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The Panda

Is the hype for Star Wars hurting every other movie this season?

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To some extent, yes.


I can only speak for myself but i really don't have much interest in any other movies until Star Wars. It's not so much a matter of people saving their money for SW7 as much as it is "the movie" of the year (or maybe decade). Everything else seems like "little leagues" compared it.


I didn't see Spectre until its third weekend (its lukewarm reviews didn't help) and I might not even see MJ2 at all (breaking the last part into two movies didn't really connect with me at all and it kind of killed me interest in it).

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2 hours ago, The Panda said:

Without a 4 quadrant film like Star Wars you might have had a larger amount of people more hyped for a variety of films that didn't have the type of appeal it has.  


Exactly. The casual fans (mostly belonging to the quadrants not targeted by Spectre, MJ2 and TGD respectively) aren't all that willing to check the movies out because they are waiting for the universe-binding colossus on its way.


Also, the fact that all three of these movies got meh reviews didn't help their case either.

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I can totally believe that it's having an impact. Speaking entirely for myself, It's made a big difference to my enthusiasm for other movies. Movies like MJ2, Spectre and TGD are ones that I'd be excited about in other years. At the moment, I'm *so* psyched about Star Wars that everything else feels like a non-event by comparison.

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1 minute ago, Jay Salahi said:


Wiki is so lame, it gives Titanic and Meet the Parent as an example. They don't even understand their own explation . 

Uh, Titanic is a perfect example of a 4 quadrant movie. It made as much as it did because it appealed to all different kinds of people.

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