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Year 2 of CAYOM 2.0 officially begins! Since detailed instructions are contained in the players' guide thread, I'll simply summarize and say that this is the thread where you post all of your films with info including: Title, Cast, Director, Release Date, Theater Count, MPAA Rating, Budget, and a Plot Summary. I will edit this post a few times a day with updates based on postings.

Part 1 will be open tentatvively until midnight the night of Thursday February 9th. There may be a deadline extension depending on overall progress, but assume there won't be.

Also: If your plot is of significant length, place it inside spoiler tags so it doesn't take forever to scroll down a page of this thread.

The schedule (taken from the Advanced Scheduling Thread):

January 6-8:

The January Gem (2406 Theaters) (Page 3)

January 13-16 (MLK weekend):

My Winter Retreat (2631 Theaters) (Page 1)

January 20-22:

Bulletproof (3251 Theaters) (Page 3)

January 27-29:

Throw Ted Into the Fire (2439 Theaters) (Page 2)

February 3-5:

ADAM (2981 Theaters) (Page 3)

February 10-12:

The Perfect Gift (3053 Theaters) (Page 2)

February 17-20 (President's Day weekend):

VR Net (3005 Theaters) (Page 2)

The Whale (3275 Theaters) (Page 3)

February 24-26:

Fifth Expert (2942 Theaters) (Page 3)

March 2-4:

The Island (3367 Theaters) (Page 1)

Pokemon: The Journey Begins (3408 Theaters) (Page 3)

March 9-11:

S-L-A-V-E (3832 Theaters) (Page 2)

March 16-18:

Epic Chase (3002 Theaters) (Page 3)

March 23-25:

Headline (2553 Theaters) (Page 4)

Yellowstone 3D (540 Theaters) (Page 4)

March 30-April 1:

Midnight: Revealed (3992 Theaters) (Page 1)

April 6-8:

Judgment Day (2771 Theaters) (Page 3)

April 13-15:

Sea Monsters' Invasion (3402 Theaters) (Page 2)

PЯom (3150 Theaters) (Page 4)

April 20-22:

Delta (3218 Theaters) (Page 3)

Gorillas (2092 Theaters) (Page 1)

April 27-29:

Mara, Daughter of the Nile (3247 Theaters) (Page 1)

May 4-6:

Ant-Man (3659 Theaters) (Page 1)

May 11-13:

Trader Haters (3117 Theaters) (Page 3)

May 18-20:

Barbarians (in 3D) (4128 Theaters)

May 25-28 (Memorial Day weekend):

Rivals (3581 Theaters) (Page 1)

Meerkat's Adventures (46 Theaters- Limited) (Page 2)

June 1-3:

The Impact of Sir Roger the Alien (3369 Theaters) (Page 1)

Meerkat's Adventures (249 Theaters- Expansion)

June 8-10:

Vengeance (2966 Theaters) (Page 1)

Meerkat's Adventures (540 Theaters- Expansion)

June 15-17:

Time Keepers (3592 Theaters) (Page 3)

Meerkat's Adventures (1034 Theaters- Wide)

June 22-24:

Union 51 (3565 Theaters) (Page 1)

Meerkat's Adventures (1769 Theaters- Expansion)

June 29-July 1:

The War of the Worlds (3547 Theaters) (Page 3)

Father's Quake (3950 Theaters) (Page 2)

July 6-8:

Tuesday, July 3rd: Starcraft (4076 Theaters) (Page 2)

July 13-15:

Marathon Men (3275 Theaters) (Page 3)

July 20-22:

The Adventures of the Cosmos (3958 Theaters) (Page 3)

July 27-29:

U.S.S. Seawolf (3356 Theaters) (Page 1)

August 3-5:

New World Chronicles: His Story (3500 Theaters) (Page 2)

A Lost Generation? (18 Theaters- Limited) (Page 4)

August 10-12:

The Witch of Blackbird Pond (3251 Theaters) (Page 1)

A Lost Generation? (84 Theaters- expansion)

August 17-19:

The Few (3217 Theaters) (Page 3)

A Lost Generation? (211 Theaters- expansion)

August 24-26:

Subway Nest (3311 Theaters) (Page 2)

Exorcism of Jessica Winters (3039 Theaters) (Page 1)

A Lost Generation? (496 Theaters- Expansion)

August 31-September 3 (Labor day weekend):

Labor Day (2644 Theaters) (Page 2)

A Lost Generation? (944 Theaters- Wide)

September 7-9:

Vampire Night (3207 Theaters) (Page 2)

Red in the Night (2647 Theaters) (Page 3)

September 14-16:

Scat (3075 Theaters) (Page 1)

September 21-23:

Imperceptive (2901 Theaters) (Page 1)

September 28-30:

Eternal Sleep (2276 Theaters) (Page 1)

October 5-7:

Hotel of the Lost (3560 Theaters) (Page 2)

Halloweentown (3D) (3469 Theaters) (Page 2)

October 12-14:

The 13th Night II: The Interrogation Room (3000 Theaters) (Page 1)

October 19-21:

Martin/Martian (3102 Theaters) (Page 2)

The Vast Dark Part Two: The Sacrament (3383 Theaters) (Page 3)

October 26-28:

Simon Says (2367 Theaters) (Page 2)

November 2-4:

Dragon Age: Darkness Over Ferelden (3602 Theaters) (Page 3)

My Life to Waste (2 Theaters- Limited) (Page 1)

November 9-11:

Appian Way (2437 Theaters) (Page 3)

My Life to Waste (435 Theaters- Expansion)

November 16-18:

The Chronicle of Novara: The Stone of Armagon (3926 Theaters) (Page 1)

Devotion (3893 Theaters) (Page 2)

My Life to Waste (1256 Theaters- Wide)

November 21-25 (Thanksgiving weekend):

Tim Burton's Little Demons (3350 Theaters) (Page 1)

My Life to Waste (3065 Theaters- Expansion)

November 30-December 2:

Aerophobia (2532 Theaters) (Page 4)

December 7-9:

Warcraft (3931 Theaters) (Page 1)

December 14-16:

The Seafarer (3907 Theaters) (Page 4)

December 21-23:

Wednesday, December 19th: Guardians of Life (3763 Theaters) (Page 3)

December 28-30:

Tuesday, December 25th: Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls (4200 Theaters) (Page 2)

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U.S.S. Seawolf

Genre: Action/Drama/Thriller

Cast: Matt Damon (Captain Judd Crocker), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Lt. Commander Linus Clarke), Tony Leung (Admiral Zhang Yushu), Damian Lewis (Lt. Commander Rick Hunter), David Strathairn (The President), Adam Beach (Lt. Commander Rusty Bennett), and Ed Harris (Admiral Arnold Morgan)

Directed By: Sam Mendes

Written By: William Broyles Jr. (Apollo 13, Flags of our Fathers)

Release Date: 7/27

Release Platform: 3356 Theaters

Budget: $110 million

Running Time: 142 minutes

MPAA Rating: R for graphic violence, scenes of torture, and strong language

Plot Summary: Based on the Patrick Robinson novel

The story takes place in the near future (say within the next 5 years or so). The new U.S.S. Seawolf is the first submarine in the brand-new top-secret Seawolf-2 class production line (since this novel was written when the original Seawolf class was new).

The captain of the Seawolf is Judd Crocker (Damon), a competent, bold, and tenacious leader. His 2nd-in-command is Lieutenant Commander Linus Clarke (Gordon-Levitt), who is very ambitious and confident. The film opens with the submarine deep in the Pacific Ocean and we get a tense scene as the crew tries to maneuver the submarine around a small fleet of surface ships undetected. Crocker calmly guides his crew and when they reach their target location he arms the torpedo tubes and tells Linus to open fire on the sonar target: an aircraft carrier. Linus gives the order and a big sonar ping goes off as Linus, smiling, says “scratch one carrier.” Crocker then gives the order to attack a second ship and the crew barely contains a cheer when sonar has the second ship getting sunk too. Crocker tells Linus “We’ve made our point” and has him turn on the radio. Crocker uses it and says “Attention United States Navy, you now belong to the crew of the U.S.S. Seawolf,” which causes the crew to cheer fully. We quickly learn that this is the final training exercise for the sub and that sinkings were all fake. The scene quickly changes into one where Admiral Cameron, head of the Pacific Fleet, officially inducts U.S.S. Seawolf into active duty and congratulates the crew. The crew then goes off to celebrate, with a couple short scenes showing the crew and officers having fun. Crocker, Linus, and the other officers drink at a bar and talk about what mission the sub will have. They all agree China will be the probable target and Crocker asks Linus what he thinks, due to his “connections.” Linus laughs and says even he doesn’t have that kind of access.

The scene changes to Washington D.C., where we meet Admiral Arnold Morgan (Harris), the National Security Adviser to the President. Morgan is a very cantankerous and outspoken individual. He meets with Admiral Mulligan, the highest-ranking naval officer in the USA, and they discuss China’s experimental ballistic missile submarine Xia, which is undergoing surface trials in the Yellow Sea. Morgan says they need to know Xia’s capabilities, including whether it can fire a nuclear missile across the Pacific, and tells Mulligan they’ll probably need to send the Seawolf to investigate.

A few days later, the main officers of the Seawolf (Crocker, Linus, Cy Rothstein, Rich Thompson, and Shawn Pearson) are given new orders for the submarine’s mission: proceed to the entrance of the Yellow Sea and shadow the Xia. They briefly talk about the prospects, Linus being a little anxious, and then go to their stations as the Seawolf casts off from its dock. We get a couple short scenes showing the sub heading out to sea and the crew members daily routines. We also see Crocker pouring over maps of the Yellow Sea and the east coastline of China to figure out how to best tail the Xia.

Back in D.C. Morgan is spending the night grilling dinner with his girlfriend Kathy when he gets word that Seawolf is en-route on its mission. Morgan is pleased but a little nervous about the possible consequences of discovery. He then settles in for a quiet romantic evening with Kathy.

After several days of travel the Seawolf arrives just north of the Ryukyu Islands, south of Japan. Crocker plans to lie in wait in the Korean Strait and wait for the Xia to exit the Yellow Sea. They come across a Chinese attack submarine and a surface ship some miles away and power down to avoid detection. Suddenly their sonar detects torpedoes in the water coming their direction. Linus freaks out and wants them to do full countermeasures and consider attacking, but Crocker tells his XO to calm down, saying that they wandered into a torpedo exercise. The surface ship’s job is to collect the torpedoes and the weapons aren’t active. The torpedoes never activate sonar and zoom right by, proving Crocker right. The tense mood subsides and the crew has a nervous laugh, though Linus is still shaken. Later, Crocker has Linus meet him in his quarters. Crocker says Linus made a reasonable call given the situation but he needs to work on his nerves under pressure. Linus says he will and the two talk a little about personal lives. Crocker is married and has two little girls. Linus says that since his mother died his dad leans on Linus a lot for support, so Linus doesn’t have much time for girlfriends.

That night, Crocker learns from satellite imagery that the Xia has left port and is making a course in their direction. Crocker plans for a stealth intercept in 18 hours.

Another person who learns of Xia’s departure is Admiral Zhang Yushu (Leung), commander of the People’s Liberation Army/Navy. Zhang meets with some senior naval commanders and says that he suspects the Americans will attempt to spy on Xia’s technology and Chinese satellites detected Seawolf leaving Pearl Harbor several days ago. Zhang says it is paramount that Seawolf be discovered. In a private talk later with another admiral, Zhang expresses his frustrations about trying to match the US Navy and says he may consider sinking Seawolf if the opportunity arises.

The next day the Seawolf’s passive sonar detects the Xia on the surface at the entrance to the Yellow Sea. The Xia dives and Crocker gives the order to pursue at a safe distance. There is a brief scare when Xia suddenly turns right towards Seawolf, but Crocker has his sub turn as well and slow down to avoid detection. A few of the crew are unnerved by the sudden turn but Rothstein, the weapons officer on the ship, says the Xia was probably just checking her baffles.

After a few short scenes showing the tracking of Xia and daily life on the Seawolf with conversations, card games, etc amongst the crew, Xia makes a turn for the Taiwan Strait. Linus points out that the Taiwan Strait is too shallow for Seawolf to hide in, so Crocker, with the help of Pearson the navigator, plots a course around the far side of Taiwan where they can hide and wait for Xia to emerge again.

Zhang meets with Admiral Zu Jicai, the leader of the Chinese Southern Fleet. Zhang is positive Seawolf will be waiting off the southwestern edge of Taiwan for the Xia, so he devises a plan. He has Zu assign six destroyers and frigates to engage in a live-fire war exercise in the area he suspects Seawolf to be. The goal is to frighten Seawolf off, but Zhang says that if Seawolf happens to get sunk by “accident” then even better.

The following day the Seawolf detects Xia again and the sounds of the underwater barrage from the “exercise.” Linus is nervous and thinks there’s no way to get through in time. Crocker says they can do it by getting close enough to the Xia to essentially be her shadow. Since the Chinese Navy won’t want to sink its own sub, it’ll create a path for the Seawolf to closely follow the Xia. We then get a tense scene as the Seawolf accelerates enough to get close to the Xia’s baffles and then matches pace as the Xia moves through the exercise zone with underwater explosions occurring on either side of it. Once beyond the exercise zone Seawolf pulls back a little as the Xia dives from the surface.

Back in Washington Morgan is notified by Mulligan of the big Chinese naval exercise and they both agree that it was done to scare off or sink Seawolf and if it succeeded half the world would know by now. Morgan says they have to put faith in the sub commander.

In the South China Sea, Crocker and his officers form a plan to complete their mission. Xia is regularly surfacing to receive orders, so at the first opportunity, when Xia surfaces again the Seawolf will slide under the Xia, mimicking its course. Then the Seawolf’s top-model sonar can completely map the Xia’s structure. The next day the Xia surfaces and Crocker puts his plan into motion. Another tense scene unfolds as Seawolf glides less than 60 feet under the Xia as its sonar mapping begins, with lots of uneasy banter amongst the officers in the control room. That part goes well, but the second phase of the mission requires the Seawolf to go to periscope depth and take pictures of the Xia above water, undetected. Seawolf does that and Crocker begins taking pictures with the periscope. However as he finishes he sees several Chinese sailors on the surface deck of the Xia pointing in the periscope’s direction. Crocker orders the Seawolf to dive, reckoning they have about an hour head-start on any helicopters. After some thought, he orders the Seawolf to go at a slow, silent pace heading towards the Chinese coastline. Linus objects, saying it’s heavily risky, but Crocker tells him the Chinese Navy won’t think Seawolf would do something so crazy. When Zhang gets word of the sighting he orders a massive naval manhunt for the Seawolf.

The Seawolf sneaks north, past the herd of Chinese warships barging south, and is out of danger. Crocker sends confirmation to his superiors via satellite that the main mission is a success. He receives a satellite signal giving him a secondary mission: spy on the Chinese destroyer Xiangtan, which has prototype weapons and a towed sonar array. By coincidence, Zhang finally suspects the Seawolf has evaded to the north, so he orders the Xiangtan to engage in a search operation in that general area. Colonel Lee, the commander of the Xiangtan, is confident of his destroyer’s ability to find the submarine.

Back on the Seawolf the officers have a late dinner together with character development, and then most of them go to bed, with Linus having control of the sub. During his watch, sonar picks up the Xiangtan. Linus decides to go to periscope depth and slide around to the Xiangtan’s stern to take pictures. Master Chief Stockton advises Linus to wake up Crocker since the Xiangtan is a mission objective, but Linus says he can handle it. Linus judges the distance to be about a mile and gives the order to go behind the Xiangtan. The Seawolf does that, but as it does so its propeller gets caught on the cable on the towed array, the cable wraps around the propeller, and forces the Seawolf to a halt. The sudden shift in momentum wakes up Crocker and he barges in as Linus is still trying to figure out what happened. Crocker immediately takes the periscope and realizes Linus had set it to low power. Instead of being a mile away, the Seawolf was only 500 yards away. Crocker tells Linus this and Linus breaks down and says he is so sorry. Crocker gets in contact with the engine room and learns that the main engines are offline because of the propeller snag. The emergency motor still works but it is very slow and noisy, so any chance of a stealth escape is gone. Crocker says they have to surface to inspect the propeller and says at least they’re in international waters.

On the Xiangtan, Colonel Lee orders his men to have weapons ready to prevent the Americans from cutting the cable loose. He also sends word of the encounter to Shanghai. Stockton leads an attempt to get to the propeller on the surface but Chinese machine guns open fire and force him and his team to return inside. With no way to escape now, Crocker sighs and sends an emergency message to Pearl Harbor detailing the situation. Soon enough, the Xiangtan launches helicopters to land people to weld hooks and metal plates onto the Seawolf’s hull so it can be towed. Linus is still a nervous wreck over what happened and the other officers say they have to destroy all important documents. Crocker says they are now essentially prisoners of the Chinese Navy.

Zhang gets word of the Seawolf’s capture and is overjoyed. He tells Zu about the complete treasure trove of equipment and information that has fallen into their hands. He sets up plans to have the American crew detained and questioned about the technology.

On the Seawolf, all photos taken of the Xia and Xiangtan are shredded. All of the special photographic and analysis equipment for those photos and measurements is destroyed. The passport of Linus Clarke is shredded. All of this is tossed into a torpedo tube and vented into the ocean.

Morgan is woken up by a phone call from Mulligan. Mulligan says Seawolf has been taken by the Chinese, apparently by force. Morgan is angered by the news, and then Mulligan says Linus Clarke is on the crew and Morgan’s profane rant suddenly stops. Morgan tells Mulligan to meet him at the “big house.” Morgan hangs up and makes a phone call of his own where he convinces someone to wake “the man” up and have him in his office. Morgan dresses at lightning speed and drives rapidly to his destination: the White House. Mulligan gets there seconds later and the two go straight to the Oval Office where a sleepy President (Strathairn) waits, asking what the problem is. Morgan says that the Seawolf has been captured by the Chinese, then adds “your son is on the crew.”

On the Seawolf, Linus is now wearing dogtags indicating that he is Bruce Lucas. Crocker broadcasts to the crew that, as many of them know, Linus is the President’s son, and the Chinese cannot know about this since it would give them huge leverage. He tells them that Linus is now Bruce Lucas and the crew needs to stick to that story. He then quickly meets with his officers and says that they’ll likely be interrogated about Seawolf’s technology. He tells the officers they need to make sure the crew supports one another. Crocker then goes to the reactor to meet with the Chief Engineer. In a conversation we learn that the Seawolf has a fail-safe in its cooling system that only Crocker and the Chief Engineer know about. When turned on, the fail-safe disables the secondary cooling systems, so if a reactor problem occurs nothing will activate to stop it. Crocker has the Chief Engineer activate the fail-safe.

We return to the earlier conversation between Morgan, Mulligan, and the President. The President is shocked and asks for details. Mulligan quickly summarizes what happened and says Linus will now be under his alternate identity. The President asks what happens now and Morgan says the Chinese will stall so they’ll try to resolve things diplomatically to get the sub and the crew back. The President nods and says they’ll try to do that, clearly in shock. Morgan tells Mulligan to get back to the Pentagon and get a brain trust together. After Mulligan leaves, Morgan sits with the President and the two talk about Linus and how he’s the only family the President has left.

The Seawolf is towed into Canton’s harbor and the crew voluntarily exits the submarine. They are roughly herded by guards, led by Commander Li, towards trucks. At the trucks, Li informs them they are all under arrest for bringing weapons of mass destruction so close to China. Crocker, Linus, and other men (Rothstein, Pearson, Thompson, and Stockton) are taken to a particular truck. The trucks go to a detention facility and Crocker’s group is taken to a particular cell block. In that block, Li tells them that he expects them to cooperate fully with interrogators. When Crocker says the Geneva Convention protects them only giving their name, rank, and ID number, Li says the Geneva Convention does not apply here.

Zhang holds a meeting of the senior Chinese naval officers. He says that there is the danger of a major international incident since they effectively stole the Seawolf when it was in international waters. Though they risk angering the US, Zhang says the Seawolf holds the means for China to modernize its navy and they must do whatever they can to unlock its technology. Zhang says that the only way to do that is to “vigorously” interrogate the crew, during that time they have to stall the US. The crew is to be held at a jail on the island of Xiachuan Dao until Zhang can find an appropriate jail deep in China’s interior. Zhang outlines a plan that will allow them to hold onto the Seawolf for as long as possible, as well as ensuring the crew “disappears” when no longer useful.

Back in D.C., Morgan is talking with Mulligan and some other Navy officials. They all agree that there is no way the Chinese will voluntarily return Seawolf or its crew, so they need to work out a plan. The President is still stricken by the news of Linus’ capture but will be able to cowboy up for a meeting of the Joint Chiefs and some key Cabinet people. Morgan says the President is very dependent on Linus ever since his wife died and the strain is a lot. Later Morgan meets with the Chinese ambassador, Ling Guofeng, and tries to play hardball, but Guofeng stalls well enough to frustrate Morgan heavily.

We see a scene of Crocker’s group quietly talking to one another in their cells when suddenly Li enters with several guards, followed by Zhang. Zhang tells Crocker that he and his crew are entirely at Zhang’s mercy and advises Crocker to cooperate. Crocker refuses to do so under the Geneva Convention. Zhang makes the offer a second time, saying that no one in the US will help them. Crocker again refuses, so Zhang has several junior crewmembers brought into the cell block. Zhang gives Crocker a third chance, and again Crocker says no, so Zhang has a guard shoot one crewmember. The officers and Stockton go berserk and curse out Zhang, but Zhang says he is prepared to shoot fifty of the crew if it’ll force them to cooperate. He is about to order a second shooting but Crocker yields and says he will advise his men to cooperate. Zhang thanks him for his cooperation and departs with the guards and junior crewmembers. After they leave, Linus, the other officers, and Stockton tell Crocker he did the right thing, since no one will follow his “advice.” Outside, Zhang talks with Li and says he is convinced the US is soft since only one bullet changed the equation.

The meeting of the Joint Chiefs and key Cabinet members occurs. The President says he has appointed Morgan head of the unofficial committee and says he will take no active role because of his conflict of interest. The committee begins to discuss possible ways to resolve the crisis. Immediately any attempt to use military force to enter Canton to take back the prisoners or the Seawolf is dismissed because of the requirement for immense military force and essentially starting World War 3. The Secretary of State points out that China is unlikely to submit to threats. Likewise any direct military attack to compel the Chinese to return the sub and crew is deemed a failure since China would just kill the crew and may even launch missiles from the Xia. After some more discussion, they hit onto a plan: destroy the Seawolf. If a bomb is dropped onto the reactor casing of the sub, it would cause a reactor meltdown that would essentially render the submarine and a small area in Canton Harbor radioactively poisoned for decades. The plan requires for the prisoners’ location to be pinpointed and within a couple hours of the bombing rescued by Special Forces. Morgan calls Admiral Bergstrom, commander of Navy Special Forces, and summons him to DC. During the six-hour interval, Morgan and the President talk a bit and Morgan assures him they’ll get Linus and the rest of the crew back. Six hours later Bergstrom arrives at the White House and the meeting begins again. The plan is fleshed out more and goes like this: First the location of the prisoners needs to be ascertained. Then, a Navy fighter will fly low below radar and slingshot a laser-guided bomb straight onto Seawolf’s reactor. Then during the confusion, a Special Forces team will extract the prisoners.

The meeting breaks up and Morgan confronts the big problem: locating the prisoners. Morgan and Bergstrom talk and Bergstrom says his Navy SEALs are excellent but he won’t send them into the middle of Canton to attack a military jail since it’d be a suicide mission. Their best hope is for the Chinese to move the prisoners somewhere close to the coast. Bergstrom says he’ll assemble a crack team of SEALs and he knows a couple clutch men to lead the mission.

