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1) Kingsman The Secret Service came close 40 m OW without a popular character attached.

2) 300: Rise of An Empire opened to 45 m OW without a popular character attached.

3) Blade 2 opened to 32.5 m. Adjusted for inflation it crosses 40 m.

4) Blade 2, 300: RoaE and Kingsman were all R-rated comic book movies.

5) Deadpool is more popular than any of these comics at the time of their film release.

6) Deadpool makes lots of appearances in current comics, cartoons, games and clothing. He's better known than Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy previous to their films.

7) The movie will be one of the highlights of February. There are not many well known properties being released February of 2016.

8) The only competition Deadpool will have is Zoolander 2 and it belongs to a different genre.

9) The trailer has almost 30 million views on YouTube and we're still 3 and a half months away from the release date.

10) Fox is making this movie accurate to the comics with lots of fan support unlike Fantastic Four.



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Easy In. $60m

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In with the possibility of opening as high as 60m for the 3-day, but probably more like 50-55m.  I could easily see a Watchmen type of run as I have a feeling it won't be nearly as funny as the marketing has been so far.  We'll see.

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