4% 107,578 4
10 The Secret Life of Pets 5,217 +54.4% 197,427 11


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-27102016.html


Wow! October ended with a real box-office boom, as always of course due to the October 28th national holiday (with children off school on the 27th too). If you don't remember such big increases in weekend gross last year, that's because the 27th and 28th fell on a Tuesday and Wednesday, but that still served the box office well, since all films sold around the same from Monday to Wednesday as they did on the following Thursday-Sunday period. This year, however, we had the added surprise of 'Doctor Strange', which exceeded expectations all around the world including Greece. Especially in Greece, this success can be attributed to a significant extent to Benedict Cumberbatch's involvement, since other obscure Marvel films haven't fared as well in the past. In terms of the MCU, the only superhero origin film it didn't beat was 'Iron Man' (61,400 admissions). Original superhero films have done really well in 2016, with 'Doctor Strange' coming in only 3.3K admissions below 'Suicide Squad' and not far behind 'Deadpool'. There are no historical superhero comparisons for this release date. However, having opened on a holiday weekend, I think its multiplier will be on the low end. 'BvS' and 'Civil War' both opened on holiday weekends and had very low mulitpliers, which would take this film to about 125-130K admissions. I think a total closer to 150K admissions is more likely though, especially with the competition looking scarce, before 'Fantastic Beasts' casts its spell. In terms of openers, 'Toni Erdmann' also had a decent opening from 17 screens.


As for holdovers, they all had very decent holds (family films had increases). It's hard to isolate the effect of the holiday from word-of-mouth, but 'The Accountant' had the best drop among non-family films in the Top 10, so maybe word-of-mouth was not so bad after all. It will cross 100K admissions on Monday and it is hard to imagine it end up below 150K admissions by the end of its run. 'Inferno' seems to have a lot of steam left. Its opening may have been disappointing, as was its second-weekend drop, but those issues didn't stop it from cruising past 200K admissions. It will probably make it to 250K admissions and could even scrape past 'BvS' by the end of its run. 'Storks' and 'Pete's Dragon' had a great time this weekend, but now that the party's over, I'm not sure how far they can go. Look out for a possible 100K- and 50K-admission finish, respectively. In terms of milestones, 'The Girl on the Train' made it past 100K admissions, 'Pets' will cross 200K admisisons next weekend and 'Dory' is, for the first time, ahead of 'Minions' in total gross in the same time in its run. Furthermore,  'Minions' 9th weekend gross was less than a third of 'Dory's. It is probably the first weekend since early September that 300K admissions look like a possibility again. As I've said before, animated films' runs are so lengthy that their totals are difficult to predict, so we can only sit and wait really...

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With 10 months of 2016 now over, the year-to-date is leading 2015 by 5.5% (when only weekend admissions are taken into account). However, it is still to be seen whether the last two months can live up to last year's impressive performance. Can 'Fantastic Beasts', 'Roza tis Smirnis' and 'Rogue One' match 'Spectre', 'Worlds Apart' and 'The Force Awakens'? Even if they fall slightly short, 2016 is still ahead, but not by much, so every last admission counts. With October ending on a high note, anything is possible.

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Films released this weekend:

  • A Monster Calls [English-laguage Spanish]
  • Snowden
  • Blood Father [English-language French]
  • Trolls
  • I, Daniel Blake [British–French]
  • Alone in Berlin [English-language German–French–British]
  • Under the Shadow [Persian-laguage British–Jordanian–Qatari]
  • Aferim! [Romanian]
  • Invisible [GR]

Another torrent of films floods cinemas. Looks like a race between 'Doctor Strange' and 'Trolls' for #1.