We get a couple short scenes showing the Seawolf crew sulking in their cells, trying to make the best of the situation as they fume over the death of one of their own. We then see them herded out of their cells to a convoy of trucks, which go southeast out of the city. As Zhang and Li oversee the departure, Zhang assigns Li to command the prison holding the crew and says he must isolate the weak ones and break them, so they can then be used as a source of information.

Back in DC, Morgan grumbles over events to Kathy, who is able to prod him into getting ready for his meeting with Ambassador Guofeng. In that meeting, Morgan is surprisingly courteous and diplomatic and plays along with Guofeng that the Chinese are only interested in helping. Guofeng leaves pleased, and Morgan confides that now the Chinese will think they’ve got the Americans fooled.

Bergstrom picks the two SEAL commanders he thinks will be key for leading the mission: Lt. Commanders Rick Hunter (Lewis) and Rusty Bennett (Beach). Rick, a southern gentleman from Kentucky, will be the overall leader, while Rusty will lead the initial recon team to scout out the crew’s location once the Navy finds it. Both men promise to personally pick the best SEALs they know to be a part of the mission.

The trucks arrive at a small dock at the coast and the prisoners are herded onto a ferry that proceeds along the coast southwest. We see a couple short scenes of the crew on the ferry, trying to figure things out, and then the ferry arrives at the island of Xiachuan Dao. As the prisoners are herded into their cells, Commander Li and several interrogators discuss their plans and indicate a few men who they think will crack easily. One is Linus.

Morgan, Mulligan, and a couple others are in a meeting and learn that the CIA managed to track the prisoners to a ferry that left the Chinese coast near Hong Kong. After some thinking, Morgan orders for the search to concentrate on a stretch of islands from Hong Kong past Macao.

We get a couple scenes at the Xiachuan Dao prison showing the crew trying to stay in good spirits, with Crocker having a chat with Linus about him needing to stay strong since the cavalry will be coming. Then Chinese guards come in and take Linus and Rothstein away for interrogation, with Crocker screaming that he’ll kill them if the two officers are harmed. We see Rothstein’s interrogation first, with Rothstein staying completely silent as he is asked questions. When told that no one will know if he talks, Rothstein replies “I’ll know.” Frustrated, the interrogators have him severely beaten. We then see Linus, who looks petrified. Li has Linus waterboarded, and Linus falls unconscious before he gives in to say something.

We see a few short scenes showing Rick and Rusty going to various naval stations where the SEALs are based and personally recruiting a number of elite warriors they know very well. All of the men are eager to join a top-secret mission and share a humorous camaraderie with the two commanders.

Zhang with Zu talks about the need to find a new place to move the prisoners, so they are inland away from a possible rescue mission. After some thinking, Zhang decides that the old jail system in Chongqing should be reinstated, since the city would be impossible for the US to stage a rescue mission into.

Though the jail hasn’t been found yet, the whole SEAL team, 64 soldiers (a lot for a SEAL mission), has been assembled and is being flown out to Okinawa and then helicoptered to a waiting carrier battle group from which the mission will be launched. During the flight the SEAL team members shoot the breeze and crack jokes, most of them not clued into the precise details of the mission yet until they’re past the point of no return. Rick and Rusty go over the few details they know for certain with a couple other officers and say speed and surprise are the key.

We see a second interrogation with Linus, who is wracked with fear. Linus refuses to talk at first, but the interrogators waterboard him again and this time he cracks, saying he’ll tell them what they want to know. The interrogators are pleased and say he (thinking him Bruce Lucas) will go with Li to Canton where he’ll show him some of the Seawolf’s technology. Later, the interrogator meets with Li and tells him the news. Li is pleased, since he mentions a second attempt to interrogate Rothstein did not go well and the officer ended up dying from injuries rather than giving up information.

Elsewhere in the prison, Crocker is in a cell with several junior crewmen and is telling them some tales of exploits to keep their mood up when a guard enters and for no reason hits one of the crew. Crocker loses it and attacks the guard, pummeling him bloody with kicks. It takes several guards to restrain Crocker and knock him out.

We get a humorous scene with Morgan in his office with Kathy as he complains about lots of things, from not knowing where the prisoners are to Kathy not letting him eat red meat all the time. Kathy matches wits well with him and after a minute Morgan gets a call saying there’s been a development. Morgan meets with some Navy and CIA officials and is shown satellite photos taken of Xiachuan Dao that shows lots of activity around some buildings, and Morgan decides they’ve found the prison. Morgan immediately barges into the Oval Office to interrupt a meeting and gets the President alone to tell him the news. The President is relieved and asks Morgan to get his son back.

The SEALS all arrive on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. Rusty takes his handpicked recon team into a briefing room where they are joined by Rick and the carrier battle group commander. With Xiachuan Dao now discovered, Rusty’s recon team will transfer to a waiting submarine, the Greenville, and travel to the island, where they’ll infiltrate. Their job is twofold: figure out the layout of the prison and the guard patrols, and learn about any firepower/communications the prison has. The plan is for the recon to complete within 24 hours, with a few men staying behind to coordinate the assault landing.

We see a short scene of Linus helicoptered back to Canton where he is taken onboard the Seawolf. He is taken on a tour of some systems with some Chinese technicians and he answers their questions about how they generally work. For his “good behavior” he is fed well and given nicer accommodations to sleep in, isolated from the rest of the crew.

We then see Rusty’s team transfer to the Greenville, a couple short scenes showing their restlessness, and then their infiltration onto the island. Once on the island Rusty’s team hikes north along the marshland, there’s a little banter about fighting gators and crocodiles that keeps the mood light enough. Eventually they find a good spot overlooking the prison and take notes about its exterior. We see a couple short scenes showing some SEALs keeping watch through the day in shifts as others patrol carefully and observe other elements of the prison. At one point they see the whole Seawolf crew marched outside and the SEALs are angered by the poor condition of the crew. Then a situation happens when a Chinese guard going to take a #1 walks directly into a clump of grass where a few SEALs are hiding and he has to get quietly taken out. They quickly obscure the blood on the ground and take the body to a beach where they bury the body and stage the guard’s gun and clothing to make it look like he took a swim but drowned.

With the recon otherwise concluded, Rusty takes the bulk of the team back off the island to the waiting Greenville while a few remain behind to keep a watch over the planned assault beach. The plan is for the assault to happen that night, Sunday night.

After another altercation in the prison, Stockton is put into solitary confinement and beaten. The rest of the Seawolf crew whisper about not having seen Linus or Rothstein in some time and speculate that they could be dead. The mood of the prisoners is taking a turn for the worse. Crocker does his best to keep spirits up in the cell he’s in, but he too looks worn down from his rough physical treatment.

At a fleet headquarters, Zhang hears about the missing guard and the assumption he drowned. Though it’s the most likely explanation, Zhang is uneasy and orders subordinates to begin preparing to transfer the prisoners to Chongqing on Monday.

In D.C., Morgan learns that Phase 1 of the plan is ready to proceed, with a CIA agent in Canton using a laser targeting device to pinpoint the location on the Seawolf for the guided bomb to hit. With only a few hours before Phase 1 begins, the President is feeling very shaky and prays alone in a chapel in the White House. Morgan, knowing that the cost of failure will be very high, gives a one-word order to Mulligan: “Go.”

Back on the Ronald Reagan, Rusty briefs the entire SEAL unit about the main details of the recon mission. Rick then takes over and says that within 2 hours they’ll transfer to three submarines: The Greenville, the Cheyenne, and the Hartford, which will take them to within a few miles of Xiachuan Dao for insertion. Rick tells the unit that they’re the best in what they’re trained to do and they’re going to bring the Seawolf crew home. We then see the unit transferring to the three submarines, which set course for the island.

7 hours later, an F/A-18 Hornet fighter is loaded with a single precision-guided bomb and takes off from the Ronald Reagan. The fighter flies only 200 feet above the ground at high speeds and executes the plan perfectly, reaching Canton and doing a sudden turn up that flings the bomb up and away, its guidance system picking up the laser targeter and setting a course for the bomb to fall. No one sees the bomb fall and it crashes into the Seawolf’s reactor area before exploding. The thick hull of the sub contains the explosion, but the internal damage to the reactor area is extreme, destroying its cooling system. And, because of the sabotage done by Crocker and the Chief Engineer, the secondary systems fail to engage, resulting in the reactor spiraling towards a meltdown. The Chinese engineers on the sub try to do something but to no avail, the reactor core overheats and melts through the hull of the Seawolf and drops into the water of Canton Harbor. This results in two things: First, the water of the Harbor cools the core and prevents a total meltdown. Second, the core being directly in the water essentially turns a large chunk of the Harbor, and the Seawolf itself, into a radioactive death zone as the Chinese onboard the sub and in the nearby dockyard flee as far as they can.

Zhang quickly receives the news and is stunned, thinking that his scientists screwed things up with the meltdown. He has no option but to sink the Seawolf in the harbor and quarantine a huge section of the dockyard and harbor. Shaken, he suspects sabotage may be involved and calls Li and orders him to harshly interrogate Bruce Lucas (Linus) to see if the officer lied about something.

The SEAL team lands on Xiachuan Dao and quickly moves into position. The first thing it has to do is silently take over the prison watchtowers. Then, it has to simultaneously blow up the radio equipment of the patrol boat and two helicopters by the prison to prevent a message going out, as well as the prison’s radio hut. Only then can the actual attack to free the prisoners happen.

Morgan is waiting in his office with the President and Kathy when he receives word of a major nuclear episode in Canton harbor, which confirms that Phase 1 is a success. The President is relieved, but still very shaky since now the more tricky Phase, the prison rescue, has to occur.

The SEAL plan goes into action. Rick gives the go order and Rusty leads the team that silently takes over the watchtowers, quickly killing all the guards. Another group then scales the prison walls and stealthily takes out the two main patrols around the wall. Rick gets a confirmation signal from that group and the gives the order for the next step, with multiple groups simultaneously tossing satchel charges into the radio hut and the HQ building, resulting in several large explosions. Another group tosses gas bombs into an identified civilian dormitory that will just knock the civilian workers out. Finally a last team shoots anti-tank missiles at the patrol boat and the two helicopters, destroying them. The exterior of the jail is now in SEAL hands. Rick then begins a quick organization for the seizure of the jail buildings themselves and gives the order to attack.

Zhang, feeling uneasy, tries to contact the jail but gets no response. Very alarmed, he calls up Zu and says he believes there can’t be a coincidence and that the Americans must be behind it all.

Inside the jail the Chinese guards are rushing about panicking. Crocker is relieved, since the sounds indicate a rescue and tells the men in his cell block to be patient just a little longer. Li, who is waterboarding Linus, halts the torture session and gives an order for the guards in his area to rush to the defense. The door to Crocker’s cellblock is then blown open and machine guns kill the few Chinese guards in the hall. Rick then enters and has some light banter with Crocker through the bars of Crocker’s cell. The SEALs quickly blow open the cell doors and Crocker says a couple of his men have been moved to an interrogation wing of the prison and he can guide them in. Rick is reluctant since there could still be resistance but Crocker insists so Rick gives him a pistol. As the bulk of the SEAL team blows open the cell doors for the crew and escorts them out, Crocker leads Rick and several others to the interrogation wing of the prison. The wing is deserted and all but one of the rooms are checked with no one present. At the last door, Crocker shouts “Linus!” and hears a muffled cry in response. The SEALs blow the door open and quickly kill the two guards inside. Li is also in there with Linus and tries to surrender but Crocker rushes him, slams him to the ground, and beats him up. Crocker then gets up to walk away, but Li then tries to draw a weapon, so Crocker quickly shoots Li dead. Linus is freed, being heavily shaken by his experience. Crocker hugs him and says they’re going home and for the first time in a while Linus looks relieved. Rick leads them outside to rendezvous with the rest of the SEALs and the crew. After doing a quick headcount they head back down towards the landing beach.

Zhang, now positive that the Americans have attacked, realizes the only way to avoid losing face is to destroy the American rescue team. Zu tells him that the chance of success is minimal and Zhang replies he doesn’t care, so long as some of the Americans are killed. He orders the Xiangtan, the destroyer that the Seawolf collided with, to go to Xiachuan Dao. Zhang says he must salvage some pride from the twin disasters.

At the landing beach the Seawolf crew is getting loaded into several rafts with engines. It took some time to get back to the beach and with several crewmembers needing stretchers that will require more trips to take everyone back to the submarines. The severely injured or shaken, such as Stockton and Linus, are among the first to be taken off. Between Rick, Rusty, and Crocker’s guidance the initial trips go smoothly, and as the rafts go back and forth the tension remains high. Crocker and Rick talk a bit and Rick asks how bad it was in the prison. Crocker says it was very bad and that some of his men are severely battered because they refused to talk. He also tells Rick about how the Seawolf got tangled in its collision while he was off-duty. Crocker says that there’ll definitely be a board of inquiry into what happened and fears there may even be a court-martial if the board finds one or more people very responsible for the accident.

Back in D.C., Morgan gets a call and after a few seconds thanks the caller and hangs up. He tells the President that Linus is safe and is heading back to the carrier group right now. The President is relieved and Morgan decides to go to the Pentagon to coordinate the final steps of the rescue. The President meanwhile decides to go to a nearby church in the afternoon hours and spends some time there in silent reflection.

As the last raft leaves to head to the Greenville, the Xiangtan nears the island. The ship’s orders are to immediately attack any US ship or sub it finds. Colonel Lee is reluctant to carry out the orders, but decides he must carry out his duty. The final rafts get loaded into the Greenville and it heads away, but it can’t dive yet because the water is shallow. The Xiangtan locates it on radar and gives chase, able to move faster on the surface than the Greenville. At the Southern Fleet headquarters Zu begs Zhang to reconsider, but Zhang is determined to get revenge and orders Lee to attack. Lee complies and the Xiangtan fires several shells at the Greenville, which begins to dive, but before it does so one hits and damages its top. The Greenville isn’t in danger of sinking, but it lost most of its sonar ability and now moves noisier. Crocker helps give the Greenville’s commander some advice on how to stay as silent as possible as it escapes towards a pair of US frigates not far away. With Crocker’s guidance, Greenville slides under the frigate Kaufman and matches its speed, so it stays directly underneath, which mostly hides it on sonar. With this done, the group flees east; with Xiangtan pursuing, Lee hoping Greenville either surfaces or shows itself on sonar.

Lee contacts Zhang to let him know of the developments and Zhang, close to losing it, berates Lee for failing to sink the submarine and orders him to do whatever it takes, even if it causes a major shooting incident with the US Navy. Zhang then, distraught, fears to his friend Zu that his career will be on the line.

Meanwhile the other submarines have reached the Ronald Reagan and offload the crewmembers. Linus is escorted to a secure room where he has a conversation with his dad. The President is thrilled to hear his voice and says Linus was very brave. Linus thanks his dad, but his facial expressions betray feelings of guilt. Meanwhile Morgan and Mulligan debate what to do about the Xiangtan. They agree that they can’t sink the Chinese ship unless it fires again on the Greenville or another ship. Morgan figures out that because the Xiangtan has normal fuel, it’ll eventually run low and have to turn back or go for the kill. Meanwhile on the Greenville, the SEALs try to unwind, but are nervous since the situation is beyond their control. We also seem some more talk between Crocker, Rick, and Rusty that reveals some more personal info about them all.

Eventually Lee reaches the same conclusion as Morgan. He figures out the general area of the Greenville and, after some hesitation, fires a pair of torpedoes. The torpedoes immediately appear on sonar and the two US frigates in the area return fire, each firing an anti-ship missile that reaches the Xiangtan in seconds and blows it up. The Greenville deploys decoys and after some tense seconds, the torpedoes zoom by harmlessly. We see a couple short scenes of the Greenville finally meeting up with the Ronald Reagan and transferring the Seawolf crewmembers and SEALs onboard to it. There is a joyous celebration by both groups now that all of them are safe and sound.

The President is thrilled and wants to go to Hawaii to meet his son on the Ronald Reagan, but is convinced by Morgan that it’d be political suicide since the media would follow the President and would inevitably find out what happened and would create a huge global stink. The President finally yields to Morgan. Morgan, a bit concerned about the President’s state of mind, vents to Kathy when they meet and is unsure if the President is all together. He later talks with Ambassador Guofeng and the Chinese Ambassador agrees that the best thing for both countries is to bury the truth as deep as possible.

Meanwhile we see a couple short scenes showing the Seawolf crew blowing off steam on the Ronald Reagan. Crocker tries to talk to Linus about his time at the prison but Linus is distant, but finally Linus blurts out that he broke during the torture and told the Chinese information. Linus is ashamed and breaks down crying, and Crocker, understanding, tells him that everyone eventually breaks under torture and the Chinese have lost all of their data with the Seawolf gone. Crocker reassures Linus that everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, Zhang is resigned to the fact that he will likely lose his job and goes to the government headquarters in Beijing to metaphorically fall on his sword. To his surprise, the high command won’t let him resign, saying that he made a gamble to boost China’s power and it unfortunately failed. They tell him that now he won’t ever underestimate the Americans again. Zhang, his confidence renewed, says he won’t and he will make sure the Americans pay for their damage to China’s prestige.

Back in D.C., Morgan talks with Mulligan and is told that the Navy will convene a board of inquiry to figure out what went wrong with the Seawolf in its collision and a court-martial of one or more people may be possible. The President is worried about the news since while as commander-in-chief he has the power to publicly order the Navy not to open an inquiry, to do so is political suicide.

We then see a few short snippets of the Board of Inquiry, with Crocker, Linus, and other officers and crewmembers knowledgeable about the collision giving some testimony. We see that Linus is now confrontational and is doing anything he can to avoid responsibility. Afterwards Crocker tries to talk to Linus and Linus says he didn’t screw up badly enough to deserve this and he won’t let them bury his career.

We then learn that the board of inquiry recommends that both Crocker and Linus be court-martialed for gross negligence. Morgan tries to tell the President that it’s the only way to clear the air for the story to go away, but the President is furious. The President shouts that he will not have his only child undergo public humiliation in a court-martial and says he will strike down the ruling for Linus. Morgan says if he does so then both Mulligan and Cameron, the commander of the Pacific Fleet, will resign. The President doesn’t care and gives the order, and within thirty minutes both Admirals turn in their resignations. The President is satisfied, but Morgan tells him that though he got what he wanted, there’s no way the Navy will fully convict Crocker and there’ll always be questions about what really happened. Morgan also says that he is considering resigning as well, since he has lost a lot of faith in the President.

We then see a phone conversation between the President and Linus and we learn Linus helped push his dad to the decision. Linus is grateful, but his tone indicates he may have second thoughts. The President says it doesn’t matter anymore and Linus will have a future. Linus agrees, but his voice indicates he is unsure.

We then see Morgan and Kathy having dinner at Morgan’s home. Morgan wants to resign his post, but after a talk with Kathy she convinces him that while he failed to make the President see sense this time, 99% of the time he’s the only man the President fully trusts and will listen to. Morgan says she’s right and says he’ll stick it out.

We then jump to the end of the court-martial for Crocker. Because of the loss of the Seawolf and Linus being stricken from the proceedings, the court-martial has to convict Crocker of something, but because the evidence shows that Crocker is not responsible for the collision, they convict him of only minor negligence and issue a letter of reprimand that won’t tarnish his career much. Crocker is relieved that his career is intact but still feels a bit lousy since the reprimand will reduce his opportunities for advancement. He leaves the courtroom to meet his father and wife and after some hugs sees someone waiting a ways off and leaves them to talk to that person: Linus. Linus says he’s sorry about Crocker having to take the fall for what happened and he doesn’t know if he can stay in the Navy. Crocker says he understands but tells Linus that they both should have been him in the courtroom and that their friendship is over because Linus let his father pull strings to get him out of trouble. Linus is shaken and Crocker says that corruption with men of honor carries a high price. Crocker leaves and rejoins his family and they leave the courthouse into a bright sunny day.

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Genre: Thriller

Cast: Liam Neeson (Robert Jarvis), Sung Kang (Takati), Shô Kosugi (Okajima), Hiro Mizushima (Yamada), Shidô Nakamura (Matsuo)

Release Date: 6/8

Theater Count: 2966 Theaters

Budget: $55 million

Running Time: 110 minutes

MPAA Rating: R for violence, language, and some drug use

Plot Summary:

Robert Jarvis (Neeson) is a former Navy SEAL who after sustaining heavy injuries shifted to working as a naval crime investigator (NCIS) for a number of years before retiring. He has a relatively happy life, his kids grown-up. A few early scenes show him relaxing and one day meeting with an old friend, Colonel Keely, who is a Marine officer stationed on Okinawa. They talk about old times and what Keely’s up to now on the island. Keely then leaves to go back to Okinawa. We see a couple more scenes of Robert’s life.

Scene shifts to Okinawa where we see a few masked men break into a home and silently kill everyone they find. However they grumble that their target isn’t there. Suddenly their target enters the home: Colonel Keely. Keely is able to fight back, injuring one fairly badly before they overwhelm him and murder him. In the commotion, we see that the murderers missed a room in their search and a young woman is able to escape out a window. The murderers then leave and the woman returns to find Keely and a couple others (his wife and a young man) dead.

Robert gets a phone call and it’s the woman, Amy, saying her dad, mom, and brother have been murdered. Robert immediately makes travel arrangements to Okinawa. As he travels, we see a NCIS team working the Keely murder. One of the team members is Nick Olson and he is a bit stumped. Robert eventually arrives in Okinawa and finds Amy, who is distraught. She tells him what happened and Robert decides to go to Keely’s home to look around. He finds Nick still there and Nick doesn’t want him to interfere with a crime scene. Robert points out a couple clues the NCIS team missed and Nick realizes that Robert was at least a former cop and says if Robert has any insights he can point them out, but he can’t get involved.

We see Nick showing Robert around the house and what NCIS discovered and Robert concludes that this wasn’t a break-in but a planned murder. Robert then goes back to Amy and asks her questions about what her father was doing on Okinawa and if he was looking into anything troublesome. Amy says that Keely was having people look into the drug trade on Okinawa. Robert thinks that’s a good place to start and tells Amy she should leave Okinawa until things get sorted out. Robert then takes the information Amy gave him and over a couple scenes tracks down a mid-level drug dealer called Sakorro. Robert infiltrates Sakorro’s warehouse and delivers a beatdown on several thugs before trapping Sakorro and threatening to torture him. Sakorro says that Keely was getting close to some sources of business but that he had plans to throw him off the scent, but his bosses in Tokyo overreacted and sent a hit-squad to take out Keely. Robert does some beating of Sakorro and learns more information about the murderers. He decides to spare Sakorro since he is “too weak to get involved with killing” and sets the warehouse on fire to attract police attention.

As local police go through the remains of the warehouse and interrogate Sakorro and his thugs, Robert uses his info to track hospital records and match them with details of the hit-squad. He finds a match for the injured one and tracks down the person to a hotel on the far side of the island. As he goes there he gives Nick a call that the killers will soon be caught, spurring Nick to race in that direction. Robert meanwhile arrives at the hotel and proceeds to ambush the killers, killing them one by one until only the injured one is left. Robert threatens to kill him unless he gives up their employer and the man agrees, telling Robert the name “Koyatsu.” Robert decides to kill the man anyway but Nick arrives at that point to stop him. Robert tells Nick that people high in the criminal food chain ordered Keely’s death and he intends to find them. Nick says the Japanese police can handle that and Robert replies that the police can’t be trusted. Robert then flees before Nick can detain him. As he finds a way off the island, Robert makes a call to someone in Tokyo, saying he’ll need his services.

