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NUKE IT FROM ORBIT - The Marvel/DC Kobayashi Maru Thread - BVS vs CIVIL WAR (for masochists only) | SPOILERS ALLOWED

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48 minutes ago, DamienRoc said:


I think it's pretty divisive even conceptually at this point. There's been enough commentary about how they're doing it wrong. Usually it's couched in a comparison to the MCU as the right way to do things, but I'm really curious as to why that is. And even so, what is it specifically that's wrong? Is it because the DCEU is trying too much to be like the MCU or it's not like it enough?

This is largely speculation on my part, but I suspect it's a result of MoS's mixed reception. If MoS had received, say, Dark Knight or even Iron Man level acclaim, I doubt the DCCU's plans would be as divisive. There's nothing inherently wrong about doing things differently from the MCU, but when you do do things different and all you have to show for it is one divisively received film, that tends to put a lot of controversy on your methods. DC tried something different than Marvel. The result didn't work as well as Marvel's films. Thus you get people mistaking correlation and causation and assuming that doing stuff different is the reason DC failed, rather than MoS just being a divisive movie. It doesn't help that DC's method can easily be seen as a quick rush to get Justice League out as fast as possible. Is that a viewpoint I agree with? Kinda? I'm on the fence, but I don't blame other people for being more convinced about it.


For what it's worth though, despite my disdain for MoS, I actually like some of the ideas DC have been using. I like the idea of using a Batman v Superman movie to introduce Batman rather than another tired origin. I like the idea of the superpowered community already being somewhat established and us being dropped in the middle, as Suicide Squad and this 'experienced Batman' stuff seems to indicate. Hell, if MoS hadn't so colossally shat the bed, I might even have liked the idea of telling more 'serious' stories than Marvel's.

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54 minutes ago, DamienRoc said:

I wonder if it would be possible to actually have a productive and interesting discussion here.


There are some some really fascinating aspects to explore, both with the way that Hollywood tends to come around to doing similar ideas in a number of different movies (Apocalypse also has that hero vs. hero aspect), and in the specific differences and similarities in these approaches.


Beyond that, the meta discussion about why MCU seems to click generally while the DCEU is more divisive would be interesting... just as long as it isn't sidetracked, even to the degree of calling one good or bad, much less calling the fans of either that.



But I'd guess its impossible to hope. There are too many members who are invested in the properties as a part of their identity to allow for that much distance.


Marvel = Daylight.

DC = Daaaaaaaaaark


I don't think it s in the nature of the brands from the comics though, more like Batman's towering influence on the brand, at least in films, giving this idea that all DC should be happening when light is out.



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5 minutes ago, The Futurist said:

Like I don't think there is one set piece from BvS that is happening in daylight while all from Civil War are.

To be fair, the whole 'I AM THE NIGHT' thing is kinda Batman's schtick. And if TDKR's final battle has shown me anything, that's probably for the best. He tends to look kinda goofy in full daylight.

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2 minutes ago, rukaio101 said:

To be fair, the whole 'I AM THE NIGHT' thing is kinda Batman's schtick. And if TDKR's final battle has shown me anything, that's probably for the best. He tends to look kinda goofy in full daylight.


Suicide Squad seems to follow the same pattern.


We ll see next year with Wonder Woman & Justice League and other movies.


Man of Steel had a desaturated aesthetics, which Superman Returns and Superman I&II hadn't so Dark Knight influence right there.

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14 minutes ago, Kalo said:

I'm a DC and Marvel fan so I guess I'm safe.


I hate 'em both because I just like to watch the world burn.


Im honestly indifferent in actuality.  The only reason I hate on BvS so much is because of how much I dislike Snyder and disliked Man of Steel.

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6 hours ago, ddddeeee said:

I don't think any of them look very good.


I'm kinda hopeful for Doctor Strange though.


I agree.


Strange and Suicide Squad are the only ones I'm mildly interested in. The big 3 all look dull and mundane to me.

6 hours ago, BoxOfficeZ said:

Having actually seen BvS, I can say DC universe is shaping up decently. I look forward to Civil War as well.


When will you see Civil War?


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1 hour ago, MaxRoad said:

I love Superman and Batman, but I hate WB.

Why? They are far and away the best studio out there. They brought a lot of great franchises to the screen and they actually spend the big bucks on original SF movies, which makes them awesome.


As for this thread: as much as most Marvel movies are boring to me, the latest trailer for CW was amazing! It made me excited for that movie. And it wasn't Spidey (the costume looks bloody awful compared to the previous ones), but Iron-Man. I doubt I will watch any Marvel movie after he is out and I hope he whoops Cap's ass in this.


BvS though is much more interesting to me thematically because the book I'm writing right now is concentrated more or less on the same themes: the appeal of absolute power, the corruption, people's tendency to associate a religious aura to beings of great power etc (that is why I hoped after the first teaser that Supes would turn dark, but oh well).     

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6 minutes ago, BoxOfficeZ said:


Sometime in April. Probably after the premiere. 

@BoxOfficeZ...The lasso please...please...I need to know....does it glow whe WOnder Woman uses it in BvS? I know that this is not the spoiler thread and I know you are really busy, but this is such an inane, silly question, I figured nobody would be mad. This fangirl needs to know...

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