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Weekend Estimates : BVS 52.39M | Zootopia 20M | Wedding 11.13M | God's Not Dead 8.1M | Sun Rth - Bvs 12 or 14.2, Zoo 5.3, MBFGW2 2.8, GND2 2

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54 minutes ago, WrathOfHan said:

Unless this is another Young Messiah, GND should do 11-14M this weekend. Not too good when you consider how few theaters the first debuted in.


Not much help but I'm hoping  MTB compares to Grimbsy and the GND2  to Risen (but both lower) for my Derby's sake :P

Young Messiah Friday 0.48 1300 0 1.4 3.3

Risen Friday 0.43   0 4.0 11.8

Fifty Shades of Black Friday 0.28   0 2.3 5.9

Brothers Grimsby Friday 0.24 1937 0 1.2 3.3
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18 minutes ago, Rman823 said:

I am still shocked that Meet The Blacks got as wide of a release as it did. Looks very direct to DVD or demand.

Probably because it's spoofing The Purge movies and the latest one (Election Year, lol) opens this summer.

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Okay, folks, after everything that's happened the last couple of weeks, the staff is sick and tired of dealing with what really comes down to simple differences of opinion. We've tried warning in threads, we've tried PMs, we've tried warning points, none of these lighter measures have helped much. As a result, we have a large number of threads that've been toxic to many members, and we've gotten numerous complaints that checking in to read about daily numbers, or to see what movie news has come out, isn't very fun anymore -- because a few people are so determined to push their own viewpoints that they're essentially trampling on everyone else's ability to simply come and hang out and have a good time.


So, here is a new policy. It's very simple.

DON'T POISON THE WELL. If you do, it's a 24-hour ban -- minimum.


What does that mean? Here are the bullet-point items that define that term for us:


  • If someone posts an insult to a member or fanbase (like Marvel fans are dumb or BvS fans are dumb). This includes trying to say there's a conspiracy against XXX or that a person has a XXX bias. Note: this also applies to a blogger or reviewer or person outside of this forum.
  • If someone compares CBM movies in a thread not dedicated to said comparison. Two examples of allowed threads are the BVS/Civil War thread and the CBM Showdown thread. Comparisons in daily/weekend numbers threads might be okay but you're treading on thin ice, so you better be damn sure how you present any comps.
  • Any attempt to shut out opinions or people who don't agree with said fan.


Any combination of these, or even just one of them, can constitute "poisoning the well", per moderator's decision. We realize that we staff-members also post in a personal capacity in these threads, and so to avoid one mod using their power to squash someone else's opinion, a minimum of two other mods or admins must agree with their decision before we act on it.


We hope that this new measure will bring some much-needed sanity and civility to the boards... but we have a couple other options up our sleeve if it doesn't. Please don't make us resort to them.

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26 minutes ago, filmlover said:

Probably because it's spoofing The Purge movies and the latest one (Election Year, lol) opens this summer.

Which I would understand if it had the Scary Movie or Haunted House name with it but the cast and trailer make it look very low budget. Jeremy Jahns review said it was terrible which is no surprise. I wish Everybody Wants Some released wide this week

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