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BOT User Tracking 4/8-10 Before I Wake, The Boss, Hardcore Henry

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Huh, maybe those negative reviews do catch up to a film eventually. Oddly, the passage of time has actually made me like BvS more. Then again, I have no plans to watch it again and the box office appears to feel the same.


Please provide your 4/8-10 Opening Weekend predicts for, 

Before I Wake

The Boss

Hardcore Henry


Deadline this week will be Thursday afternoon (US Eastern time) whenever exactly I get back into town, and might end up being Friday morning. Which is also when I'll get last week's wrapped up.

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Once again caught up, and my time of weird distractions seems to be winding down. Summer will be punchy thanks to travel, but at least I'm expecting that and I'll deal with it when it comes. We're coming in a bit higher than everyone else on both, so cross your fingers for a big weekend.


15 predicts for The Boss and 14 for Hardcore Henry (sticking in a predict for myself this late feels like cheating so I'm missing a week).


The Boss

Mean: 22.2M

Median: 20M

StnDev: 5.13M

Ratio (StnDev/Mean): 23.16%

High: 30M

Low: 15M


BO.com 17.5M 

Deadline 22MM

MovieWeb 17.5M

ShowBuzzDaily 19.5M

Variety 21M



Hardcore Henry

Mean: 11.0M

Median: 10.1M

StnDev: 3.75M

Ratio (StnDev/Mean): 33.96%

High: 19M

Low: 7M


BO.com 10.2M 

Deadline 8.5M 

MovieWeb 10.5M

ShowBuzzDaily 10M

Variety 8M

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Mixed bag. And, yeah, Before I Wake wasn't really a thing so obviously no comparison.


The Boss

Prediction: 22.2M +/- 5.13M (1 standard deviation)

Actual: 23.6M (off by 1.4M, so 0.28 stndev)

Very good predict in a vacuum and as a bonus we were the closest of the predictors, which is always fun. Closest predict was a tie between Ethan Hunt and SWXII at 22m. Ethan Hunt is now tied with Talismanring for first place with 10 best predicts, CJohn and Maxmoser3 are tied for 3rd at 8, and then there's a big scrum of folks at 7.


Hardcore Henry

Prediction: 11.0M +/- 3.75M (1 standard deviation)

Actual: 5.11M (off by 5.9M, so 1.58 stndev)

Ouch. We went high and it underperformed, but at least we had a big stndev to turn a potential disaster into merely "really, really bad". Best predict was also our lowest predict, which again happened to be a tie. This time between Impact and Krissykins at 7.

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