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Weekend 03-06/11/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % Change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Doctor Strange 24,154 -58.5% 114,675 2
2 Trolls 24,056 N/A 24,056 1
3 The Accountant 18,244 -46.3% 134,577 3
4 Snowden 14,611 N/A 14,611 1
5 Inferno 9,322 -64.0% 227,122 4
6 I, Daniel Blake [British–French] 6,210 N/A 6,210 1
7 Julieta [Spanish] 4,709 -49.6% 33,868 3
8 Pete's Dragon 4,662 -64.7% 32,467 3
9 Toni Erdmann [German–Austrian] 4,559 -56.8% 17,996 2
10 Storks 3,900 -70.9% 74,323 5


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-03112016.html


What a weekend! Two days ago, I said that it would be a close race between 'Doctor Strange' and 'Trolls' but I never expected it to be this close. Only 98 admissions separated 1st and 2nd place, which is definitely the closest photo-finish since 2011 (I haven't compiled data before 2011):


Photo-finishes (Top 2 within 1,000 admissions of each other)
#1 Admissions #2 Admissions Difference Weekend
Doctor Strange 24,154 Trolls 24,056 98 03-06/11/2016
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 7,246 The Pirate Fairy 7,113 133 17-20/04/2014
Learning to Drive 4,864 Fantastic Four 4,729 135 13-16/08/2015
Olympus Has Fallen 19,266 Ακάλυπτος 19,084 182 21-24/03/2013
Scream 4 19,879 Rio 19,654 225 14-17/04/2011
Source Code 7,469 Rio 7,121 348 21-25/04/2011*
Broken City 11,653 Olympus Has Fallen 11,283 370 28-31/03/2013
Southpaw 11,362 Mr. Holmes 10,983 379 23-26/07/2015
Πέμπτη & 12 38,627 Frozen 38,168 459 02-05/01/2014
La Famille Belier 7,139 Terminator Genisys 6,643 496 02-05/07/2015

*5-day weekend


'Doctor Strange' had strong weekday admissions and looks poised to cross 150K admissions easily. Its drop was very impressive, given that it opened on a holiday weekend. In terms of this year's superhero films, its 2nd-weekend drop only trailed 'Suicide Squad', but bested 'Deadpool', 'BvS' and 'Civil War', all which opened on a holiday. This bodes well for the long run, although it's too early to say if it can approach 200K admissions.


As for new releases, 'Trolls' scored the best DWA opening outside the 'Madagascar', 'Shrek' and 'Kung Fu Panda' franchises, although a 24K-admissions opening is barely a number to celebrate, especially since there are no holidays in the near future to boost its mulitplier. 'Snowden' was not a catastrophe but its per-screen average was quite low (236 admissions), while 'I, Daniel Blake' was on the other side of the spectrum with a humongous average of 887 admissions per screen.


In other news, all holdovers tumbled to the ground on this post-holiday weekend, with no film in the Top 10 dropping by less than 45% (most by more than 55%). 'The Accountant' had the best hold and has actually done very well since its release. 150K admissions are guaranteed and, at this point, the film appears poised to give 'Argo' (182K admissions) and 'The Imitation Game' (186K admissions) a run for their money. In the meantime, 'Inferno' is still on course for a 250K-admission finish while the four films at the bottom of the chart had big drops. 'Pete's Dragon' will soon surpass 'The BFG' and 'Alice 2', but its total is still pathetic, and 'Storks' will probably finish around 80K admissions. I'll update soon with news about films below the Top 10 that may have reached certain milestones.

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Films released this weekend:

  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • The Light Between Oceans
  • Virgin Mountain [Icelandic–Danish]
  • Sieranevada [Romanian]
  • Death in Sarajevo [Bosnian]
  • The Shop on Main Street [Czechoslovak]

'Hacksaw Ridge' and 'The Light Between Oceans' seem like plausible contenders for first place this weekend, unlike 'Jack Reacher 2', whose predecessor opened to just 3,873 admissions in January 2013. However, I'm betting on 'Trolls' achieving a small enough drop to displace 'Doctor Strange' from first place, while also outrunning the two aforementioned contenders.

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Weekend 10-13/11/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % Change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Trolls 23,924 -0.5% 51,296 2
2 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 18,584 N/A 18,584 1
3 The Light Between Oceans 14,936 N/A 14,936 1
4 Doctor Strange 13,503 -44.1% 144,767 3
5 The Accountant 11,511 -36.9% 158,527 4
6 Hacksaw Ridge 11,000 N/A 11,000 1
7 Snowden 8,896 -39.1% 33,330 2
8 I, Daniel Blake [British–French] 6,549 +5.5% 15,340 2
9 Inferno 5,052 -45.8% 237,969 5
10 Storks 4,035 +3.5% 78,705 6