Scene changes to Tokyo where we see a bunch of Japanese businessmen meeting and we learn that they’re in fact all leaders of the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. They talk business and one mentions that some Okinawa operations are compromised. A young man, Yamada, tries to push for new expansions but is shot down by an elderly man, Sahashi. Later after the meeting three men talk and we learn that one of them is Koyatsu. There are two others, a middle-aged man, Han, and Yamada. Yamada seems to be the one in charge.

We get a scene where Nick calls a Tokyo police officer he knows named Takati and tells him about the Keely murder and Robert’s intentions. Takati promises to find Robert and resolve the case. Takati has a partner, Matsuo, who thinks this job’s a waste of time. They go to the airport and pick up Robert as he gets off his plane. Robert goes with them in their car and on the road Takati tries to tell Robert that as an American in Tokyo he’d stick out like a sore thumb and he should let professionals handle their own turf. Matsuo throws in a couple snide comments. Robert says the two officers made a mistake: they didn’t handcuff him. He immediately struggles and forces the car to make a minor crash off the road. The two officers are stunned and Robert flees. Later, we see that Matsuo is corrupt and calls Koyatsu to warn him about the American.

Robert arrives at an apartment that is owned by a man his age, Okajima. The two are old friends from Robert’s military days and Okajima knows a lot about how the Yakuza are set up in Tokyo. He gives Robert information about how to find Koyatsu and gives him access to supplies such as weapons and other tools.

Robert goes to Koyatsu’s main location, a nightclub, and after beating up a couple bouncers is able to find Koyatsu and threaten him with a gun. Robert takes Koyatsu to the roof of a building and threatens to throw him off the roof if he doesn’t give up names. Koyatsu mentions Han and says he was just the middle-man for most things. Robert reminds him “but you still give the orders to those under you” and throws Koyatsu off the roof anyway.

Takati and Matsuo arrive at the crime scene since the description of the American matches their guy. Takati is furious and says if Robert got names out of Koyatsu then this is only the beginning of the violence. Meanwhile Han nervously calls Yamada about Koyatsu’s death and is told that the American will show himself soon enough, but that means Han must be bait.

Robert returns to Okajima for more information, this time about Han. Okajima tells him what he knows and mentions the Yakuza is in the middle of civil unrest between older and younger leaders. Okajima says that this can’t end well and tells Robert to leave the country, but Robert is determined to get revenge since he says he owes everything in life to Keely and so he owes Keely this. Okajima is unsure he wants to continue helping Robert down his bloody path.

Takati and Matsuo do some investigation and learn that Koyatsu is connected with a man named Han. Takati thinks Han may be the next target and says they can stop this now and maybe unravel the truth behind the crimes. Matsuo agrees, but we then see him calling Han and Han says if Takati gets too close to the truth Matsuo needs to deal with him. We see Han is staying in a hotel with lots of security. We also see a scene that shows Takati has a wife and young child and has a loving relationship with them.

Robert with help from friends of Okajima infiltrates the hotel in a fake room service cart and goes up to the roof after being told which room Han is in. Robert sets up a rappel line calibrated for the exact length needed and we see he has a second. Meanwhile Takati and Matsuo arrive at the hotel and because they are cops are stalled by security on their way to talk to Han. Robert rappels down the side of the hotel and then when he gets to a main window propels himself through it to the shock of Han and his guards. Robert quickly kills all the guards, getting wounded in return, and ties up Han before setting up a second rappel line. He then beats information out of Han just as Takati and Matsuo show up. They try to convince Robert to give up but Robert declines, shoots Han, and jumps out a window, the audience seeing him rappel down to the ground.

Takati and Matsuo are upset, for different reasons we know of, but Takati calms down and says since this is a crime scene they can take everything in for evidence, which makes Matsuo a little nervous.

Robert stumbles back to Okajima’s place, hurt, and Okajima patches him up. As this happens Robert talks about why he owes everything in his life to Keely and we understand just how big a debt Robert believes he owes. Okajima realizes Robert will not stop his quest and says he will continue to help.

We see a scene with Yamada in a private gym, training in martial arts and even a katana. His session is interrupted by Sahashi and his bodyguard, and we learn Sahashi was a friend of Yamada’s father. Sahashi is able to figure out that Yamada is connected to this string of deaths in Tokyo and says Yamada never knows his limits and when to refrain from pushing them. Yamada is angry and says he is the future of their organization and Sahashi just lacks the guts to do anything risky anymore.

We then see scenes of Robert with Okajima’s help investigating the information Han told him as well as scenes of Takati pouring over the evidence taken from Han’s hotel room. Takati realizes that the evidence here implicates lots of people in various criminal activities, so Matsuo gets nervous. Matsuo is able to get in touch with Yamada and talks about Takati and is told to eliminate him before he unravels too much. Matsuo agrees and through some police work of his own links the American to a few fake hotel employees and links them to Okajima. He tells Yamada this and Yamada says he’ll handle the old man. We then finally see that Robert and Okajima figure out that the corrupt cop they gleaned from Han’s info is either Takati or Matsuo. Robert decides to visit Takati first.

That night Matsuo persuades Takati to have a night on the town and Takati goes outside to tell his wife where he’ll be. Later, Robert arrives at Takati’s apartment and notices suspicious men going inside. He follows just in time to catch them bursting into Takati’s apartment to kill his family and Robert quickly intervenes, killing the two men in a vicious fight using household items. Robert realizes from this Matsuo is the bad cop and asks Takati’s wife where her husband is and she tells him. As Robert races to find Takati, Matsuo is shaky and nervous as he takes Takati to a pier they hang out at a lot to drink and finally says Takati doesn’t know when to quit and points a gun at him. Takati tries to convince Matsuo that their friendship is important but Matsuo says he made his choice. Before Matsuo can shoot Robert arrives and shoots Matsuo in the leg. Takati pulls a gun on Robert since he’s a criminal but Robert says the Yakuza just tried to kill Takati’s family and they’re safe now because of him. This changes Takati’s mood and he lets Robert interrogate Matsuo about the order. Matsuo mentions Yamada and then says Yamada knows about Okajima and is sending men to kill him. Robert then races away, telling Takati Matsuo is his to deal with. Takati plans to take Matsuo in for an arrest but Matsuo pulls out a hidden second gun and kills himself out of shame.

Robert arrives at Okajima’s place and finds a few dead men inside, and then Okajima sitting on a couch with Sahashi, Sahashi’s bodyguard standing to the side. Sahashi explains that he had some of Yamada’s men followed and had them killed as they tried to murder Okajima. Okajima says he knows Sahashi from their service in the military and that for this matter at least he is their ally. Sahashi tells Robert that Yamada is reckless and power-hungry and will only hurt the Yakuza in the long run, so Robert is being given permission to go after him. Sahashi gives Robert details of where Yamada will be and says Yamada must have done something terrible to bring such a storm to Tokyo. Sahashi then leaves and Robert mulls over what just happened.

Takati goes home to his family to comfort them and learns from them about what the American did to save them. Takati has them pack their things and take a trip, to be safe, and then goes to find Robert at Okajima’s. Takati tells Robert that he wants to help, since his family was targeted, and Robert agrees since taking on a Yakuza boss and his army of guards alone is suicide. We see scenes of them with Okajima prepping, gathering supplies and going over the layout of where Yamada is going to be. We also see Yamada learn about his failed murder attempts and Matsuo’s suicide, which makes him very panicky and angry. We also see a scene where Robert and Takati talk about their personal lives and what they have to go back to when this is all over.

Robert and Takati arrive outside Yamada’s estate and execute their plan, though while Robert kills the guards he encounters without hesitation, Takati uses non-lethal force to disable them since he’s a cop and they’re unaware of his presence. They get in position and Takati causes a distraction by blowing up a garage, sending guards that way. He also throws smoke grenades all over the place to obscure a good chunk of the estate’s outdoors. This gives Robert time to enter the estate and confront Yamada. He is wounded by Yamada’s guards but kills then, but before he can attack Yamada, Yamada quickly throws a knife that injures Robert and knocks his gun away. The result is a hand-to-hand brawl between Robert and Yamada while Takati continues to distract Yamada’s guards, finally having to use lethal force when they shoot at him. Meanwhile Robert and Yamada’s fight moves through the estate and Yamada makes things more difficult by grabbing a katana in his training room to try and slice up Robert, though Robert dodges the slices and grabs a katana of his own to fight back. They wind up outside in a water garden and fight in a decorative pond in knee-deep water. Yamada disarms Robert and gashes him and goes for the kill, but Robert at the last second dodges and wrestles the sword away, then pinning Yamada underwater there and holding him there as he drowns. Once that is over, Robert is found by a pair of guards but before they can kill him they are shot by Takati. The two leave.

Takati drives Robert back to Okajima’s and says Robert should leave the country immediately, since the whole police force will be looking for an American of his description. Robert thanks him for the help and Takati drives off. Robert then talks with Okajima, who asks if finishing it makes Robert feel better. Robert replies that he never feels good about killing someone, but he feels at peace for repaying his debt. They talk for a little bit and then we see Robert calling Amy and saying that the men responsible for her family’s death are gone. Amy is happy, but says she didn’t want Robert to go to those lengths for her family. Robert says he knows, but it’s something he had to do and now it’s all over. We then see Robert leaving on a plane just before police officers arrive at the airport with a rough description of him. Finally we see Robert at a cemetery looking at the grave for Keely and his family and Amy comes. Robert gives her a hug and says her father was a good man. Amy replies “so are you” and the two walk away.

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Genre: Action

Lee Pace - Hank Pym/Ant-Man

Alison Brie - Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp
Sam Worthington - Whirlwind
Phillip Syemour Hoffman - Egghead

Director: Brad Bird

Score: Michael Giacchino

Studio: Public Pictures

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Release Date: May 4th

Theater Count: 3,659(3D & IMAX)

Run Time: 128 minutes

Budget: $105 Million

Setting: New York, New York


It opens with a lady getting her purse snatched. As the snatcher is running away you start to see his face fly from side to side like he is being hit on each side of his face. The camera zooms in and it is a tiny man riding an ant that is hitting each side of his face. The camera then pans out as the guy is falling to the ground. After that, the man on the ant shifts to regular size, calls for help, and some ants start swarming onto the man. While this is happen, he grabs the purse, gives it back to the lady, shrinks back down, and flys off on the ant. The words Ant-Man flash onto the screen right after he flys away.

After the opening credits finish it shifts to to Hank Pym at a fancy galla with a woman. That woman is his date, Janet Van Dyne. She is the daughter of his science partner/mentor Vernon Van Dyne. He tells her that he understand if she doesn't want to be there with him since her dad set it up. She tells him that she wanted to come and had her dad set it up. Pym is surprised to hear this. While they are there, they bump into Pym's science rival Dr. Egghead. He wanted to work with Dr. Van Dyne, but he choose Pym instead. He ask Pym if he can have some of his Pym Particals, but Pym tells him that he doesn't trust him with them, so he can't have them. Egghead angrily walks off.

Hank and Janet sit down at a table and she says that she know that he is the Ant-Man and that she wants to know how/why he became the Ant-Man and how he can change size. He is shocked to hear that she knows he is Ant-Man and ask how she knows. She tells him that she went to see her father and caught him putting on the Ant-Man helmet and changing size. Ant-Man then agrees to tell her is origin story.

It then shifts to the past showing how Pym became Ant-Man. However, before that, he tells her how his wife dying caused him to want to make the world a better place and become a hero. His wife and him were in Hungary on their honeymoon when she was shot and killed. She was killed by a man who hated her father and wanted to get back at him by killing her. After this happened Pym went hard into his science to try and come up with a way to do some good in the world and stop bad things from happening to good people.

It then shows a quick montage of him creating the Pym Particles. Pym Particles have the ability to change the size of anything they come in contact with. He knew he could do a lot of good with them. It then shows him using them to get small and interact with ants. He then develops the helmet that he uses to communicate with them. The flashback ends with a montage of him stopping some criminals with his new powers/abilities. He goes small, gets tall, and uses ants to stop the criminals. After this, it shifts back to them at the fancy galla.

Janet is fascinated by his story and sad about what happened to Pym's wife. They agree to see each other again. She says that she wants to test out some Pym Particals and he agrees to let her. They leave to galla and he takes her home. Pym goes back to his lab and starts working on his latest invention. It is not shown what he is working on.

Next it shows a bank being robbed the following day. The man robbing the bank has powers of his own. He is none other than Whirlwind. He can twirl his body at speed as fast as a tornado. As he is using his powers to destroy the bank and steal the money and police show up. He speens really fast causing thier police cars to fly into the air and he gets away so fast that nobody can follow him.

He ends up at Dr. Egghead's lab. Egghead asks him how it went? Whirlwind tells him it went fine, but it would have been better if he could have used the suit Egghead is making for him. He tells him that he wanted to test his skills first before he gave it to him. Whirlwind then ask what he wants him to do for him? He responds telling him that he want him to take out Dr. Van Dyne. Whirlwind ask why and he says that it is to get back at Pym since he works for him and dates his daughter.

It then shows the police talking to Ant-Man at the scene of the crime detailing to him what went down. Ant-Man agrees to find the man who did it and take him down. The police agree to help if they can. Pym has to go meet Janet for lunch, so he gets small, hops on an ant, and goes to meet her.

It shows them at luch after this. Pym ask Janet about her life. She tells him all about how she is a fashion model. Hering this, he is even more surprised that she is out on a date with him. She calms him down by telling him that she has always like smart guys like him.

After this it shifts to night where Dr. Van Dyne is getting ready to close up his lab. However, before he can, Whirlwind comes crashing through his lab. He destorys the whole lab leaving hardly anything but rubble. The whole building came crashing down on Dr. Van Dyne. Whirldwind did what he was told, he took out Dr. Van Dyne since he didn't survive the building crashing on top of him.

The movie then shifts to a few days later and it is Dr. Van Dyne's funeral. Pym is holding Janet in his arms as she is crying. She tells him that she saw the footage of how it went down and wants to help him stop the man that murdered her father. Says that he doesn't want her to get hurt, so he will do it alone. She yells at him and demands to let him help her. He gives in, but tells her that he will have to train her first. Egghead is at the funeral, but neither Pym or Janet see him. He is with a man. That man is David Cannon aka Whirlwind. Before they leave though, they tell Janet and Pym that they are so sorry about what happened to her father.

The next part of the movie it shows Pym developing Janet's super hero outfit. He makes adds stingers(bio-electric blast) onto the arms of the suit. Janet hower, designs the color and look of the suit since he is a fashion model afterall. After it is a complete, a montage is shown of Pym training her on how to use it and how to fight. After it ends, she tells him to call her The Wasp and he agrees, but laughs at the same time. Inbetween working on her suit and teaching her how to use it, Pym is shown working on his latest invention again. It is still not shown what it is.

While this was going on, Egghead was creating a ray gun so that he can help Whirlwind if Pym and Janet come looking for them. He suspects they will and he wants to be ready. Whirlwind is bord, so he decides to go cause some trouble. Before he can though, Egghead tells him not too. Whirlwind doesn't listen and goes to rob another bank.

Pym and Janet hear that a bank is being robber and that a tornando like winds were seen at the crime scene, so they decide to go check it out. They think it might be Whirlwind, the man who killed her father, so they become Ant-Man and The Wasp. When they show up though, he is gone. Pym knows he can't be working alone since his suit is too high tech for a normal man to have made. He studies the crime scene footage, zooms it in, and sees Egghead's symbol on Whirlwinds' suit. Pym notes to Janet that Egghead has always been stupid and arrogant, so he isn't surprised that he put his symbol on Whirlwind's suit. They decide to go to Egghead's lab to get revenge.

When they get there, the sneak in by going small and coming in through the vents. Egghead is in his lab yelling at Whirlwind for being an idiot and robbing the bank. As they are arguing, Pym and Janet grow to normal size and tell them that they will not cause anymore harm to anyone. Janet is running on emotion, and start shooting her stingers at Whirlwind. As her and Whirlwind are fighting Egghead and Ant-Man was trying to talk and not fight. Egghead says that he knows it is Pym and that he doesn't regret having Whirlwind kill Dr. Van Dyne. He laughs, then says, that woman with you that is fighting Whirlwind is his daughter isn't it? Pym is furious and calls for ants to attack Egghead as he goes to help Janet.

Then, a huge fight takes place in the lab and outside too. First, Whirlwind is shown fighting The Wasp. Then Ant-Man running to go help her. At the same time, Egghead is trying to fight off the Ants with his ray gun and sneek out of the building. Ant-Man shows up to the fight and sees The Wasp layed out. Seeing this, Pym decides to end this, so he grows to 100 ft. tall. Whirlwind trys to counter this by spinning faster than he ever has before. Pym swings his arm, knocks over a spinning Whirlwind, picks him up, and smashes him to the ground. Whirlwind is down for the count. While this was going on, Egghead was somehow able to get away. Pym sees that Janet is hurt, so he calls for an ambulance and for the police to pick up Whirlwind. When both get there he expalins the situtation to them. The police take Whirldwind to the high security prison, The Raft and they rush Janet to the hospital in the ambulance. They all look for Ant-Man, but he is nowhere to be seen. He has shrunk down, and has went to look for Dr. Egghead. To find out where he is, he is communticating with ants to track him down.

The ants lead him to a special runway at the airport where Egghead is getting ready to board a plane and fly way. Pym gets there as the plane is tacking off. So, he decides to grow a 100 ft. tall again. He then grabs the plan stopping it from flying and sets it back on the ground. Egghead gets out of it and starts shooting at Pym with his ray gun. It has little effect on Pym at such a size. He picks up Egghead, holds him up to him, and they start talking. Egghead explains why he did what he did and Pym explains what will happen to him and that he will be locked up with Whirlwind at The Raft for life. Egghead tells him that he will get out and he will make Pym pay. Pym just laughs at him and tells him that he is nuts.

It shifts forward to the next day where Pym is seen sitting at the side of Janet's hospital bed. She wakes up, sits up, and ask him what happened to Whirlwind and Egghead. Pym tells her to lay back down, and he will tell her all about it. The movie with her smiling as he tells her about what went down after she was knocked out.

If fads to black as he is talking to her and the credits start to roll.

After the credits there is another scene with Pym in his lab. He is shown working on his latest invention and it is a robot of some sort. He gets up walks out of the room and you can clearly see that he was building Ultron. The scene ends with Pym walking back in the room to continue building Ultron.

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Eternal Sleep

Genre: Drama

Stars: Amy Adams (Emily Gavin), Mark Ruffalo (Danny Gavin), James Cromwell (John Gavin), Sally Field (Sarah Gavin), Jennifer Ehle (Dr. Lawson), and Robert De Niro (Ronald)

Directed By: Robert De Niro (A Bronx Tale, The Good Shepherd)

Written By: Steven Zaillian

Release Date: 10/12

Theater Count: 2276 theaters

Budget: $35 million

Running Time: 112 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, sexual content, and thematic elements

Plot Summary: (Italics means a flashback)

The film begins with the voice of Danny Gavin (Eckhart) narrating to the audience about accidents in life as short flashes of scenes show his body being rushed into a hospital, stuck into an ER, and worked on as the staff tries to revive him. He remarks that sometimes a traumatic event is only the beginning, and then the screen fades to black for the main credits.

We next see Danny’s wife, Emily (Adams) coming in to the hospital, still in shock from hearing that he suddenly dropped into unconsciousness with a freak heart attack. As she watches his sleeping body from outside the room, the doctor attending the case, Mara Lawson (Ehle) comes up to talk to her. She mentions that Danny had been suffering from some sort of congenital heart defect that had gone unnoticed until it struck. And after being asked if he’ll be okay, she reluctantly tells Emily that during his transport to the hospital, Danny’s heart had stopped and he’d been without air in his brain for several minutes, more than enough time for brain damage to set in. She says that Danny is now in a coma, and that there is no way of knowing when he’ll come out, or if he’ll ever recover any control of his body functions. Emily is distraught from this and can do nothing but helplessly look at her husband from outside.

It is a few years earlier, and we have Danny narrating to the audience once again, this time about chance encounters and how they can produce unexpected results. The narration goes on as we see several scenes go on. The first shows Emily jogging through a park in the summer, while Danny is a little bit behind and is sprinting. He overtakes Emily and runs by, going a little bit before taking a wrong step and twisting his ankle. Emily sees this and rushes over to see if he is okay. The two talk for a couple minutes and seem to enjoy it and at the end Danny asks Emily out for coffee.

Emily is half-asleep in a chair in Danny’s room when the door slides open. It’s John (Cromwell) and Sarah (Field), Danny’s parents, who have just arrived after hearing about Danny’s condition. The relatives embrace, and Emily tells them exactly what is going with Danny. John and Sarah say that Danny is strong, and that he’ll be able to pull out of it, and tell Emily to go home for a bit and get some rest. When Emily gets home, she listens to a message from her father, Ronald (De Niro), saying that he’s heard what happened and he’s so sorry, and he wants Emily to call him back. Emily deletes the message. Alone in a quiet house, Emily can’t really do much except sit down in silence, breaking down in tears after a minute. Still, she reassures herself that everything is going to be fine. Her husband will wake up.

We’re now several months into the Emily-Danny relationship. Danny’s narration tells us no path in life is free of sudden curves and that moment comes when Danny and Emily go to Emily’s apartment after a date and find Ronald sitting on the stoop outside. Ronald says it’s been months since Emily talked to him and he wants to know how she is, but Emily dismisses him and says he needs to go. Ronald relents under the pressure and goes. In the apartment, Danny wants to know what’s bothering Emily and she says she hasn’t told him much about her family because her past makes her ashamed. She talks about how her father was an alcoholic and his drinking drove her mother into depression and she eventually killed herself, and though her father is allegedly sober for years, she still can’t bring herself to speak to him more than occasionally. Danny is understanding and says he won’t neglect her like her father. They make out and go to the bedroom to have sex.

We see several more scenes of their relationship growing deeper and deeper. Danny persuades Emily to give her father a chance and she meets Ronald for lunch and they talk a bit and Ronald says he never meant for the bad things to happen and wants forgiveness. Emily gives it. We finally we see a very romantic date staged by Danny that culminates in him proposing marriage, which Emily accepts. Time skips to their wedding, with John and Sarah present, and we see that Ronald is there and he walks Emily down the aisle. The ceremony then leads into the reception, where we see everyone celebrating and having a good time. After a couple minutes of this, the scene shifts to Emily and Danny getting into a car to take them onto their honeymoon with everyone cheering and saying goodbye. As the car drives off, Danny narrates again that once you hit the straight path in life, everyone assumes it can last forever, but it never does.

Back in the present, we see several scenes showing that Emily’s life has become a routine centered around keeping watch on her husband. She reads books to him, talks to him about her day, and confides in her inner feelings. She says that she feels adrift and that he was always able to keep her tied down and focused. She talks about her father continuing to call (we learn some months have passed since the accident) and says she will not answer, because she can’t bring herself to forgive him a second time. She says she knows Danny wanted her to try, but she’s not like him. John and Sarah visit one day and say Emily is wonderful for being there for Danny all the time. They are confident Danny will return to them.

We see another scene where Emily bumps into Dr. Lawson, who wants to know how Emily is holding up. Emily admits that she is very broken and remote about the whole thing, and she doesn’t know what to do. Lawson kindly takes her aside and says lots of people in the same situation feel the same way, and they all have to come to terms that by this point there’s no chance of recovery. Danny will never wake up again. Emily goes back home and sits down, looking at a photo of her wedding day, and in a fit of sadness and anger hurls it across the room, breaking it.

