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Presales Tracking Thread(Maoyan, Taopiaopiao etc)

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5 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

Midnight seems like will hit ¥60M. May even go on to over/under FF8.


I'm divorced from the context here, is that good or just normal?

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Fast 9 Final


Midnight - ¥59M on 22,386 shows (Final ¥60-62M)

Friday - ¥109.8M (+¥46.8M) on 218K shows

Saturday - ¥38.9M on 173K shows

Sunday - ¥11.7M on 135K shows


Total - ¥219.4M ($34M)


The final sales are almost where it was looking from initial days. Ideally a sequel PSm will drop, FF8 was 2.64x. However PS were stronger later in the run, so PSm may see improvement. Not entirely sure on PSm but I think give it 3x for ¥315-335M OD.


If PSm has sequel drop and say is around 2.55x, though unlikely I must say, there's chance of missing ¥300M. 

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Dune 3.05M at 19:30 on Monday. Seems like day will finish around 3.5M or so. The sales will almost double today which is quite strong. Monday pace will almost match TENET FWIW. 


Though trend seems very similar to Blade Runner 2049 run.

Dune Blade Runner 2049
Gross Change Gross Change
T-6 Days ¥0.26   ¥0.18  
T-5 Days ¥1.08 ¥0.82 ¥0.61 ¥0.43
T-4 Days ¥1.88 ¥0.80 ¥1.11 ¥0.50
T-3 Days ¥3.55 ¥1.67 ¥1.99 ¥0.88
T-2 Days ¥4.73 ¥1.18 ¥2.61 ¥0.62
T-1 Days ¥6.64 ¥1.92 ¥3.62 ¥1.01
T-0 Days ¥11.52 ¥4.88 ¥6.19 ¥2.57
OD ¥28.80 ¥16.00
PSm 2.50 2.58


¥100M opening weekend is possible.


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