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-10112016.html


With a very impressive minuscule drop, 'Trolls' jumped to first place this weekend and also surpassed 50K admissions. It still has a long way to 100K admissions, since weekdays only accounted for 12% of its first week. It seems to have little competition ahead, with 'Sing' and 'Moana' opening in December. However, other low-profile animated films do open in the meantime (in 2 weeks) and their potenital impact is unknown. A big surprise this week was 'Jack Reacher 2', which has already more than doubled the lifetime gross of its predecessor (9,034 admissions) in 4 days. Definitely not expected, especially since the film saw a decline over its predecessor in many European countries. Other openers 'The Light Between Oceans' and 'Hacksaw Ridge' had casual openings in the 10-15K admission range.


As for holdovers, 'Doctor Strange' recovered quickly from its second-weekend drop and actually scored the best third-weekend drop among 2016 superhero films, but it is trailing Suicide Squad by about 33K admissions. Even if it holds well from now on (~45% drops), it is unlikely to catch up. Nevertheless, a total around 180K admissions would still make it the highest-grossing superhero-origin film of the MCU (a title held by 'Iron Man' at 146.8K admissions as of now). 'The Accountant's cume-to-date is still ahead of both 'Argo' and 'The Imitation Game' and it seems to be on course to out-gross both films and possibly even scrape past 200K admissions. Well done for Mr Affleck once again! 'Snowden' held relatively well. It has done way better than 'The Fifth Estate' (6,027 admissions), but Edward Snowden still remains an indifferent character to most Greeks as it seems. 'I, Daniel Blake' and 'Storks' both had minor increases which will not help them much to reach any significant milestones, although the prior's screen count (12) makes its total decisively more impressive. Finally, 'Inferno' remains on course for 250K admissions.

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'The Secret Life of Pets' has now crossed 200K admissions (total at 201,998), which means 2016 has 9 films that crossed 200K admissions. That is the highest number of films since 2012 (11). Only two out of 'The Accountant', 'Fantastic Beasts', 'Moana' and 'Rogue One' are needed to reach that milestone if 2016 is to match 2012.


'Pets' sold more admissions than the first 'Despciable Me' film and 'Lorax' and has done very well despite all odds. Its ~5.5x mulitplier is indicative of this success.



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Films released this weekend:

  • Voir du pays [French–Greek]
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • L'Avenir [French–German]
  • La pazza gioia [Italian]
  • Into the Forest

Obviously, it is a near certainty that 'Fantastic Beasts' will top the weekend box office. However, it is unlikely to come close to the original Harry Potter franchise in Greece. Here are the numbers for that (including OD, OW and total):

Harry Potter
Title Opening day 4-day weekend (Thu-Sun) Release date Total admissions Multiple Notes about OW
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 23,846 Fri, 30/11/2001 850,000  
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 26,118 Fri, 29/11/2002 650,000  
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 38,168 173,800 Wed, 08/09/2004 396,000 2.28 5-day: 212,000
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 20,587 178,200 Thu, 24/11/2005 443,200 2.49  
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 47,378 101,200 Tue, 21/08/2007 394,301 3.90 6-day: 181,000
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 42,624 94,100 Tue, 25/08/2009 312,800 3.32 6-day: 169,321
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 28,867 166,211 Thu, 18/11/2010 381,400 2.29  
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 50,350 104,660 Wed, 13/07/2011 351,908 3.36 5-day: 155,010


I can also report that 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' sold 16,500 admissions on its opening day (Thursday), which as you can see, is a record-low for the franchise. If it follows the trajectory of 'Deathly Hallows – Part 1', it will reach 95,000 admissions by Sunday, so a 100,000-admission opening is not out of the question.

