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Is the hype for Star Wars hurting every other movie this season?

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3 hours ago, CJohn said:

Did Creed just thrown our theories through the window? 


Why? it actually is about the only movie this holiday that played in line with my predictions, I always thought it would do well if it had the wom to back it up. it's also the 7th movie in the series with the first releasing in the 70s.. 

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Spectre? No, that was middling reception, the lack of 50th and Adele, and a muted marketing campaign by Sony. Universal or WB probably could have gotten it to $230-260 million DOM with their marketing departments.


Peanuts? No, that was HT2 and Goosebumps reducing the need for a family film at the beginning of November. Plus, as a low-key, easy-going G-rated comedy, $125-135 million DOM is about as much as you could reasonably expect. 


The 33/Love the Coopers? No, that was both looking like Redbox/Netflix fodder :D


Mockingjay Part 2? Actually, a little bit. Lionsgate's marketing efforts weren't awful, but SW7's October/November advance ticket sales definitely detracted from MJ2's hype. It could very well end up legging its way past $300 million DOM despite the muted OW.


Night Before? A little bit. Seth Rogen targets a lot of the 20/30 something males that will want to see SW7.


Good Dinosaur? Definitely. Disney's almost treating GD as a write-off while they go full-force into SW7's marketing campaign. 


Victor Frankenstein? It would have done $6-8 million max even without SW7 :lol:


Creed? NO. It's potentially looking at a $150 million+ DOM total if it becomes an Oscar contender. 


So SW7 is affecting Night Before, MJ2's OW (but not necessarily its legs) and Good Dinosaur. However, Spectre and Peanuts definitely came close to their realistic max potential. And Creed is becoming a big hit despite SW7. 



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51 minutes ago, Dexter of Suburbia said:

Peanuts was affect it could have made over 200n domestically. 



It's a low-key, G-rated comedy starring Charlie Brown. It was never meant to be a $200 million+ grosser - regardless of SW7. Even without SW7, it would probably end up at $150-170 million DOM. 


It may have had a mild effect, but definitely not enough to boost Peanuts' final DOM by $65 million+. 


Spectre and Peanuts would have performed marginally better at best ($15-25 million more for each... definitely not enough to call it a drastic improvement) if SW7 were releasing at another date. 


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Back to Titanic's boobs, okay the boobs I kinda understand, they were for artistic purposes, but wasn't Winslet's pubic region showed too? I still too this day wonder how Titanic slipped by with that, even in '97.


Ps don't you find it funny that live action boobs were allowed in Titanic, yet if a PG movie makes boob references, it's usually turned into PG13 for "suggestive comments?"



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The whole "yeah but it's artistic!" argument has always made me chuckle as well. I mean sure, but it's deliberately about as sensual and erotic as they could make it too. Just ask old Rose. ;)


So again, JC worked some crazy jedi mind tricks on the MPAA to pull that one off. Or else he really did threaten lives/careers. 


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SW over all August wide releases combined, all September wide releases combined, all October wide releases combined, all other December wide releases combined, and all January wide releases combined is pretty much locked. Hell, if it goes over 1b it could even come close to all November wide releases combined. 

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