Back to a year before the accident, Emily and Danny are celebrating her birthday. Danny’s narration says that the biggest reason our lives go off-course is that we are human and make mistakes, and those mistakes can affect everyone around us. Emily gets a phone call and is distraught by the news: Ronald relapsed into his alcoholism and an old family friend, while driving him home from a bar to sober up, was killed in a car crash. Emily is furious and when she goes to her father, she finds him drunk in his home. This provokes a bitter argument between her and him where she says she can never count on him. Ronald tries to say he can beat this thing, but Emily doesn’t believe him and says she doesn’t want to see him again, because his drinking has cost them two lives now. Back at their home, Danny understands why Emily acted the way she did, but says aside from him her father is the only family she’s got. Emily however refuses to consider Ronald family anymore.

More time passes in the present, Emily going to support groups, reading medical literature, trying to find a way to cope with her life. One day she comes home to find Ronald sitting on the steps leading to her apartment. Emily doesn’t want to talk to him but Ronald pleads for her to talk again, saying he has no one else. Emily relents finally, admitting that he’s the only person she has either. She invites him into her place. Inside they talk for a bit and Ronald gives her something like a poker chip that says he is eighteen months sober and says he has to fight every day against the bad memories of the past in order to not drink. Emily asks what made him stop this time, and Ronald says that about six months before the accident, Danny visited him. The news surprises Emily and Ronald says that Danny was always trying to reconcile the two of them and did his best to get Ronald back onto a sober path. Emily says that Danny always was trying to fix things that were broken. The two talk more and the bitterness Emily has seems to thaw a bit.

We see a few scenes of Emily and Ronald rebuilding their relationship, and Emily taking Ronald to visit Danny in the hospital. At the hospital Emily tells her father that she’s kept Danny hooked up because part of her continued to think he might come back, but now she knows he’ll always be like this. She then suddenly blurts out that she is thinking of taking Danny off of life support. Ronald is caught off-guard by this, and asks if she’s sure of that, or even if she’s seriously thought about it. Emily has thought about it, though only sparingly, since it’s so hard for her to even contemplate such a thing. Ronald tells her that what she is thinking of doing is very serious, and it’s something that you can’t go back from. Emily responds a bit angrily “I know, you did it to Mom after all to not have a burden around when she tried to kill herself.” Emily storms out of the room.

Emily returns home and sits, and thinks. After a sleepless night of pondering, she goes in to see Dr. Lawson, and tells her that she wants to pull her husband off of life support. Lawson asks her if she is sure about it, and she replies that she is. Lawson mentions that Emily should let Danny’s parents know about this before she goes ahead and does anything. In private, she asks why Emily decided on this option. Emily replies that it’s something that she is sure Danny would want in the end.

It’s a dark and stormy night, and both Danny and Emily lie in bed awake, unable to sleep. It’s been a couple months since Ronald’s relapse. Danny asks out of nowhere what Emily would do if something were to happen to him, and she’s incredibly surprised. They talk for a few minutes, discussing what they would do if something happened to either of them, in a morbidly entertaining kind of way. Then Danny makes the comment that is the drive behind Emily’s actions, which is that the thing that scares him the most is not dying, but being alive but unable to do anything with her ever again.

John and Sarah arrive at Emily’s house, since she wants to tell them of her decision in person. They all sit down, and Emily slowly but calmly and rationally tells them that she wants to pull Danny off of life support and explains why, hoping they will understand. The result is completely the opposite of what she hoped for, with both parents shocked by what she wants and dead set against it. Sarah even goes so far as to accuse Emily of wanting to kill her son so she can find a new lover, or that Emily is already having an affair. An argument develops between the two women while John half-heartedly tries to get them both calmed down and stopped. Eventually Sarah storms out, saying she’ll do anything to stop this from happening, with John behind her.

Later that day, when Emily goes to the hospital to visit Danny, she finds that Sarah has beaten her to it and won’t let her inside to see her husband. Sarah really seems to have been hit emotionally by what Emily wanted to do, since she’s at the point of being hysterical. Emily still confronts her anyway and the two start to get into a shouting match when Dr. Lawson shows up and asks that the two women both vacate the area since it is interfering with the running of the hospital. She says that until the two women calm down and settle their differences, they’re barred from the room and from making any medical decisions for Danny, since they’re both in an emotional state and that makes for bad decisions. Both women reluctantly leave, exchanging glares as they exit.

Back in the past, we’re a six months before Danny’s heart condition strikes. They’re having a party to celebrate Danny’s parents’ wedding anniversary. John and Sarah are the center of attention and having a great time. Emily tries to keep up a happy face but acts distant. Danny talks with her and she says her parents’ wedding anniversary would be around now as well. Danny tries to get her to call her father, but she refuses, saying that his parents are enough for her. Danny isn’t convinced and we see him travel to visit Ronald. Ronald’s place is a mess and he’s half-drunk a lot of the time, but Danny is able to get him to clean up and sober up for a talk. Danny says that Emily is very stubborn about whom she wants in her family, but she doesn’t want to accept that families only work when there is love and forgiveness for everyone. Danny tells Ronald that if Ronald cleans up and stays sober, there is a chance he can reconcile with his daughter. Ronald promises he will and Danny says he’ll check up on him now and then to make sure. As Danny leaves, he narrates that families survive by coming together, and that can come in either the best of times, or the worst.

Back in the present, Emily is shaken up by her encounter with Sarah and wonders if she’s doing the right thing. Ronald tries to tell her that any parent would be upset over losing a child and that they just need time to work it all out. Emily understands, and asks her dad if she’s a bad person for doing this and Ronald says that if Danny didn’t want to live like this, then she’s just letting him go. Emily breaks down and cries, hugging her dad and saying she feels lost.

Sometime later, John is walking downtown in the hospital area, trying to clear his head after the excitement earlier in the day, when Ronald pulls up to the curb in his car and asks John to get in so they can go somewhere and talk. They go to a streetside café where John apologizes about his wife’s earlier behavior, explaining that since Danny was their only child, the thought of losing him is difficult to cope with. Ronald agrees, and says that he completely sympathizes with what they’re going through, but he adds that Emily is going through the same thing, and that this decision not easy for her. He tells John about his old wife, who had tried to commit suicide because of depression but only ended up in a permanent vegetative state. Ronald says that he loved his wife very dearly, and blamed himself for driving his wife to doing that act. He wanted to keep her on life support in the blind hope that she would one day get better. But, he adds on, when there is no chance of a recovery, when the rest of that person’s life would be spent comatose with little to no functioning, separate from the people he or she loves, is that something anyone would want over the alternative? And, Ronald says, he owed it to her to let her go, since it all was his fault. John says nothing, since he’s deeply pondering all of this. Ronald offers to drive him back to the hotel he and Sarah are staying at and John agrees. When he drops John off, he suggests to John to think about what Danny would want.

Emily, John, and Sarah meet again at the house, and Sarah is a little more restrained this time around. They talk, and before things get too heated again between Emily and Sarah, John intervenes and asks that Sarah please think about whether Danny would want to live his life shut away from the world. It’s then that the defenses crumble, and Sarah breaks down into tears with John holding her. After that, there is no more discussion, since it’s clear that what will be done will be done. That afternoon at the hospital, Emily, John, and Sarah are all present when Dr. Lawson comes in to take Danny off life support. She gives the three her condolences, and turns off the ventilator and IV tubes, Danny then slowly passing away with Emily holding his hand.

It is a few days later, at the funeral for Danny, with family and friends present. After the service is over, John and Sarah come over and hug Emily before departing without words. Slowly everyone else leaves, until only Emily and Ronald are left, standing by the grave. Emily asks her father if he thinks she did the right thing, and Ronald responds yes, Danny is at peace. Emily then says she forgives him for Mom, that she understands now that he was going through the same situation she was with Danny. The two embrace. Emily then asks Ronald to go to the car so she can have a minute alone. After he leaves, Emily walks up to the grave and crouches down, taking a picture of Emily, Danny, Jules, John, and Sarah out of a jacket pocket and resting it against the headstone. She tells Danny she’ll always love him and she’ll try to live the life she thinks he’d want her to have. As Emily walks towards her car, we hear Danny narrating for the last time, as he comments on how death can be odd in a way: That while one person is gone forever, it brings the rest of the family together in a closer bond than before. The screen fades to black.

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Midnight Part I: Revealed

Date- March 30th 2

Genre- Horror/Romance

Rating- PG-13: violence, sexual content, language, underage drinking, drugs, and disturbing images

Theaters- 3,992

Budget- 100 million

Running Time- 125 minutes or 2 hours and 5 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Bill Condon


Alex Sajez---Alex Pettyfer ----Vampire

Brian Sajez---Paul Wesley----Vampire

Jasper Davis---Jesse Eisenberg----Vampire

Michael Dullantor---Daniel Radcliffe----Wizard

Logan Davis--- Penn Bagdley----Werewolf

Vaughn Schwyz/Werewolf---Anton Yelchin----Werewolf

Luke Singatora---Will Smith----Vampire

Ahmose---Liam Neeson----Wizard


Vicky---Rachelle Lefevre----Vampire

Sasha Balista---Kesha Sebert----Witch

Sarah Randoff---Sara Paxton----Human

Pamela Dullantor---Ellen Page----Human

Caroline---Hilary Duff----Human

Cleopatra---Tilda Swinton----Witch

Plot: The movie starts with Sarah Randoff going to school. As she walks down the hall she bumps into a boy. He apologizes for hitting Sarah and helps her pick up the books Sarah dropped. He says his name is Alex Sajez. After chatting for awhile the school bell rings that they go to their different classes. Sarah notices that her desk partner is new. She introduces herself to him. She finds out that his name is Logan Davis. Lunch break comes and Sarah sits with her friends Pamela and Caroline. They talk about the two guys that Sarah met. Pamela thinks that Sarah should avoid both since Sarah’s last boyfriend turned out to be a jerk, while Caroline thinks Sarah should go for Alex. Sarah leaves the lunch break undecided. During the rest of the day Sarah can only get a few glimpses of the two boys. The movie shifts to the forest where Brian Sajez (Alex’s older brother) is arguing with Sasha Balista. Sasha demands that she be Brian’s bride. She reminds him that their marriage could help enforce the Vampire-Witch Treaty. Brian simple tells her that he doesn’t love her and wishes not to see her again. At this point Vicky (Brian’s girlfriend) shows up. Brian and she exchange a kiss in front of Sasha. Sasha mutters a curse on Vicky and then leaves via magic. The next day at school Sarah meets Alex they talk awhile. Sarah asks Alex if he knows Logan. Sarah notices that Alex shows great disgust at Logan’s name and Alex calls him a freak’n mutt. Sarah says that she thinks Logan is a really nice guy. At this point Alex turns and in a flash is gone. Sarah is left puzzled. Sarah walks into her class very confused. At lunch break Sarah is sitting with her friends. They are watching Alex and Logan. Sarah tells them what Alex said. As they watch them. They see Logan watching toward them. Suddenly Alex shoves Logan into the wall. Logan retaliates by hitting Alex in the face. Alex seemingly unaffected by the punch throws Logan to the ground were they both are entangled in a mass of confusion. The principal walks in with some teachers and separate Alex and Logan. Both are expelled from school. Caroline tells Sarah that she is a lucky girl because she has two boys all over her. Sarah sighs and walks way. The next week Sarah is walking down the hall and runs into Logan. She asks him if he is all right. He says his is fine and ask if Sarah would like to go to a movie with him tonight. Sarah hesitantly agrees. The camera moves to a dark Tudor styled house were we see Sasha standing before the king and queen of the witches. Sasha asks King Ahmose and Queen Cleopatra if she can murder a vampire. The King and Queen tell her no. Angered Sasha quietly vows to kill Vicky at all cost. The movie then turns to the movie theater were we see Logan and Sarah sitting watch the movie. Just before the movie starts Alex comes in the theater and sits on the other side of Sarah. Logan obviously angry tells Alex how he came to know that Sarah and he were going to the movie. Alex says that he overheard them in the hall talking that he thought he would come to the movie to. Logan calls him a stalker and Alex is about to say something when Sarah tells them to shut up and watch the film. The movie goes through more days at school we see Sarah talking to Logan and to Alex multiple times. Caroline invites Alex, Logan, Sarah, and Pamela to a party at her house. Everyone but Logan can go. At the party Alex and Sarah get to carried away and end up having sex. As they have their passionate intercourse Sarah notices that Alex’s eyes are black and red and when he opens his mouth his two incisor teeth are larger and more pointed than the other teeth. Sarah tells Alex to stop and ask him what is wrong with his eyes and teeth. Alex quickly turns his head away but Sarah grabs him and asks him what is wrong. Knowing that there is no way out, Alex tells Sarah that he is a vampire. Shocked Sarah grabs a wooden stake in the room (Caroline is very superstitious and has every item in her room to kill vampires, ghosts and werewolves) and runs toward Alex with it. Apparently frightened Alex leaps out the window and is gone. Sarah runs out of the room. The next day Sarah wakes up. She thinks she dreamed the whole thing. Laughing at herself she notices the wooden stake in her room. She stops laughing and quickly gets dressed and goes to Pamela’s house to tell her everything. Pamela listens to everything and tells Sarah that she know about vampires all along. She also tells Sarah that Logan is a werewolf and that her brother Michael (Caroline’s boyfriend) is a wizard. Shocked Sarah asks Pamela why see didn’t tell her earlier. Pamela tells Sarah that she is not allowed to tell anyone unless they find out for themselves. Suddenly a man appears and tells Sarah that the vampire coven has demanded a visit. Sarah apparently alarmed asks if Pamela can go. The man tells Sarah that Pamela can come; he also says that they will be expecting Sarah and Pamela tomorrow at noon. The next day comes and Sarah and Pamela go to the coven which is located on a hill in the middle of the forest. They are met by a vampire who introduces himself as Luke leader of the coven. Sarah asks if Alex is here. Luke says that Alex is out hunting. Luke sits down with Sarah and Pamela and explains the history of vampire, werewolves, and witches and their abilities. He mentions that Logan and Alex were best friends until something that no one knows came between them and now they are deadly enemies. He tells them that the all vampire’s in this coven are animals drinking vampires except of Alex and his servant Jasper who are human drinkers. He also informs Sarah that Alex wishes to kill Logan and vampirize Sarah. Sarah is greatly disturbed by this news and decides that it is best if she avoids Alex. Luke tells Sarah and Pamela to carry a wooden stake with them if they are going out after dark or if they are going in to the forest to protect themselves from attacks since driving a wooden stake through the heart is the only way in killing a vampire. Sarah and Pamela leave the coven discussing the previous events. It is growing night as they walk home. They run into Pamela’s brother Michael. All three of them are almost to Sarah’s home when suddenly Pamela screams. Sarah turns and sees a vampire biting Pamela. Sarah runs into her house to get the wooden stake. In the mean time Michael blast the vampire with wizards’ wind and sends the attacker sprawling. As Michael blast the vampire another vampire sneaks up behind him and attacks him. The other vampire gets up and runs toward Michael to help finish him off when Sarah runs out of the house with the wooden stake and waves it threatenly at the vampire. The vampire turns and flees. Sarah runs at the other vampire but stops in shock to find out that it is Alex. Alex drops Michael and smiles slyly at Sarah and tells her that that’s how it done. Alex turns and vanishes into the night. Sarah drops the stake in shock. Recovering herself she calls 911. The ambulance arrives and takes Michael and Pamela away. The next day Sarah visits Michael and Pamela to find out that they will recover but have lost a lot of blood. On her way home Sarah is driving when all of the sudden a man is standing in front of the moving car. Sarah swerves the man and crashes into the ditch. Sarah looks up and sees Alex’s face looking down at her. Sarah screams in tear. The movie immediately changes to the forest were we see Sasha talking to two policeman. She tells them that see know the attackers of Michael and Pamela and tell them that it is a woman named Vicky. The police set out to find Vicky. Sasha smiles happily. The police find Vicky and corner her in an ally. Vicky at first tries to hide her vampire side but in desperation attacks the first police. Vicky is suddenly hit by a blast of witch’s fire from Sasha who appears on the scene. The policemen confused shoot wildly at Vicky. Vicky is crippled by the fire. Out of nowhere werewolf appears, he lunges at Sasha who disappears via magic. The werewolf swing around roars at the police and then attacks the two police and quickly disposes of them. The werewolf then rips up the bodies on the two police and carries them to the forest. The much shaken up Vicky flees to the coven. The movie shifts to abandon cabin were we see Sarah tied up in a chair. Alex and the vampire who is revealed to be Jasper are talking about Sarah and Logan. Alex tells Jasper to go and finish off his brother Logan. Jasper departs with a gun filled with silver bullets. Alex goes and tells Sarah that they will be soon together for eternity. Sarah responds by tell Alex to go to hell. Alex tells Sarah that he has already been there. The movie moves again to the forest were Vicky tell Brian all about what happened. Brian tells Vicky that she can’t go anywhere without him. Vicky thanks Brian but tells him that she is fine on her own. Vicky tells Brian that she will go out and hunt for food. Brian hesitantly says ok. Vicky is stalking a deer when suddenly she is pierced by a wooden stake through the heart. Vicky turns and sees Sasha smiling. Vicky asks Sasha why and Sasha laughs. Vicky dies before she can say anything more. Sasha calls on the vultures to eat Vicky’s body. Sasha walks away. Since Vicky didn’t return Brian goes out looking for her he discovers her decaying body. In horror Brian vows to destroy Sasha. Brian goes to the witch royalty and tells them of Sasha’s doing. Outraged the witch royalty banishes Sasha. Sasha upon hearing the news flees the town to the Arctic. The movie shifts once again to the run-down cabin were Alex continues to torment Sarah with lies and promises of immortality. He takes her to an old cultic temple were he announces he will vampirize her. Sarah tries to escape but Alex easily catches her. The movie moves to the werewolf pack where Jasper is trying to enter to kill Logan. Logan smells vampire and goes investigating. He finds Jasper in a tree spying on the pack. Jasper attacks Logan but Logan quickly fends Jasper off. Logan stabs Jasper with a wooden stake in the stomach and asks why he attacked him. Jasper tells Logan that Alex is going to vampirize Sarah and Alex sent him to kill Logan. Logan explains to Jasper that Alex will dispose of Jasper after he vampirizes Sarah. Jasper tells Logan that he will help Logan in exchange for his life. Logan agrees and tells Jasper that they must get the recovered Michael to help them kill Alex. They arrive at Michael’s and Pamela’s house where they ask Michael to help them save Sarah. Michael at first refuses saying that he doesn’t want to use his powers out of revenge Logan finally convinces Michael to come. Pamela insists that she comes but Michael tells here to remain at home where she will be safe. The three sent out on their mission. The movie moves to the old cultic temple were Alex prepares to vampirize Sarah as the night grows. Alex grabs Sarah and puts some of his blood in her mouth then he prepares to snap her neck. The clock strikes midnight. He looks up and is suddenly tackled by Logan who is now in his werewolf form. Pinning Alex to the ground he snarls at Alex. Alex strikes back by kneeing Logan in the ribs. Logan snarls in pain. Alex raises his arm to dash Logan’s skull when he is stabbed by Jasper in the heart with a stake. Alex bars his fangs and announces that he will be back and then falls over. Michael cast a spell over Alex’s body that will banish Alex’s soul to the darkest place in the underworld. The ground opens and arms grab the still alive Alex and drag him to the underworld. Alex shrieks in pain and he disappears below the ground. The ground closes after Alex. The four stare in shock at the place where Alex disappeared. Sarah runs over and is embraced by the now humanized Logan. Jasper says that he will leave the town and never return. Michael, Sarah, and Logan leave the temple and return to Michael’s home were Sarah will tell them her story. The movie changes scenes to Caroline’s house. Caroline puzzled by Michael’s attack plans a séance to ask the spirits what happened that night. As she continues the séance a ghost appears to her. She recognizes the ghost as Alex’s ghost. She sits in shock staring at Alex. Alex tells her to help him. Caroline nods in agreement.

