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POTUS 2020


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7 minutes ago, James said:

Lol at the 90% rate of 200m+ predictions. The meltdowns will be epic.

Trimis de pe al meu SM-J100H folosind Tapatalk


You think this won't beat Avengers' OW?


That's adorable. :wub:

It might not even be in Top 3 OW's. [emoji23]

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43 minutes ago, No Prisoners said:

thought it was off. but who knows?

looked like 265.900m ow

1.5 dom

2.4 ww

I changed it in the spreadfsheet you'll see it in next update


You got it wrong mate:

265 OW

900 DOM

1.5B OS

2.4B WW


that's how it should read - Jessie confirm this

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Rule Change:

There were a number of duplicate predictions. I decided it wouldn't be fair to alter by 100k and in some cases somebody got wedged(double shaved) when 3 predicted the same number. Meaning you would have won if you entered earlier, but got Brazilian waxed, and missed out on the win. So duplicates are allowed, I will adjust the ones I changed. So multiple people can have bragging rights but there will be a tie breakers for the prize. 

For OW tie breaker will be closest prediction for Domestic

For Domestic tie breaker will be WW

For WW tie breaker will be OW

In the event there is a double tie the third category will break that.

In the event of a triple tie.(a billion to one shot) I will walk around time square wearing nothing but a lightsaber condom until Im arrested


Speaking of lightsaber condoms, do they exist? I doubt Disney would allow it.

Here is a funny clip of Blake Edwards' Skin Deep with John Ritter with a glow in the dark condom. watch the whole 2 minutes. I wonder if it was inspired by star wars. One of the funniest bedroom romp scenes in Hollywood history



Image result for john ritter wearing glow in the dark condom

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14 minutes ago, James said:

It might not even be in Top 3 OW's. [emoji23]


Under AOU? :rofl:


You haven't been following box office long, have you?

Wow, your condescending tone really makes you seem right... No worries friend, I dont hold grudges against fanboys who overpredict their movies. It's understandable.

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