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20000 Leagues Under The Sea | Fox | Bryan Singer confirmed to direct. Production begins in fall. Not the Disney-Fincher version

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2 hours ago, Goffe said:



Well, it wasn't cheap.


He built a four mile road, then planted 500 acres of corn in an area that wasn't amenable to corn and didn't have enough rainfall or water to grow it.  It took 4 months of careful tending until the corn stalks grew to the exact height he wanted for the sequence.  Then he cut about 2/3rds of the planned sequence.


All in all the movie went about $20m over the approved budget (not including previous $40m in costs and factoring in the tax breaks)





In Newsweek's July 3-10, 2006 issue, Singer says, "The approved budget was $184.5 million. We had projected overages for visual effects, and there was a sequence that I wanted that was going to cost an extra $2.3 million. So the hard, honest number is $204 million." We are taking this as the official final budget. Factoring in the tax break puts the cost at $232 million, and adding the $40 million in previous costs to the studio means that the total expense on the project was in the neighborhood of $270 million.



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Thanks for posting that. I knew the film went over budget but couldn't remember the exact details. That's multiple films where Singer shit the bed and add filming on water, I'm sure, and you have a recipe for a financial flop.

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