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Weekend 17-20/11/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 58,176 N/A 58,176 1
2 Trolls 17,601 -26.4% 70,406 3
3 The Light Between Oceans 11,406 -23.6% 35,532 2
4 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 8,494 -54.3% 38,863 2
5 Hacksaw Ridge 7,380 -32.9% 26,283 2
6 The Accountant 6,463 -43.9% 172,045 5
7 Doctor Strange 5,893 -56.4% 158,934 4
8 La pazza gioia [Italian] 5,303 N/A 5,303 1
9 I, Daniel Blake [British–French] 4,670 -28.7% 22,120 3
10 L'Avenir [French–German] 3,306 N/A 3,306 1


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-17112016.html


Ouch! I have to admit it was my mistake for inflating expectations, since Thursday was a public holiday and therefore the OW-to-OD ratio was much lower than the 'Potter' films which opened on a Thursday. Despite all this, the opening of 'Fantastic Beasts' was still quite disappointing. Similarly to the US & Canada, it opened to less than 'Doctor Strange' (although in Greece the difference was much smaller). In fact, the film's opening was less than half of any 'Potter' film's 4-day gross (NB. not 4-day weekend), which is nothing short of catastrophe, in my opinion (it was shown on 160 screens, by the way). If it follows the trajectory of any of the last six 'Potter' films, 'Fanstic Beasts' will miss 200K admissions. One may expect that the film will have a higher mulitplier, since less enthusiastic Potter fans may have decided there is no need to rush for this one. Even so, a highly unlikely 250K-admission total is more than 100K admissions less than 'Deathly Hallows – Part 2' and 60K admissions less than lowest-grossing Potter film ('Half-Blood Prince').


As for holdovers, the public holiday on November 17 did boost 'Trolls', which has barely lost steam since its opening. The 100K-admission mark is a given for this animated flick and it is even possible it will out-gross DWA's other 2016 production, 'Kung Fu Panda 3', which is as embarassing for that franchise as it is impressive for 'Trolls'. Among last weekend's openers, 'The Light Between Oceans' now seems to be the most likely to finish ahead of the other two, since 'Jack Reacher 2' and 'Hacksaw Ridge' had significanty higher drops. Regardless, all 3 seem to have achieved next to nothing in the big scheme of things. 'The Accountant' continues its march towards 200K admissions and 'Doctor Strange' is close behind, although its chances are much slimmer. 'I, Daniel Blake' has had a third very impressive weekend from a small number of screens (12), while two other foreign productions also had decent openings from a small number of screens (11 and 7 respectively).


I have, by the way, updated the 'Harry Potter' table with missing data:

Harry Potter
Title Opening day Opening weekend* Release date Total admissions Multiple Notes about OW
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 23,846 121,919 Fri, 30/11/2001 777,366 6.38  
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 26,118 125,481 Fri, 29/11/2002 663,481 5.29  
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 38,168 136,000 Wed, 08/09/2004 396,000 2.91 5-day: 212,000
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 20,587 178,200 Thu, 24/11/2005 443,200 2.49  
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 47,378 101,200 Tue, 21/08/2007 394,301 3.90 6-day: 181,000
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 42,624 94,100 Tue, 25/08/2009 312,800 3.32 6-day: 169,321
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 28,867 166,211 Thu, 18/11/2010 381,400 2.29  
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 50,350 104,660 Wed, 13/07/2011 350,717 3.35 5-day: 155,010


*The opening weekends of the first 3 films are Fri–Sun openings. The rest are Thu–Sun openings. The switch from 3-day to 4-day weekends in Greece happened in August 2005.

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To be fair though, it's not really a dissapointing result. It's gonna do half of the normal Potter range of 350-400.000 admissions. Hobbit trilogy did half of LOTR's admissions and that one had a much bigger connection to the original franchise.


You can't use the first two movies as a comparison. Because they were kid-friendly, they also had a dubbed version which almost never happens for live-action movies. That's why they had both the blockbuster OW and the huge legs that only animation movies have. From Azkaban to Deathly Hallows is the "real" Potter audience, and for Beasts to do around half of that seems about right.

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Weekend 24–27/11/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Allied 35,914 N/A 35,914 1
2 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 25,459 -56.2% 116,491 2
3 Ozzy [English-laguage Spanish–Canadian] 9,015 N/A 9,015 1
4 Trolls 8,411 -52.2% 80,547 4
5 Get Squirrely 4,580 N/A 4,580 1
6 The Light Between Oceans 3,895 -65.9% 43,394 3
7 Hacksaw Ridge 3,446 -53.3% 34,287 3
8 I, Daniel Blake [British–French] 3,442 -26.3% 27,110 4
9 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 3,278 -61.4% 46,937 3
10 Dancer [English–Russian–Ukrainian] 2,994 N/A 2,994 1


Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-24112016.html


Unlike most other countries, 'Fantastic Beasts' had a sharp drop due to last week's public holiday. It had quite strong weekdays (36% of first week), however even 40% drops from now on will not push it over 200K admissions, especially given the tough competition in the following weeks. 'Allied' must have eaten into 'Fantastic's adult audience and ultimately registered a solid mid-30K-admission opening. The Brad Pitt-starring film is well-positioned to top 100K admissions and even approach 150K admissions. A trio of animated films completed the Top 5, with #3 and #5 being new ones that managed to cause 'Trolls' first 50%+ drop (the holiday also contributed though). The latter is still on course to top 100K admissions. 'The Light Between Oceans' is still leading the trio that opened two weeks ago in weekend admissions, the other two being 'Hacksaw Ridge' and 'Jack Reacher 2', however the latter is still leading in total admissions and has actually sold more than 5 times the admissions of its predecessor. 'I, Daniel Blake' is the only film of the Top 10 that didn't drop by more than 50%. It did expand to 16 screens, compared to 12 last week, so it clearly has the potential to stay in the Top 10 for a few more weeks, if the expansion continues. It is already a notable arthouse hit. Finally, 'Dancer' had a decent debut from 6 screens.

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Weekend 01-04/12/2016


Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week
1 Allied 26,205 -27.0% 83,309 2
2 The Bachelor [GR] 23,913 N/A 23,913 1
3 Underworld: Blood Wars 17,864 N/A 17,864 1
4 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 11,560 -54.6% 141,841 3
5 Ozzy [English-laguage Spanish–Canadian] 7,988 -11.4% 18,010 2
6 Lion 7,422 N/A 7,422 1
7 Trolls 6,187 -26.4% 87,086 5
8 Get Squirrely 4,355 -4.9% 9,317 2
9 Shut In [English-laguage French–Canadian–American] 2,722 N/A 2,722 1
10 I, Daniel Blake [British–French] 2,303 -33.1% 30,705 5


Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/3358/box-office-mprant-pit-gunaikeio-koino-summaxoi


We are now traversing the final month of the year and it looks like it's gonna be neck and neck between 2015 and 2016. This weekend was on par (+0.2%) with the same weekend last year, thanks to the encouraging performance of 'The Bachelor', as well as the impressive holds throughout the Top 10. The main buzzkilll was 'Fantastic Beasts', which registered another steep drop after a dramatic drop in its screen count (from 128 to 47) and is now unlikely to reach 200K admissions. My prediction is 170-180K admissions. In other news, 'Allied' is now guaranteed to reach 100K. In fact even 150K admissions are within sight, if it doesn't crash before Christmas. 'Trolls' is also on course to surpass 100K admissions after this weekend's small drop, while 'Ozzy' and 'Get Squirrely' also held well albeit on a much smaller scale. 'Blood Wars' was another disaster when compared to its predecessors:


Title Athens OW National OW Total admissions
Underworld 22,000
Underworld: Evolution 28,700
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 20,454 34,979 106,428
Underworld: Awakening 19,214 35,401 85,438
Underworld: Blood Wars 8,931 17,864


Finally, 'I,Daniel Blake' has spent a 5th week in the bottom half of the Top 10, but its screen count has dropped for the first time. Could it be the beginning of the end for its run? Even so, 31K admissions is still quite impressive.


While November was disastrous compared to last year, mainly due to the lack of Spectre-type blockbuster, December seems promising. It will all boil down to how big will be the openings 'Rogue One' and 'Roza tis Smyrnis', although 'Sing' and 'Moana' could also give the month a boost.

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Films released this weekend:

  • Αγάπη, αγάπη, αγάπη (Agapi, agapi, agapi; aka Love, love, love) [GR]
  • 90 χρόνια ΠΑΟΚ - Νοσταλγώντας το μέλλον (90 years PAOK - Nostalgia for the Future) [GR]
  • Arrival
  • Le Confessioni [Italian–French]
  • Office Christmas Party
  • Creepy [Japanese]
  • American Pastoral
  • L'Odyssée [French]

Yet another torrent of new films (most of which will be forgotten a week later), with 'Arrival' looking like the best contender for first place.

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