The End

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Barbarians 3D

(Filmed in 3D)

Date- May 18th 2

Genre- CGI Animation

Rating- PG- sequences of intense action, peril, and brief mild language

Theaters- 4,128 (2,398 Real Digital 3D theaters and 195 IMAX theaters included)

Budget- 140 million

Running Time- 99 minutes or 1 hour and 39 minutes

Studio- Barbarian Animation Studios

Director- Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson

Actors and Actress-

Quinctia---- (Voice of Hugh Jackman)

Vespasian/Narrator--- (Voice of Jay Baruchel)

Alaric--- (Voice of T.J. Miller)

Adriana--- (Voice of Lea Michele)

Plot: The movie starts with Vespasian introducing himself. Both of his parents have died of plague and he was sent to the Roman army to learn to be a soldier. Becoming a soldier is hard work and Vespasian says that he has failed his pre-soldier exercises. He says that he wants to be a scientist not a soldier. Vespasian says that people think that he was born only to bring trouble into the world. His nickname is Vespasian the Useless. Vespasian foster father Quinctia is also the General of the Roman army, Quinctia is a hard and strict man. Quinctia says that the only way to make Vespasian a soldier is to send him into battle. A legion of the Roman army is marching to Dacia to battle the invading Goths or also know as the barbarians. Despite Vespasian’s pleas not to go, Quinctia orders Vespasian to leave. The unwilling Vespasian gazes at Rome saying to himself that he will never be the same after he comes back, that is if he comes back. Arriving at Dacia, Vespasian and the other soldiers prepare to battle. Before the battle, Vespasian climbs to the top of a hill and looks down over the army of the Romans and Goths. Vespasian’s prays to the gods to protect him and send him back to Rome safely. Walking down to the battle field Vespasian prepare for the clash of the armies. The Goths and the Romans rush into each other. The fighting is intense at first the Romans have the upper hand but suddenly a fresh group of Goths join the struggle. The Romans are driven back and flee the battle site in defeat. During the battle Vespasian mostly runs about the battle field covering himself with his shield from the Goth’s arrows and saying that he is going to die. A large husky Goth grabs Vespasian and smacks him over the head with a club. Vespasian falls to the ground unconscious. When Vespasian awakes he finds himself in a large tent. He touches his head and finds it bandaged. Moaning from the pain, Vespasian gets up. He hears people talking outside the tent. Suddenly it dawns on Vespasian. He is a prisoner. Peeking outside the tent Vespasian sees a woman and a man talking, they occasionally point to the tent. Vespasian remembers the stories he heard about the Goth’s cooking their prisoner’s of war alive and then eating them. Vespasian runs out of the tent via the back. He dashes through the Goth camp unseen. Running a little ways into the woods, he sits down on a rock to catch his breath and thanks the gods for protection. Suddenly a teenage Goth leaps in front of Vespasian. Vespasian jumps up and grabs a fallen branch and threats to hit the Goth with it if he doesn’t go away. The Goth smiles at Vespasian and tells him that the nearest Roman village is a week’s march away and that Vespasian will never make it alone. He tells Vespasian that his only hope of survival is coming back with him to the Goth camp. Vespasian tells the Goth that he is not stupid and that he will mostly likely be eaten at the Goth camp. The Goth laughs at this and tells Vespasian that Goths don’t eat their prisoners. The Goth introduces himself as Alaric and Vespasian tells Alaric his name. Alaric tells Vespasian that he can stay at his home and that he will teach Vespasian the ways of the Goths. Vespasian hesitantly agrees. Alaric gives Vespasian Goth clothes as a disguise. Arriving back to the Goth camp, Alaric and Vespasian eat supper and go to sleep. Vespasian lies in bed wondering what the next day will bring. Waking up in the morning Vespasian finds Alaric gone. Vespasian exits the tent to find Alaric feeding the horses. Helping Alaric feed the animals, Vespasian ask what they will do today. Alaric says that they will hunt and fish. Vespasian sarcastically comments that he loves to hunt and fish. After eating breakfast, the two set out on the hunt. At first Vespasian is clumsy with the bow an almost shoots Alaric but eventually he becomes a good marksman. After a partially successful hunt, Alaric and Vespasian return to the camp. Vespasian and Alaric go and sit by the fire and talk. Vespasian looks up and sees a girl stirring a kettle by the fire. He nudges Alaric and asks who she is. Alaric tells him that the girl is Adrianna the Chieftain’s daughter. Alaric then asks why Vespasian asked him. Vespasian says never mind and ask quickly if Alaric wants to go fishing. Vespasian jumps up and grabs a fishing pole, in the process he knocks down all the poles and buckets of fish. Adrianna shouts at Vespasian to be careful and walks away mumbling under her breath. After cleaning up the mess, Vespasian and Alaric go fishing. As they are fishing Vespasian steps to close to the edge. Falling in, Vespasian in terror tells Alaric he can’t swim. The current sweeps Vespasian away before Alaric can get to him. Vespasian is swept down the river, he struggles to breathe. Suddenly, someone dives into the water and grabs him. After being dragged up on shore, Vespasian opens his eyes and sees Adrianna standing over him. She kicks Vespasian in the side, Vespasian moans and coughs out water. Adrianna ask him if he was the clumsy one that knocked over the fish pails. Vespasian says that it was not him. Adrianna glares at him. Vespasian says that it was him. Adrianna says that he should not do anything more stupid or she will tell her father that Vespasian is a Roman. She walks away. Alaric runs up to Vespasian and asks if he is ok. Vespasian says that he wishes he was dead. Vespasian tells Alaric the story on the way back to camp. Alaric laughs at Vespasian. The next day, Vespasian runs into Adrianna and blushingly tells her thanks for saving him and that maybe they could start all over. Adrianna says that it is her pleasure to save people and drops into Vespasian’s arms a large bag of horse crap. She says that Vespasian is like crap and that she is staying very far away from him. She then walks away. Vespasian not getting the meaning what she said smells under his arm pits and yells after Adrianna that he doesn’t smell bad. Adrianna shouts to him to shut up. Vespasian frowns to himself and disposes of the dun. On his way to Alaric’s tent, he passes the chieftain’s tent and hears the chieftain telling the other Goth chiefs that the Romans have sent a massive army led by the notorious Quinctia to raid the Goth camp. The Goth scouts say that the Romans are still three days away and that there is plenty of time to evacuate. Vespasian runs and tells Alaric. Just then a trumpet sounds and the tribe gathers to hear the chiefs. The chiefs tell the tribe to prepare to evacuate the camp. Alaric and Vespasian spend to entire day preparing to leave. That night Vespasian and Alaric wake to the sound of yelling and fighting. They look out of the tent and see the Roman soldiers attacking the Goth camp. Vespasian sees Adrianna running toward a horse to flee. Suddenly a Roman soldier grabs her and throws her on the back of his horse and dashes off into the woods. Vespasian leaps onto a horse and dashes after the kidnapper. Alaric yelling at Vespasian; gets on a horse and rides after Vespasian. Vespasian and Alaric lose the rider. Vespasian tells Alaric that Adrianna will be taken to the general’s house as a war prize and forced to serve as a slave. Alaric tries to reason with Vespasian not to go but Vespasian is determined to go to Rome to rescue Adrianna. The two set off for Rome. When they reach Rome they go to the house of Quinctia were they find Adrianna. Sneaking into the house, they get Adrianna and are just about to leave when the cook walks into the room. Seeing them she dashes out of the room yelling for the guards. Vespasian says that they are so dead. Alaric grabs Vespasian and Adrianna and they dash out of the room. As they run through the court yard, they run into Quinctia. Quinctia says that it is good to see Vespasian alive and well. Quinctia orders the guards to take Vespasian, Alaric and Adrianna to the dungeon. As they sit in the dungeon, Adrianna ask why Vespasian came after her. Vespasian says that since she saved his life he thought that he should return the favor. Vespasian is about to say something else when Alaric interrupts and states that he has found a tunnel in the wall leading to the outside. Removing the stone from the entrance, the prisoners climb into the tunnel and run for safety. As they are running through the tunnel, Adrianna accidently knocks down a wooden pole holding the tunnel ceiling up. The three teens stop and look up at the ceiling. Nothing happens. Alaric says that there is no time to go back. They continue to run. Suddenly the ceiling behind them begins to crumble; Adrianna’s foot is then caught under a fallen rock. Vespasian and Alaric emerge from the tunnel. They look around and find that Adrianna is still in the falling tunnel. Vespasian turns and runs back into the tunnel. Vespasian pushes the rock off of Adrianna’s leg. She says that she is ok and that they must be going. Just as Vespasian and Adrianna are about to emerge from the tunnel a falling stake stabs Vespasian. He falls to the ground. Adrianna grabs Vespasian and drags him out of the tunnel. Alaric runs up to them. Adrianna says that Vespasian’s wound is serious and that they must get a doctor. Alaric runs to get a doctor. Vespasian falls into a coma from the loss of blood. Adrianna not knowing what is going happening begs Vespasian to wake up. The doctor arrives and takes Vespasian to his home. At the doctor’s house, the doctor treats Vespasian’s wound. Alaric and Adrianna stand by Vespasian’s bedside watching and praying to the gods to heal Vespasian. After a few days Vespasian awakes and ask what happened, Alaric and Adrianna tell him the story. After thanking the doctor for saving Vespasian, the three set off for home on a boat. Upon reaching the Goth’s camp, Adrianna’s parents and the rest of the camp encircles them asking what happened. They tell the tribe the story about Vespasian’s arrival to the camp and Adrianna’s rescue. Adrianna’s father proclaims Vespasian part of the Goths because of his act of bravery. Late that night Adrianna and Vespasian are walking home, Adrianna ask Vespasian why he really came after her. Vespasian says that he wanted to prove to people that he could do something right. Adrianna says that that he is perfect just the way he is. She gives him a kiss. Turning to leave she winks at Vespasian and ask if he wants to go swimming tomorrow. Vespasian smiles and runs after Adrianna.

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Tim Burton’s Little Demons

Filmed in 3D

Date- November 21st 2

Genre- Stop-Motion Animation/Musical

Rating- PG-13- thematic elements, some language, violence, and scary images

Theaters- November 21st- 3,350 theaters

Budget- 50 million

Running Time- 102 minutes or 1 hour and 42 minutes

Studio- Barbarian Animation Studios

Director- Tim Burton and Henry Selick

Actors and Actress-

Harry-----Cory Monteith (voice)

Bradley-----Kevin McHale (voice)

Estella-------Lea Michele (voice)

Elena-----Penelope Cruz (voice)

Jim-----Johnny Depp (voice)

Uncle-----Michael Sheen (voice)

Mother-----Teri Hatcher (voice)

Composer- Danny Elfman

Composition Description- Eerie and mysterious mood


Plot: The movie begins with a traveling carnival wagon rolling down a dirt road. It is the year 1921. Inside three gypsy children named Bradley (13 years old), Estella (15 years old), and Harry (14 years old) are surrounding a bed with a dying woman laying on it. The dying woman asks her children to murder young women and that their souls will aid her in purgatory. She says that their uncle will help them. The children agree to do their mother’s binding and the mother dies. The uncle drives the wagon singing A Riddle….

Tim Burton’s Little Demons

The movie shows the children performing tricks and stunts for people in the city square. A young woman is asked to go inside the wagon because she will be told what her future will be. The uncle appears and sings the song We Shall See…The uncle asks the woman to enter the wagon. The lady agrees. The uncle when the lady enters locks the door and he murders her. The children in the meantime perform loud tricks to muff the woman’s scream. As the uncle murder’s the woman he sings Are You Surprised…. He then opens the door and states that the show is over. Inside the children call upon their mother via séance, she tells the children good work and that they must get more souls. The mother says to go to the big city. The next morning the uncle drives the wagon toward the big city. As they are driving along they see two young ladies walking down the road. The uncle pulls up along the ladies and the children pop out of the roof of the wagon with masks on. The sing the song Come Along…The two women are greatly impressed by the colorful acrobatics and singing that they decide to enter the wagon. Upon entering they are killed by the uncle, the children and the uncle continue on the journey to the big city. When they reach the city, the police see blood dripping out of one of the windows of the wagon. The police go over and investigate. The uncle appears and asks what the police want. The police say that they found blood in one of the windows of the wagon. The uncle denies it saying that he is a peaceful man. The children appear and plead with the police to take their uncle away to prison because he murdered two women and was plotting to kill them. The police on hearing this, arrest the uncle. The uncle sings Dance on My Grave... as he is lead away. The police ask citizens of the city to step up and take the children. No one will. A young woman comes fourth and says that she will take the children. She introduces herself as Elena Burtson and her fiancé Jim Dieheart. The children give each other glances and smile. Elena and Jim take the children to Elena’s home and feed them. Jim on the way home to his house tells himself that there is something weird about the children. The next morning Elena takes the children to their new school. At the school a girl makes fun of Estella’s clothes. Estella calmly glares that the girl and nods to Harry. Late afternoon the children murder the girl and bury her corpse. Over the next week the children murder more girls; their mother’s ghost is delighted and the children sing the song Oh Mother Dear... to their mother. Jim is soon convinced that the teens are evil demon-possessed murders. He tries to convince Elena that they are but see tells Jim at just because they belonged to a murderous uncle doesn’t mean that they are murders to. Elena sings the song Little Angels...and dances around the kitchen making supper. Over supper Elena announces that tomorrow she is going to have some guest over and that the children must entertain them. The next day the children come down and perform the song The Cat is Dead…the audience sits for minutes shocked at what the children just sang. Finally Elena gets up and tells the children to go outside. The children leave the house. Elena apologizes to the shocked visitors. The visitors say that they are greatly disgusted with the children. After the visitors leave Elena ask what is wrong with the children and why they had to sing that horrific song. The children reply that the song is what they sang when they were in the carnival. Elena tells them to go and say they are sorry to the visitors. The children leave. Elena calls Jim and tells him what happened. In the meantime, the children who are supposedly apologizing to the guest are instead killing them. On their way home from murdering the guests they sing We Shall See… and Are You Surprised…. Elena tired after the day’s event decides to go to bed. As she sleeps she dreams a strange dream. She finds herself walking down a long hall. Along the hall are dozens of young women begging Elena to run. Elena in terror runs down the hall to the end of the hall where she sees a stair case going up. With the ghost beginning to swarm around her, Elena runs up the stairs. As she climbs the stairs the stairs begins to twist and turn upside down. To Elena’s surprise she finds that she doesn’t fall. Walking upside down Elena finds that she is walking through a forest of cob webs and that skeleton bats and cats are walking or flying beneath her. She still can hear the ghost moaning behind her. At the end of the stairs is a bright room. Just has Elena enters the room she flips right side up again. Inside the room is a woman sitting on a skull chair. The woman rises and approaches Elena. She tells Elena to take her hand and that Elena can be her maiden forever. Elena says no. The woman says that taking her hand is less painful than been killed by her children. Elena asks what children. The woman says the children that she (Elena) adopted. Elena backs up can says no, no, no. The woman asks her again to take her hand. Elena shouts no and throws a bone at the woman’s face. The woman roars in anger. The woman and the rest of the objects in the room begin to get bigger and bigger. Soon Elena is mite size compare to the woman. The woman roars that her children will murder Elena. Elena screams. The woman and the room begin to swirl around dizzily. Elena begins to fall into darkness. Elena screams and suddenly jerks up to find herself awake in her room. She says that it was just a nightmare. The next morning Elena gets a series of phone calls from relatives of her friends, telling her that her friends are dead. Elena remembers her dream and begins to say no, no. Just then the kids come down to the kitchen. Elena drops the phone and asks the children what they are. Bradley says that they are little demons. Elena runs though the house trying to escape the children. The children laugh hysterical as they chase Elena. Finally, Elena dashes out of the back door but is grabbed by Harry and Bradley and dragged screaming inside. The camera moves outside and the audience hears Elena’s screams and the children laughter and then silence. The children emerge from the house in blood splattered clothes. As they emerge from the house Jim drives up and sees the kids waving blood stained knives at him. Calling the police, Jim leaps out of the car. The children dash inside of the house laughing and lock the door. When the police arrive, Jim and the police burst into the house. Inside they find the children surrounding the dead body of Elena crying. They tell the police that Jim killed her and that they managed to force him outside and lock the doors. Jim angrily says that the kids are lying. He is interrupted by the kids who say that if the police let Jim go he will kill them. The police decide to take Jim to jail. As Jim is lead away, the children wink at him smiling. The children walk down the street singing That’s the Story… as the sun fades into the horizon.
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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Date- August 10th 2

Genre- Drama

Rating- PG-13- thematic elements

Theaters- 3,251 theaters

Budget- 35 million

Running Time- 141 minutes or 2 hours and 21 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Tagline- “The Witch is Among Us”

Director- Catherine Hardwicke

Actors and Actress-

Katherine Tyler: Kristen Stewart

Hannah Tupper: Jeanette Miller

Nate Eaton: Max Irons

Rachel Wood: Christine Willes

Matthew Wood: Michael Hogan

Mercy Wood: Kay Panabaker

Judith Wood: Lauren Cohan

William Ashby: Chace Crawford

John Holbrook: Ian Somerhalder

Goodwife Cruff: Virginia Madsen

Goodman Adam Cruff: Billy Burke

Prudence Cruff: Isabella Acres

Plot: In 1687, 18-year-old Katherine Tyler leaves her home in Barbados after her grandfather's death and goes to Wethersfield, Connecticut to live with her aunt and uncle in their small Puritan community. On the way to her new home, there is a brief stop in Saybrook, a small town just down river from Wethersfield, and four new passengers board the Dolphin, the ship on which Kit is traveling. As the small rowboat returns to the ship, a small girl named Prudence accidentally drops her doll in the water and begs her mother to get it back for her. Her mother, Goodwife Cruff, harshly strikes Prudence and tells her not to be foolish. Impulsively, Kit jumps into the water and retrieves the doll. When she returns to the rowboat, she is met with astonished suspicion as few people in Connecticut could swim so well. Goodwife Cruff is the most cynical of them all, believing Kit is a witch, saying, "No respectable woman could stay afloat like that." When she arrives in Wethersfield, Kit finds Connecticut very different from Barbados. In her previous home, she had servants but here is expected to work along with the rest of the family. There is none of the luxury to which she was accustomed, and even the weather is miserably cold. She has two cousins, Mercy and Judith. She is required to attend meeting (church) services twice each Sunday, which she finds long and dull. At church, Kit meets the rich, 19-year old William Ashby, who begins courting her, though she does not care for him; originally, her cousin Judith had hoped to marry William, but soon sets her sights on John Holbrook, a divinity student studying with local minister Gershom Bulkeley. Kit's life improves when she and Mercy begin teaching the 'dame school' for young children. Everything goes well until one day, bored with the normal lessons, Kit decides the children will act out a part from the Bible. Mr. Eleazer Kimberly, the head of the school, enters the house just as things get out of hand. He is outraged at Kit for having the audacity to act out something from the Bible and shuts down the school. Heartbroken, Kit flees to the meadows. When she is there, she meets and befriends the kind, elderly woman named Hannah Tupper, who was outlawed from the Massachusetts colony because she is a Quaker. As outcasts, Kit and Hannah develop a deep relationship, and even after her uncle forbids Kit to continue the friendship, Kit keeps visiting Hannah. During one of her visits, she once again meets the handsome Nathaniel "Nat" Eaton, son of the captain of the Dolphin. Without realizing it, she falls in love with him, and though he doesn't say so, Nat loves her as well. Kit also begins secretly teaching Prudence to read and write; Goodwife Cruff claims the child is a halfwit and refuses to allow her to attend the dame school. When a deadly illness sweeps through Wethersfield, a mob gathers to kill Hannah by burning her house, since everyone believes she is a witch who has cursed the town. Kit risks her life to warn Hannah, and the two women escape to the river just as the Dolphin appears from the early morning mist. Kit flags it down, and she explains to Nat the events of the night. He takes Hannah aboard the ship, and then invites Kit to come with them. She refuses, explaining how Mercy is gravely ill, though Nat believes Kit fears risking her engagement to William Ashby. After the Dolphin sails away, Kit returns home to find that Mercy's fever has broken. She also discovers that the confusion between who John Holbrook was courting was all figured out. John had secretly loved Mercy, and Mercy felt the same towards John. In the middle of the same night, the townspeople come for Kit — Adam Cruff, Goodwife Cruff's husband, had accused Kit of being a witch. The next day, after a night in a freezing shed, she is asked to explain the presence of her hornbook in Hannah's house and a copybook with Prudence's name written throughout, as the townspeople fear that she and Hannah had been casting a spell over the girl. Kit refuses to explain that it is Prudence herself who wrote her name in the book, as she does not wish Prudence to get in trouble with her parents. Then, just as the case seemed to be decided, Nat appears with Prudence who testifies that she herself wrote her own name in the hornbook, not Kit. To demonstrate her literacy, Prudence reads a Bible passage, thus convincing her father both that she is intelligent and that no witchcraft could be involved, as he points out the devil would be foolish to allow a child to be taught to use the Bible against him. Judith and Mercy end up engaged to William Ashby and John Holbrook respectively, and Kit decides to return to Barbados. However, her plans change when Nat appears back in Wethersfield with his own ship, the Witch, named after her. At the port, they greet each other happily. Nat and Kit explain their love for one another and Nat asks her to come on board the "Witch" for keeps.

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The Island

Date- March 2nd 2

Genre- Psychological Thriller

Rating- R- disturbing violent content, language, and some sexual content

Theaters- 3,367 theaters

Budget- 75 million

Running Time- 120 minutes or 2 hours

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Tim Burton

Actors and Actress-

Skip- Max Thieriot

Case- Rupert Grint

Rose- Abbie Cornish

Dr. Watson- Patrick Wilson

Dr. Angelia- Marion Cotillard

Philip- Matthew Goode

Plot: Skip (Max Thieriot) narrators, “Everyone has a destiny. So peoples are as bright as the sun and others are as dark as the night. Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for but it should be achieved.”

The camera zooms into the bedroom of Skip. Skip is lying in his bed sleeping. Lightening flashes across the room and we hear the patter of the rain against the windows. A loud boom of thunder sounds and Skip awakens. Downstairs we hear his uncle and aunt fighting. Skip slowly gets out of his bed. He looks at the time and it reads Friday, October 7th, 10:57pm. Skip slowly walks down stairs. He peers around the corner. He uncle and aunt are yelling angrily at each other. His uncle tells his wife that they can’t keep Skip anymore and that he will give him to the orphanage. Skip’s aunt says that she promised her dying sister that she would protect and care for Skip. She tells Skip’s uncle that he is greedy and selfish. She slaps him across the face. Skip’s uncle loses it and he violently beats up his wife. Skip runs into the room. His uncle turns around and dashes after Skip. Skip turns to run but is grabbed by his uncle who knocks him out. Skip falls to the ground. Skip’s uncle grabs the phone and calls the police. When they arrive he tells them that Skip is the one who killed his wife. He discusses some things with the police and they nod in agreement. Skip’s uncle takes Skip who is still unconscious into his car and they drive off.

Skip slowly opens his eyes. The car drives quickly down the road. Skip looks out of the window and in the distance he sees an island in the middle of a large lake. As they get closed he sees that the island is really a close network of islands connected by bridges. Dark and old foreboding buildings rest on the islands. As they drive up to the lakes edge, a security guard questions Skip’s uncle. Skip’s uncle signs a paper and the gate to a tunnel opens. When they emerge from the other side, Skip sees that the islands are connect via the mainland by a tunnel only. Skip asks his uncle were in the hell is he. Skip’s uncle says that Skip has done bad things and that he will live at the psychiatric hospital until things get better. Skip says that he is not mentally unstable but Skip’s uncle says that Skip mentally unstable people never realize that that they are really insane. Skip signs deeply and settles back in the car. The car drives up to a large office like building on the first island. Several guards come out and take Skip. Skip tells his uncle that he can’t do this. Skip’s uncle tells them to take Skip inside. Skip is dragged off. Skip’s uncle is approached by a man indentified as Philip. Philip says that he is the director of Atcliff Mental Asylum. He says that he has Skip’s paper work in his office. When the two men sit down, Philip hands Skip’s uncle the papers. He tells him to check off the appropriate disabilities, therapy and sign his name. Skip’s uncle checks everything from social disconnection, violence, emotional problems, and delusions. Philip tells Skip’s uncle that Skip will receive all the care that he can get. Skip’s uncle smiles. Philip briefly explains what Atcliff Mental Asylum is. He says that it is made up of six islands which lie in a circle and are connect by tunnels, bridges, and boat. The island they are on is not available to patients but is where the doctors and security guards house. This island is also the office and security base. It is the only one of the islands to connect to the main land. Secondly, there is the Common Island where patients socialize and eat. Thirdly, there is the Hospital Island where patients are treated. Forth, there is the Housing Island where both males and females are housed. Fifth, there is the University Island where patients can get an education. Lastly, there is the Prison Island which lies in the middle of the circle. He says that this island can only be reached by boat and it houses the most dangerous and mental insane people. Philip glances over the papers and says that he will start Skip in the normal area and if he grows extremely violent he will be moved to the Prison Island. Skip’s uncle nods. The two men shake hands and Skip’s uncle leaves the island.

Meanwhile, Skip is being lead by the guards through the security stations. He asks the guards where he is been taken but they tell him to be silent. They cross the heavily guarded bridge onto the Common Island. The massive stone Commons building is covered by ivy and patients sit or walk around the gardens outside. For the most part, they appear normal and peaceful. Suddenly, a patient screams and attacks another patient. Two guards run from the security station and separate the patients by beating them with clubs. The bloody patients are dragged off. Skip is shocked that they other patients seem to not even notice this utter act of patient brutality. Skip is quickly led through the Commons and onto the Hospital Island. He is checked in with his doctor, Dr. Watson. After a quick interrogation with Dr. Watson and Philip who has returned from talking to Skip’s uncle, Dr. Watson says that Skip will have a scheduled lobotomy in four days. He says that it will help Skip to achieve a normal mental stability which will allow him to be released from the asylum. Skip states that he is not mental insane but was framed by his uncle. Philip says that the mentally insane never no that they are insane. Philip tells the guards to show Skip to his room. The guards lead Skip out of the room. Philip turns to Dr. Watson and says that the government is having its yearly scheduled check-up of Atcliff Mental Asylum on they same day that Skip is to be lobotomized. He says that the government has announced lobotomy illegal. Dr. Watson says that Philip has nothing to worry about because that the government will forgive an accidental lobotomy. Dr. Watson states however that if the government finds that Philip and the guards are been abusive to the patients they will all go to jail. Philip says that they have covered up the abusive treatment for many years and he is not at all worried about it. Meanwhile, Skip pauses outside the door and hears this conversation. He tells himself that that is the night he will escape the island since island security will be thin.

