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How to play The Box Office Theory's Derby

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The Box Office Theory's Derby is very simple to play.


Every week we will list 10 movies... and all you have to do is correctly guess what each movie will gross Friday - Sunday.


Predictions for each week's game will normally open Monday Night/Tuesday Morning and predictions end at 12:00 AM Pacific time every Thursday night (Friday morning).


There are 3 main pages:


Your Predictions

This page is where you enter your predictions every week.  From Tuesday through Thursday you can enter/edit your predictions.  Once predictions are closed you can see everyone's predictions.


Weekly Scores

Here is where you see the results of your predictions.  You can view all players' results, your results for each movie, or all players' movie results.



Come here to keep updated on player standings in the Derby.  You can view the standings by 'All Time', 'Yearly',  'Season',  or 'Monthly'.



Weekly results are determined by the average percentage accuracy of your predictions. Monthly, Seasonal, and Yearly results are determined by the accrual of points. Points are awarded on a descending scale based on individual game rankings and the maximum number of points is dependent upon the number of players in a respective game.


The Box Office Theory's Derby is only available to Forum Members.  You must login to make predictions.  Use your forum login.

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