When he reaches his boarding room, the guards tell him that he will share it with a fellow patient. The leave Skip alone in the room and lock the door behind him, Skip walks into the room and finds the other patient sitting at a desk reading. Skip says hello. The other patient jumps and turns around. He asks if he is the patient that will be rooming with him. Skip says that he is. The other patient says that his name is Case and Skip introduces himself. Skip asks how long Case has lived on the island. Case says that he was sent to this hell four years ago. Skip says that he is going to escape before his lobotomy which is in a week. Case laughs and asks him how he is going to do that. Skip says that he over heard Philip saying that the government is coming for a review of the island. Skip says that they are having a dinner in the main hall for the government officials and the island workers. Skip says that security will be thin and escape will be fairly easy. Case says that it is a completely brilliant suicide plan. Case says that while security will be thin, they will never able to get past the security check points without a workers’ ID card which can unlock the gates. Plus they will never be able to get through the tunnel which will be the most heavily guarded point. Skip says that when he was crossing the bridge he saw boats. Case says that the boats will be locked away. Skip says that they have to get an ID card from one of the workers. Case says he has something to tell Skip. He says that Skip is not the only one planning an escape from the island on the same night. He says that another patient named Rose is planning to escape from the island to. He says that Rose and Skip could work together. Skip asks if Case will help them. Case is silent. Skip says that it is Case’s only way to get back to the real world. Case after a long pause agrees. He says that it is a crazy plan. Skip smiles. Case says that tonight at dinner they will meet with Rose.

That night, Case and Skip are lead into the massive dining hall in the Commons. After getting the food which looks more like garbage, they sit down at a table. A lovely girl walks into the dining hall. The guards’ smiles and shout comments at her. She walks sternly and gets her food and walks over toward Skip and Case. Case says that is Rose. Rose sits down next to Case. Case introduces Skip. Rose flashes a quickly smile at him. Case says that Skip is planning and an escape to. Rose looks up quickly from her food. Skip explains his plan. Rose says that it is excellent plan but they will need more than an ID card. She says that the guards are also armed with guns, knives, and clubs which they might find useful. She says that the dinner will be at 9pm after a walk through of the island. She says that Dr. Angelina, the teacher on the University Island is going to have her perform for the government officials which might slow the escape down a bit. Skip asks if he and Case could perform with her that way they will all be together. She says that she will ask Dr. Angelina. Case asks them what the full plan is. Rose says that they first need to get their hands on an ID card and weapons. They will need attack three guards so they each can have an ID card and have enough weapons. Then on the night of the escape, they will perform for the government officials at the banquet. Following that they will make their way to the boats and escape. Case asks what time is Skip’s lobotomy. Skip says he doesn’t know. Rose tells him to find out quick. They disperse.

The next morning, after breakfast Case is taken to the Hospital Island for therapy. Skip meets up with Rose and they are escorted by guards to University Island. While they are walking to the island they witness guards brutally treating patients. Skip asks if they will be attacked ever. Rose says that since they are not insane they will not be attacked. Skip exclaims that Philip knows that he is not insane. Rose tells him yes. She says that the asylum is also where foster, adopted, or orphaned children are dropped off to live. She says that Philip has a fetish with teenage or college age kids. She says that he has raped almost every girl and even some of the boys on the island. She says that Philip is actually insane himself. She says that Dr. Watson is Philip’s brother and Dr. Angelina is Philip’s wife. She says that Dr. Angelina doesn’t share his obsession and even tried to expose it to the public but didn’t because she was horribly attacked by Philip. She says that Dr. Angelina would help them by giving them her ID but after her incident with Philip she lost her right to have an ID and is basically a prisoner herself on the island. Rose says that Dr. Angelina is a mother to her and that she is the only good person on the island. They enter the school building. The building is a one room school house with a massive stage at one end. Dr. Angelina tells the guards that she has got them from here. The guards leave. Dr. Angelina says tells the students/patients that today they will be discussing the sciences. After class, she dismisses the students; Rose approaches Dr. Angelina and says that she was wondering if Skip and Case could perform with her in front of the government officials. Dr. Angelina smiles and says that they are also part of Rose’s escape plan. Rose nods. Dr. Angelina says that they can perform with Rose but they must rehearse tomorrow immediately since they only have two days left. Rose says thank you and leaves with Skip. As they leave, Dr. Angelina tells Skip that he can’t have the perfect victory without a sacrifice.

That night, Skip tells Case what happened. He then asks Case how he came to the asylum. (Shown in flashback) He was kidnapped on his way to school by some of Philip’s agents and brought him to the island. Case says that he has never seen the outside world in eight years. He says he would do anything to be reunited with his family again. Skip says that he is sorry and he tells his story to Case. Case says that tomorrow they should begin there work on getting the ID’s and weapons from the guards.

That night we see Rose being led by the guards to the school. She asks what is going on but the guards tell her to be quiet. She is thrown into the school room and the guards lock the doors behind her. Philip walks out of the darkness and says that Rose is a lovely girl. Rose begs him not to. Philips forces himself on her and she tries to push him off but he is to strong. While Rose is being assaulted, we see flash backs of her being raped by a group of men in an alley before her imprisonment on the island She screams in terror and breathes exhaustedly. Philip after he is finish kicks her and then walks out. He tells the guards to leave her. Rose lies on the floor crying and still experiencing flash backs.

The next day we see Rose crying in the school room. Dr. Angelina walks in and asks what is wrong. Rose says that Philip assaulted her last night and it brought back flash backs of her rape. Dr. Angelina comforts her. She says that Philip will pay for this. We see Dr. Angelina angrily storm into Philip’s office. She demands why he attacked Rose last night. Philip says that she is so beautiful. Dr. Angelina slaps Philip. She says that he is a filthy monster and that he belongs in the Prison Island. Philip drinks his beer and angrily yells at Dr. Angelina to be silent or she will be sent there. Dr. Angelina says that his harsh rule of the island is over today. She pulls of a knife and rushes at Philip. Philip tries to evade her but she stabs him in the shoulder. He yells in pain. She pulls the knife out to strike again but Philips reaches in his desk and pulls out a gun and shoots her. She falls over dead. The knife falls to the ground with a rattle. Philip calls to the guards and they help him to the Hospital Island.

That morning Skip and Case can’t find Rose or Dr. Angelina for practice plus the University Island is shut down. Case says that the only good thing so far today is that Philip is gone too. Skip asks Case if Philip found out about their plan to escape and has locked Dr. Angelina and Rose is the Prison Island. Case says that it is unlikely since they are not captured yet. Suddenly they see Rose coming up from the bridge leading to the University Island. She looks dirty and tired. Skip asks what happened. She says that she was raped by Philip and Dr. Angelina is dead. Case says that is ridiculous. Rose shakes her head. She says that she can’t do this anymore- trying to escape the island. She says that she is forever trapped here can can’t escape. Skip tells Rose that they have to escape and that Dr. Angelina would want them to continue strong. He says that she died for them and they lest they could do is try to escape. Rose is silent. She finally nods her head. She says that she will meet them for rehearse in a few hours. Skip tells Case that whatever they do they have to make sure Rose escapes this prison.

Later that day they practice and rehearse their song. After practicing, Case asks how they are going to get all the materials they need. Skip says that they backstage will be filled with guards. He says that a guard will escort them into the back changing rooms then they will get they supplies from the guards. Skip asks if they are ready. Case and Rose says they are. Skip goes over the plan once more. He says that they will do there show then they will leave and sneak off to the Main Island were they will get the boats and head for the shore. Then they will get as faraway from the island as possible. Case says that it all begins tomorrow.

The next night, Skip, Case, and Rose are escorted to the back rooms on the Commons Island. In the back rooms, they quickly dispose of the guards and secretly arm themselves. Outside Philip addresses they officials, he says that Dr. Angelina who was attacked by a mad patient work with the patients on academics and arts. He says that she had patients perform on stage to release the fear or anger they had. He says that it is his pleasure to give to the officials three of Dr. Angelina’s best patients. The curtain opens and Skip, Case, and Rose appear and sing “Insanity.” When they finish the crowds wildly applauses, the general turns to Philip and says that Philip has done an excellent job with the island. Philip tells the general thank you. Backstage Skip, Case, and Rose quickly exit.

They quickly make their way through the Common Island as they try to avoid the guards. Case says that the island is more guarded than thought. Skip says that they can still make it out. As they cross the bridge, Rose accidentally triggers the alarm. Skip says that they have to make a dash for it. Guards quickly rush from the Common Island and begin to chase them across the bridge. Case says that he has an idea. He pulls out a lighter and throws it at a station on the bridge. The station explodes. The bridge begins to collapse. The three quickly race just in time to the Main Island. Skip says that will only briefly stop them and they have to continue quickly.

Meanwhile, a guard approaches Philip and says that the prisons have escaped. Philip curses and tells the government officials that everything is fine. The general says that he must tell him what has happened. Philip much ashamed tells the general that some prisoners are escaping the island. The general shouts to his men to help the guards capture the patients. The general storms out of the hall furious.

The trio race through the Main Island. They hear shouts after them. Rose says that they can’t make it there on time. She says that they will capture them soon. Skip says that he will distract the guards. Rose says no. She says that they can find away to make it there all. Skip says that he has nothing to lose and that Dr. Angelina told him that he can’t have the perfect victory without sacrifice. He says that he is that sacrifice. He tells Case to take care of Rose. Case promises and hugs Skip. By now they can see the guards coming. Skip tells them to go quickly before they are discovered. Case grabs the crying Rose and leads her away. Skip turns and runs toward the guards shooting his gun. He is shot by Philip. Philip says that Skip has been unsuccessful in his escape and his lobotomy will be done immediately. Skip says to Philip to go to hell. Philip laughs. Skip turns and shoots Philip throw the head. Philip falls over dead. Skip drops his gun and holds up his hands.

Skip is led quickly and harshly to the lobotomy room. He is strapped to the bed. Skip breathes deeply and thinks to himself comfortably that Rose and Case are safe. He knows that they have had the complete victory. Dr. Watson performs the lobotomy. He sees flashes of lightening and hears the sound of thunder. The room quickly transforms into his own bed room. Skip jerks up and opens his eyes. He looks at the time and it reads Friday, October 7th, 10:57pm. He says that it was just a dream. Downstairs, he hears his uncle and aunt arguing. Deja vu. He smiles to himself. The screen goes black and Skip narrators, “There can be no triumph without loss, no victory without suffering, and no freedom without sacrifice. The choice is yours. This is my destiny”

Edited by Roger the Alien
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Date- September 14th 2

Genre- Comedy

Rating- PG- humor, mischief, and mild language

Theaters- 3,075 theaters

Budget- 12 million

Running Time- 91 minutes or 1 hour and 31 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Thor Freudenthal

Nick- Devon Bostick

Plot: Nick Water is a teenage boy. He is in Bunny Starch's biology class and she is the most feared teacher in his school. On a field trip to Black Vine Swamp, a fire breaks out. (Later in the film, it turns out that the Red Diamond Energy Corporation set a controlled fire to prevent the students and teachers from discovering an illegal pirate well on the State of Florida's land.) Mrs. Starch goes back into the swamp to retrieve an asthma inhaler for Libby, a student of Mrs. Starch, while the bus returns the rest of the kids to school. Everyone expects that she will return in her car but she never comes back. While Mrs. Starch is missing, her class gets a strange substitute teacher named Wendell Waxmo, who teaches specific pages on specific days. Dr. Dressler, the school's headmaster, hired him in the hope that when Mrs. Starch hears about who is teaching her class, she will come back. Dr. Dressler decides to go to Mrs. Starch's house to see if she is there; she is not. In Mrs. Starch's mailbox, Dr. Dressler finds a letter saying that she has been called to a "family emergency." Dr. Dressler checks Mrs. Starch's file and finds no reference to any known family members that are alive. Nick and Marta just don't buy this "family emergency" excuse, so they decide to go to Mrs. Starch's house--located well off the beaten path--to investigate. They find the house filled with stuffed animals. Soon they are discovered by a mysterious man in his early thirties named Twilly Spree. He takes them away from the house and leaves them to meet their parents. Meanwhile, Duane Scrod Jr., known by his nickname "Smoke", is also missing from class. The oil company, having found out that arson investigators believed Duane to be responsible for the fire, have stolen Duane's backpack and placed the lighter in it. When Duane returns, he is mistakenly accused of setting the fire in Black Vine Swamp. This is stressful to the headmaster of Truman school, Dr. Dressler, who has to face the board of directors and worry about the school's public image. When Detective Marshall comes to arrest the supposed arsonist, Duane dodges out of the office and ran away, causing even more worries for Dr. Dressler. While Detective Marshall is waiting outside Duane's house for him to return, the detective grows bored and decides to do some research about the torch. He finds that only two stores sell that model, and since one of them is too far away, only one store is left to investigate. Detective Marshall goes to the store and takes the video recording of the torch purchase to the arson investigator, who immediately realizes that Duane was framed by the Oil Company. All charges against Duane are dropped, except for that of evading arrest. Nick and Marta can't stop worrying about their biology teacher and Smoke's trouble. They think that Twilly may know something about it. They find the car Twilly was driving and jump into the back seat waiting for the man to return. Twilly takes them to see Mrs. Starch. They discover that she has been caring for a baby panther whose mother was scared off by the oil company with a gunshot. Duane was also in on the secret and Twilly was tracking the mother panther. He knew she was close because fresh scat was always on the ground. In the end, the mother panther and baby panther are reunited and Mrs. Starch comes back to teaching with a great respect for Duane, who spends two weeks in jail for running away from the Detective (who also thinks two weeks is too harsh.) They all find out that Bunny Starch was just rescuing a baby panther and that she is a good person after all. After Nick helps the panther get back to its mother, everything goes back to normal. At school, everyone is amazed. At the beginning, Duane casually chews Mrs. Starch's pencil, which she finds amusing.

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The Chronicles of Novara: The Stone of Armagon

Date- November 16th 2

Genre- Fantasy

Rating- PG-13- for intense sequences of adventure/action violence, brief language, and some frightening images

Theaters- 3,926 theaters

Budget- 180 million

Running Time- 146 minutes or 2 hours and 26 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Peter Jackson

Actors and Actress-

Princess Elise- Amanda Seyfried

King Garhand- Donald Sutherland

John- Max Irons

Vladimir- Eddie Redmayne

Sic- Bradley James

Balthazar- Samuel J. Jackson

Nocis- Jet Li

Creator- Jeff Bridges

Great Queen Witch Donella-Katie McGrath

Asher a.k.a Great Bear (voice) - Liam Neeson

Dementor a.k.a Minotaur (voice) - Shane Rangi

Logus a.k.a Centaur (voice) – Patrick Kake

Plot: The film opens with the young ten years old Princess Elise walking through a forest by herself. She hums quietly to herself as she picks flowers from the forest. She crosses a small brook and walks through a hedge. On the other side she sees a centaur standing. It turns and walks toward her. She stands and stares in awe and the massive centaur walks toward her. The centaur bends down and opens Elise’s hand and puts a glittering red sapphire stone in her hand. He tells her that she must not tell anyone about the stone and that it is her destiny to be the holder of the stone. Elise asks him what she should do with the stone. The centaur says that she must keep the stone until the day when it will be revealed what she must do with it. Suddenly they hear John, Elise’s father’s boy servant coming to find Elise. The centaur again tells Elise not to tell anyone of the stone and he disappears. Elise stares after him. The John comes up to Elise and tells her that her father wants to see her. John asks what she is doing. Elise says nothing and John smiles slightly embarrassed. He puts his arm around her shoulder and they walk back to the castle.

The Chronicles of Novara: The Stone of Armagon

We hear the sound of bells rings. We see the now grown up Elise lying in her bed. Suddenly the maid burst into the room and announces that Elise must get dressed quickly for her coronation as queen. Elise says that she forgot about it. The maid asks how she could have forgotten such an important event. The maid tells Elise that she will be an excellent and just queen. Elise sarcastically says that she will make a law that nobody will disturb her in the morning. Elise quickly gets up and gets ready. The maid brings in a stunning silver and white dress. Elise touches the dress in utter delight. Elise after getting dressed puts the stone which the centaur gave her around her neck. After getting dressed Elise walks into the private meeting room were her aged father King Garhand awaits her. She bows and kisses his hand and he tells her to rise. King Garhand says she looks gorgeous in her dress and Elise smiles. He asks if she is ready. She says that she is. Together they walk into the throne hall. They slowly make their way to the throne. A massive strain glass window of all the kings and queen of the empire stands over the solid gold high throne. When the reach the end Elise is seated at the high throne, King Garhand lifts up the crown and announces that Princess Elise is officially now Queen Elise of Draum. The crowd bows and shouts, “Long Live the Queen!” Elise makes her way to the balcony and addresses the common folk. A noble leans over to Elise and says that this is the largest gathering of people the empire of Draum as ever seen. He says that Queen Elise must be extremely popular. Elise says that the only reason she is popular is because she will be good to the people and not treat them like slaves. Later in the day, the royalty makes their way to the banquet in the throne hall. As Elise walks into the hall she is addressed by John. John says that Elise looks lovely and did a fantastic job earlier in the day. Elise smiles and says that she appreciates his kind words. John laughs and says that she is beginning to sound like a queen not a play mate. Elise gives John a face and walks quickly to her seat at the head of the table. John laughs to himself and walks away.

We see a group of men on horses toward the city. One of them says that the stone is rumored to be held by the Princess Elise. Another man says that Elise is now queen but is co-ruling the empire with her aged father. A man says that they must go in and seize the stone and girl and leave quickly. One man says that the stone is around Elise’s neck. The first man who spoke says that they must take Elise and the stone and shed as little blood as possible since the people are not enemies. The group takes off quickly toward the castle.

Inside the throne room hundreds of nobles talk and eat. Elise mostly sits quietly only answering the questions of the nobility with short comments. King Garhand seems displeased with Elise’s pompous behavior. Suddenly, a guard burst into the room and announces that the castle is under attack. King Garhand says that that is preposterous. They hear the sound of screams outside. King Garhand says to the guard to lock off the castle from the surrounding towns and to let nobody inside and to have the soldiers ready themselves at their positions. He tells Elise and the other female nobles to what in the hall. King Garhand beckons to John to follow him as he leaves the hall with the male nobles. Outside we see the group of men battling the soldiers. A man who is addressed as Creator tells a younger man named Vladimir to go and get the stone and girl. Creator tells Vladimir not to do anything stupid. Vladimir vanishes suddenly in a cloud of smoke. Vladimir appears outside of the door to the throne room. The guards approach him brandishing their swords. Vladimir caste a spell and they drop over on the ground dead. Vladimir lifts both of his hands and the doors to the room collapse. Vladimir walks quickly in. The nobles shriek in terror as he storms through the hall marching on the tables and kicking the dishes and food laughing and asking where Queen Elise is. Elise stands up and says that she is the one he is looking for. Vladimir hurries over and says that he is sorry he was to do this but it has to be done. He grabs Elise and walks quickly out of the hall. Elise tries to scream but Vladimir holds his hand over her mouth. Vladimir turns and caste a spell. The giant stain glass window shatters. Glass sprinkles to the floor. Outside Creator looks up at the throne room and tells the rest of the group to fall back because they have the stone and girl. The group quickly vanishes into the darkness and the soldiers are left shocked at what happened. Vladimir tells Elise to hang onto his back. Elise exclaims, “What?!” Vladimir leaps out of the upper window. Elise screams in terror as they propel toward the ground. Just when they are about to it the ground they vanish and land on a bed in a tent. Vladimir gets up and walks outside and says that they beat everyone to the camp site. Elise storms out of the tent and demands what on earth is happening. Vladimir says that they want the Stone of Armagon. Elise says that she doesn’t have any stone. Vladimir says that he wants the stone around her neck. After a length argument about the stone, the other members of the group arrive and they circle her. Creator asks Vladimir why he destroyed the throne room, Vladimir bows his head. Creator tells Vladimir to not give in to his evil magical powers. Elise says that she demands as their queen to take her back. Creator tells her no. She asks who they are. Creator says that it is rude for them not to introduce themselves first. He says that she has already met Vladimir the youngest of the group. He introduces Sic who is an exiled prince, Balthazar an astrologer and physician from the Eastern Islands, and Nocis a ninja He says that he is Creator, the leader of the Assassins of Novara. Elise asks if they have ever tried to get mental help because their mental stability is sounding very questionable. Creator chucks and says that Logus the centaur of the western woods gave her they stone for this very purpose. Elise asks what purpose. Creator tells her that the stone must be laid at the four pillars in the north to defeat the Great Witch Queen who is slowly invading the empires surrounding Draum. Elise says that the Queen of the North is no witch but an imposter successor of the fallen Norhumbra Empire. Balthazar states that that is what the witch wants the other kingdoms to believe. Balthazar says that the witch has caste a powerful spell making the leaders of the kingdoms fall in love with her and makes their armies unable to defeat her when it is too late. He says that they witch has also caste a spell that makes her immortal and when the stone is laid at the four pillars she will become mortal. He says that she bribes the leaders to give her parts of their empires so she can become sole ruler of their world. Elise says that this “witch” visited Draum a month ago and seemed extremely nice and not witchy. Creator looks sadly at Balthazar and says that the witch as then caste the spell over Draum. Elise takes off the necklace and says that they can have the useless stone on their little quest. Creator says that only Elise can lay the stone on at the four pillars since only a woman can break the spell and that she is that woman. Creator says that she will have to be labeled a prisoner then. Balthazar says that they must make haste. Creator tells Vladimir to guard and take care of Elise. Vladimir tells Elise to follow him to her tent.

The film moves back to the castle. We see King Garhand surrounded by nobles standing in shock in the throne hall. A noble woman says that a wizard is the one guilty of destroying the once spectatular hall. Another woman says that she has some important news to tell the king. She says that the wizard also kidnapped Elise. King Garhand standing in totally shock before falling over from a heart attack. The next morning King Garhand is awake but very weak. He summons John to his bedside. He tells John to go and find Elise. John says that it would be his honor. King Garhand says that John will not be along in his quest but that he had a vision that the Asher the god of Draum would appear to John is the form of a giant white bear and will aid him in is quest. King Garhand tells John to go quickly. John leaves the room.

The film zooms across the lands heading north. The land quickly changes from forest to frozen ice. The camera zooms up to an enormous palace. Inside the palace we see the four pillars. They stand over 500 feet tall and are made up of bright green emerald. The camera zooms past the pillars to a majestic throne made up of ice. On the throne sits the Great Witch Queen. A massive green anaconda lies wrapped around her shoulders. A Minotaur who she addresses as Dementor tells her that the Assassins of Novara have the prized Stone of Armagon. Donella exclaims angrily how this is possible. Dementor says that the assassins have taken prisoner the girl, Elise; who is prophesied to defeat Donella. Donella sits back and tells herself that the prophecy is finally happening. Dementor asks if he can take a group to intercept and kill the assassins and the girl. Donella says no. She says that she will go to the Forest of Enchantments and persuade Elise to leave her mission. She tells Dementor to prepare her chariot. Dementor bows and leaves. Donella stands up and tells her snake that she will find Elise. She smiles slyly.

The film moves to John who is walking down a dirt road. He says that he is crazy going on this quest to find Elise. He says that the kidnappers are probably armed and he will be easily defeated plus he doubt Asher will even appear to him. He says that he is just a foolish servant trying to get a rich girl to like him. He sits down and sighs. Suddenly, behind him he hears a sound of brushes rustling. A giant white bear suddenly leaps out of the brushes in front of John. John falls back on the ground is shock. The bear angrily roars at John. The bear pulls back and says that he is Asher. John gets up slowly and says that he is John from the Kingdom of Draum. Asher says he knows. John asks Asher to help him defeat Elise’s kidnappers and bring Elise safe to the Draum. Asher says that he will help John protect Elise but he will not help John defeat the kidnappers. Asher tells John that the kidnappers are a group of exiled assassins from the Kingdom of Novara. He says that they are trying to defeat the Great Witch Queen who is invading the kingdoms. John asks why they have Elise. Asher says that only Elise can lay the Stone of Armagon on the Four Pillars to break the witch’s spell. John says that he will go and help Elise. Asher says that he will serve John in his campaign. Asher tells John to climb on because they have a long way ahead of them. Asher and John race off.

We see Elise and the Assassins of Novara riding through a desert. Elise is sitting on a horse behind Vladimir. She asks him who the Assassins of Novara are. Vladimir says that they are a group of talented people that were chosen by King Telmar of the Kingdom of Novara to help him defend his kingdom. When King Telmar died his son Prince Henry dissolved the Assassins of Novara and banned them from Novara because he thought they would threaten his political power. After they were banned they devoted themselves to stop the Great Witch Queen. Vladimir suddenly switches the subject and asks Elise if she has anyone she loves back in Draum. Elise laughs and says no. Vladimir lifts his eyebrows. Elise rolls her eyes and says that she does have feelings for he father’s boy servant. Vladimir says in shock that she loves a common servant! Elise says that John is not just a common servant but also a family member. She says that he was her playmate when they were young and he is still a close and trusted friend. She says that he is probably freaking out that she is missing. Vladimir smiles slightly disappointedly. Sic rides up next to them and says that they are going to rest the night in the oasis that lies just ahead. Vladimir coldly tells Sic to go away. Elise tells Vladimir to be nice. Vladimir says that they will continue their conversation later. When they reach the oasis, they set up camp. After eating dinner, they retire to the tents.

That night Elise and Vladimir continue their conversation. Vladimir tells Elise that he and Sic suffer from amnesia which was the result of an extremely powerful magically explosion. Elise asks what happened. Vladimir says that only Creator knows but he will not tell them. He says that Sic could careless about his past but he (Vladimir) wants to know everything but Creator refuses to tell him. Elise says that she is glad her past is not complicated. Vladimir smiles. He tells her that he appreciates her being willing to listen to him. He says that the rest of the group tunes him out when he wants to tell them something. He says that he feels unaccepted and like a lower life because of the way he is treated. Elise says that they must have some faith in him because he was the one who kidnapped her. Vladimir tells Elise that the group like the rest of the people in the world uses him because he has magical powers. They could care less about him. Elise tells him that they probably don’t feel like that. Vladimir sighs. He tells Elise that she should rest and he leaves the tent. We see Elise wake up. She hears a voice calling her name. She slowly gets up and walks through the oasis to a small clearing. In the clearing stands Donella in her finest garments. Donella turns and smiles at Elise. Elise asks what she wants. Donella says that she wants Elise to join her so they can rule the world as sisters. Elise says that she is not Donella’s sister. Donella laughs. She tells Elise that Elise’s father has kept a secret from Elise. She tells Elsie that King Garhand had an affair with a lady of the court named Lady Maria. She got pregnant with Donella. After Donella’s birth, which Lady Maria died from, the doctor told King Garhand that Donella possessed powerful magic. King Garhand fearful of magic left Donella to die on the streets. She angrily tells Elise that King Garhand is a filthy wicked man and that she is her half-sister. She tells Elise that both of them can get revenge on King Garhand of the wrong things he did. Donella’s snake circles around Elise while they talk. Donella angrily shouts for Elsie to join her. A dark mist covers the ground blocking out the shining stars and moon. Donella tells Elise to come and join her forever. Elise shouts at Donella that she will never be Donella’s! Donella screams in fury and begins to turn into mist. As she disappears, she screams that her vengeance will fall on them. A powerful gust of windblast the oasis and Donella and her snake disappear. Elise stands in shock and then slowly staggers back to the camp. The camera moves to the opposite side of the oasis and we see Vladimir standing there. He raises up from his hiding spot and he caste a spell and he separates into two Vladimirs. One walks back to the camp and the other vanishes into the darkness.

The film moves to Donella who stands in her chariot. She tells Dementor unleash the rally the troops. She says that the time for war has come. She cracks her whip and she head south quickly for the Kingdom of Draum.

The film moves back to the Elise and the Assassins of Novara. Creator tells the group that they will not stop until they reach the four pillars. He tells them that Donella will not go down without a fight. He tells them to prepare for battle once they reach the four pillars. The group races off to the north. The camera pans over the landscape.

We see Donella riding in her chariot through the streets of the capital city of Draum, Calacon. People quickly stop what they are doing and bow. King Garhand looks out of his window onto the street below and sees Donella riding through the streets. He tells himself that his daughter is back. Donella moments latter suddenly burst through the door. She tells King Garhand that she is back for vengeance on him for deserting her after her birth. King Garhand says that he has learned much and that he grieves daily because of the sins, which he committed in the past. Donella angrily tells him that his is filled with false repentance and that she has killed Elise. King Garhand’s face becomes pale and his hands shake. Donella says that he would careless if she would have been the one dead. King Garhand tells Donella that that is not true. Donella caste a killing curse at King Garhand and he falls over dead. Donella recovering her emotions turns to Dementor and tells him to tell his troops that they can sack the city. Dementor roars to his troops the message. Immediately the air is filled with shrieks of terror from the townspeople. Donella’s forces burst through the castle and homes ransacking them. The camera zooms out and we see smoke and fire rising over the city.

The film moves to John and Asher. They ride quickly. John spots a group of people in the distance. Asher says that they are the Assassins of Novara. We see Creator turn of his horse and look behind him. He sees Asher and John riding up fast. Vladimir leaps off his horse and castes a spell. The spell creates a wall between Asher and Vladimir. Creator knowing its Asher shouts no to Vladimir. Asher tells John to hang on. Asher with a roar burst through the spell, which immediately vanishes. Vladimir wheels back in shock. Just as he is about to caste another spell, Asher leaps on top of him. Vladimir stares at Asher. Asher growls at Vladimir and gets off of him. John runs to Elise and they embrace. Creator and the other Assassins of Novara bow to Asher. Creator asks Asher to forgive the rude welcome he received. Asher nods. Asher says that they must not waste time. He tells them that the witch has destroyed Calacon. Elise grasps. She asks what happened to her father. Asher says that her father is resting in peace in the underworld. Elise begins to cry and John comforts her. Asher tells Elise that she will see her father someday. Elise recovers herself and says that she has something to tell them. She tells them everything that Donella told her in the oasis. Asher says that the witch spoke truth. Asher tells Elise that she chose well by ignoring the witch’s advice. Asher says that Elise must complete her destiny and lay the Stone of Armagon at the Four Pillars. Creator asks them what they are waiting for. While the others prepare to leave. Asher walks over to Vladimir. He tells Vladimir that he knows what Vladimir is planning and that he has the choice to do it or not. He says that if he does it he will suffer severe consequences. He tells Vladimir that he can control his fate. Vladimir says that he just wants to know about his past and that he doesn’t want to feel alone and hated in the world. Asher tells Vladimir that all things will be revealed in time and that you just have to have belief. Asher walks away. Vladimir stands for a second mediating on what Asher said. Finally he shakes his head and says that he will do things his way.

The film moves to Donella’s castle. We see duplicate Vladimir approaching. A goblin guarding the gate comes up to him and asks him what he wants with Her Majesty Queen Donella. Vladimir tells the goblin that he is a sorcerer. The goblin opens the gate. In the courtyard we see Donella’s troops preparing for battle. The camera shows dozens hideous creatures sharpening weapons. They look up as Vladimir pasts through. Inside the castle, Vladimir walks up the stairs. He passes through the Four Pillars and walks up to the throne on which the Great Witch Queen is seated. Donella asks what he wants. Vladimir tells her that he is a fellow sorcerer hated by his fellowmen. Donella smiles graciously. She asks Vladimir what has brought him to her temple of tolerance. He says that he has come to join her. Donella asks where he is from. He says that he is an Assassin of Novara. Donella tells herself that even the Assassins of Novara are falling apart. Vladimir tells her that he can be her spy in the misted of the group. He says that he will set up Elise so Donella can finish her off. Donella smiles and says that she likes Vladimir’s eagerness to help her. She says that she doesn’t intend to kill Elise since they are sisters. She says that she will try to persuade her to join her (Donella) one more time. She says that she will take Vladimir up on his plan to set up Elise. She says that he must persuade Asher and Creator to let Elise lay the stone at the pillars only with Vladimir. Vladimir says that he will do, as she wants. Donella says that Vladimir shouldn’t be ashamed that he is different from other people but he should take pride in it. She says that Vladimir is extremely powerful and he should embrace the magic within him. Donella shouts after him that she knows only one thing about his past. Vladimir turns quickly. She tells him that he can find secrets about his past in the underworld. Vladimir nods and says thank you and leaves.

We see the group standing on a high cliff overlooking the plain leading up to Donella’s castle. Asher says that the four pillars lay inside of the castle. Creator asks how they will get in. John is about to say something but Vladimir interrupts. He says that he can use his magic to get in with Elise. Sic says that he doesn’t trust Vladimir with his magic. Vladimir glares at Sic. Creator turns to Asher and asks what he thinks. Asher says that Vladimir should take Elise into the castle to lay the stone at the four pillars. The camera zooms over the plain. We see the witch’s army preparing for battle. Donella looks from her balcony and nods. Dementor yells charge. Donella says that it will be over quickly. Donella’s army races across the plain toward the Assassins of Novara. John says there are too many. Balthazar tells them that numbers don’t win battles. The witch’s army crashes into the Assassins of Novara. The fight is furious. Two minatours close in on John. Nocis hurls his throwing darts and kills one of them. John stabs the other. Vladimir fights skillfully with his magic. He creates a massive cyclone of fire. Creator and Sic ride on the horses slashing the attackers. Asher defends Elise. A dwarf aims and arrow for Vladimir and fires with a roar Asher bats the arrow out of the air and strikes the dwarf with his paw. Vladimir turns and looks at Asher. Asher looks back and then turns and fights. Creator, Sic, and Balthazar create a hole in the enemy line. Creator tells Vladimir to go with Elise. Vladimir grabs Elise’s hand and they turn invisible and blast toward the castle. We see the other continue to fight. Vladimir and Elise suddenly become visible between the pillars. Elise takes out the stone and places the stone on the altar. Donella burst into the room and screams no! Elise turns and tells Donella that she is now a mortal. Donella turn to Vladimir and asks how he could have betrayed her. Vladimir is silent. Donella screams in anger and pulls out two swords and attacks Elise. They fight furiously. Vladimir is about to aid Elise when Dementor burst into the room. He hurls Vladimir across the room. Vladimir quickly leaps up and caste a spell at Dementor. Dementor reflects back at Vladimir with his axe. Vladimir falls to the ground senseless. Finally Donella manages to pin Elise down. She raises her sword to kill Elise. Suddenly Asher with a roar bolts through the ice wall. He leaps on top of Donella and kills her. A green light flashes across the entire land. We see soldiers in the cities which where taken over by Donella suddenly turn of Donella’s forces. Asher says that spell has been broken. They suddenly hear a rumbling sound. The castle begins to collapse. Asher tells Elise to leap on his back. They rush out of the castle while massive chunks of ice and stone crash around them. Vladimir coming back to his senses teleports away just in time. Outside the witches forces fleeing in all directions and we see the castle crumpling. Asher and Elise emerge from the ruins. Asher tells Creator that it is finished. Elise runs up to John and they embrace. Creator asks Elise what she plans to do know that the witch is dead and the spell is broken. Elise says that she will have the Lords of Draum rule over the empire and she and John will stay with the Assassins of Novara. She says that she never really wanted to be queen. Everyone smiles. Balthazar asks if Asher will stay. Asher says that he must return to his world but he will guide then and protect them. He tells them that their adventures have just begun. We see the Assassins of Novara with John and Elise ride off to the south. The camera slowly zooms out. We hear Asher roar and then the screen goes black.


The camera moves to the Lords of Draum talking around a table. One lord asks what they should do with the rogue band called the Assassins of Novara. We see one lord stand up and say that they should hire the assassins to go on a quest to the underworld. The lords ask why. The one lord says that powerful black magic has begun to emerge from the underworld and is causing chaos in lands near the underworld gate. He says that the Assassins of Novara can go and stop this evil that is closing in on them. The lords nods and agree to hire the Assassins of Novara. After the lords have left the hall, we see the one lord standing. His body begins to change form and it is revealed that he is Vladimir. Vladimir laughs to himself and teleports from the hall.

Edited by Roger the Alien
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Union 51

Date- June 22nd 2

Genre- Action Horror

Rating- PG-13- disaster sequences, violence, disturbing images, and language

Theaters- 3,565 theaters

Budget- 30 million

Running Time- 84 minutes or 1 hour and 24 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Tagline- “Beware of the Monster”

Director- Christian Alvart

Actors and Actress-

Sami Worthington-----Amanda Righetti

Ashley Smith---Kayla Ewell

Jason Peters----Michael Rady

Tim Strong----Kellen Lutz

Plot: The entire film is shown as if it were shot with a digital home camera (like Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project) from the perspective of Jason’s camera.

The movie begins with a message from the United States Department of Defense saying that the video file about to be viewed is of a case designated “Union 51” and was found in the area that was formerly known as Union Square Park in San Francisco.

The camera turns on. San Francisco October 5th 10:12pm

Jason says that they are at a party for Ashley and only two other friends showed up besides him. He says that they have just finished cake and gifts and are going to go out on the porch to drink and talk. After talking for a while it is revealed that Ashley and Tim are dating. Sami is best friends with Ashley and Jason is Ashley’s ex-high school boyfriend. Jason teases Tim about dating Ashley. Ashley gets upset and goes inside with Sami. Tim and Jason continue to talk on the porch. Suddenly a massive earthquake shakes the city and the windows shatter. We hear Sami and Ashley scream inside the apartment. The power goes out. Jason and Tim rush inside and tell Sami and Ashley to follow them down to the street because the building might collapse. When they reach street level they hear a roar from the southern part of the bay and see several explosions. A massive group of people run by them screaming. They hear a roar again. Sami says that she doesn’t think it’s an earthquake. The four take off running. They are told by police officials that they are to head for the Golden Gate Bridge. When they reach the bridge, they find it packed with people. In the sky are helicopters flying around with big lights flashing on the city. Tim asks an officer way they can’t excavate from the southern end of the city. The officer replies that the military is advancing from the south. Ashley asks what is attacking the city. The officer says he doesn’t know. Suddenly a massive tail hits the bridge smashing it in half. People scream and run the other direction. The camera falls to the ground and we see a massive claw grabs the bridge and throw parts of the bridge into the water. Jason grabs the camera and runs. The monster suddenly disappears. The four safely reach land and fall down to catch their breath. Sami ask what was that, Tim says he doesn’t know. Jason says that it is a monster. Ashley disagrees and says that they are only dreaming. A massive roar shakes the city. They see the Transamerica Pyramid collapse. Ashley says that they must get out of here. Sami agrees. Tim and Jason say that they should go and investigate the thing. Tim asks it Jason is still recording. Jason says yes. Sami asks if they are craze. Tim and Jason say that they need to find out what is attacked the city. Tim and Jason start off for the downtown district where the monster is raging. Sami and Ashley run up and tell Tim and Jason that they are coming with them. The four set off. When they reach the downtown they find it packed with soldiers firing missiles at the beast. We see a glimpse of the head of the beast as it grabs a helicopter out of the air and throws it at a group of attacking soldiers. The monster walks right over Tim, Jason, Ashley, and Sami. Jason tells them to follow them down an alley out of monster’s way. Suddenly a skyscraper collapses and a wall of dust and ash rolls down the street. Ashley shout for them to run into a near by building. The four rush into the shop. They see the wall of ash pass by and they hear screams and shouts of people being killed. When they emerge from the store, they see dead people’s bodies scattering the street. The monster is gone to. Ashley says that they have to get out of here. Jason and Tim say that they can cross the Oakland Bay Bridge and watch the monster from Treasure Island which is located in the middle of the bay. When they reach the bridge they find it destroyed. Jason says that maybe they can find a boat to cross over. A soldier nearby tells them at all the boats are gone and that the US government has ordered a quarantine of the San Francisco Metropolitan. Sami ask why and what is the monster. The soldier says that the monster is can escaped alien creature from Area 51 and that the military is going to nuke the San Francisco Metropolitan to destroy the monster in fifteen minutes. Tim says that people maybe still in the area but the soldier says that over two-thirds of the people have already escaped the area or are dead. Sami is just about to say that they should run toward the south to escape the nuclear attack when suddenly a massive form rises from the water. It grabs the solider and rips him to pieces. The four stand back in horror as the monster roars at them. At this point we get a full picture of the monster. It has one large eye with three smaller eyes above the big eye. It has four pairs of small wings. It has two large arms and then two smaller arms that are located in the middle of the body. Its legs are shaped like goats and its enormous tail forks at the end. The monster stands five-hundred feet high. The four turn and dash for central part of the city. The monster rears to full height and smashes the Transbay Terminal with its feet. A piece of debris falls and traps Sami. Sami who is dying tells the others to runs for safety. Ashley refuses to leave Sami. They stay with Sami until she dies then they head for Union Square. As they head for the square they see planes flying above them dropping bombs on the monster. The monster roars in pain. Tim whispers that the attack has begun. The monster emerges from the smoke and hurls planes out of the air. They crash and explode causing many building to collapse. The three hear the drone of a large plane. Ashley screams in terror that they are going to nuke the city right now. The three share their last goodbyes and suddenly a massive fire ball swallows them. In the background we hear the monster roar as he burns to death.

The recording ends San Francisco October 5th 11:47pm

Edited by Andrew the Alien
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The 13th Night II: The Interrogation Room

Date- October 12th 2

Genre- Horror Torture

Rating- R- disturbing images, strong language, and strong bloody graphic torture sequences

Theaters- 3,000

Budget- 4 million

Running Time- 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Wes Craven

Actors and Actress-

Russell------Anton Yelchin

Joseph------Robert Pattinson

Kimberly-----Miley Cyrus

Plot: The movie begins right where the previous film left off. The room where the murder of the boys took place is know cleaned up and is open for residency. Two boys Russell and Joseph are going to move into the room. On the 13th day for living in the room, they discover a door in the floor leading to an enormous interrogation room full of torture weapons. Suddenly the door slams shut and a man covered by a black mask walks toward the two boys. He grabs Russell and ties him to a bed and straps him down. Joseph runs behind a table with a knife in his hand. The masked man grabs a chain-saw and begins to slowly slice open Russell’s stomach. The still alive Russell screams in pain as the masked man grabs the organs, rips them out and begins to fest on them. After feasting he throws Russell into a meat grinder and then exclaims “I still hunger” Running over to where Joseph is hiding he grabs him and ties him to a chair to begin his next torture. Suddenly the door from above opens and Joseph’s girlfriend Kimberly comes down. Spotting all the blood and guts, Kimberly shrieks in terror and is about to run up the stairs when she hears Joseph pleading for help. Turning around the masked man runs toward Kimberly. Kimberly grabs a chain-saw and runs at the masked man with it. The masked man roars in anger and flees to a small exit. Kimberly runs over to Joseph and unties him. Joseph grabs a candle and gasoline from the corner. Dumping the gasoline on the floor he and Kimberly retreat up the stairs. From the top of the stairs he throws the candle down into the interrogation room. The room explodes in flames, Joseph, Kimberly, and other students flee the dorm as it goes up in flames. The movie ends with Joseph and Kimberly vowing never to tell anyone what happened. Joseph says that he will go with a loyal friend named Dan and investigate the ruins later.

My Winter Retreat

Date- January 13th 2

Genre- Horror/Supernatural

Rating- R- language, sexual content, violence, and disturbing graphic images

Theaters- 2,631

Budget- 13 million

Running Time-98 minutes or 1 hour and 38 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Rob Zombie

Actors and Actresses-

Britney------Mia Wasikowska

Jack------Toby Maguire

Zoe------Kristen Stewart

Paul------Shia LaBeouf

Plot: Four college students Britney, Jack, Zoe, and Paul go on Christmas break go to a cabin in the forest. During the day they go skiing and snowboarding and move in. At night they get very disturbing nightmares. The next morning they find out that they are snowed in by a blizzard. So they have fun, play games and do that fun stuff people do in horror movies. At night they go to bed the spirit which is haunting them attacks Jack. It tosses him around the room and the spirit kills him when it throws him into the wall, breaking his spinal cord. The three other students run to Jacks room to find him dead. In shock they drag his body out into the snow to hide it. They have a meeting in the morning to figure out what is going on. They argue if they show stay or leave. Deciding to stay, they go to bed. That night the spirit attacks and kills Britney. After that it possesses Zoe. The possessed Zoe attacks Paul, biting him in the neck and tearing out his veins and arteries, Zoe throws the dead body of Paul out the window and then runs out the door into the snow raving and ranting.

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Mara, Daughter of the Nile

Date- April 27th 2

Genre- Historical/Romance

Rating- PG-13- some violence, sexual content and thematic elements

Theaters- 3,247 theaters

Budget- 20 million

Running Time- 116 minutes or 1 hour and 56 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Mohammad Bakri

Actors and Actress- Celina Jaitley (Mara) and Michael Steger (Lord Sheftu)

Plot: Living in ancient Egypt, Mara is a slave under the rule of Queen Hatshepsut. Mara is not like other slaves; she can read and write, as well as speak the language of Babylonian. She also, oddly enough, has bright blue eyes. Struggling daily to find a way out of her wretched life as a slave Mara takes secret visits to the marketplace, behind her cruel master's back. On one such trip, Mara is observed by two men, who both note her intelligence. The first man appears shortly afterwards to buy her from her master and offers Mara an escape from her life: if she will serve him and the Queen as a spy and accomplish her mission, he promises her riches and freedom, but death, if she is found out. Mara accepts the task and she spies for the queen. The second man appears on a boat as she makes her way to the golden palace to spy. He is Sheftu and he thinks that Mara is only a runaway slave, nothing else. He tells her that he will not turn her in as long as she will deliver a message to Thutmose. Mara soon learns that Sheftu and Thutmose are planning a revolt against Queen Hatshepsut. Mara enjoys her life at court so much that she decides to play both sides. She carries messages for Sheftu and throws small bits of information to her new master, Lord Nahereh. But unwillingly she finds herself tangled more and more in her own web, as she discovers that she is falling in love with Sheftu (as he falls in love with her). She also becomes the translator and friend to a Babylonian princess, Inanni who is going to marry Thutmose. Finally, the climax occurs when Sahure, a juggler at the Falcon Inn where the rebels meet, turns spy for the Queen's men, Mara is found out by both sides. Despite Sheftu's attempt to kill her, she returns to warn him and his followers of the raid that will go down at their meeting place, but is captured by the soldiers. She is taken to the palace for interrogation, but continues to claim not to know the leader, despite the harsh beating and the offers of freedom and riches. Sheftu has in the meantime heard of what has been going on, he tries to rescue her, but is identified as the leader of the rebellion by Sahure. But he has been working well the last years and by now most of the priests, the nobles and the entire army are on his side and storm the palace. The rebellion is successful; Hatshepsut is allowed to die by her own hand by ingesting poison provided by Thutmose, and Mara and Sheftu end happily coupled.


Date- April 20th 2

Genre- Nature Documentary

Rating- G

Theaters- 2,092 theaters

Budget- 25 million

Running Time- 103 minutes or 1 hour and 43 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Nature Productions

Director- Alastair Fothergill

Narrator- Pierce Brosnan

Plot: In this nature film a group of scientists follow a family of Silverback Gorillas. The audience will learn how gorillas survive and how they are quickly becoming extinct.

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My Life to Waste

Date- {Limited November 2nd 2} {Wide November 16th 2}

Genre- Drama/Romance

Rating- R- strong emotional content, language, abusive content, car crash, teen drinking, and sexual content

Theaters- (Limited November 2nd- 2 theaters) (Limited November 9th- 435 theaters) (Wide November 16th- 1,256 theaters) (Wide November 21th- 3,065 theaters)

Budget- 30 million

Running Time- 119 minutes or 1 hour and 59 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Lee Daniels

Actors and Actress-

Sam Lockwood/Hanson--------Chord Overstreet

Rachel Smith-------Amanda Seyfried

Mrs. Smith--------Brooke Shields

Michael Peters----------Tristan Wilds

Abigail Hanson------Elizabeth Mitchell

James Sanders------Bradley Cooper

Plot: The movie opens with a car driving down a road at night. Suddenly a truck in the other lane veers off into the lane with the car. They collide. The car is hurtled into a nearby ditch and lays there in a mass on burning metal. Soon the area is surrounded by police cars and ambulances.

Sam’s “Sam Overstreet” voice narrates with flash backs, “Before my parents were killed by a drunk truck driver I had a perfect life. A great dad and loving mom, lots of friends, and a beautiful girlfriend, Rachel however that all changed that night. After my parents died, I suffered from major depression and alcohol problems. Psychiatrists had given up on me. Rachel and I were slowing drifting away because she couldn’t tolerate my problems. To make things worse almost all my friends ditched me except Michael who had been my friend since kindergarten. With high school coming to a close, the days ahead of me looked bleak and miserable. Narration ends.

The movie begins in the high school gym were we see Sam standing in the corner by himself drinking out of a bottle. Michael walks up to him and tells Sam that he should be enjoying himself and that he should stop drinking. Sam drunkenly asks Michael if he would be happy if he lost his parents. Michael says that Sam’s parents died six months ago and that Sam needs to get over with it and move on. He says that his parents would be upset to see Sam waste his life away. Sam doesn’t respond. Rachel walks up to Sam and grabs the bottle and smells it. She rolls her eyes and says that she can’t wait to tell her parents that her prom date was a solitary drunkard all night. Sam says that he will dance with her. Rachel throws the bottle into Sam’s hand and says that she doesn’t want to dance and that she doesn’t want to see Sam again. She says that she and he are over. Sam is about to say something but she cuts him off. She says that she is sick of people gossiping and looking at her because she is dating the town drunkard. She says that she is tired of his self-center attitude and consent whinnying. Sam is about to say something again but Rachel says that she and he are over and she doesn’t want to hear anymore of it. She says that this is not how she wants to spend the last few years of her life. She storms away. Sam looks confused and asks himself what she meant by last few years of her life. After taking another drink from the bottle, he shakes his head says that she was just probably blabbering. Michael looks at Sam and says that Sam needs to get a grip of life. He says that Rachel needs him now. Sam tells Michael to f*** off. Michael walks away. Sam mumbles to himself and grabs the bottle and drinks it down and leaves the gym. Outside we see a man following Sam. Sam looks at the man nervously and mumbles to himself that the man has been stalking him for the past few months. Sam cuts across some people’s yards and he finally loses the man. Sam walks up to his old and run down apartment building. He enters into his apartment and shuts the door.

The movie moves ahead to graduation. At the ceremony Sam stands bored and dejected. To his great discomfort the man who has been stalking him is in the audience. After the ceremony Michael tries to make conversation with Sam but Sam shuts down on him. Michael confronts him in the parking lot and says that Sam was spoiled raw by his parents. Sam yells at Michael to shut up. Michael however keeps on going. Sam full of rage punches Michael. Michael grabs his nose, which is broken. Michael’s father runs over and asks what happened. Sam smacks Michael in the face again and says f*** him. Michael’s father roars at Sam to calm down or he will call the cops. Sam glares at Michael’s father. Sam turns around and storms off. As he walks through the school halls, he runs into the man. The man tells him he has something to tell Sam. Sam curiously looks at the man and asks him how he knows his name. The man says that he is Sam’s father, James Sanders. Sam harshly tells the man that his father is dead and that he (James) is not his father. James begs him to listen. Sam says that he will call the cops on James if he continues to follow and stalk him. James says fine but if Sam has any question he can find him and talk to him. Sam tells James that he is perfectly fine and he tells James to f*** off in one minute or he is going to call the cops. James turns and walks away. Sam breathes deeply, closing his eyes, and turns and walks quickly the other way.

Later that night, Sam is digging through some belongs of his parents. He spies a piece of paper laying at the bottom a box. He grabs it and reads. On February 23rd 1992, Abigail Hanson released parental claims to two month old Sam Hanson. Sam Hanson now known as Sam Lockwood is under legal parentalship of Jason and Ann Lockwood. Sam stares at the paper blankly. He drops the paper saying no, no, no. He grabs the box and hurls it across the room saying “why didn’t they tell me!!” After throwing stuff around, he collapses in a chair. He says that he has to find his real mother. He grabs Jason and Ann Lockwood’s things and throws them in a garbage bag saying that their deaths wasted his life and that he hates them because they didn’t tell him the truth. He walks over to the computer and searches for Abigail Hanson. After hours of searching he gives up. As he lies in bed he wonders how he could finds is real mother. Suddenly he remembers the man James the stalker guy. He had professed to be his father but why was his name not on the piece of paper? And why is his last name Sanders not Hanson? He says that he will find this James Sanders. Walking over to the computer he searches James Sanders. After getting the address, Sam heads over to James’s house.

When he arrives at James’s house, he rings the doorbell. James opens the door. He says that Sam must have had a question pretty quick. Sam fakes a smile. James says that Sam can come in. Sam asks James how he knows that James is not a kidnapper. James walks back into the house and grabs a photo. He shows him the photo. It is of Sam as a baby and Abigail. Sam smiles. James says that Sam can keep it. Sam puts it in his pocket. James asks Sam why he can over. Sam says that he wants to find his birth mother Abigail. James sighs and says that she lives in an apartment on the west side of the town. Sam asks James why he is not on the paper and why he can Abigail don’t have the same last name. James says that he and Abigail were never married; they were just dating when they had Sam. Sam nods and says that he will be leaving. James grabs Sam and says that his real mother told Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood that Sam was a curse on her life and that she never wanted to see Sam again. Sam asks if James wants to come with him tomorrow when he goes over there. James says that he can’t because of some complications between James and Abigail. Sam forces a smile and leaves. James yells after him that they can have some father and son time though if Sam wants to. Sam yells back that he would like to have some time with James.

The next day he decides to go to his real mother’s apartment to confront her. He walks up to the door and is about to knock. He says that he can’t do it and walks away. He continues to do this for several days. He also begins to connect with James slowly. We see them meet for coffee and hang out. We see Sam change. He stops drinking and has a more positive attitude. We see him look on James as a role model.

One day he is biking through a neighborhood when he runs into Michael. He bikes up to Michael and tells Michael that he is sorry what he did to Michael in the school parking lot. Michael says that Sam should start to learn to think twice about doing things. Sam says that he is over his “parent’s death”. Michael looks at Sam and asks why he did the “” thing. Sam says that he needs to tell Michael something. Sam and Michael go up in the tree house they use to hang out in when they were little. Sam tells Michael everything. Michael sits in shock and then says that Sam should go and confront his real mother. Sam says that he just can’t. Michael says that they will go right now. Sam says no but is dragged by Michael. As they are about to knock on the door it swings opening and Abigail stands in the door way smoking a cigarette. She asks what Sam’s problem is. She tells Michael that he comes up to her door every day and is about to knock and then goes away. She says that she doesn’t think their prank is funning anymore. Sam says, “Mom” Abigail looks at Sam and says, “What??!! Excuse me!” Sam says that he knows and that she knows what they are talking about. Abigail swears and then says that she never had any children. Sam says that she is lying and that he is her child Sam Hanson. Abigail drops her cigarette and stomps on it. She looks into Sam’s face and says that she knows who he is and that she doesn’t love him and that she is glad she got rid of him. She says that he was a disgrace to her and an illegitimate child. She angrily slams the door shut.

Sam looks at Michael and says that that went very well. Sam gets into his car. Michael asks were Sam is going. Sam says that he is going for a ride to drive off his depression. Michael says that he will go with him. As the drive Sam pulls out a bottle of beer and begins to drink. Michael says that Sam should not drink and drive. Sam tells Michael to shut-up. Ahead we see a light turn red. We then see Sam’s car gaining speed 50mph, 75mph, 85 mph and finally 100mph. Sam’s car flies toward the red light. Michael is yelling at Sam to slow down and stop. Sam drops the windows and yells that he can’t hear Michael. Suddenly a semi pulls into the intersection. Sam’s car speeds toward it. Michael screams at Sam. Sam tries to swerve but crashes into the trailer of the semi. The car is crushed to bits. Cars swerve all over the place. The semi driver leaps out of the cab and calls 911. When the ambulance arrives we see them place a body in the body bag. Another body is placed in the ambulance which speeds off to the hospital. At the hospital we see Sam wakes up. He asks the nurse if Michael is ok. The nurse looks at Sam and says that he was lucky but his friend, Michael was not so lucky. Sam asks how so not lucky. The nurse looks at Sam and says that Sam’s foolishness killed his friend. Sam lies down in complete shock. He is too shocked to cry. He tells himself that it is only a dream and that he will wake up. He stares blankly out the window. It is cloudy and rainy. He closes his eyes. Three days later we see him standing in the funeral home. Michael’s parents and family ignore his presence. Sam wants to run away but he knows that he must stay and torture himself for killing his friend. He looks and sees Rachel standing across the room. She looks at him and shakes her head. Sam shouts “Rachel, please!” as he walks toward her but she walks into the bathroom crying. Sam stands alone and rejected. At Michael’s grave when all the other people have left, Sam says that he didn’t mean to kill Michael. He asks Michael to forgive him. He tells Michael that he will never drink again. He breaks down and cries.

The movie moves to Rachel’s house. She is looking at a photo of her and Sam. She then asks her mom if she broke up with someone she loved and then still felt strong feeling for that person should she go back after that person. Rachel’s mom says yes she should. Rachel says that she saw Sam today at the funeral and that he looks like he needs someone. She says that she could tell that he was changed. Rachel’s mom interrupts and says that Rachel needs to stay away from Sam. Rachel yells at her mom that she still loves him. She says that she has basically no time in this life left and that she wants to be with Sam. She says that she doesn’t want to die alone. She says that she knows Sam will be devastated after her death and he will probably do foolish things because of it. She says that she needs to make sure Sam is ok before she dies. She falling onto the couch and breathes heavily. Mrs. Smith says that Rachel has had a long day at the hospital and needs to get some rest for the summer graduate party tomorrow. Rachel weakly goes to her room.

The movie moves to the school’s summer graduate party. We see Sam standing around obviously not enjoying himself. We see people looking at him and avoiding talking to him. Rachel walks up to Sam. She says that people aren’t talking to her either. Sam says welcome to his life. Rachel smiles. She and Sam go sit in a gazebo and talk. Sam says that he is sorry that he neglected her. Rachel says that she can’t get over him and she wants to be with him. She said that she doesn’t want to be alone. She kisses Sam. Her and Sam begin to kiss passionately. Rachel says that they can go to her house. At Rachel’s house they begin to have sex. A few minutes later Rachel says that she is getting tired. Sam says asks her what is going on. Rachel says that it is just a period. Sam nods.

That same night we see James at Abigail’s apartment. He says that she needs to stop pushing Sam away from her. Abigail says that she doesn’t want Sam because every time she sees him she thinks of James. James says that Sam needs her and she needs him. Abigail tells James that because of him she had to give Sam up and he isn’t going to tell her what she needs to do. James says that he was young and stupid and that he has changed from then. Abigail says that she doesn’t believe and that she wants him to stay away from Sam because she has watched Sam. She says that he looks up to James and he tries to copy what James does. She says that she can’t tolerate that. James says that he can’t just leave Sam. Abigail says that then she will never see Sam again. James pleads with her not to be difficult. Abigail says that how does she know that James while have a bad day and then take all his anger out on Sam by physically attacking him. She says that he is a dangerous and moody man. James opens the door to leave and says that he will stay out of Sam’s life forever only if she accepts him. He leaves Abigail upset and tired. She sits down in the couch and closes her eyes. In a flash back of her life, we see her and James fighting. We see James throwing stuff around the room in a rage. We see him grab Abigail and hit her abusively. He throws her on the ground and kicks her. We see baby Sam sitting at the table watching. He starts to cry. James walks over and grabs Sam. He tells Abigail that he is going to end their problems forever. He pulls out a knife. The bruised only eighteen year-old Abigail screams no and grabs Sam from James and dashes outside. We see Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood who live across the street standing outside. Abigail burst out door. She in desperation runs up to Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood and pleads with them to take the baby. Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood stand in shock. The hear James raging inside the house. Abigail between sobs begs them to take Sam before James hurts or kills him. Mr. Lockwood seeing the bruises and cuts on Abigail, says that he will call the police. Mrs. Lockwood walks Abigail into the house. The police come and arrest James. Abigail is deeply touched by Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood. The days blur. We see Abigail tearfully giving up Sam to Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood. She tells Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood to always love and care for Sam. The flash back begins to blur. Abigail awakens from her sleep.

Over the next few days we see Abigail struggling with emotions as she decides reconcile with Sam. Sam and Rachel grow deeper in their love for one and other. We see Rachel getting more and more frailer. Sam continues to question but she tells him that it is ok. One night while Sam and Rachel make out Rachel says that she is tired. Sam however continues to try to make out. Rachel tells Samto stop. Sam continues. Rachel struggles with Sam. Rachel yells for him to stop and that he is hurting her. Sam tells her to shut up and he lets her go. Rachel slaps Sam in the face. Sam tells Rachel to stop faking. He grabs Rachel and forces onto the bed. Sam pins her down hard bruising her wrist. Rachel thrashes around trying to escape Sam’s grasp. Sam in anger throws Rachel on the ground. Rachel lies on the ground sobbing. Sam puts his hands on his hand as he paces the room in an upset state. Rachel finally gets up and roars for him to get out. Sam spying the bruises on her arms tells Rachel that he is sorry. Rachel begins to strike him and she shouts for him to leave. Sam quickly retreats greatly upset and confused. When Sam leaves Rachel passes out on her bed. Awhile later Mrs. Smith comes home and walks into Rachel’s room. She sees Rachel passed out on the bed. She shakes Rachel but she doesn’t respond. In panic she calls 911. We see the ambulance take Rachel to the hospital.

The next day as he is walking from the store he runs into Abigail. She stops him. He asks her what she wants. She says that she wants him to come over tonight and talk. He says that he will not come over. She says that she can explain things to him and that she wants to have him back again. He says that he is not a toy that you give to loan to people for awhile and then decide to have it back. Abigail is silent. She then says that all people make mistakes and have to live with their guilt. She tells him that she cries for what she did. She says that she regrets what she did. She turns and walks away. Sam stands quietly. That night we see Sam walking to Abigail’s apartment. He knocks on her door. She opens it and says that she knew that he would come. Sam asks her what she has to say. She says that she was 18 when she had Sam. Sam’s father was a drunkard and an abusive man. She said that he was a threat to Sam’s life and she had to get him (Sam) away from his father. She said that she thought it was best if she gave Sam to a loving family that could take care of him. She says that it was difficult to give him up but she had to do it for his good. She says that she gave him to a family in the same city so she could watch him grow up. She says that she loves him and has always loved him. She says that she doesn’t want Sam to feel hate toward his died parents. She says that they loved him greatly. Sam says that he forgives her. They hug.

The next day Abigail is helping Sam clean up his apartment. His cell phone rings. He picks it up. It is Mrs. Smith. She says that Sam has to come to the hospital and that it is about Rachel. Sam asks her what happened. Mrs. Smith says that Rachel is dying of cancer. Sam says what. Mrs. Smith asks if Rachel told him. He says no. She says that Rachel has been sick awhile with cancer and doctors can’t do anything about it. She says that the caner has spread rapidly over the past month and the Rachel will probably die soon. Sam tells Abigail that he needs to get to the hospital. He tells her everything on the way. He says that he wasted his life and didn’t get time to spend with her after his parents died. Sam says that he is so ashamed of his past and that he doesn’t want to go. Abigail says that he has to go and make up with her. When they arrive at the hospital, Abigail says that she will pick him up in a few hours. Sam knocks on the door of her room. Rachel asks him to come in. Sam walks in. Rachel looks up in shock to see him. He tells her that he can go if she doesn’t want to see him. Rachel says no and that she wants see him. Sam asks were her mom is. Rachel says that she is talking to the doctor. Sam says that he is sorry for all he did to her. He says that he feels really bad that beat her after the summer party. Rachel says that she forgives him and that the past is past and forgotten. She says that she still loves him. She suddenly breaks down and starts to cry. She says that she is scared to die. Sam hugs Rachel and says that he will be with her though it all. Rachel smiles and wipes away her tears. The sit and hug. Rachel asks Sam if he remembers their first date. Sam laughs. We see them sitting together laughing and talking about old memories. Sam also tells Rachel about his parental troubles. As the night progresses, they grow quiet. Rachel says that she is tired. Sam says he can go but Rachel says she wants him to stay. As Rachel sleeps, Sam holds her frail hand and he closes his eyes. The audience only can hear the sound of the machines running. Suddenly, Rachel’s hand slips from Sam’s. We see the heart monitor go flat. Sam’s eyes fly open. Rachel lays quiet on the bed. A nurse in the room shouts for help. Sam begins to cry. Sam is pulled back from Rachel by several nurses. Sam falls into a chair outside the room and cries. We see images flashing of Sam’s past life with Rachel and images of the doctors trying to save her mixed in. Several minutes later, the doctor approaches Mrs. Smith and Sam, he says that she has passed away. Mrs. Smith bursts into a fresh flow of tears and she and Sam hug and cries.

Four days later Sam is standing at Rachel’s grave alone. Her grave sits next to Michael’s. Sam says that he wasted his life and didn’t focus on the really people that loved him. He says that he will live eternally with his consequences of his life but he has learned and will never go back to the old him. He says that he misses Rachel and Michael and that he will never forget himself for what he did to them. He says that they were his best and true friends. He says that Abigail will not reclaim him as her son but will be highly involved with her son’s future life. Sam says that he looks forward to his life ahead but he says he feels undeserving of it. He says suffering has been stronger than all other teaching. . . . I have been bent and broken, but—I hope—into a better shape.

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The Impact of Sir Roger the Alien

(3D and IMAX)

Date- June 1st

Genre- Sci-Fi/Comedy

Rating- PG-13

Theaters- 3,369 theaters

Budget- 98 million

Running Time- 81 minutes or 1 hour and 21 minutes

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Ben Stiller

Actors and Actress-

Sir Roger the Alien (voice)- Charlie Sheen

Pete -Simon Pegg

Jack -Nick Frost

Queen of England – Sandra Bullock

Agent Polly -Helen Mirren

Cameo include: Prime Minster- Johnny Depp, Stripper- Sarah Jessica Parker, Assistant Agent- Halle Berry, Druggy Girl- Laura Prepon, Fat Lady on Rollercoaster- Adele, Banker- Ben Stiller, Bellatrix Lestrange- Helena Bonham Carter, Peter and Lois Griffin, Tourist- Angelina Jolie, Tourist- Brad Pitt, and Queen’s Private Servant- Katy Perry

Plot: The begins with an alien ship getting knocked out of the sky by the Bellatrix Lestange during the Battle of the Seven Potters. The alien crashes by a campsite and explodes. The alien escapes without injury but is discovered by two hillbilly campers named Pete and Jack. The alien says his name is Rogereous Ro Cinereous Balls or for short Roger. Pete and Jack begin to get to know Roger and Roger decides to stay with them. Roger however can’t go out in public because people will know he is an alien so he decides to put on disguises so people will think he is human. He also role-plays and has fun with it. A British agent named Agent Polly investigates the UFO crash site and unlike most people who believe it is an asteroid or plane crash, she is 100% sure it is an UFO. There is a hysterical debate in Parliament with the Queen of England, the Prime Minster, and Agent Polly. Roger finds out that Agent Polly is chasing them. They try to avoid her in many funny, around the world scenes. The final act comes when Roger rescues The Queen of England from fall out of a window, in front of a crowd. Roger’s disguises fall off and it is revealed he is an alien. Agent Polly is about to arrest him when the Queen orders Roger to be knighted for his act of valor and heroism. The film ends with the now Sir Roger leaving with Pete and Jack on an expedition to the South Pole. Agent Polly swears revenge on Roger. The film is filled with tons of cameos and hilarious moments such as one scene where Roger; Pete, and Jack are waiting for a roller coaster. Pete asks what is taking so long. Roger says that a fat person is probably trying to debate if they can ride or not. The camera moves to the front of the line were a fat lady is arguing with a rider manager. The lady is Adele. The rider manager finally gives in and Adele gets on. The rollercoaster goes up the ramp. Adele is singing at the top of her lungs. The rollercoaster is just about to go over the top of the ramp when in begins to slide back down due to Adele’s weight. The camera moves back to Roger, Pete, and Jack who make cringing faces when the rollercoaster crashes.

Edited by Roger the Alien
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Exorcism of Jessica Winters

Date- August 24th 2

Genre- Supernatural Horror

Rating- PG-13- disturbing violent content, terror, frightening images, and language

Theaters- 3,039 theaters

Budget- 10 million

Running Time- 102 minutes or 1 hour and 42 minuets

Studio- Number 2 Productions

Director- Eli Roth

Actors and Actress-

Jessica Winters- Rachael Bella

Sarah Winters- Brenda Blethyn

George Winters- Donald Sutherland

Father Matthew- William Russell

Brother John- Benedict Cumberbatch

Plot: Two priests travel to a lonely English home to exorcise a young girl, Jessica Winters because of rumors that she is reported to be demon possessed. After arriving at the home, they are greeted by Jessica’s parents George and Sarah Winters who show them to Jessica’s room. Jessica sits on her bed humming to herself while knitting peacefully. They say that she will suddenly go into convulsions. Father Matthew asks if they had a doctor check her. George says that they had a doctor look her over and that he doesn’t know what is wrong. After spending several days and nothing has happened, the two priests decide to leave since there is not apparent demon possession. Just as they leave they hear Jessica going into convulsions. Father Matthew and Brother John (he is training with Father Matthew) desperately try to caste the demon out but to no avail. They for many days attempt to caste the demon out of Jessica with not success. Also Brother John discovers that he has feelings for the real not possessed Jessica. They spend the time that Jessica is normal hanging out. We see a clear love between them. One time Brother John tells Jessica that when she is normal they can go far away and spend all eternity together. Jessica responds by hurling Brother John across the room and she retorts that she is normal. Brother John discovers that Satan hates their love because is shows Jessica’s true lovely and innocent nature. They have a final showdown with the demon who indentifies himself has the great devil Beelzebub a.k.a Satan. In the final showdown, demon possessed Jessica kills her father and mother. Jessica turns and tells Father Matthew that he doesn’t have the power to caste Satan out of her. Father Matthew grabs a cross and is about to stab Jessica when Brother John leaps in the way getting killed. Jessica seeing her true love dying screams over his body. Satan being overpowered by the innocence and love found in Jessica’s soul is caste out. Father Matthew confronts Jessica and the demon is excorismed. The film ends with Jessica entering into a convent to be a nun and honored as a saint.

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